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Odraude's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 6,628 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Is there a PDF option that will be available?

I haven't done an article since #11, so I think I want to get in on this. Luckily I ran a lot of Kingmaker, so I have some good old notes to use for inspiration.

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Funnily enough, in one of the Wayfinder fan magazines, I stated out the Marabbecca. Would still be a okay with an official one.

Well in October, they are releasing Distant Shores, which will cover non-Avistan citites, including an unknown one from Arcadia and Casmaron.

Still hoping for my hupia to be in there.

Yay Rosita!

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I'll admit, reading lots of Eclipse Phase, I really want more alien aliens. Like alternate biochemistries (ammonia based) and non-humanoid. Though I definitely can understand the terror that would be for figuring out magic items for a three legged xenomorph that breathes methane :)

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Not gonna lie, I am hoping for a playable alien race. Would be hella cool.

Discovered two game settings that take place in fictionalized versions of Native America from the Distant Shores page. Great to look at and look good.

First is Totems of the Dead which is more sword and sorcery, low fantasy flavored. Done in Savage Worlds, but looks to be fun and interesting.

The second is Ehdrighor, which is a high fantasy, Fate Core game. Art is gorgeous and while I dislike Fate, I love the style of the game and I am looking forward to trying it out.

Definitely some good ideas to mine for Arcadia. I'll keep on the look out for more.

Savage Worlds apparently have the rights to make a version of RIFTS in their game system. Sounds interesting.

Trailer looked alright, though the part that made me cringe was the end, where it says "New Drama!" Which always sets off a red flag ever since I saw the snorefest that was Heroes.

So we had the first session of the game yesterday via Roll20. We ended up using Savage Worlds due to everyone's preference. The topic is here for those that wish to read and keep up. It'll be every Sunday at 2pm, schedule permitting. Hope everyone enjoys.

I'm stuck working here :( that...

Mostly because I dont have the room or money for dead tree. :p

Irontruth wrote:
Misroi wrote:
This isn't out yet, but probably warrants some mention.

Cam Banks was the lead designer on the most recent Marvel RPG. I'm almost sure it won't be Cortex, but I would say it will be that style of game. While a lot of people worked on Marvel, it has Cam's fingerprints all over it. I suspect the style and feel will share a lot with Marvel.

If I play the demo I'll update with info.

I like the card game of Sentinels, so I'm looking forward to this. I know this Gencon, they are doing play test sessions of their game.

A bit of a necro, but FINALLY getting the ball rolling on this game. I've got three players interested and will be looking for more. However, one of them expressed an interest in the ICONS Roleplaying Game, from the same maker as M&M. It's a FATE styled game, which I usually don't like (I prefer more crunch), but I didn't want to write it off without hearing some opinions first. Anyone ever use this system and if so, how did they like it?

Goblin Squad Member

Hey all. I'm Odraude. I've been on these forums for awhile and I just discovered I can get into the PFMMO game I backed a while ago. Still downloading it at the moment, but just want to see who else plays so I'm not just playing by myself. My account is Opiyel.

I could see using spirits of childbirth and fertility that do this very thing. Would be something cool to see.

Kokopelli would certainly be interesting fit As would Coatlque. Though she'd be interesting to draw...

My steam username is Charleston. Has Donatello from the 90's Ninja Turtle Movie as my avatar. I'm at school for the rest of the night though so I won't be home until 1120pm eastern time. I can play after that, though I understand if you don't want to wait and stay up that late :D

feytharn wrote:
Numenara isn't out yet, look for Pillars of Eternity, not CreationDragon Age Origins is not the Dragon Age game that came out this year - otherwise: great list! For now I bought Pandora: First Contact for a friend and Tales from the Borderlands for myself, I also bought le rest of the Space Hulk - Ascension DLC and the ancient Cinemaware anthology.

I've got Pandora First Contact. Fun game. It's community driven which is good.

I picked up some cheap games for like 5 bucks. Got the latest Naruto fighting game. Hate the anime, but the games are fun.

Y'all should get Payday 2 and play with me. I need a crew to rob some banks :D

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Lissa Guillet wrote:
That always makes me sad to here when a group is a trans-exclusionary. Still, sounds like you found a place, and that's always pretty great. I've not found a lot of love in Florida but it's around in certain places from what my wife tells me.

