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Odraude's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 6,663 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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I think that PFS or any regulated gaming society like that is the bane of RPGs. Take that as you will.

AwesomenessDog wrote:
If you read the alignment page, you see clear references to motives over actions, no need to add it in when it exists.

While true, it's less of me adding it and more of me removing the morals part. Basically removing the good and evil alignments in the game and really letting the players choose that from their actions. A buddy of mine joked that he could see all of my alignments finding a reason to let goblin babies live (or die).

Diminuendo wrote:

I think adding a third catagory, such as "Vows" could add a lot to this system. Unlike the other two they can be anything a GM approves. Vows would be the things most important to a character, such as "my daughter" or "my country"

This stops characters from being bi-polar when good and evil don't exist.

That's a pretty good idea. I'll have to think about how to do that one.

Remco Sommeling wrote:

Have players pick personality traits from a well sized list and just use that as rp-tool and intelligent item conflicts etcetera.

I don't think your system is bad but there should be many more traits and methods to pick from.

You still can have alignment aura's and creature types to determine magic effect interactions in your campaign, in some cases you might want to adjust the level / cost of the spell / magical effect because of reduced or increased effectiveness.

Yeah, there is a more in depth part I'm writing up that is similar to this. I should post that up once I'm finished, after the holidays and all.

Blakmane wrote:
The system is fine (although it feels like a re-skinned good/evil law/chaos axis honestly), but why not just remove the alignment system from your game entirely if it isn't going to have mechanical or moral implications? I don't think your system really achieves anything in terms of the wider game --> you might be better off just asking your players to write a short sentence each on their motives and methods instead of codifying them.

With this, it's really a background generating tool for players and GMs to aid them in roleplaying how they would perceive their character. For those that like alignment, it is easier to play to one's alignment with this system, since the categories are less nebulous than 'good and evil'. For the most part, it's for my players that are coming from a Pathfinder/D&D background to ease them from the standard axis to something more free form. I actually do have a more detailed, free-form set of questions similar to something you'd see in more narrative driven games like Dungeon World or ICONS, but this is meant to be more like simple guidelines.

Hugo Rune wrote:

I like what you are trying to do but I can't help drawing the altruistic-selfish line being good v evil and the conformist - unorthodox line being law and chaos with pragmatic being a neutral substitute.

I also liked elements of a system that Mortuum proposed but disagreed with his view that there were no in-game philosophies that were inherently evil and felt that he started to go off-track by changing his initial definitions of grim and principled.

The favourite system I ever saw was one in an early edition of White Dwarf, but have never been able to rediscover. The gist of it went that a player would pick and prioritise at least one up to a maximum of even motivations from a list of about 15 for his character. The motivations chosen would map back to where they sat on the good and evil axis, whilst the number chosen would map to the law v chaos axis. If the character picked less than 7 motivations then they picked up superstitions every [number of motivations picked] levels until their superstitions and motivations equalled 7. Superstitions were based on the activity that occurred during the adventure. As the player progressed, instead of being true to an alignment, which was mapped back for game effect purposes they were supposed to roleplay according to their motivations and superstitions.

I remember one player using the system who rolled up an Elven Assassin character. His motivations were Country, Queen and Race and would do anything to protect Celene from outside influences and had absolutely no qualms about killing 'short lived races who were going to die in a few brief decades anyway' to save a long-lived elf but didn't kill for fun. The character was NE in game terms but was not a liability to the party or the group because the motivations weren't destructive to the party goals.

In some ways, I was looking to draw allusions to these alignments towards the classic 3x3 without really making any of them really good or evil. So, two people could be, say, Conforming Altruistic, but one does good while the other does evil with it. Law vs chaos I find to be less of an issue in most games, but I definitely will try and reword Unorthodox and Conforming.

A bit of a bump. I'm interested in what people think about this and what changes could be made to improve it.

Thanks. I tried to keep them as morally neutral as possible, so that "good" and "evil" arguments don't crop up and players tend to play more like the motives and methods above, rather than morals.

