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Odraude's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 5,962 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Lamontius wrote:
Odraude wrote:
It's so weird seeing Valeros' name, since in Florida, that's a name of a gas station.

Plural then.

Everyone's a critic. :p

Honestly, it's for the best. Just saying "vampires need blood for sustenance" is fine enough. The more detail you get into something, the more people will try and poke holes into it.

Thanks, it shall. Ladyfriend is visiting for the weekend so it's just me and her enjoying my final days up here in Melbourne.

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It's so weird seeing Valeros' name, since in Florida, that's a name of a gas station.

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I showed my girlfriend the backstory and it really spoke to her. Even made her tear up a bit. She really appreciates it, Crystal.

Now after that sappiness, back to enjoying the waning hours of my birthday :p

Index cards are the single greatest time-saver a GM and player can use. Great for keeping track of conditions and spells and bonuses. Also good for initiative.

Very interesting. I may have to look into it...

Squeakmaan wrote:
Not least because that would be possibly the least efficient method of getting amino acids you could come up with, most of the volume of blood is water. A protein shake would so much more efficient, not to mention you wouldn't need to hunt the thing, just stop by your local late night GNC.

Not to dogpile Auren, but that's kind of the issue with scientifically explaining magic. You start getting players nitpicking on things like the inefficiency of drinking blood. And if there is one thing us nerds are known for, it's being really nitpicky when it is unnecessary. :)

Cthulhudrew wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Cthulhudrew wrote:
While I'd love to see an "Ultimate Technology" or similar, I demand equal rights for an "Ultimate Primitive" book, too. More in-depth rules for bronze and stone age weapons and equipment, barter, pre-literary magic, etc. :D

Honestly I could see that covered in Ultimate Technology.

Each chapter would be separated into eras, no?

That's actually a really great idea! Hadn't even occurred to me, but yeah, I think that would be great. It would increase the overall utility of such a product, as well.

Plus, there was that Primitive Human web-enhancement that Paizo released not too long ago that needs a place. :D

Interesting, I never noticed this. I'll have to take a look.

Alraune was never really a mythological creature. More of a creature inspired by a novel of the same name, rather than an original creature.

I don't see how the Adaro is different. Nor Cerberus. Three headed dog, and in some legends, they are skinless. And I don't see how the rusalka is different, aside from adding spells which would fit her theme.

Zomok exists as it does because there is little information about it. Literally all I could find was "Winged snake that is a mount for wizards." So with creatures like that, with little description about them, they take liberties with. For that, it's fine to do that because there isn't much description.

With Tamanous, there is enough description to form the creature. And really, with any creature, there will be some liberties taken to help it fit better with an RPG. I just think that keeping it as close as possible to the original when we have a good description about the original is good.

DM Beckett wrote:
Pendagast wrote:

vampire? apex predator?

Tiger? really.

There's an S-ton of humans that have practically hunted just about everything they can nearly to extinction and the only reason why there are any animals left is because people made rules and enforce those rules on NOT killing all of them.

They probably mean from the vampire's perspective, and in the sense where they are no longer human (or elf or whatever), and where tigers hunt other animals and (and rarely humans) for food, and humans hunt other animals for food, vampires have gone up the chain and hunt things at a higher bracket. However, unlike all those other things, there are two big difference. Vampires do not need to eat/drink etc. . . So if you locked a vampire away for 5 years straight, they would not starve to death or die of thirst. It's not required for them to survive in the physical sense, though they do have a constant need to. The other big difference is that vampires do not need to kill in order to eat or survive, outside of losing control of themselves.

** spoiler omitted **

Another thing is it isn't that they are THE apex predator, as much as one of many, something that's also reinforced with many vampires, being immortal, beginning to plot and scheme in order to feed and keep their minds active. As far as the Amino Acid thing. I personally hate the kind of modern vampire concept of trying to make it scientifically explainable. It's way, way to overdone, and honestly, kind of boring. <It's kind of cool to have individuals think they can figure it out, (and not because it isn't), but the idea of just having vampires (and other supernatural and cursed creatures) be scientifically explained is dumb.