Yeah it wasn't fun. Had some feminst and MRA guys pretty much call her an abomination and some gay guys flat out say we were just a gay couple deep in denial. But, that was months ago and we've made much better friends and are hopefully looking to see more soon.

Weird.... or hilarious?

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She and I are slowly getting back into the lgbtq and feminist scene down here in Florida. We had a bad experience back in August with some feminists and gay people hating her because she is trans so w we distanced ourselves from the movement s. Now I think we've found a good group to make friends with. I'm happy too. We need the friends.

Uh yeah.... autocorrect.... of course.... I certainly wasn't going to hide the ring in her poo ;)

But yeah, it'll be nice to make things official. While she is legally a woman, according to Florida, she is still considered a man and so technically, we'd be a gay couple. So, here's hoping.

Kalindlara wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Well they have the Storm King here with his hips that certainly don't lie ;)
I... do not know how to feel about that. ^_^

I know how my girlfriend felt when she saw it. And i know what I'm cosplaying as for her ;)

....once I lose my gut... and get a big bushy beard...

Well they have the Storm King here with his hips that certainly don't lie ;)

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So Looking to wait for Florida to make the gay marriage legality more stable, then probably pooping the question to my girlfriend. Should be awesome

That animus spirit sounds awesome. I really wish I had thought of that.

Seems like the top three request are cotct, second darkness, and king maker. I'd be okay with any of those.

Paizo has examples of a catgirl and a harpy dating in Shattered Star. I think the world can handle an aasimar/tiefling couple.

I'd probably do a custom race with the race builder that has some abilities from both, or completely different abilities that reflect both of the heritages. I did that in a kingmaker game where the half orc barbarian king sired a child of a nixie. Fun times.

Yeah, having played in a real Monty Haul campaign in early settings and in 3.X, 3.X doesn't even come close to what I've experienced.

Actually I'm a bit curious. If skin walkers are in here, will we get to see some inkling of Arcadia? :D

Not trolling, was just asking a legit question from work, where I can't really read 8 pages of stuff.

I'll keep my questions to myself next time.

So, what makes this book different from the advanced race guide?

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The good news is that it's not really difficult to remove the hex out of the sandbox. The hexes are simply there as an abstract method of separating encounters and such.

The Alexandrian's Gamemastery 101 page has a wealth of what you are looking for. Three Clue Rule, Node-Based Design, and Don't Prep Plots are what you are probably looking for. It is his method of allowing player's choices to really matter and shape the plot. A bit of a read but it is a very well-written group of articles that will help you out, guaranteed.

Side note, does anyone else really like the movie 13th Warrior? It gets such a bad rap, but I really enjoyed it.

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Arachnofiend wrote:
If your Tolkien-inspired pseudo-British setting can't account for a Spaniard hopping the channel then that says some pretty odd things about your setting.

This is actually similar to my mindset when running a game and allowing characters.

Whenever I run a game, I always ask myself "Does allowing X really harm my game?" If I allowed, say, a samurai in a Renaissance game, does it somehow ruin the integrity of the setting? And if my setting is so fragile that a single, fairly basic concept would somehow ruin the atmosphere, then I think that says more about the my setting and my inability to adapt as a GM. I mean, I can understand some limitations on technology and things for the setting (and even that I tend to bend somewhat), but overall, I don't have any issues adapting to my players and their characters. And honestly, to me, learning when to say yes and work with ones players is a sign of a good GM.

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thejeff wrote:
Odraude wrote:

Growing up, I've had a lot of people use the historical accuracy excuse to stop me from playing my own ethnicity, or really any non-Anglo Saxon ethnicity. Hell, I remember bringing an El Cid inspired knight into a "Medieval Europe" campaign and told that, and I quote, Spanish knights don't fit in the Medieval Europe setting.

I'll let that sink in.

However stupid it is, and it's a pretty dumb argument, it still falls into the same problem - the GM's telling you what he wants in the game. He's doing it badly, since it's easy to misunderstand, and he's using a dumb argument to do it, but that doesn't mean that "I know you don't want this, but your statement didn't exclude it, even if you thought it did, so you have to let me play it." is a good approach to the game.

If the GM & other players want a British LotR derived game, make a character that fits. Or find another game.

That I can mostly accept. But the point is that they used the historical accuracy excuse, which was pretty much completely wrong.

