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Baron Galdur Vendikon

Nylanfs's page

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This may come out of left field, and my surch fu may be failing me. But is there any guides or restrictions on selecting what geographical region your character is from?

I'm specifically looking for official rules, blogs &/or FREQ's

PCGen is pleased to announce the release of the v6.02.01 Production Release of PCGen. This release includes 150+ bug fixes and improvements that we've made since the 6.2 production release. The highlights of the changes for PCGen 6.02.01 are listed below:

Main Changes: Update to Paizo name in data, Numerous corrections to typos in the data, & Numerous other small code and data fixes

The following new sources were added in 6.02.01

[Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion: Andoran - Spirit of Liberty
[Paizo] Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of Angels
[Super Genius Games] The Genius Guide to: The Talented Rogue (PF)

For the full detail on all changes made in this release, check out the release notes here:

Release Notes

PCGen is a RPG character generator and maintenance program (d20 systems). All datafiles are ASCII so they can be modified by users for their own campaigns. Please join us or visit our site

Public Releations Team

PCGen Project

Obsidian Portal can help with #5, have each player create a character for your campaign. And then after every session create a note on the character what was gained/lost from that session. And then the players can make a note on what they are increasing with each level gained.

Rite Publishing wrote:
Just to be clear no 3rd party publisher can use any part of the Golarion deities, as they are Paizo's IP and are not Open Gaming Content you can't reference them at all as a 3rd Party Publisher.

Well not entirely true Steve, you "could" use the Community Use policy. But then you couldn't make money off said product. But it's possible. :P

I should also note that PCGen uses the Community Use Policy :)

With Herolab (and PCGen too) you don't see the whole class or feat text. You need to actually have all the text descriptions to understand the item in question.

Umm, why would they think that? It clearly states that you need to own the book/source that the item/class/race is in and be able to show it if asked.

PCGen, making d20 players lives easier since 1998. :)

Generally I would look for a law firm with Publishing and Intellectual Property experience.

Good you found the answer Dabo. :)

BTW you are aware of the main PCGen Yahoo Groups right?

It would depend on the license. Lone Wolf in the past has negotiated exclusive rights to be the only character generator (for non-ogl systems). I can not state categorically that they have in Paizo's case, I am certain that Rob definitely would have tried.

And by "Official" I was referring to the statements & press releases that Paizo and Lone Wolf have made in the past. Not that everyone must accept what is on the character sheet as truth.

And Lone Wolf hands Paizo a nice check every month or so to be the official Pathfinder character generator. :)

That's odd, We haven't had any reports of major bugs that haven't been fixed in the last production cycle. Neither have we had reports of it crashing.

I second the suggestion for PCGen, and it's free :)

The Mad Dog Barbarian is in the Player's Companion: Animal Archive and isn't coded up yet.

No I thought you might want to give them a hand if you hadn't been following their discussion :)

Zaister, talk To Doug Limmer and Paul Shipley on the PCGen list. They are currently working on getting a PCGen set working.

Jeremy, going to be sending you an email shortly making sure PCGen still has permission to distribute said set. :)

As an idea you joins use the journaling ability in PCGen to record purchases (plus keep track of loot etc.)

I like jEdit personally :)

I'm not sure if this is a code bug, or an issue with the character sheet script. You can make this go away by actually buying coins, or rounding to the nearest .25.

I'm checking with the code monkey's to see what's up with it.

Tracker for bug.

That's a wierd bug, I can't remember anyone ever reporting that email the pcg file to either me or Papa

my email:

Well I would hope so since we've been doing it for 12 years :)

For those that might be interested here's some beginning video's for making pcgen datafiles.

Here's some indepth text based classes.

And here's our discussion group devoted to helping people make their own data files for home games or otherwise.

Well it's OGL, so if somebody is interested in making the dataset I'll make sure the publisher is okay with it. :)

hint, hint, nudge, nudge . . .

BTW, if anyone ever wants some help with PCGen they can drop me a line with Google Hangouts and if I'm free I'll try and give a hand.

I'm on G+ under Paul Grosse (or nylanfs, not sure which.

Dammit it I had the whole process typed out, hit preview and it wiped out what I took about 45 minutes of typing out.

Here's where I think is messing up for you. When PCGen is started for the first time. It assumes that you want to enter in your own values for your attributes. If you select "Method" and then either select "Roll 4d6 drop lowest" or "Point buy method > 20 points". Then click on "Roll" on the summary page and it will either make a bunch of roles for you or set everything to 8's and let you add from your point pool.

Then select your race, then select class and then you're load and skills should be correct.

I'm downloadind the latest version and will post a step by step process that I use to make a character so we can compare and see why it's not working the way I (and you) expect.

The PCGen team is pleased to announce the release of PCGen 6.02.00 Production Release. Thank you to everyone that reported bugs with the release candidate!

In this release the PCGen Team has added a number of new data sets since the last production release, including Paizo's Inner Sea Bestiary, Blood of Fiends, Dungeoneer's Handbook, Faiths of Balance, Faiths of Corruption, Goblins of Golarion, Advanced Race Guide, Bestiary 3, Ultimate Equipment, Skulls & Shackles AP Player's Guide, Super Genius Games' Adventurer's Handbook, The Genius Guide to: Air Magic, AEG's Empire, Broken Ruler Games Killshot: The Director's Cut, Dreamscarred Press's Psionics Expanded, Master the Battle, Pawns and Powers, Minotaur Games's Monster Focus: Skeletons, Zombies, Paradigm Concepts's Magic of Arcanis, and WotC's Monster Manual II OGC

In addition to these new data sets, a number of data and code bugs have been fixed and a number of "under-the-hood" changes made that improve the user experience. For the full detail on all other changes made in this stable release, check out the Release Notes.

