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Odraude's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 6,628 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Funnily enough, in one of the Wayfinder fan magazines, I stated out the Marabbecca. Would still be a okay with an official one.

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I'll admit, reading lots of Eclipse Phase, I really want more alien aliens. Like alternate biochemistries (ammonia based) and non-humanoid. Though I definitely can understand the terror that would be for figuring out magic items for a three legged xenomorph that breathes methane :)

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Not gonna lie, I am hoping for a playable alien race. Would be hella cool.

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Lissa Guillet wrote:
That always makes me sad to here when a group is a trans-exclusionary. Still, sounds like you found a place, and that's always pretty great. I've not found a lot of love in Florida but it's around in certain places from what my wife tells me.

Yeah it wasn't fun. Had some feminst and MRA guys pretty much call her an abomination and some gay guys flat out say we were just a gay couple deep in denial. But, that was months ago and we've made much better friends and are hopefully looking to see more soon.

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She and I are slowly getting back into the lgbtq and feminist scene down here in Florida. We had a bad experience back in August with some feminists and gay people hating her because she is trans so w we distanced ourselves from the movement s. Now I think we've found a good group to make friends with. I'm happy too. We need the friends.

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So Looking to wait for Florida to make the gay marriage legality more stable, then probably pooping the question to my girlfriend. Should be awesome

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The good news is that it's not really difficult to remove the hex out of the sandbox. The hexes are simply there as an abstract method of separating encounters and such.

The Alexandrian's Gamemastery 101 page has a wealth of what you are looking for. Three Clue Rule, Node-Based Design, and Don't Prep Plots are what you are probably looking for. It is his method of allowing player's choices to really matter and shape the plot. A bit of a read but it is a very well-written group of articles that will help you out, guaranteed.

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Arachnofiend wrote:
If your Tolkien-inspired pseudo-British setting can't account for a Spaniard hopping the channel then that says some pretty odd things about your setting.

This is actually similar to my mindset when running a game and allowing characters.

Whenever I run a game, I always ask myself "Does allowing X really harm my game?" If I allowed, say, a samurai in a Renaissance game, does it somehow ruin the integrity of the setting? And if my setting is so fragile that a single, fairly basic concept would somehow ruin the atmosphere, then I think that says more about the my setting and my inability to adapt as a GM. I mean, I can understand some limitations on technology and things for the setting (and even that I tend to bend somewhat), but overall, I don't have any issues adapting to my players and their characters. And honestly, to me, learning when to say yes and work with ones players is a sign of a good GM.

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thejeff wrote:
Odraude wrote:

Growing up, I've had a lot of people use the historical accuracy excuse to stop me from playing my own ethnicity, or really any non-Anglo Saxon ethnicity. Hell, I remember bringing an El Cid inspired knight into a "Medieval Europe" campaign and told that, and I quote, Spanish knights don't fit in the Medieval Europe setting.

I'll let that sink in.

However stupid it is, and it's a pretty dumb argument, it still falls into the same problem - the GM's telling you what he wants in the game. He's doing it badly, since it's easy to misunderstand, and he's using a dumb argument to do it, but that doesn't mean that "I know you don't want this, but your statement didn't exclude it, even if you thought it did, so you have to let me play it." is a good approach to the game.

If the GM & other players want a British LotR derived game, make a character that fits. Or find another game.

That I can mostly accept. But the point is that they used the historical accuracy excuse, which was pretty much completely wrong.

And since then, I've run and played games that were fairly open to concepts and I've yet to see having samurai, black people, and firearms ruin people's pristine, LotR-wannabe setting ;)

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Growing up, I've had a lot of people use the historical accuracy excuse to stop me from playing my own ethnicity, or really any non-Anglo Saxon ethnicity. Hell, I remember bringing an El Cid inspired knight into a "Medieval Europe" campaign and told that, and I quote, Spanish knights don't fit in the Medieval Europe setting.

I'll let that sink in.

