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Odonna Mirrin's page

Goblin Squad Member. 97 posts. 19 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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Huge Case Out of print

Why So many Storm Giantess'

***( )( )

Now I haven't gotten mine yet that I have ordered but at my local store a friend bought several of the Large boxes and all three were the Storm Giantess. The owner was very nice and let him try a different two and another storm giant and the demon thing. So 4 of the 5 were the same sculpt. What is up with that? Now I could see a double but in a set of 6 4 of them were the Storm giant! He opened the last of the 6 in the case and it was the lamia. I don't need 4 storm giants! thankfully the owner is a friend and let him buy the three different ones but he's still stuck with three storm giants.

Now the sculpts were cool and generally painted well and all the smaller ones gave a good selection of what he bought and I am excited to get my smaller ones. But these huge ones are a waste and even the Rune Giant, which I did get cheaper as I'm a subscriber and all is nice but how often will you really use it.

So there good and fun but huge and bigger waste of money. Just grab all the small boxes you can.

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Great add on to my campaign


There are several very good reviews already. I'll just say I have gotten great use out of this. Players have found the added adventures making the woods even scarier and strange then the Kingmaker Adventure path had them. A great addition!!!

Our Price: $1.00

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Another Waste of my MONEY!@!!@!@#$!@

*( )( )( )( )

Crap three page with single page of three charts listing a bunch of common things like hoops of gold and three feathers!?! One was at least evocative with zinc chain but for a buck? Come on have something a little more meaty.

And instead of wasting the last quarter of the page with a self ad put another flipping useless chart at least!

Crap on a Cracker!!!!

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I Paid a Buck for this?!?

*( )( )( )( )

What a waste of my money! 3 pages, one front cover, one license open content thing. Then a SINGLE page of three lists of some smells. NOTHING else! I can go to free web site and get better results then this. Piece of CRAP!

Our Price: $3.99

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I really liked this

****( )

This is a great addition to my game.

The idea of it is very cool, seems balanced after my first read over, and will make things even more interesting.

I have a wizard who has a masterwork family bow, and simple making it a +1 bane this and that seemed a waste for a wizard. So I plan to use these rules and make the bow a with the magical enhancements rather then a combat bow. Plus I am sure I will find other ways to use these a fey magical items just to add more magic top the fey in my Kingmaker campaign.

Reread it and another very cool idea is to make the item a book or tome. Still requires them to grasp it, plus I can fill is up with spells that fit the theme of the enhancements. I can totally see a Fiery Wyrd tome, filled with fireball, burning hands spells as well as enhancing those very spells when the book is in hand. So neat!

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