We would also like to expressly point out that with this version we will also start supporting Non-d20 systems! Most notably the Ennie winning system Killshot from Broken Ruler Games and Fantasy Craft by Crafty Games.

PCGen is a RPG character generator and maintenance program. All datafiles are ASCII so they can be modified by users for their own campaigns. Please join us at PCGen@Yahoo! or visit our Website and wiki.

PCGen Public Relations Team

Did you set your stats BEFORE adding your level? That's one thing that has to be done in order.

Also this video might help

Have you selected a race and class yet?

PCGen v6.02.0 RC2 is the second release candidate for PCGen 6.2. It represents a product we believe is ready for production use and which we would like your assistance in testing out. In particular the PCGen team would appreciate your feedback on importing your characters and data from earlier versions of PCGen. For the full detail on these and all other changes made in this alpha release, check out the Release Notes.

If you have reported a bug at any time in the previous year, please test this system and get back with the development team if it hasn't been resolved, there are a few that haven't been addressed yet.

We would also like to expressly point out that with this version we will also start supporting Non-d20 systems! Most notably the Ennie winning system Killshot from Broken Ruler Games and Fantasy Craft by Crafty Games.

PCGen is a RPG character generator and maintenance program. All datafiles are ASCII so they can be modified by users for their own campaigns. Please join us at PCGen@Yahoo! or visit our Website and wiki.

PCGen Public Relations Team

On the "Paizo making their character creator themselves" issue. If you don't already have people in-house that know this, you need to create a dept to do this and hire people that can do this competently. But this is a niche market of a niche market so why NOT use another company (or the open source community, of which PCGen is a part of) do this to support your main source of income.

Creating a character generator in the first place is a fairly complex order, keeping said generator up to date with all the exceptions that EVERY new book makes is really a pain. We at PCGen know this with excruciating detail. :)

And as signatories of the Community Use Policy PCGen is available to utilize everything that Paizo puts in their Approved Product List. Lone Wolf Development has a license with Paizo, and I am sure getting a decent amount out each sale of datasets for the Paizo books.

The UI has been slightly redesigned in the last two versions Sentack., might want to try it now. There's also a list of things to be done on the summary page that is hyperlinked to the tab where you need to make selections.

Also the UI between Herolab and PCgen isn't that terribly different. It's all tab based.

Are you loading the ARG? If so then on the Feats and Abilities tab, select the Racial Abilities tab, select the race trait type in the left window, select the one you are replacing and then double click the one you want to replace it with on the left.

@CCB You are right, something changed in how those sets are viewed by the program. I'll enter a bug report.

If you load everything separately (or the All Supplements set) it will work the way you expect.

Edit: Initial question

The datasets aren't XML, the output sheets are though.

@CCB, It also could be that we switched to automatically loading (& unloading) sources with a character, this is for a more smooth process when working with a character. The downfall with this is that if you realize you forgot a source, or the GM lets you use a new source you have to go into the options turn off loading sources with the character, pre-load sources, and then open the character, and then you can use your new sources.

@MJ, If you can make html you can make the datasets for PCGen.

@FJ, 6.00.01 won't be updated to include the ARG. So I would download one of the later alpha or beta versions. In spite of their names we try VERY hard to make sure the code and data are rock solid.

@CCB, What problem are you experiencing loading the separate books? I'll take a stab at what you "might" be experiencing. On the advanced tab in the bottom there is a "Always use advanced sources" option, that if it isn't switched on defaults to the basic loader.

@Raven, don't know about Coreforge, but PCGen is Java so I think it will run on the last three(?) Mac OS's. It requires Java 1.6 or 1.7 or OpenJDK. It won't run on Java 1.5 any longer.

@FJ You need to switch from the simple source loading to the Advanced and load the ARG.

On the Sources dialog, click the Advanced tab at the top, make sure the Pathfinder RPG is selected in the dropdown.

Then find the Advanced Race Guide. In order to load the ARG, you have to also load the Core rulebook, Bestiary, Bestiary 2, APG, Ultimate Magic, and Ultimate Combat. This is because of the interconnectedness of how Paizo publishes.

Then you can load the ARG, and use the Ratfolk

BTW we just released a new version about 8 hrs ago :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yea, Linux Success! BTW @MJ HeroLab runs fine under WINE.

That's weird,I only have 1.6 & 1.7 on my Windows system. And it isn't giving me any issues. I'll see if I can scare up a linux guy to help. Alternately you can post to our yahoo group.

PCGen requires Java (or OpenJDK) so I'm fairly sure that the Fire would be out. But you could export to one of the many html, pdf or text files and open that on your Fire.

How long ago and what version? The last version we built to 1.5 was 5.16.4, with 6.00.00 we built to 1.6, and 6.00.01+ we support 1.7 (and we now work in OpenJDK).

did you get a chance to try out PCGen WNxTyr4el? How did you like it? Have any questions we can answer?

Yes that is an additional 54k GP, not total cost (which is how I read it the first two times).

To aid in item creation, why not use PCGen to calculate the costs?

Yes, PCGen here.

Hmm, I had a post to this last night, but it hasn't posted. :(

If you select the feat (or class, or anything in red really) in PCGen, in the description box there will be a list of pre-req's, the red ones are what is preventing you from taking said item.

Also there is a "Bypass Feat Requirements" option in the house rules section of the preferences you can check that and take your feat. It is VERY advised that you turn this back on after taking the feat your GM has let you take though.


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