Basically, everyone had a hard-on for LotR and pretty much only wanted British influences in their setting. After a while, I quit playing because it felt like the GMs were using the historical accuracy argument as a facade to really say "No Non Whites Allowed". A lot of these GMs were older people and had really close minded views on how one should play the game. Because of that, I stopped playing until I left for college. I had always played with my father since I was 6 or 7, and he never had problems with people playing Hispanic or African or Asian inspired characters. So it was jarring to see people saying that my ethnicity doesn't belong in the game. Other minority friends of mine quit playing too because of that. No one likes to be told that they don't belong or don't fit in. S~%$ sucks for a kid (less so for a cynical, bitter Millennial ;) ).

Since then, I've run and played games with people my age and no one really cares about "setting integrity" per se. When I run, I give a brief synopsis of the setting then let the players make the characters and fit them in. Hell, I had a player want to bring in an Indian inspired character and ended up working with the player to create a fun, Mythical India for m setting which didn't even have that to begin with. Now I have a group of Indian assassins and yogis in my Caribbean setting that has enhanced it a great deal and I'm happy for it. Players using naginatas and atlatls having ruined my Medieval European game and I doubt it'll really ruin anyone else's.

As GMs, we need to learn when to say yes. Sometimes you end up with some great stories, great additions to your setting that you never thought about, and most importantly, a great time with your friends.

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I'll admit, I feel this way about all of the short races (including dwarves). I think the way to have them taken seriously is to really play against the stereotypes. Ditch alcoholic dwarves, optimistic halflings, and quirky Zooey Deschanel gnomes and make them actual characters to your players. It'll take a while to get it through to your players, but it'll work.

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So today I learned about Nordic Aliens. Doing some research, but these guys seem like a good fit for the greys and annanuaki present in the game.

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lol that's awesome.

Also, i forgot my shameless bestiary plugging in my last post. NOOO!!

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Definitely want to see some stuff from Nyambe. Bbeen reading it lately and I really like it.

No shameless plug for my American monsters in this post :D

Hupia... sorry... i couldnt help myself :D

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Some more Indian and African monsters would be awesome. Definite look to Ethiopian folklore. I've kind of fallen in love with it over the last couple of weeks.

And of course any creature from this thread is open season. *cough* hupia *cough* ;-)

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Oh no! Paizo is catering to a group of fans that like something I don't! Damn you paizo!

Also, no amount of slick art is going to make people want to play a game where you roll for your anal circumference. Just saying ;)

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Thanks for the ideas. It sounds like M&M might be the best fit. I've got the core rules. Any otherbooks from them I should get? I'm always down for a Rogue's Gallery type book.

For Power Level, that's a hard one to explain. I guess I'm looking for more on the level of Spiderman or older x men; dealing with city-wide problems and keeping things simple.

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Dyubuk in Occult Adventures eh? I see Paizo's been watching their horror movies. Loved the Unborn.

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To help steer the conversation a bit. I'm actually really happy to hear that southern Garund is getting a city Gazetteer . I've been pretty excited to see what is in store down there.

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Fourshadow wrote:

I think some of us may have forgotten where the Hispanic culture's real roots are?! That would be Spain and Portugal, which are in Europe... Without them, you have no Hispanic culture.

While I really liked Forgotten Realms, the whole Maztica story/culture did not interest me at all. I prefer the way native tribes have been done in Varisia (the Shoanti), Realm of the Mammoth Lords, Mwangi Expanse, etc.
I am looking forward to how this will turn out. Personally, I hope to have interaction with the Inner Sea, but that is not for me to decide. I am not one of the developers! Thanks for all your efforts, Paizo and others.

I didn't forget considering I am Hispanic, though you've forgotten the cultural roots for the taino and west African slaves that my people, Puerto Ricans, have. Both of which aren't in Europe. Furthermore, since it's a gaming world, there really isn't anyone stopping us from putting Hispanic culture in there without the slavery and rape and conquering. We aren't trying to recreate earth history, but making a high fantasy America. So we can chat a little. He'll I have an entire thread about that posted above.

