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Cayden Cailean

Odric the Stout's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,633 posts (2,679 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 7 aliases.

Full Name

Odric the Stout, Savior of Korvosa, Initiate of the Korvosan Guard


Human, Savior of Korvosa, Initiate of the Korvosan Guard

The Kegerator:
Power Attack (Furious Focus) with MW Keen Falchion +1: [dice]1d20+19[/dice] for [dice]2d4+11+9[/dice] damage.


Murder Hobo/11 Initiative:+4 - AC:26, T:15, FF:24 - HP: 141/141 - THAC0:9 -

Fort: +12, Ref: +8, Will +7/+10 vs. Fear - Perception +0 / Stealth +0 - FAME:29/37




M (5'11" / 230 lbs)


22 / 0 (Born: 3 Rova 4687 / Reborn in Fire: 1 Rova 4709)






Korvosa, Varisia




Brewer, Heroic Adventurer, Initiate of the Korvosan Guard

Homepage URL stout

Strength 21
Dexterity 15
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Odric the Stout

Odric is a kind hearted man, his parents raised him with a strong sense of right and wrong. Even now he visits his aging mother occasionally and avoids the disapproving gaze and stormy brow of his stone-visaged father. He is the kind of man who would break up a fight if he saw boys ganging up on a smaller boy, but he is also the kind of man who would gladly and happily start a barroom brawl if the mood struck him.

He is a rough and tumble, physical man with no compunctions against doing what has to be done in a fight. At the first sign of trouble, Odric is the guy smashing chairs over brawlers’ backs, chucking clay mugs into a melee, tripping attackers or leaping into a fray with a not-insignificant haymaker. As a result, until quite recently Odric had more than a passing familiarity with the Korsovan Guard and the inside of the local drunk tank.

Odric the Stout came from a sordid and sodden past. He dreamt of a bright future of glory and achievement as a renound Pathfinder, yet remained mired in the dregs of his tankard night after night. A young man, with the burly strength he took from his ancestry, he nonetheless had let it go to fat. His bulky body found its way into the gutter night after night.

Odric’s life shouldn’t have been the way it was. He was a promising young man at one time, with the strength of a bear and the physique of a god. At one time he was apprenticed to a master brewer and had begun to show some promising skill at the craft. He enjoyed his work and he enjoyed the fruits of his labor. At some point though, the lure of those fruits at Ye Olde Tavern, with its dimly lit warmth, sticky floors and pleasant bonhomie became too much for young Odric. There was no great tragedy, no easily identifiable point at which this strapping lad turned from the path of a productive citizen initially. He was simply lured by the siren song of a mug of ale.

Odric the Stout was a kind-hearted but troubled giant of a man. He spent most evenings regaling his bar mates of the tales of glory and adventure, the conquests and triumphs that he imagined he might have some day. Odric drank to excess most nights and spent most mornings with a hangover equal to his stature. His stature being his distinguishing feature. Odric was at one time large and doughy. He was a big man with big appetites – food, drink, and more food. He towers over most around him when he is standing up straight. His thick hair is a greasy, unkempt black mane which covers the entirety of the back of his pasty white neck.

But Odric had an imaginative mind, befuddled as it was with excess. In his mind’s eye, he saw a statue, carved in his likeness, with his steely eyes looking out from the Heights and fixed on the horizon, a sword in hand in a triumphant stance. He had great and vivid dreams of his impending greatness.

Since his rescue of Kip from the hands of Gaedren Lamm and his employment as a champion for Field Marshal Kroft, Odric rediscovered what it felt like to be worthwhile. He curbed his drinking for the most part and ate far less at meals. His newly active lifestyle was starting to show in his fitness. He looked a bit trimmer and he had gained a bit of the muscle tone he had before his downfall.

Physically, Odric is a large man. He towers over most others around him and he carries quite a bit of extra bulk as pure, unadulterated muscle. His physique is impressive, and his friends have noted a marked improvement in his personal grooming habits since he lost his multiple rolls of fat.

