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Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 6,470 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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I can't look at Scarlet Pimpernel and not think of the exotico luchador of the same name (though in Spanish).

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Also, teaching war orphans to not go raiding and pillaging other peoples is a far cry to what the Indian schools were. It's a comparison of generalities (kids being educated against a previous culture) without looking at the specifics, which make both a complex and much more unrelated case.

Also, we are missing an important point in Mikaze's post (at least about the orcs I haven't read all of them). They aren't being forced into compliance against their natural tendancies of aggression. In fact, it recognizes their predisposition and shows venues to channeling that in a positive manner. They aren't stripping down what it means to be an orc or hobgoblin. Rather, they are helping them take their natural predispositions and using them for positive means. And not to become a slave race or second class citizen, but to become aware of what their culture does and to be given the tools to choose a path other than mindless violence. In Mikaze's case, it'd be a half-orc paladin of Sarenrae :p

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Oly wrote:
blahpers wrote:


Seriously, this is bordering on sociopathic.

Ted Bundy was the sociopath.

Kill Ted Bundy as a baby, save about 30 innocent women he later killed, and many other lives he harmed, as sociopaths go through life doing.

I want to save 30 innocent lives and you're saying it sounds sociopathic?

Actually...sociopathy (or whatever you want to call it) has basically nothing to do with being a serial killer. There's some debate about exactly what results in serial killing behavior, but it's definitively not linked to any disgnosable wiring issues like antisocial personality disorder (aka sociopathy...sorta, sociopath is an obsolete term).

Oh, and you know what all serial killers universally have a history of? Being abused rather badly as children. So...if you go back in time and find Ted Bundy as a baby, putting him in a good home with nice adoptive parents is at least as valid a solution as killing him.

So, in summary...this was a really bad example for you to use to try and prove your point.

A bit off topic but I thought it was psychopath that had become an obsolete term? Then again, the medical world does change alot in a year.

Mother 3 was awesome.

Erik Mona wrote:

Everybody has chakras.

Characters capable of manipulating ki will be able to goof around with their chakras to unlock cool powers and abilities.

We _might_ do a feat or something that allows non-ki users to manipulate their chakras, but I haven't quite gotten to that part yet, as I'm focused on getting the core system correct.

Honestly, I think this is a good idea. Expanding chakra use to other martials would be really awesome. Either with feats or with archetypes. I think it'd be cool to play a fighter that uses ki and unlocked chakra potential. Or a reincarnating kineticist that unlocks all seven chakras to control the Avatar State achieve enlightenment.


Also, will some Amerindian mysticism be present in this? Things like spirit quests, Mayan medicine, hallucinogenic snuff, reincarnation, tonalli, naguals, and totemism, etc. I remember briefly reading about chulel, the word for soul in Tzotzil people, acting in a similar way to chakra but is made up of 13 parts in the human body.

I generally avoid the "races are always evil" trope. It actually takes a lot of pressure off my party (especially the Paladin), because they just treat everyone like they are the core races. And, it also prevents the "Drizzt" syndrome of being the one good "X".

Honestly, there really isn't enough information on this AP for me to really decide if I want it or not. I think I know more about Hell's Rebels than Giantslayer. Although the Frost Giant Graveknight in Book 4 sounds cool.

Consider me tentatively interested when more information comes out. But right now, Hell's Rebels sounds more compelling than Giantslayer.

David Neilson wrote:
I am curious what they are going to put in this. The way I see it the three branches of Melee combat are THF, TWF, and Grapple. Maybe we will get a Jouster Swashbuckler archetype?

Don't forget Sword and Board (similar to TWF but different enough to be its own beast) and reach weapon.

Imma give this the ol fashioned bump.

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kestral287 wrote:
They beat off these ninjas...


Voice acting is a funny thing and unlike visual acting, you can get away with not matching the race, ethnicity, gender, and age of the character. As long as the voice actor does a great job at matching the character.

Look at Avatar The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. The first series, despite being primarly drawn from Asian sources, had very few Asian voice actors. Mako, James Hong, and Sab Shimono were the prominent ones, taking on Iroh and other various voices (some of the original Airbender chiefs, the old earthbender that chased after Toph in Season 2). The lead cast of five (Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko) are voiced by four white kids and one Philipino guy (who was Rufio in Hook, fun fact :) ), despite being characters inspired by Chinese, Tibetan, Inuit, and Japanese cultures. And in some cases, the age doesn't even match (Zuko is voiced by a guy in his 30's). Also Zelda Williams plays a large part in the latter seasons of Korra, and Mark Hamil is the great Fire Lord Ozai. Yet, all of the voice actors do a great job at portraying their characters, despite not matching race.