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Ed Reppert wrote:
Odraude wrote:
I want the first foray into Arcadia to be a fresh and unique one that finally give me and fans of Native American myths what we've been craving for for a while; a high fantasy Pre-Columbian American world.
To a large extent, I agree with this. It would be a great thing IMO to see a country on Golarion with similarities to the Atzec, Mayan, Incan, Toltec, or whatever Empires. Or the Iroquois Confederacy, or the Navajo, or the Anasazi. Or, as you say, the Cahokia or the Taino. Or the Caribs for whom the region is named. But I think we also have to keep in mind that Golarion is not Earth. Nor should it be.

While true, looking at the Inner Sea already shows that Golarion is very inspired by Earth's Europe and North Africa. And there's no denying it. The reason we don't really acknowledge it is to us, Europe is the default of fantasy setting. Castles, knights, kings and vikings, etc are all fine... but you throw a samurai or medicine man and suddenly, people lose their mind. They don't have to be exact duplicates of their Earth counterparts, like the Inner Sea, but they can have that inspiration while putting a high fantasy twist or one's own ideas.

And like was said earlier, since Golarion isn't Earth we aren't really beholden to having Avistan colonies in Arcadia ala New World.

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I think I can say it a bit better and way less racist than Alba.

My personal thought is that we have a great wealth of European-themed kingdoms and cultures in Golarion already. From Cheliax to Andoran to Taldor and Varisia and beyond, we are pretty well set with that style of gaming. And the same goes for most fantasy games out there. Dragon Age TTRPG, Lord of the Rings TTRPG, Dnd 5e.... all of them use similarly European inspired culture that we've pretty much come to expect from the standard fantasy fare. Even with some little twists here and there, it's still a bit old hat. Sure, we could add the colony aspect, but we'd still be detailing an English (or Spanish) inspired colony that also deals with the natives. It's really been done, even in Golarion (see Sargava).

What I want is a city of the natives. A city of people from Arcadia, inspired by the Pre-Columbian peoples that Arcadia takes its inspiration from, with the old Golarion twist. There are many reasons I really want this. One, it's something that isn't explored in other RPGs. There's Maztica and... that's really the only big name one I can find. And even that was removed from Forgotten Realms during 4e DnD. This would be breaking some rarely tread ground and bring on a glimpse of a setting that'd be unique and fresh. Something great to bring players and GMs alike into the cornucopia of cultural idiosyncrasies, traditions, and folklore that are from my and many other people of the Americas. Seeing a city inspired by the Aztec or Cahokia or the Taino tribes of the Caribbean mixed with magic and fantasy would be a dream come true for me. Hell, I even have a topic about it here if you desire.

Most importantly, though, going to detail with a single Native city would help to open up the ability to play Arcadians in PFS play and show GMs you can play all types of characters, both in official games and home games. I've been to plenty a game where I could not play my own ethnicity or any non-European (or hell, any non-Anglo-Saxon in some cases) because according to GM's, my people don't fit in their world. I've received the same reaction that people get when wanting to play a troll or drow with wings. It's an ugly reaction that I've unfortunately had to deal with. And the response is always the same. "There aren't Hispanic people in this setting because it's a European setting." Frankly, it sucks. But seeing this book out with a legitimate native city would help open things up for people. Maybe not myself, since I'm an adult and am too busy being all cynical and post-ironic ;)..., but for kids that were like me and always told that they can't play African characters or Hispanic characters. This gives them that opportunity to see that in action and see a world where they can feel like they fit in in this hobby.

Now, I'm not actually against any Avistani colonies in Arcadia. In my own Caribbean-inspired setting, I have some islands that are inspired by the Spanish, Dutch, French, and British colonies of the Age of Sail period. Of course, I understand the baggage that having that entails and some people really don't want to deal with that. Few people wants to play Jim Crow the RPG, or White Guilt: The Masquerade (I've met one that would though...yeesh). That said, I want the first foray into Arcadia to be a fresh and unique one that finally give me and fans of Native American myths what we've been craving for for a while; a high fantasy Pre-Columbian American world.