He keeps his curly dark hair short on top, with a longer portion in the back. Business in front, party in the back, he likes to say. Odric dresses like an adventurer, regardless of what he is doing. He has taken to heart the role he now fills. As an Initiate of the Korvosan Guard, Odric fills the role of an auxiliary policeman, and is prepared to serve the defense of the city should the need arise.

His arms and armor are impressive for one so young. He has a beautiful masterwork heavy pick, fashioned into the likeness of an Eagle. The weapon is aptly named The Eagle. He hides a war razor in his dark leather boot and has a beautiful falchion called The Kegerator strapped to his back. He has recently taken to wearing a well-made and sturdy War Kilt in lieu of pants. He takes ribbing regarding his skirt in stride, and will occasionally make fashion critics pay with a quick peek at the alternative to wearing the kilt. The overlapping leather stops are studded with steel studs, giving the appearance of a black pleated kilt with silver accents along each pleat.
He wears a suit of finely made plate mail, enchanted to resist negative energy. Odric's armor is impressive, with stunningly ornate detail and a black hue cast into the magical steel. When he drew first blood upon the great Dragon within Scarwall, the beast's black lifeblood spewed hot upon the armor, staining it the darkest red-black indelibly. His armor shall forevermore bear the stain of Belshallam's blood. The armor is imposing and eerily quiet as Odric moves, although this is testament to its magical fit and finish, rather than any enchantment for stealth. Upon the breastplate, the badge of his office in the Guard affixed, although it too is stained with the Dragon's black ichor.

Odric will not usually wear a hat, preferring to allow his hair to remain on display. He is not a vain man, but is proud of what he has earned and accomplished.

He recently purchased a Mule named Donkeyhorse and plans to adventure with it from now on.

The Kegerator Odric's weapon, made by Sandor Strongbellows. The first detail anyone notices is the sturdy combat scabbard. The bottom is flared out with extra metal that could easily dent a helm, the top is leather lined to keep the draw quiet, and help stop moisture from entering. The scabbard is also etched with acid a picture of a Mug and a ham hock with the words "THE STOUT" in between. This is framed in on each end with a tribal pattern. The opposite side has the same artwork, but "The Stout" is in Dwarvish. The blade sits in the scabbard solidly because of a perfectly matched pommel tongue and groove.

The falchion itself sports a counterweight is in the shape of a keg tap, and the hilt is perfect for giant meaty hands. Although it is a slashing blade, Sandor did put a blood letting groove that runs from a few inches from the hilt to where it starts to flare, and inside the groove there is more acid etched artwork that matches the scabbards. Sandors stamp is between the groove and the hilt.

Odric's friend and ally Morkeleb the Mighty enchanted the blade, making it magically enhanced with the wizardly spell "Keen." In a supernatural harrowing event, Odric's fantastic blade was imbued with power over the undead by a collective surge of benevolent power from the netherworld. The Kegerator is a bane to the undead, it has a thirst for their unholy energy that makes it easier to hit them, and when it does taste their corruption it magically harms them above and beyond the physical damage caused.

On 1 Rova, 4709 Odric was reborn in Fire and Bile. He was swallowed great desert worm Cindermaw, god to the Shoanti people. Odric was vomited out of the fiery belly of the worm, while his friend Sandor was birthed of Fire and Steel out of the god-beast's side. He celebrates both his natural birthday and his re-birthday every year. As a result of this rebirth, Odric and his companions were accepted by the Sklar Quah and the taint of the Tshamek was removed from them.