I couldn't agree more with your last paragraph.

James Jacobs wrote:
eldergod0515 wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Tels wrote:
What about your favorite easter egg hidden in Paizo products?
Sandpoint's rivers.
Q: James, what is the "Sandpoint's rivers" easter egg?

There are 2 waterways in Sandpoint. One's named Boggy Creek, a nod to one of my favorite Bigfoot movies/legends. The other one is the Turandarrok River, which is a portmanteau of the two main characters from one of my favorite comic book series (Turok and Andar from Turok: Son of Stone).

There's several other easter eggs in Sandpoint, in fact, most of which are Point Arena (my hometow) easter eggs. Including:

The name "Schooner Gulch."
The presence of a theater in a small town.
Junk Beach.
The sign with the mirror welcoming folks to Sandpoint but asking visitors to see themself as Sandpoint sees them.

Makes me smile to see another fan of Turok. My late brother and I really loved the series.

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Cthulhudrew wrote:
While I'd love to see an "Ultimate Technology" or similar, I demand equal rights for an "Ultimate Primitive" book, too. More in-depth rules for bronze and stone age weapons and equipment, barter, pre-literary magic, etc. :D

Honestly I could see that covered in Ultimate Technology.

Each chapter would be separated into eras, no? So Just have the following:

Primitive Era: Stone Age and Bronze Age adventuring, with rules for low magic, sword and sorcery, Hellenistic, and sword and sandal gaming. Themes would include low magic, tribalism and animism, survival, and humans transcending from nomadic tribes to sedentary civilizations. Or on the opposite side, high magic with demigods roaming the world doing wild things. Ancient astronauts, cities of wonder that are destined to sink from their hubris, living gods.

Industrial Era: Late Enlightenment through Victorian and Edwardian and ending just during the Interwar period. Classics such as Steam Punk, Gaslight Romances, Pulp Stories, Early Soft Science Fiction, and Sword and Planet. Themes such as the difference engine, the march of industry, eugenics, imperialism, nationalism, exploration, and weird science.

Modern Era: Postwar Modernism to the Information Age. Noir, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, and Contemporary Era genres. Would deal with themes of paranoia, nuclear technology, war, and such.

Future Ara: Beyond the modern era. Science Fiction of all types, from Hard to Soft, Cyberpunk to Post Apocalyptic. Human transcendentalism, exploration, rights of non-humans (robots), oppression... sky's the limit on this one.

So yeah, four chapters on technology of all types. I think we can do it :)

James Jacobs wrote:
Odraude wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Honestly, I can't imagine it would be hard to filing off some serial numbers and make it generic. Especially for things like lasers and AI and vortex guns and such. Little conversion and filing and boom, should be a piece of cake.
You are 100% correct.
Sweet. Am I 100% correct in thinking that this book has rules for a gravity gun? :D

Not 100% correct, no.

Because they're called gravity pistols and gravity rifles. There's other graviton-based devices in the book too—in fact, graviton tech is one of the more powerful types of technological themes in the book, since they do force damage and have force effects.

Awesome. I am tumescent with anticipation :D

Don't Rest Your Head?

I'd probably still play one. Wouldn't be the first time I've played something with a Con of 10 before and survived.

Good immunities, but their biggest weakness really is the low HP they have. Surprised they don't get bonus HP like golems do. Or some form of DR/Hardness to help them out a bit. While immunities are nice, it's not like you are going to be facing mind destroying spells every encounter.

Fun fact: Blackguard is apparently pronounced Blaggard. Never knew until I was watching Darby O'Gill and the Little People and one of the bad guys was called that. True story.

Kicking this off for some collective brainstorming. These could be anything, from stars and planets to comets and meteors to space stations and generation ships.

1. A red dwarf star with its own planet that orbits close to an earth-like planet and causes problems for the denizens.

2. A comet that has a powerful ice elemental demigod trapped inside of it.

3. A massive cylindrical spaceship is on a course through the solar system. No telling what alien wonders await inside.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Honestly, I can't imagine it would be hard to filing off some serial numbers and make it generic. Especially for things like lasers and AI and vortex guns and such. Little conversion and filing and boom, should be a piece of cake.
You are 100% correct.