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So I've been homebrewing an alternative to alignment in the fantasy game that I plan to run. I got some inspiration from a post I saw on GitP and ran with it. Here is the ruleset I have set up for my alignment alternative, Motives and Methods.

Don't worry about Detect and Smite abilities. I'll figure that out as I go along.

Thanks for any help and comments.

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But the monsters are mythic content. When running a mythic campaign, you need mythic foes to throw at your players, especially high level foes. There are always going to be monsters in a bestiary that people won't use. How many are going to use cryptids, or the Japanese monsters, or the occult monsters, or the aliens? The goal though is to have a wide variety of options available to the different types of gamers and games that people run. I'm sure there are people out there that hate all the non-European monsters in the Bestiaries, but at least it means we all have options.

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I'm the opposite. I hate seeing rules systems that are introduced, then not supported in the future. I'm glad they are still giving us mythic content, as well as Asian, technology, and occult stuff.

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Yeah the use of the points confuses me, especially since the devs have gone on record saying that they don't like spell points and don't like psychic magic being so completely different from arcane and divine. I may change it.

Eric Hinkle wrote:
Katowice wrote:
What's the difference between the deep ones in this book and the previous conceit that the skum were the "deep ones" of Golarian. How do the two fit together in the same campaign setting?
I wondered about this myself. Then again, now we have reptoids and the Serpent People, though nothing says any group has to use one or the other (or either) in their home games.

Admittedly I get more of an alien vibe from the reptoids, but that's due to modern interpretations of them ruling the contemporary world.

MMCJawa wrote:
CBDunkerson wrote:
Slithery D wrote:
In Pathfinder undead are inherently evil because reasons.

All undead are evil.

Not all 'post-death citizens' are "undead".

yeah...I kind of suspect if they decided to do Hupia as neutral, they would most likely do them as outsiders

It's probably worth mentioning that as far as folklore is concerned, Fey/Outsiders/Undead are all pretty equivalent terms, since people didn't really necessarily consider them separate categories in the way Pathfinder organizes them.

This is a good point and would fit anthropological research that hupia were associated with the idea of reincarnation. And with the Occult Adventures book out and B5, there's plenty of reincarnation lore we could use for the hupia.

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Dragon78 wrote:

I would also like to see a 0HD dragon blooded playable race though I am more looking for the "Aasimar/Tiefling" version were they could look more human or more draconic depending on the player. I would also like to see fey and giant blooded 0HD races along those lines as well.

I'm with you and Jici on this. I think it's been long enough that we can have a dragonborn race in Pathfinder. But I also agree with you, it'd be cool if they were less upright lizards and more similar to tieflings and aasimars. And having some different bloodlines would be workable and awesome. The standard Colored and Metal dragons, Imperial and now Esoteric, maybe even some of the weirder ones like a zmey or even a jabberwock (I'd actually love an NPC that was a jabberwock dragonkin).

Also +1 for giant blooded race.

And here is an old topic I made about such a thing. Now we have those Time Dragons and Occult dragons so... might be harder

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Actually with ghosts and phantoms, plus the occult adventures books explaining more about the afterlife, it is more possibly to have undead with varying alignments. And remember, the all undead = evil is Golarion based, while the Bestiaries are setting neutral. Also I trust Adam's take on the American creatures and their respect for the folklore, so I have faith they will do the myth justice. Especially after reading Distant Shores.

No pressure Adam :p

And since they really only feed on guava... I don't think that's too evil. Hupia run the gamut of being good but forlorn, or evil and tormenting. There are a lot of stories of them coming back to live with their loved ones and living happy lives. Or getting forsaken by their loved ones because hey, they're supposed to be dead!

My dog :)

See now I gotta get back to updating the Arcadia thread ;)

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
Fourshadow wrote:
Moon Dogs not poodle-like? Good and thank you for your input, all of you. More like Afghan Hounds? That is definitely acceptable. Poodle? Not in my Pathfinder!

Are we talking lion clip poodle? (something that was created for working dogs and found in several retrieving breeds, not just poodles?)