And since then, I've run and played games that were fairly open to concepts and I've yet to see having samurai, black people, and firearms ruin people's pristine, LotR-wannabe setting ;)

Bandw2 wrote:
Odraude wrote:

Growing up, I've had a lot of people use the historical accuracy excuse to stop me from playing my own ethnicity, or really any non-Anglo Saxon ethnicity. Hell, I remember bringing an El Cid inspired knight into a "Medieval Europe" campaign and told that, and I quote, Spanish knights don't fit in the Medieval Europe setting.

I'll let that sink in.

for some reason this makes me want to play a Frank Knight from the early Charlemagne period.

I've seen people disallow French, Italian, and Spanish inspired knights before. They seem to not realize how intertwined they are in Medieval England's history. Especially France.

Again though, any attempt I've made to correct people about their history is usually met with them digging their heels in and metaphorically sticking their fingers in their ears while yelling "LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALA!!!"

Well... sometimes it's metaphorically ;)

kyrt-ryder wrote:
Lets be fair Odraude... they usually include Norse and German influences as well as English :P [Infact... more of the English material that came from those sources originally than the actual Celtic stuff in most cases...]

Too true, too true. :) I do point that out to people that cling to Earth Historical Accuracy in their make-believe setting, but generally they are too stubborn to see.

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Growing up, I've had a lot of people use the historical accuracy excuse to stop me from playing my own ethnicity, or really any non-Anglo Saxon ethnicity. Hell, I remember bringing an El Cid inspired knight into a "Medieval Europe" campaign and told that, and I quote, Spanish knights don't fit in the Medieval Europe setting.

I'll let that sink in.

Basically, everyone had a hard-on for LotR and pretty much only wanted British influences in their setting. After a while, I quit playing because it felt like the GMs were using the historical accuracy argument as a facade to really say "No Non Whites Allowed". A lot of these GMs were older people and had really close minded views on how one should play the game. Because of that, I stopped playing until I left for college. I had always played with my father since I was 6 or 7, and he never had problems with people playing Hispanic or African or Asian inspired characters. So it was jarring to see people saying that my ethnicity doesn't belong in the game. Other minority friends of mine quit playing too because of that. No one likes to be told that they don't belong or don't fit in. S~~% sucks for a kid (less so for a cynical, bitter Millennial ;) ).

Since then, I've run and played games with people my age and no one really cares about "setting integrity" per se. When I run, I give a brief synopsis of the setting then let the players make the characters and fit them in. Hell, I had a player want to bring in an Indian inspired character and ended up working with the player to create a fun, Mythical India for m setting which didn't even have that to begin with. Now I have a group of Indian assassins and yogis in my Caribbean setting that has enhanced it a great deal and I'm happy for it. Players using naginatas and atlatls having ruined my Medieval European game and I doubt it'll really ruin anyone else's.

As GMs, we need to learn when to say yes. Sometimes you end up with some great stories, great additions to your setting that you never thought about, and most importantly, a great time with your friends.

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I'll admit, I feel this way about all of the short races (including dwarves). I think the way to have them taken seriously is to really play against the stereotypes. Ditch alcoholic dwarves, optimistic halflings, and quirky Zooey Deschanel gnomes and make them actual characters to your players. It'll take a while to get it through to your players, but it'll work.

Frog God Games does Hexcrawl Chronicles here. I own a couple and they are really well done. I generally run hexcrawls so I get good mileage out of that. There are also several good resources out on google that will help you out (The Alexandrian,, Dispatches from Kickassistan, The Welsh Piper). A whole wealth of information, most of it system agnostic or OSR. Enjoy

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So today I learned about Nordic Aliens. Doing some research, but these guys seem like a good fit for the greys and annanuaki present in the game.

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lol that's awesome.

Also, i forgot my shameless bestiary plugging in my last post. NOOO!!

Dragon78 wrote:
Because it gives them magic corn?

Hopefully a party that pisses one off will learn the ear of their ways :D

What I do for warrior fey is to give them an ability to attack better. Could be a swift action ability that energizes their weapon, giving it bonuses to hit. Or use dexterity as the to hit stat. Or, one time I made a fey warrior that lowered enemy stats near her, making them easier to hit. There are a lot of good ways to work around them. Good luck :)

Also you should totally put the hupia from my Arcadia thread in the bestiary :)

I think the llama is stated in the Animal Archive.

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Definitely want to see some stuff from Nyambe. Bbeen reading it lately and I really like it.

No shameless plug for my American monsters in this post :D

Hupia... sorry... i couldnt help myself :D

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