Sweet. Am I 100% correct in thinking that this book has rules for a gravity gun? :D

Course, that is fine in your setting. But even in the base assumption for the game, according to the bestiar, undead do not need to eat, drink, or sleep. With the possible exception of the dhampir, which I think is a monstrous humanoid. So, thats why in Golarion and the base setting, taking a creature's blood/life energy/flesh without needing the sustenance and against their will is evil. They don't have Porphyri and don't spread vampirism via pathogen. They, like all undead, are the result of magic.

And honestly, at that point, if you are making the reason for being a vampire biological, I'd just go ahead and change them to monstrous humanoids instead of undead.

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Honestly, I can't imagine it would be hard to filing off some serial numbers and make it generic. Especially for things like lasers and AI and vortex guns and such. Little conversion and filing and boom, should be a piece of cake.

Well I could see the book separated into the eras with each of the "punks" done as subsections of the eras.

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Joshua Goudreau wrote:

I would love to see a hardcover in the RPG line that adds other tech levels to the game for those who enjoy something a little different. I'm envisioning a book that includes more options for everything from the Renaissance era tech we have touched on all the way through this sort of sci-fi tech. Something setting neutral for folks that want different tech levels, be it steampunk or sci-fi or the weird 20th-Century we saw a glimpse of in Rasputin Must Die!. I am sure there would be calamatous uproar from the community, but having a place on the RPG line would remove it from Golarion cannon and put it purely in the realm of optional.

So, the way to make this happen, is to support books like this one and show that something larger and more inclusive would find it's niche and be worth the investment to produce.

Well, some GMs would say that this being in the hardcover line would mean that it isn't options. But screw them :D

I wanna see Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Magicpunk, Clockpunk, Atompunk, and Cyberpunk rules in here. Maybe even some styles of space (Retro Futurism Space Age of the 50s-70s, Hard Science Fiction, Weird Space Science of the 1800's to early 1900's like War of the Worlds, Barsoom Series, and First Men on the Moon). There are so many popular genres that could be touched on in a book like this. It would be awesome to see. And frankly, it would help me with my time travelling adventure I wanna do :)

jimibones83 wrote:
I have to wonder if paizo thinks they would lose support for Golarion by publishing a book like we're talking about though. Golarion is their cash cow for sure so it's a reasonable deterrent. My thoughts on it though are that any loss they may experience, if any, would be hardly noticeable. On the flip side they'd get a respectable chunk of business that was once going to other systems. I would continue to purchase the same paizo lines I always have because Golarion's an awesome setting that I love to play in. It's not the only setting I like to play in though. I play multiple games a week and playing the same setting in every game gets old, so I like to mix it up. Cyberpunk is fun as well. If there were a book or a line to support that, paizo would get my money where as right now it goes elsewhere. This is why I was so happy to hear about the tech guide and iron gods, and why I will be even happier to hear of like products:)

Well, their AP line is their bread and butter last I heard. So I think they will be fine. But I'm not a business major so...

Just a minor quip, Zemi/Cemi are actually Caribbean in nature, from the native Taino there. I actually have them statted up as outsiders. Once I finish them, I'll post them.

Otherwise, great list.

Of course, some player will never spot the awe that you seek. It happens. Probably a good idea to game with people that share your playstyle.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Fantasy culture is much more present in our society than it was in the past. Therefore, people already have an idea of what fantasy should be and if you don't deviate from it, you'll never get that wonder and awe.

So in order to do that, you should stray from the familiar. make something really different that players wouldn't know. Most are familiar with henotheism and monotheism. throw in some animism and astrology. Don't stick with standard monsters, make your own. or reskin monsters. But as long as you make a setting that is a checklist of what is considered normal for a fantasy setting, you won't get that awe back.