Or just poodles?

Who are the second most intellegent dog, and were originally water dogs. (srsly, their name comes from the German "to splash)

To be fair, modern poodles look pretty silly, so I can understand the apprehension.

I loved the robots in this, though I am sad they were reprints, but the terraforming robot looks awesome. The occult and psychic monsters are probably my favorite though.

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
Fourshadow wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Anyone else think the Moon Dog looks like Christopher Lee as Dog Saruman?
Please tell me it doesn't look like a poodle...please? I loved the D&D Moon Dogs!

Nothing like a poodle.

Defiantly an afghan hound, that is pure silver white and wears jewelry

And they have hands. Unsure if they are humanoid or not, but the art work is really cool.

Yay another wishlist thread. So far each bestiary has had a lot of monsters that I've really fallen in love with. Still, there is one monster I've wanted to see in here since Bestiary 3. That's the hupia, from Taino lore. These are undead, faceless creatures that can transform from incorporeal to corporeal and turn into bats, their former selves, or can look like someone's loved one. They have no belly button, which is how you tell who they are. And they have some ties to the idea of reincarnation according to some anthropologists, so there could be something about that. They can be good, neutral or evil, and are intelligent so they make great NPCs. I statted one up here, but I'd love to see what Paizo does with their version. And I want to see art of it :D

C'mon Adam Daigle, make it happen ;)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

And staying on topic, I love a lot of the Japanese, Hindu and Phillipino themed monsters in the Bestiary. It's always awesome to see real world myths brought into the game. And the creatures from medieval bestiaries really make this book feel like, well, a bestiary.

I never complained about male Veela, but I have better things to do with my time than whine about the genders of creatures that don't actually exist lol

Fourshadow wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Anyone else think the Moon Dog looks like Christopher Lee as Dog Saruman?
Please tell me it doesn't look like a poodle...please? I loved the D&D Moon Dogs!

They look more like Afghans honestly. They look cool, in a weird way.

Nightterror wrote:
Fourshadow wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Anyone else think the Moon Dog looks like Christopher Lee as Dog Saruman?
Please tell me it doesn't look like a poodle...please? I loved the D&D Moon Dogs!
Sorry. But that is far from the worst thing in there, the worst thing in there is called Female Model Anemoi.

The art actually look great for the anemoi. And considering in the myths, they could be a guy, a girl, or a horse, that's not bad at all. Really the only two artworks I dont like are the Muse's uncanny valley face and the Cassowary Moa.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Anyone else think the Moon Dog looks like Christopher Lee as Dog Saruman?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Dragon78 wrote:
Social Justice Warriors?

Basically, the archon goes around destroying texts that are too evil or offensive for people.

I will admit, I read this title as "Marmaduke in Golarion" and was curious...

Yeah I'm not getting where everyone is saying the art is bad. Aside from the Muse's odd shadowing on her face, the artwork is pretty awesome.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

They probably want to keep the reprints to a minimum and really only hve a limited amount of space for them. I'll be honest, if the Bestiary had more and more reprints than new stuff, I wouldn't be very happy, especially since those reprints are on the SRD/AoN.

Flynn Greywalker wrote:
Sadly Odraude they beat us to the ideas by finishing Distant Shores

Bah, that won't stop us! Segada is only one city :p

Well it depends. We don't know if the Arcadians take kindly to slavery, but if they do, then they probably wouldn't mind some lucrative trade with the colonists.

Admittedly, I saw the houses and they reminded me of some houses I've seen in Chile, which is why I thought this was in South Arcadia.

And kathenotheism.

I'm curious, what books have you guys been reading for research for Arcadia, Adam?

Adam Daigle wrote:
Odraude wrote:

Whether or not they did, the Golarion takes on such cultures can go crazy with it. We can take the ideas of mound builders or cliffside pueblos and go to town with them. High fantasy style!

A couple of questions for Adam or anyone that worked on Segada in Distant Shores. What were the inspirations for the architecture and clothing of the artwork in the Segada section? I'm really curious. Also, is Segada in the Northern section or Southern section of Arcadia?