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James Jacobs wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Will there be maps for the region around each town/city or just the town/city itself?
No maps of the regions, but maps of the cities yes. And if I can get my act together... a more accurate map of the planet...

Seeing that I'm the guy that started the Arcadia thread two years ago, I'm very excited for this glimpse into non Inner Sea areas. I've always been sad that we rarely see RPGs delve into non-Anglo settings and it hurts even more when I cannot play my own ethnicity because I don't exist in most settings. I'm glad to finally get a taste of Arcadia before we get a lot more in the future.

I really should update my Arcadia thread now...

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Seconded for a native Arcadian city. We have enough Inner Sea cities. We need a glimpse into the life of the Arcadians, not the colonists.

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Kick them both out and let me and my girlfriend join you. We have no baggage and I can make delicious foods for you :)

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Prince with a Thousand Enemies wrote:
Odraude wrote:
If the OP is insterested, here's my Arcadia thread here for some good ideas for Arcadia. This includes a lot of commentary from the devs about some of the things they are keeping in mind. I also have my own setting that takes place in a Caribbean-inspired Renaissance fantasy world, flavored by the Taino and Carib tribes, the European colonies, and modern-day Latin and Caribbean cultures. I designed it specifically so that everyone could play any human ethnicity they desired, especially Hispanic and Native Americans. I've been on hiatus on it for a couple of months due to work and school, but I'm available for ideas and talking if you're down.

I just started reading your Arcadia thread and find it very interesting (e.g., your link to the story about Abubakari II of the Mali Empire of West Africa). On Earth I have heard the Olmec heads interpreted popularly as evidence for a prehistoric African presence in what became México, and on Golarion it seems like the Shory would be a likely candidate for another intercultural encounter (after Azlant and before Cheliax / Andoran / Taldor).

I'll post more here or there as I work my way through the thread.

Also, I'm interested in your own setting Odraude. Please do tell us more here, or link to wherever you've already shared it.

Once things quiet down on my end. Work + School leave little time to really do much outside of those two.

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A bit of a thought from my ftl thread. I'm doing a space traveling and exploration game with Pathfinder and I'm interested in doing it as a hexcrawl (think Kingmaker but in space). That said, exploring space is a different beast from exploring a forested wilderness. Z axis means players can avoid obstacles. What are some ways of doing ahexcrawl in space?

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If the OP is insterested, here's my Arcadia thread here for some good ideas for Arcadia. This includes a lot of commentary from the devs about some of the things they are keeping in mind. I also have my own setting that takes place in a Caribbean-inspired Renaissance fantasy world, flavored by the Taino and Carib tribes, the European colonies, and modern-day Latin and Caribbean cultures. I designed it specifically so that everyone could play any human ethnicity they desired, especially Hispanic and Native Americans. I've been on hiatus on it for a couple of months due to work and school, but I'm available for ideas and talking if you're down.

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So I've been quiet for a while, slowly brewing an idea for a Pathfinder game in space. One thing I haven't been able to settle on is whether I want superluminal (Faster-Than-Light) travel or wormhole travel. Both would definitely change the setting in various ways between each other. So I had some questions regarding the two. Admittedly they are kind of more involved than my usual questions, so I do apologize.

1. Which technology would be discovered first; FTL drive or wormhole drive? Or would you see them as parallel technologies that do the same thing but in different ways?

2. How would varying advancements in FTL travel look like and progress? Kind of like how we've come from the Wright Brother's plane to jets, how would FTL advance? Same question, but with wormhole technology.

3. What are some things that would inhibit FTL travel? Same question with Wormholes.

4. Would wormhole technology obsolete FTL travel? Or could the two coexist?

Thanks for any answers.

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Sounds cool. I'll have to wait for the reviews to come in before grabbing the PDF.

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BigDTBone wrote:
Caineach wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
Caineach wrote:
Not being familiar with Puerto Rican food, I honestly have no idea what to expect from any of the dishes on your menu except the last one. I don't mind experimenting, but if I went with my friends I would not be surprised if half the conversation before ordering is about what things on the menu are.
I'm curious, are my revised versions better?
I think your Asopao sounds boring, but for some of the other items it is a big help. Most notably, Tostones being added to the title and telling me they are plantains makes me want to try them. Plantains are delicious.
The clincher between stew and gumbo is if the dish is prepared from a roux base. If you aren't making a roux, then it isn't gumbo.