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It fits though. We are noticeable and we ain't going away for a while :D

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If you die, the undead are still there. At least until someone can free them of their curse. That's kind of what you are doing when you force them into undead forms. Cursing them with unlife, trapping the spirit, and denying them an afterlife corrupts it in the Physical World. You're essentially doing evil things to people. That's the deal with that ;)

People doing evil things to innocents is tragic. But that's kind of the point of evil. For example, a leader knows their town is in danger and as a last ditch effort, makes a deal with a devil to protect the city. Lo and behold, the city is saved. So now when the leader dies, the soul belongs to the devil for all eternity to be tortured and turned into the building block of Hell. Is that fair or just? The leader made this decision to save their town, so they did good. But even then, they signed their soul away and while it's unfair that they are being tortured, that's the point of evil. Just like daemons steal souls and harvest them for their own purposes. Those might be goodly souls, but at the moment, they are powering a terrible engine of destruction against their will. Because daemons are evil. Or a legion of vampires forced into their condition by an evil elder vampire. Sure they didn't ask to be vampire spawn, but the elder vampire needed troops. Because vampires are evil.

That's the point of evil. They do evil things to good people and corrupt and break them. Evil is unfair and cruel because it simply is. And the point of good is to reverse that and save said innocents from their fate. Or, prevent it from happening in the first place.

Considering by raw that undead can be turned back to their living form via resurrection and true resurrection, I imagine a trapped soul that is freed from undeath isn't doomed to an afterlife in the evil planes.

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Perhaps. Either way, definitely want Ultimate Technology. I am part of the Ultimate Technology Initiative. Or UTI for short ;)

Get one as a cohort and ride it. See if your GM will allow it to take a class in, say, fighter.

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DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Advanced Genre Guide.

I like that. I've honestly felt that the d20 system is robust enough to use it with different genres. Obviously changes would have to be made. But I'd love to see this book. Maybe a chapter on different styles of fantasy genres and how to run them, then another on the other genres (pulp, space, cyberpunk).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Can't forget Colonial Tech. Or Enlightenment Tech. The in-between of Renaissance and Steam Era :)

Worg is an option for Leadership, if I recall correctly.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

That means it is our duty as gamers... no! As free men and women to buy this! It worked for Distant Worlds and Rasputin Must Die!, so it'll work here!

God's speed, soldiers. ._.7

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I would commit terrible atrocities and war crimes just to have an Ultimate Technology. It would fit with the rules for Stone and Bronze Age weapons we have already. I could see them adding more Renaissance tech and Industrial Age tech in addition to the WWI tech, WWII tech, Atomic Age Tech, Information Age Tech, and Future Tech.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

All this talk about health insurance makes me sad I'm leaving my current job. While the pay was mediocre, I was part of the ICUBA health plan, which is pretty nice. Just got new glasses practically free. Gotta love that flex card. I'm pretty sure that the company my girlfriend works at (Akamai) has insurance that covers the gender reassignment surgery. Unsure thought. I'd have to ask her.

Got me birthday coming up and the ladyfriend is coming up to visit. Along with a surprise. Woohoo :)

Sub-Creator wrote:
Auren "Rin" Cloudstrider wrote:
Rathendar wrote:
Not seeing it your way here.
just as humans use cattle on farms for sustenance required to survive, vampires use free humans for sustenance. at least vampires don't cage their "meal tickets" the way humans do. humans keep cattle encaged behind small fences on a farm to be raised for nothing more than to die and feed their human masters, vampires don't do that to humans at all.

I'm actually a little bit concerned that, in your personal view, humans equate to nothing more than cattle. ;)

Humans are intellectual superior beings to cows. Vampires are not intellectually superior beings compared to humans, but are equally intellectual due to the fact that they are human undead. If a vampire that once was human maintains its human intelligence, it should realize without doubt that killing other humans is an inherently evil act that one should not do. That it chooses to do so, treating another human being as nothing more than a (relatively) mindless animal, indicates the inherently evil nature of the vampire.

Especially since, if blood is all it needs, it could simply take the blood from the cow.

Just sayin'.