I'm gonna answer your second question first. Segada is in the northeastern part of Arcadia. It's roughly marked on the inside cover of the book. If it were a perfect analog to North America, it'd be somewhere in New England.

Which leads me to your second question... I'm not a huge fan of direct analogs, and when writing Segada I wanted to have it make sense in regards to things that we've already said about Arcadia and have it make sense in regards to climate and geography. I didn't give the artist a ton of direction for the big city vista illustration other than the type of building materials that would be available and the type of vibe I was going for. The clothing styles are partially inspired by Iroquois designs, but, as I said about analogs, I didn't want to copy anything, but rather use elements to make something new. The hairstyle is an example of that. The priest of Kazutal has some strong Mesoamerican elements by design, but I also wanted to include other elements as she is very far from her homeland and I wanted to show at least a sliver of other Arcadian people since I only had one city to play with. (Pssst... don't tell anyone, but that priest of Kazutal looks really similar to my character in our regular developer game that James is running... it might even be her.)

That's ccool,I can dig that. What were the building materials you decided on?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Whether or not they did, the Golarion takes on such cultures can go crazy with it. We can take the ideas of mound builders or cliffside pueblos and go to town with them. High fantasy style!

A couple of questions for Adam or anyone that worked on Segada in Distant Shores. What were the inspirations for the architecture and clothing of the artwork in the Segada section? I'm really curious. Also, is Segada in the Northern section or Southern section of Arcadia?

Good to see this topic still alive and kicking. Once things quiet down for me at the homefront (graduating), I plan on running a game in my home brew Arcadia setting. Definitely using this for inspiration!

Is there a PDF option that will be available?

I haven't done an article since #11, so I think I want to get in on this. Luckily I ran a lot of Kingmaker, so I have some good old notes to use for inspiration.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Funnily enough, in one of the Wayfinder fan magazines, I stated out the Marabbecca. Would still be a okay with an official one.

Well in October, they are releasing Distant Shores, which will cover non-Avistan citites, including an unknown one from Arcadia and Casmaron.

Still hoping for my hupia to be in there.

Yay Rosita!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I'll admit, reading lots of Eclipse Phase, I really want more alien aliens. Like alternate biochemistries (ammonia based) and non-humanoid. Though I definitely can understand the terror that would be for figuring out magic items for a three legged xenomorph that breathes methane :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Not gonna lie, I am hoping for a playable alien race. Would be hella cool.

Discovered two game settings that take place in fictionalized versions of Native America from the Distant Shores page. Great to look at and look good.

First is Totems of the Dead which is more sword and sorcery, low fantasy flavored. Done in Savage Worlds, but looks to be fun and interesting.

The second is Ehdrighor, which is a high fantasy, Fate Core game. Art is gorgeous and while I dislike Fate, I love the style of the game and I am looking forward to trying it out.

Definitely some good ideas to mine for Arcadia. I'll keep on the look out for more.

Savage Worlds apparently have the rights to make a version of RIFTS in their game system. Sounds interesting.

Trailer looked alright, though the part that made me cringe was the end, where it says "New Drama!" Which always sets off a red flag ever since I saw the snorefest that was Heroes.

So we had the first session of the game yesterday via Roll20. We ended up using Savage Worlds due to everyone's preference. The topic is here for those that wish to read and keep up. It'll be every Sunday at 2pm, schedule permitting. Hope everyone enjoys.

I'm stuck working here :( that...

Mostly because I dont have the room or money for dead tree. :p

Irontruth wrote:
Misroi wrote:
This isn't out yet, but probably warrants some mention.

Cam Banks was the lead designer on the most recent Marvel RPG. I'm almost sure it won't be Cortex, but I would say it will be that style of game. While a lot of people worked on Marvel, it has Cam's fingerprints all over it. I suspect the style and feel will share a lot with Marvel.

If I play the demo I'll update with info.

I like the card game of Sentinels, so I'm looking forward to this. I know this Gencon, they are doing play test sessions of their game.

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