That's good to know. In asopao the rice acts like the thicken er in the stew, so you get a similar consistency to gumbo.

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Man that's kind of a shame. I was just introduced to Playing D&D With Porn Stars from the Alexandrian's talk about Vornheim and Urban Crawls too...

Also, hey, I'm back. I actually have time now to do stuff on Paizo again!

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So this week, I'm sick with the flu, which means I finally have days off and I can begin more work on fleshing out my setting more. I definitely hope to share it with you guys in the coming weeks so that there can be some more inspiration for Arcadia in this thread.

So far I have three pdfs being written. Anacaona Player's Guide, a brief primer to the races, ethnicities, colonies, and history of the setting; Anacaona, The Sixth World, a DM focused book with more in detail about religions, relationships between the island kingdoms, and the cosmology; Anacaona Bestiary, which features creatures from American folklore, both ancient and recent, North and South and everything in between.

I have a couple of adventure ideas too, but I'm waiting for the local gaming store to open first. It'll be nice to finally get my nerd on in Ft Lauderdale without having to drive 30 minutes.

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Rysky wrote:
Odraude wrote:

Rysky is proving to be a great harbringer for me..... hehehe

... Your approval fills me with great shame.

Your shame.... it sustains me...:p

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Also, teaching war orphans to not go raiding and pillaging other peoples is a far cry to what the Indian schools were. It's a comparison of generalities (kids being educated against a previous culture) without looking at the specifics, which make both a complex and much more unrelated case.

Also, we are missing an important point in Mikaze's post (at least about the orcs I haven't read all of them). They aren't being forced into compliance against their natural tendancies of aggression. In fact, it recognizes their predisposition and shows venues to channeling that in a positive manner. They aren't stripping down what it means to be an orc or hobgoblin. Rather, they are helping them take their natural predispositions and using them for positive means. And not to become a slave race or second class citizen, but to become aware of what their culture does and to be given the tools to choose a path other than mindless violence. In Mikaze's case, it'd be a half-orc paladin of Sarenrae :p

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Mother 3 was awesome.

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kestral287 wrote:
They beat off these ninjas...


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It's never too late to add more ideas. I've always wanted a copy of the older Deities and Demigods, and always wanted Paizo to make one. I can share some gods in my setting that uses Native inspired deities. One thing I tried to keep is that many of these gods have alternate forms and names, or are primarily not humanoid. It give them a good difference from classic Western European gods. Also, many have the Animal domain and all gods in my setting have tonalli, animal spirits for the Nahual priests.

LG Goddess of community, family, & medicine

Domain: Animal, Community, Good, Healing, Law
Weapon: Longbow
Tonalli: Bee

Based on the cryptic Mayan bee demons of the same name. I took a lot of liberties with her, taking the name and mixing in properties I saw in bees and honey (as a natural remedy). In one game I had an awakened bear cleric of Ahmuzencab.

N God of birth, death, time, and reincarnation

Domain: Animal, Death, Healing, Magic, Repose
Weapon: Scythe
Tonalli: Dog

Maketaori is based on the Taino death god of the same name. I largely kept him how he was from what I've read and learned about him. There was also a paper I read that talks about bats and reincarnation and the hupia bat undead. I used what I read about that to add a reincarnation cycle to this death god, and have an interesting dichotomy between bats for the death god and bats for the evil bat demon god Camazotz. Maketaori is the only god I have written up that has an actual herald, Opiyel Guabiran, a dog shaped creature that hunts down spirits and brings them back to Coabey, the land of the dead. I made him interesting because he has a penchant for gambling and betting and can be duped into betting for a person to come back to life. Though he himself is a smart and clever outsider.