That is a good point to bring up. In the setting and rules, there is nothing stopping a vampire from hunting animals, or even having an ally donate blood so it doesn't feed on the innocents. Granted, I'd imagine it'd be like getting bad weed or coke cut with baking soda, but it'd be something a good aligned vampire could do in the setting and rules.

In my game, the victims have to be sapient creatures and animal blood/donated blood only resets the hunger DC penalty by half. It doesn't totally get rid of it.

Auren "Rin" Cloudstrider wrote:
i don't really use official golarion as published, i use a more customized variation with a higher level of magic and features pulled from anime and action cinema.

And that's fine. In your setting, you run how things work. You are the master of your world and the rules of nature. I'm just pointing out the flaw in the argument comparing undead to predators in the base setting. The disconnect is largely through the different perceptions of undeath in different media.

Also, this topic is about Golarion. Hence the title. And the forum it is in.

brad2411 wrote:
James Jacobs says that the Vampires hunger is supernatural. Quote. But thats for golarion.

Under the Undead Creature Type, it states that undead do not need to eat. And the bestiary says they have to feast on creature's blood. So it is safe to assume that their hunger is not biological in nature.

Better to stick with the actual myth, as it pays respect to the culture that it is from.

7 people marked this as a favorite.

That's not how it works. While there is no need, the drive is there. It's a part of the curse. Again, undead do not follow normal biological processes. The curse of undeath forces them to find blood, or flesh (for ghouls), or life force (for shadows) because that's an inherent propery of the curse of undeath. It's like a drug to them. They are addicted and if they don't get their fix, they start to lose it. Unless you've been through that type of withdrawal, it is difficult to understand the force that kind of addiction has. With most undead (ghosts being one exception), this is every day life.

Again, in your setting, you can do whatever you want. But in Golarion and the basic setting, undead feed because of an insane drive caused by the curse of undeath. That's why it's a curse, not a biological function. Zombies and vampires in Pathfinder aren't alternate species of humans like in Underworld/Blade, nor are they infected biological creatures like in Dawn of the Dead/I am Legend. They are dead and cursed via magic, not science.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Actually, that's not how vampires work at all in Golarion. Vampires don't need the sustenance since they are undead. From Blood of the Night:

“Hunger” is perhaps a misleading term to describe a vampire's lust for flesh, consciousness, or youth. As unliving things, they technically require no sustenance, and yet ravenousness is often considered a key characteristic of those who walk without life. In truth, this desire is driven not by need, but by psychological greed. Feasting grants the undead no physical nourishment, but does fill them with a pleasure and power they can't attain by any other means. For undead, the act of feeding can be likened to that of an addict satiating her inner demon.

In addition, under the rules for undead, undead do not need to actually eat. The issue is that you are looking at vampires (and zombies) in a modern, more biological light. This is something you see in modern movies like Underworld, I Am Legend, any zombie movie since Dawn of the Dead, etc. However, in Golarion and the game, undeath is magic. There is no biological reason why undead feast, just like there is no biological reason why outsiders don't need to sleep. Almost no undead needs to actually feed to survive because they are magic. Unlike a tiger, which actually does require sustenance to survive.

So, in regards to Golarion and the setting neutrality of Pathfinder, you are incorrect about vampires requiring food. However, in your own setting, you can obviously do what you want.

So, if there is stuff for PoW2, does that mean it's safe to buy PoW 1 now?

Having used them, the Called Shots rule is pretty fun and useful. Also, I allow people to substitute a coup de grace attack to instead remove a limb or deal a Debilitating Blow. Very fun and flavorful and the PCs love it.

I'd hesitate to say they suck just because of one spell.

Yea I'd prefer seeing it in Bestiary 5.

feather tokens are my favorite.

Sorry, there aren't stats, but I thought they discuss how to build one.

They have that in Mythic Monsters Revisited. Would be cool to see it in the BEstiary though

While you cannot sunder it, in Ultimate Combat, there are rules for called shots where you can cripple wings. Ask your GM about it and see if they are okay with it.

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