Initiative: +4
BAB: +11 /+6 / +1
CMB: 16 (BAB +11, Str +5)
CMD: 27 (+10, BAB +11, Str +5, Dex +2)

  • vs. Disarm - 28 (+10, BAB +11, Str +5, Dex +2, +2 Favored Class)
  • vs. Grapple - 30 (+10, BAB +11, Str +5, Dex +2, +3 Favored Class)
  • vs. Sunder - 27 (+10, BAB +11, Str +5, Dex +2)
  • vs. Trip - 31 (+10, BAB +11, Str +5, Dex +2, +4 Favored Class)
  • vs. All other Combat Maneuvers - 26 (+10, BAB +11, Str +5, Dex +2)

+20 The Kegerator (BAB +11, Str +5, MW +1, Weapon Training +2, Weapon Focus +1, Greater Weapon Focus +1) Damage 2d4+11 (+5 Str, +50% two hander, Weapon Training +2, Enhancement +1) (Crit 15-20 x2 +2) - Additional +2 to hit and 2d6+2 to damage vs. Undead (Undead Bane
+17 The Eagle (BAB +11, Str +5, MW +1) Damage 1d6+7 (Crit 20 x4 +4)
+17 Earth Breaker (BAB +11, Str +5, Weapons Training, +1) Damage Sm: 1d10+9 Med: 2d6+9 (Crit 20 x3 +3) (+5 Str, +50% two hander, Weapons Training, +1)
+17 Magic Kukri +1 (BAB +11, STR +5, Enhancement +1) Damage 1d4+6 (Crit 18-20 x2 +2) (+5 Str, +1 Enhancement)


Fort: +13.._.._.._.._.._. (+7 base, +3 CON, +3 cloak)
Ref: +8.._._.._.._.._.._(+3 base, +2 DEX, +3 cloak)
Will: +6/+9 vs. Fear.._(+3 base, +0 WIS, +3 cloak, +3 vs. Fear from Bravery)

Harrow Points: 2


Acrobatics*:.._._._.._.._.._._.._+13 (+2 DEX, +7+3 Rank, -2 Full Plate, +2 Armor Tng, +1 Enhancement)
Bluff:._.._._.._._.._._.._._.._._.+3, +5 vs. Korvosans (+2 CHA, +1 Rank / +2 Savior of Korvosa)
Climb*:._.._.._.._._.._._.._._.._+10 (+5 STR, +1+3 Rank, -2 Full Plate, +2 Armor Tng, +1 Enhancement)
Craft: Brewing*:.._.._.._.._._.._+4 (+0 INT, +1 +3 Rank)
Diplomacy:._.._.._.._.._.._._.._.+3, +5 vs. Korvosans (+2 CHA, +1 Rank / +2 Savior of Korvosa)
Disguise:._.._.._._._._.._._.._._+2 (+2 CHA)
Escape Artist:._.._._._.._._.._._+3 (+2 DEX, +1 Rank, -2 Full Plate, +2 Armor Tng, +1 Enhancement)
Fly:._.._._.._._._._._.._._.._._..+3 (+2 DEX, -2 Full Plate, +2 Armor Tng, +1 Enhancement)
Handle Animal*:._.._.._.._.._.._+4 (+0 WIS, +1+3 Rank)
Intimidate*:._.._.._.._._.._._..+16 (+2 CHA, +10 +3 Rank)
Perform: Drinking Songs:.._.._..+2 (+2 CHA)
Ride*:._._.._._.._._._._._._.._..+3 (+2 DEX, -2 Full Plate, +2 Armor Tng, +1 Enhancement)
Sleight of Hand:._._._.._._._._..+4 (+2 DEX, +1 Rank, -2 Full Plate, +2 Armor Tng, +1 Enhancement)
Stealth:._.._._.._.._.._.._.._._._+4 (+2 DEX, +2 Rank, -6 Full Plate, -1 Orange Cloak, +2 Armor Tng, +1 Enhancement)
Survival*:._.._.._.._._.._._.._._.+4 (+0 WIS, +1 +3 Rank)
Swim*:._.._.._.._.._.._._.._._.._+10 (+5 STR, , +1 +3 Rank, -6 Full Plate, +2 Armor Tng, +1 Enhancement)
Use Magic Device:._.._.._.._.._._+2 (+2 CHA)

Abilities, Boons, Traits & Feats:

  • Savoir of Korvosa: Gain a +2 to Bluff and Diplomacy vs. Korvosans.
  • Initiate of the Korvosan Guard: Gain Acrobatics as a class skill. Wears sigil of the guard.