Of course, I can understand wanting to allow more transpeople access into acting in general. It's a good goal to go for and it would be nice to have that representation in the industry. It's a hard balancing act with voice acting, getting someone that fits the character AND matches the character's race/gender/ethnicity/age/etc.

I have done this and it worked out pretty well. PCs as gods can be fun if you do it right.

J may actually have time to write this week! I actually have a legit day off finally on Thursday. Ive been meaning to work on writing up zemis as native outsiders that attach themselves to idols to interact with the Material Plane. I want to write up at least four, but I may just do as many as I can and just post it on Thursday.

UsagiTaicho wrote:

1) At least 9th.

2) Losing spells, spell-like abilities, even supernatural abilities? That would suck.

3) I could see it being all three actually. Arcane is constantly being modified and expanded, some Wizard or Arcanist could easily create a spell like this. Divine is controlled by the whims of the gods, so maybe they decided that it is high time to shut down some people. I could feel the Occult bit with Amon's touch from Korra, plus that magic is all about the mind, so maybe they get insider your head and shut down your ability to shape magic.

Yeah it would suck. It's why only the BBEG would have this power and it'd only be used on the PCs for the final fight. Though they'd definitely see it happen a lot.

I think for divine it'd be more like cutting off the link between their god and the worshipers.

So I've been catching up on Legend of Korra and it has be thinking about home brewing a magic removal spell or ability. So I figured I'd crowd source some ideas from the forums here.

Some questions/advice:

1) What level should a spell that removes magical abilities be? 9th? Mythic?

2) Should it be a save or suck type of spell, or should should it be more incremental? Assuming this is used on PCs, it would suck to instantly lose ALL of your class abilities due to a failed save. Of course, there will be a way to "unlock" it again with an opposite spell, but still, that probably won't be available for awhile (just to keep the tension up story-wise).

3) What flavor would be made for removing all the types of magic? Arcane, Divine, and Occult?

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Westphalian_Musketeer wrote:
I don't think Proteans come from mortal souls.

True enough. Nor Inevitables (though Axiomites, who built the Inevitables, probably do).

Still, I'm pretty sure it's true of all the Evil ones but Qlippoth (and I guess Asura, but that's only because they're corrupted genies, not corrupted mortal souls...putting them in the same category for practical purposes), and the Evil ones is what we were talking about. :)

Actually that's Divs, not Asuras.

Also, I guess elementals would count.

I cant wait to listen.

Lune wrote:

Cap. Darling: Yep. I'll just give it a rest so it can murder my character in his sleep.

Val'bryn2: Mmm... I do not think that is correct. In fact, I do not think that it is just INCREDIBLY rare but that it creates a unique being. For things that are innately evil there is no redemption. I believe this was actually explicitly stated in the Book of Exalted Deeds back in 3.x. I believe that Pathfinder goes along with the same concept. Nature spirits, by the way, are not innately Evil or Good.

If there are any further rules for this it may sway my opinion.

Well, according to Pathfinder's Wrath of the Righteous

There is a Risen Succubus that can help the party. She is somewhat a unique creature, though the basic chassis is still a succubus, even with the profane gift. But she is CN and it is fully possible to make her CG. It took a vision from Desna herself to change from evil, but it still was the catalyst for her rising.

Besides, devils are pretty much fallen angels right? Means alignment for outsiders isn't as draconic, though it'd take a great epiphany to change it.

Also, according to the Bestiary 3, Asuras can become good.

Of course, at the end of the day, it is up to the GM.

Also, I vote for quest for atonement.

Man, this is really wanting me to run a game where people travel from the Caribbean through the Amazon into the Andes, Altoplano, then finally into Salar de Uyuni. Only, yknow, expys of them. :D

One decision to make is if the gods are separated from time or not. Does each timeline has its own Iomedae or are the gods timeless and thus every timeline has its own set of gods? That can make the metaphysics weird to think about.

Fabius Maximus wrote:
Camazotz already is in the game (that's not to say that he can be expanded upon).

Yeah I had seen that a while ago, but I wanted to expand a lot more on him.

MMCJawa wrote:
Odraude wrote:
So an idea. What if there was an Amazon River/Rainforest type thing, only the rainforest was a singular living organism? Something that was geniunely alive. Or even better, a genus loci that covers a massive part of the continent?