CE God of blood, caverns, darkness and gluttony

Domain: Animal, Chaos, Darkness, Earth, Evil
Weapon: Sickle
Tonalli: Bat

Camazotz is the Mayan bat god, meaning Death Bat in the K'iche language. I made him a full-fledged demon god in a similar vein to Lamashtu. A slayer of gods and heroes that places the decapitated heads of those he has slain on pikes surrounding his ball court. Creation myths play a big part in my setting and I have some allusions of Camazotz being the first proto-hupia (Taino undead bat zombie/ghost of people who refuse to move on after becoming petitioners), who later became the first man, then ran away from death because of his evil ways to become a true hupia. I've definitely made him evil with a capital E and a patron god of vampires, cannibals, and other voracious creatures.

That's all I have time for this morning. Got a long work day then school. I wish I had more time to do stuff like this, but life is a pain.

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I'm very worried about the classes that aren't the Kineticist or Medium. Those two got a great deal of dev comments compared to the other ones. In particular, I fear the Psychic and Spiritualist will suffer the most. Psychic was very bland and boring and had nothing that made it pop with me. Spiritualist was weak and seemed like they were too worried about making a Summoner 2.0 to give it anything cool and unique. With the lack of dev responses for those two class, I fear they will be left to mediocrity.

There will have to be a lot done to the Occult classes to make them unique and fun. Only the Kineticist, Medium, and Occultist seemed to fit that. The other classes just felt boring and uncompelling. I hope that the playtest data will reflect this and we can give the classes (especially the Psychic and Spiritualist) more of a creative oomph. As it stands, though , without some kind of post-playtest summary for each class, I'm not really holding my breath for good mechanics. The fluff, however, should be awesome and probably the main reason I would get a copy of OA.

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I'd probably allow it, with it being a save or go unconscious. I do a similar thing, but with cutting off limbs. I wouldn't say you were wrong, but I think you could have facilitated something with the player. Still no reason for them to lose their s&&@ at you.

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Looks like my homestate of SC has officially made marriage equality legal. Good to see them joining the charge for civil rights for once.

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Home made kale chips are easy to make, delicious, and good for you.

Kale Chips


  • One bunch of kale (Dino is preferable)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt, pepper, and whatever seasonings you like. I like cajun spices


  • Preheat oven to 300 F
  • Rip the kale leaves off of the steams and spread them onto a sheet pan
  • Drizzle oil onto it and toss, making sure it's covered all of it.
  • Bake for 8-12 minutes, or until the kale is crispy. If the leaves begin to brown on the edges, it's ready.
  • Take it out and immediately season it. Salt, garlic, whatever. It's good. Try some condiments too. Go f@~%ing crazy with it!!

Like most health foods, kale gets a bad rap because people assume it's only for pretentious hipsters. But honestly, it's delicious and good for you to boot. You can trust me. I'm no hipster, I'm a fat Latino chef-in-training :D

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Also, lemme dig through my culinary repertoire and post some stuff I like to make. I've got my Culinary Foundations textbook with some good dip recipes.



  • 3 Hass Avocados (or one big Florida Avocado)
  • 2 Roma Tomatoes
  • some cilantro
  • 1 red onion
  • some serrano peppers. Or if you're a badass like me, throw a habanero/scotch bonnet in there
  • 1 lime
  • Salt, pepper, cumin to taste. Cayenne is good too. Do it! Also ground coriander and garlic powder are winners.
  • Queso fresco or feta cheese as an optional topping are pretty awesome.


  • Cut the avocados into cubes.
  • Cut your lime and squeeze half of the lime in there. PROTIP: Squeeze the lime with the cut side facing your palm, so the seeds don't drop in.
  • Mix a bit so the lime juice gets everywhere
  • Mash them with a masher, but leave them a little lumpy. You can mash two of the avocados into a paste, then add the third and mash lightly to keep some lumps.
  • Dice all of the veggies with the amounts you want. I personally go light on the red onions since it is a pungent taste.
  • Mix in the veggies, herbs, and spices. Taste as you add and mix so the flavor balances right. Save some veggies and cilantro to garnish the top and make it look appetizing.
  • You can serve as is, or let the flavors marinade for an hour in the fridge. Your choice.
  • Optional: Top with feta or queso fresco.