  • Deathless: Armor absorbs first 10 points of negative energy damage per attack, 25% change to ignore negative levels from any attack.

Class Abilities:
  • Bravery: Gains a +3 bonus on Will saves against fear (next +1 at lvl 14,18).
  • Armor Training: Reduce Armor check by 3, move maximum move while wearing heavy armor.
  • Weapon Training: +1 to Attack and Damage with Swords

  • Reactionary: +2 Initiative
  • Killer: Add crit multiplier to total crit damage.


Planned Feats:
12th - Cornugon Smash (Retrain lvl 5 Feat)
13th - Staggering Critical or Relentless Butcher -> Retrained to Greater Penetrating Strike at lvl 16
14th - Critical Mastery
15th - Blinding Critical
16th - maybe Dazzling Display (Retrain lvl 13 Feat)
17th - maybe Shatter Defenses or Gory Finish
18th - maybe Deadly Stroke
19th -
20th -

Mundane Items:
10’ Collapsible Pole - B
50’ Hemp rope - B
50’ String - B
Backpack, common (*B*)
Bedroll - C
Belt Pouches x4 (*A*)
Bell, small - A
Chalk x2 - A
Crowbar - B
Grappling hook - B
Hammer, small - B
Manacles - B
Mead - C
Mule Pack Horse
Pitons x4 - B
Potato - A
Ram, portable - B
Rope Ladder - C
Saddlebags x2 sets (*C*)
Sack, empty x2 - B
Soap - C
Steel mirror, small - A
Wine - C
Wineskin - A

Use Items:
Alchemical Fire x1 - A
Animal Feed x15 - C
Insectbane Candle 1sp x 5 - A
Lamp oil flask x3 - A
Sunrod 2gp x4 - 1 in A, 3 in B
Tanglefoot Bag - A
Trail Rations 5sp x10 - C
Thunderstone x2 - A
Torches x2 - C
Candles x10 - 1 in A, 9 in C

Hide from Undead - A
Enlarge Person - A
Reduce Person - A
Spider Climb - A

Scroll of TP - C

Explorer's Outfit
+1 Deathless Full Plate (AC +10, Max Dex Bonus +3, Armor Check -3, 50 lbs)
Armored War Kilt
Girdle of Giant Strength +2
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Ring of Protection +1
Orange Cloak of Resistance +3 (-1 to Stealth)

MW Falchion of the Keg
The Eagle
Earth Breaker
Brass Knuckles
War Razor (concealed in boot)
Magic Kukri

Total: 6,554.06
  • PP: 0
  • GP: 6,554
  • SP: 0
  • CP: 6

  • Goods: 8
  • Influence: 8
  • Labor: 5
  • Magic: 0

Downtime Stuff:

Store Front + 5 Gd / In / La / GP 

Courtyard + 5 Gd / In / La / GP
Brewers + 4 Gd / La / GP 

Stall + 8 Gd / La / GP 

Stall + 8 Gd / La / GP 

Stall + 8 Gd / La / GP 

Animal Pen + 8 Gd / La / GP
Driver + 2 Gd / La
Garden + 8 Gd / GP

Kitchen + 4 Gd / GP 

Keep Kitchen + 4 Gd / GP
Bunks for Brewers + 8 La / GP
Brewery +10 In / GP 

Bar +10 In / GP 

Common Room + 7 In / GP
Sage named Cliff + 5 In / GP
Trophy Room + 5 In / GP
Bath + 3 In / GP
Bath + 3 In / GP
Sauna + 3 In / GP
Bedroom + 3 In / GP
Lackeys + 2 In / La
Elite Archers x5 + 7 In / La / GP
Elite Soldiers x5
 + 6 In / La / GP
Elite Soldiers x5
 + 6 In / La / GP
Elite Soldiers x5
 + 6 In / La / GP
Elite Guards x5 + 4 In / La / GP
Elite Guards x5 + 4 In / La / GP
Elite Guards x5 + 4 In / La / GP
Apprentice Mage + 4 In / Ma / GP
Crypt + 5 In / Ma / GP
Pit + 1 La 