That actually sounds sort of like the background behind "The River", which was a short-lived horror show about the Amazon that aired a few years back on I think ABC. Worth checking out, especially since it drew pretty strongly on Latin American myth (One episode was about the Tunche, for instance)

Basically, a specific "tributary" of the Amazon was sapient in a sense of having a genius loci, which led to a lot of haunted stuff going on. The show was about the main character trying to find his father, who was a nature documentary film maker, and then the cast actually getting out. Which was made exceedingly difficult since the river could reorganize its geography and pull off other tricks.

So...yeah this idea is definitely cool, although I think it works best if the genius loci is played pretty subtle. So people would know that things don't work right on the river, and offer tribute to the river, but it's left sort of vague on how much of what is known is folklore and how much is reality.

I like that. Did some reading about the show itself. Interesting how they used the Boiúna in the show. I may have to steal that, at least for the name. The Boiúna River!

ReckNBall wrote:

To give credit where credit is due, David Brin with his "Uplift universe" An evolving intelligent species deemed worthy enough to earn a patron and receive genetic evolutionary boosts.

I imagine, just like MMCJawa's sapient tributary, there are actually more than a few awakened beasts/plants in such a robust environment. In one of David Brin's uplifted books, there are a species of uplifted that only a small percentage of the animals were uplifted (ie awakened). The intelligent ones kept themselves hidden among their natural brethren to such a degree, it was only a campsite ghost tale. Encountering a bunch of raccoons raiding a campsite is a nuisance, sure, but if 10% of these scavengers knew what they were doing... Or perhaps a wild boar who kept her litter mates safely out of harms way, consistently.

The most recent example would likely be Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Taken further, wouldn't it be feasible for an awakened animal having a familiar?

I like this idea, though what if we reverse it? What if the river turns people into mindless beasts? A curse that drains your Int and drives you insane with the primal call of the wild.

Roger Corbera wrote:
Do you know about the Sargasso Sea? It's in the route to America, and I think it's a great place to have a ship traveling to Arcadia (or back) trapped. Finding other trapped ships, oceanic wendigos, shambling mounds, etc.

I like this idea. Wasn't there a seaweed monster in the Bestiary?

True, I forgot about Time Dragons. Though they have to be a certain age and are limited to three trips I think.

The only published form of time travel is in Artifacts book. The artifact is called the scepter of ages. Though it time travels rather than taking you to an alternate universe where the change in history has already happened.

Ive tinkered with that idea for a touch attack replacement. Caster level +casting Stat

I think the main difference between time travelling consequences and post-AP consequences is that for post AP, it's a bit easier to know how things will change since it isn't so far into the future and there isn't a second "timeline" to compare it to. For time-travelling, you have to think how the present changes, especially the further back you go.

I could definitely see time travelling in the style of Earthbound (Mother 2) or Final Fantasy 1, where you travel back in time briefly to fight the final boss. Or, perhaps a somewhat limited travelling like how Rasputin Must Die was a limited travel to Earth?

I like time travel to the past, but it can feel a bit railroady since history has to happen. I much prefer travelling to the future.

I actually did this very thing a couple of years ago. It was a half orc/nixie couple. I made the daughter a half orc water sorceress and wrote her up as an NPC, then made her a young character with the Ultimate Campaign rules. She was never meant to be a playable character, so I didn't sweat the stats too much.

So an idea. What if there was an Amazon River/Rainforest type thing, only the rainforest was a singular living organism? Something that was geniunely alive. Or even better, a genus loci that covers a massive part of the continent?

Isn't there a feat for humans that lets them count as other races due to parentage? Forget what it is called, but they could be humans that have that feat for half giants.

I never understood the summoning demons to save orphans. Couldn't a caster just summon an angel to do the same thing without the chance for turning evil? The idea kind of summoning devils to fight evil falls flat on its face when most fiends have resistances to each other, and most summoning spells can summon celestials as well as fiends. So I don't really get the appeal from an in-game perspective.

God that sounds awesome.

I'd love to see the Howler Monkey Gods make an appearance as empyreal lords of music and arts for bards. Who says being a muse is only for good looking women ;)

Oh okay, cool.

DM_aka_Dudemeister wrote:
Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:

Gotta revive my request for a Dream centered AP.

Specifically, I think entering other people's dreams as adventure sites is neat, like in the Playstation game Alundra.

Someone mentioned Dreamtime as a Sarusan thing. I would certainly accept this there.


Would make a great tie in to Occult Adventures.

I'd love that. Maybe combine Dreamtime, the Dreamlands, Slumberland, Magicant, and other dream worlds together for awesome adventuring.

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It's never too late to add more ideas. I've always wanted a copy of the older Deities and Demigods, and always wanted Paizo to make one. I can share some gods in my setting that uses Native inspired deities. One thing I tried to keep is that many of these gods have alternate forms and names, or are primarily not humanoid. It give them a good difference from classic Western European gods. Also, many have the Animal domain and all gods in my setting have tonalli, animal spirits for the Nahual priests.