Serve this with corn tortillas, blue corn tortillas (my favorite), or other chips. S!+!'s pretty easy and works well. The garnish and lumpiness of the guacamole gives it a rustic look, helps with the looks of the dip (so it looks like a salsa rather than green paste), and the mouth-feel of the crunch is awesome. Enjoy.

Might post a chowder recipe next. Or shrimp and grits, my personal hometown favorite. Although currently I'm enjoying Squid n grits more :)

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Many thanks. Once marriage equality is allowed here and things progress on the trans* front for legal documents and such, we plan on tying the knot. Just gotta defeat Voldemort Rick Scott and his neverending quest to oppress the LGBT community.

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So Wednesday has marked a year since my girlfriend and I have been dating. Went to an Italian place that's between where we live and Wilton Manors, which is a huge LGBT city down here in Florida.

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Gwiber wrote:
Odraude wrote:

Arcane is magic of reality

Divine is magic of the gods
Psychic is magic of the inner self

Magic, is magic. The source of where it comes from is the issue with magic. Some magic is granted to you (Clerics) Some people learn how to manipulate its flows and channel it into spells (Wizards), and some people internalize it into powers they can project (Sorcerers).

Psychic Energy is, Psychic, it shouldn't be magic. Otherwise a Psychic is nothing but a trumped up archetype of a Sorcerer, they are just channeling it differently, through things like emotions.

On a side note entirely: Gary Gygax mention, Psionic is entirely the wrong term and is being misused by the games industry at large. Psionics actually is the use of machinery to cause and use mental powers. He goes into a massively long diatribe on it (which he is typical of doing) in His Dangerous Journeys game setting.

Psychic shouldn't be magic according to you, not the rest of us psionics fans. Paizo is going with a different take where psychic powers are magic. They are using a classic approach via mysticism, ki and chakra, and esotericism as the sources, rather than the Psionics. They have already said that the classes in Occult Adventures will be magic and honestly, from a game design point of view, it makes sense to have the three big magics having similar mechanics that are balanced with each other. The idea that psionics should be more powerful, rare, and break SR is something I can't get behind. You may want psychics to be rare, but what about those that want a more balanced quantity of casters to psychics, or simple more psionics than mages and priests? We can't exactly do that because psychics have been made more unbalancing and clearly the better choice. That's why I'm more for psychics being balanced with the other options in Pathfinder. Making it overpowered but rare is poor game design.

Psionics is magic, just a magic of the mind, the several subtle bodies, and other esoteric things (ki, chakra, prana, the ethereal plane). This is made to appeal to a broader audience while allowing a place for DSP's psionics. Your version is too niche, unbalanced, and poor game design honestly. I'd prefer Paizo stick with what they are doing and allow DMs to decide what to do about SR.

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Arcane is magic of reality
Divine is magic of the gods
Psychic is magic of the inner self

The former two have spell resistance, despite their different sources. I don't see why Psychic magic has to have a special resistance when Divine magic doesn't. There isn't a Faith Resistance stat, so I don't see the reason why there should be a Psychic Resistance stat. I'm a fan of psionics, but I don't see any need for it to be different than Arcane and Divine magic, nor do I feel it should be superior to Arcane or Divine magic.

I think the disconnect here is you are seeing this Psychic magic as not spells, but the intent that Paizo has for Occult Adventures is that these psychic abilities are spells. At this point, it is a matter of taste and something that isn't going to be changed in the playtest. If you are looking for something different, there is still DSP's Psionics which can certain fit the bill for what you are looking for.

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I gotta agree with the sorcerer comment. Compared to the other classes presented, the psychic feels like it needs something more. Something that really makes it stand out. Right now, it feels like a sorcerer archetype with a phrenic pool. I'm not sure what it needs exactly, but something to make it interesting. Right now, it's kind of bland.

Also not a lot of dev commenting on this one compared to the other topics. Kind of has me worried about the Psychic here.

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Still doesn't stop me from doing it fairly successfully.

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