Storage Area x2 + 4 GP
Lodging for Guests +12 GP

Manager - 2 GP/day
Office (no earnings)

Special: Sauna gives +1 to Fort to overcome disease, +1 save vs. losing levels in Korvosa (lasts 24 hours)
Lavatory gives +2 to Fort vs. contracting Disease in Korvosa (lasts 24 hours)
Cliff the Sage is a 3rd-level expert with 3 ranks in Appraise, Kn: Local, Profession: Local Delivery

Summary of completion dates:

  • 26 Lamashan - Mage complete - (Name: Lodrimon)
  • 26 Lamashan - Acolyte complete - (Name: Oliviana)
  • 28 Lamashan – Courtyard (+5 Goods / +5 Influence / +5 Labor / +5 Magic / +5 GP) & Armory (Squad of five level one experts with decorative arms and armor)
  • 1 Neth – Vault (no earnings)
  • 2 Neth – East Guard Post - (+1 to Initiative and Perception)
  • 3 Neth – West Guard Post - (+1 to Initiative and Perception)
  • 18 Neth – Gate House with Gauntlet (no earnings - Special)

Building Plans

  • Vault – (Cost: 8 Goods, 7 Labor, 16 Days)
  • Infirmary – (Cost: 6 Goods, 1 Influence, 6 Labor, 1 Magic, 16 Days) Earnings: None – Counts as a Healer’s Kit.
  • Sitting Room - (Cost: 12 Goods, 12 Labor, 24 Days. Earnings: +4 Influence, gain +1 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge (local), and Perform checks to influence or learn about guests for the next 24 hours)
  • Master Bedroom (first half) – (Cost: 8 Goods, 7 Labor, 10 Days. Earnings: +3 Influence / +3 GP)
  • Master Bedroom (Complete) – (Cost: 8 Goods, 7 Labor, 10 Days. Earnings: +3 Influence / +3 GP)
  • Bunks for Guards (first half) – (Cost: 7 Goods, 4 Influence, 7 Labor, 24 Days. Earnings: +8 Labor / +8 GP)
  • Bunks for Guards (Complete) – (Cost: 7 Goods, 4 Influence, 7 Labor, 24 Days. Earnings: +8 Labor / +8 GP)
  • Escape Route - (Cost: 9 Goods, 9 Labor, 16 Days)
  • Walls (Stone, 20’ High, Walkable Parapet, DC 20 to climb) – (Cost: 10 Goods, 4 Influence, 10 Labor, 12 Days)
  • Total Confirmed Crits:

    Immortal Skeleton
    Albino Midget
    Albino Midget's Zombie
    Delayed Blast Vampire Spawn
    Vampire Spawn
    Eel #3
    Sleeping Dr. #1 (CDG)
    Sleeping Dr. #2 (CDG)
    Charmed Doctor
    Cleric of Urgathoa
    Scythe Priest
    Zombie Cleavage
    Lady Andaisin
    Captain 7
    Captain 5
    Captain 11
    Captain 14
    Captain 4
    Captain 18
    Captain 18
    Captain 18
    Rakshasa 1/3
    Rakshasa 2/3
    Rakshasa 3/3
    Three Faced B
    Hill Giant
    Hill Giant ROFL
    Red Mantis
    Red Mantis
    Red Mantis in Land Shark fight
    Bulette 1
    Bulette 2
    Minotaur Skeleton
    Gibbering Night Hag (CDG)
    Cinder Ghoul
    Bellasham again
    Mummy Lord
    Hell Hound
    Hell Hound #2

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