LG Goddess of community, family, & medicine

Domain: Animal, Community, Good, Healing, Law
Weapon: Longbow
Tonalli: Bee

Based on the cryptic Mayan bee demons of the same name. I took a lot of liberties with her, taking the name and mixing in properties I saw in bees and honey (as a natural remedy). In one game I had an awakened bear cleric of Ahmuzencab.

N God of birth, death, time, and reincarnation

Domain: Animal, Death, Healing, Magic, Repose
Weapon: Scythe
Tonalli: Dog

Maketaori is based on the Taino death god of the same name. I largely kept him how he was from what I've read and learned about him. There was also a paper I read that talks about bats and reincarnation and the hupia bat undead. I used what I read about that to add a reincarnation cycle to this death god, and have an interesting dichotomy between bats for the death god and bats for the evil bat demon god Camazotz. Maketaori is the only god I have written up that has an actual herald, Opiyel Guabiran, a dog shaped creature that hunts down spirits and brings them back to Coabey, the land of the dead. I made him interesting because he has a penchant for gambling and betting and can be duped into betting for a person to come back to life. Though he himself is a smart and clever outsider.

CE God of blood, caverns, darkness and gluttony

Domain: Animal, Chaos, Darkness, Earth, Evil
Weapon: Sickle
Tonalli: Bat

Camazotz is the Mayan bat god, meaning Death Bat in the K'iche language. I made him a full-fledged demon god in a similar vein to Lamashtu. A slayer of gods and heroes that places the decapitated heads of those he has slain on pikes surrounding his ball court. Creation myths play a big part in my setting and I have some allusions of Camazotz being the first proto-hupia (Taino undead bat zombie/ghost of people who refuse to move on after becoming petitioners), who later became the first man, then ran away from death because of his evil ways to become a true hupia. I've definitely made him evil with a capital E and a patron god of vampires, cannibals, and other voracious creatures.

That's all I have time for this morning. Got a long work day then school. I wish I had more time to do stuff like this, but life is a pain.

Excaliburproxy wrote:
Odraude wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Kineticist and medium post-mortems will go up in their associated threads next week, after the design team has a post-playtest meeting. I could put up my thoughts today, but at the advice of playtesters who voted in the kineticist thread, I will wait in case things change after the meeting.
Can we expect a post mortem post for all of the classes?
Those had other designers. I guess it is up to them?

That's fair. I certainly hope they do. I'd like to see what insight they have from the playtest.

Mark Seifter wrote:
Kineticist and medium post-mortems will go up in their associated threads next week, after the design team has a post-playtest meeting. I could put up my thoughts today, but at the advice of playtesters who voted in the kineticist thread, I will wait in case things change after the meeting.

Can we expect a post mortem post for all of the classes?

Yeah I'm trying REALLY hard to be optimistic about OA, especially since A) I love psionics and B) I love the occult. It just feels like the Kineticist and Medium got the most out of this playtest, while the other classes were afterthoughts. I ended up losing interest in the playtest because I didn't really see a lot of feedback in the other topics like we saw with the Kineticist.

I really hope there are a lot of updates soon on the state of the classes, like we got with the ACG (but sooner). There really should have been a second round. I don't feel comfortable with only one round of playtesting, especially one that was only for a month.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm very worried about the classes that aren't the Kineticist or Medium. Those two got a great deal of dev comments compared to the other ones. In particular, I fear the Psychic and Spiritualist will suffer the most. Psychic was very bland and boring and had nothing that made it pop with me. Spiritualist was weak and seemed like they were too worried about making a Summoner 2.0 to give it anything cool and unique. With the lack of dev responses for those two class, I fear they will be left to mediocrity.

There will have to be a lot done to the Occult classes to make them unique and fun. Only the Kineticist, Medium, and Occultist seemed to fit that. The other classes just felt boring and uncompelling. I hope that the playtest data will reflect this and we can give the classes (especially the Psychic and Spiritualist) more of a creative oomph. As it stands, though , without some kind of post-playtest summary for each class, I'm not really holding my breath for good mechanics. The fluff, however, should be awesome and probably the main reason I would get a copy of OA.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'd probably allow it, with it being a save or go unconscious. I do a similar thing, but with cutting off limbs. I wouldn't say you were wrong, but I think you could have facilitated something with the player. Still no reason for them to lose their s~&$ at you.

It's easier for me to repost this rather than retype this.

9 people marked this as a favorite.

Looks like my homestate of SC has officially made marriage equality legal. Good to see them joining the charge for civil rights for once.

My biggest problem with AC as DR is that it does nothing for the dexteritous, acrobatic characters. Everyone is easier to hit, and light armor doesn't block much damage. So dex characters need something to make up for the lack of AC.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Home made kale chips are easy to make, delicious, and good for you.

Kale Chips


  • One bunch of kale (Dino is preferable)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt, pepper, and whatever seasonings you like. I like cajun spices


  • Preheat oven to 300 F
  • Rip the kale leaves off of the steams and spread them onto a sheet pan
  • Drizzle oil onto it and toss, making sure it's covered all of it.
  • Bake for 8-12 minutes, or until the kale is crispy. If the leaves begin to brown on the edges, it's ready.
  • Take it out and immediately season it. Salt, garlic, whatever. It's good. Try some condiments too. Go f+$$ing crazy with it!!

Like most health foods, kale gets a bad rap because people assume it's only for pretentious hipsters. But honestly, it's delicious and good for you to boot. You can trust me. I'm no hipster, I'm a fat Latino chef-in-training :D

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Also, lemme dig through my culinary repertoire and post some stuff I like to make. I've got my Culinary Foundations textbook with some good dip recipes.



  • 3 Hass Avocados (or one big Florida Avocado)
  • 2 Roma Tomatoes
  • some cilantro
  • 1 red onion
  • some serrano peppers. Or if you're a badass like me, throw a habanero/scotch bonnet in there
  • 1 lime
  • Salt, pepper, cumin to taste. Cayenne is good too. Do it! Also ground coriander and garlic powder are winners.
  • Queso fresco or feta cheese as an optional topping are pretty awesome.


  • Cut the avocados into cubes.
  • Cut your lime and squeeze half of the lime in there. PROTIP: Squeeze the lime with the cut side facing your palm, so the seeds don't drop in.
  • Mix a bit so the lime juice gets everywhere
  • Mash them with a masher, but leave them a little lumpy. You can mash two of the avocados into a paste, then add the third and mash lightly to keep some lumps.
  • Dice all of the veggies with the amounts you want. I personally go light on the red onions since it is a pungent taste.
  • Mix in the veggies, herbs, and spices. Taste as you add and mix so the flavor balances right. Save some veggies and cilantro to garnish the top and make it look appetizing.
  • You can serve as is, or let the flavors marinade for an hour in the fridge. Your choice.
  • Optional: Top with feta or queso fresco.

Serve this with corn tortillas, blue corn tortillas (my favorite), or other chips. S@&%'s pretty easy and works well. The garnish and lumpiness of the guacamole gives it a rustic look, helps with the looks of the dip (so it looks like a salsa rather than green paste), and the mouth-feel of the crunch is awesome. Enjoy.

Might post a chowder recipe next. Or shrimp and grits, my personal hometown favorite. Although currently I'm enjoying Squid n grits more :)

Liranys wrote:
Eat healthy and die anyway? I'd rather go out having fun.

I used to think that, before my first kidney stone. Was 9mm too.

Hard to have fun when your money goes to medical bills :p

I think with 6th level and 4th level casters, the "caster level + casting stat" still can work since they tend to have less touch attack spell options than the 9th level casters. Of course, I'd have to playtest this to really make sure.

So I was recently inspired by one of SKR's blogs about replacing Touch attacks in his new RPG. It got me thinking about how I am not really a big fan of Touch Attacks or Touch AC. So I began musing a bit on how to replace it for casters and gunslingers.

So I turned to HERO a bit, which has two options for attacking. A physical attack and a mental (or magical) attack. So I got to thinking, maybe that would be a good way to model that.

I was thinking that a spell version of BAB would be useful, using the caster level plus casting stat and comparing it to the creature's AC. At first glance, it doesn't seem unbalancing, though obviously without some mathematical theorycrafting and playtesting, it is difficult to tell. Another idea I had was perhaps BAB + spell level of spell+ casting stat. I think I prefer the former, but I'd love to see what you guys think of both.

True. Remember, even Christianity with its monotheism still has an accurser being of sorts.

Sounds like what you are describing is less monotheism and more like monolatrism, wherein a worshiper reveres one god exclusively, acknowledges the existence of other gods, but believes that they are not worthy of worship and adoration. Nothing wrong with that, as I have that same concept in my game setting. Like Xenre the Vague, it's perfectly fine for the gods to have portfolios beyond the five that are usually in Pathfinder. In my setting, I have a religion that worships a one-true god, while the other "gods" are merely simulacra created by a Gnostic-like demiurge being. I gave that one true god all non-evil domains and it's worked out fine.

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