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Bloodless Vessel

Nube Negra's page

16 posts. No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.


Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:

You make a lot of good points. I feel despondent that the sequels are in jeopardy; 40 million international/U.S. total gives me a little hope though. I think that whatever problems there were with the movie were minor, could be worked out, and as one reviewer said we could perhaps have a sequel that's better than the original.

I think a big problem that's more nature of the beast than "bad filmmaking" was the R rating; nobody could bring their kids to this thing. No teenagers could go to this thing.
There's a lot worse movies that slid in with a PG-13 that did a whole lot better box office than this one.
I'm just bummed because I agree with you; I think this movie really got panned harder than it deserved.
I saw it, and I was entertained for 2 hours. Now I gotta see Dungeon Siege, because if Dungeon Siege is better than this movie I oughtta freakin love it!!!

Well, you do not have to worry about "Dungeon Siege"'s sequel!

Uwe Boll is one curiously busy director.

Dolph Lundgren says:
"It's fun to exercise my acting chops once in a while." know, to get ready for Expendables 2, and such...

'Postal', 'Bloodrayne', 'House of the Dead', and 'Alone in the Dark' were also incredible acting workshops, and all involved found critical and financial acclaim as a direct result.


And his movies are now useful in connecting actors in the '6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon' challenge. So that's one positive thing to come from the Uweverse. One is better than none, right? :-/

Don't know about anyone else, but this performance by Sammy Davis Jr makes me check for imaginary somethings in my eye, no matter how many times I experience it.

There. It happened again. Darned wind!

Could you give me a few examples of what you bought?
These days I rely on Dungeon Tiles, D&D Miniatures, and Paizo Map Packs and Flip Mats.
God knows I'd kill for a couple (or 10!) Dwarven Forge sets! But I don't have that kind of space, or cash, for that matter.

Your link does not lead to your site. I think this one does:
the Original Dr. Games site
Happy Holidays!

To chime in with all the others:

It's the best movie I've seen in a long time, and I'll go see it again!

It made me happy!

I saw it on Monday... and I'm still in a good mood!

Just saw it.

The movie needed to be way campier. Had a couple of laughs at the pileup of cliches and stereotypes, and ridiculous dialogue. Really, after the Laurence Fishburne bit, it screamed for a Nicolas Cage cameo.

Never clicked for me as an action movie, especially

the scene with the two Predators fighting each other. Man, they are so clumsy and slow! Doesn't Nimrod Amtal know that often less is more?

I'm glad to have seen it on the big screen, but I can't say I enjoyed it much. Predator and Predator 2 are still light-years ahead, AFAIC.

Now to see Inception!

Heh, I admit to liking Captain Ron. Kurt Russell, man! And Martin Short!!!

Starship Troopers is well-known, but NOT respected amongst many of my friends, hell any Heinlein fan I've ever heard from. Michael Ironside, Dina Meyer, Clancy Brown, Jake Busey, are all great and yes, very cheesy at times. Music by Basil Poledouris, he of Conan fame.
"Do you want to know more?"

The Company of Wolves is not widely known, AFAIK, but when I watched it many years ago, I was GLUED to the screen. Really made an impression.
Sarah Patterson.
Angela Lansbury.
Anton Furst's set design blew my mind. For a while afterwards, I went a little bit loopy preaching its brilliance to one and all.

Blind Fury is, of course, simply awesome.

And before I forget, I reaaaaaaally dug Dagon!

Laurefindel wrote:

'La cité des enfants perdus' is a wonderful fantasy-ish film starring Ron Perlman (Hellboy) and a few actors that will later play again together in Alien 4 (the wheelchair guy anyways).

I'm not sure if it ever got translated in English but if it did, I strongly encourage anyone to see it.

I'm pretty sure the version I saw, years ago, was in English. It's listed at, and at iTunes.

For my part, I can't get enough of Swimming with Sharks or of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.

Started to read the book yesterday. It's been excellent so far!

Wanted to point out that Torgra Stigardsdam, on pages 62-63, can't qualify for the Student of War prestige class. She dumped Dexterity (an 8!) and thus can't get Dodge, an entry requirement to the class. Anyway I found it a bit weird that a class that at second level allows a PC to substitute INT for DEX when calculating AC, would require a (relatively) high DEX to enter.

Of course, poor Torgra might have been unrestorably-DEX-drained after becoming a Student of War, in some disastrous incident that the Chronicles have yet to illuminate, cursed by a foul relic!

Yes, I AM a nerd, going after his Paizo No-Prize!

Who's the artist that did the super-sweet cross-section of Citadel Enferac, on page 68?

I can't match the signature with the contributing artists.

(It's probably fairly obvious, so bear with me!)

James Jacobs wrote:

In general, a scroll's status of being divine or arcane is something I'd rather let the GM decide, so he can make the treasure in the adventure more usable to his particular mix of player characters.

In my home games, it doesn't matter if a scroll's arcane or divine; if the spell's on your list you can use the scroll. Doesn't break the game and makes paperwork a LOT less annoying.

As for the spoiler buttons...

Chelish Crux Contents: ** spoiler omitted **

Grave Candle: ** spoiler omitted **

Thank you very much!

One question remains. Is the candle used up if the corpse makes its save?

The Chelish Crux on page 10

contains a wand of break enchantment. Is this a paladin or a bard-made item? (4th level spell cap on wands)

Are scrolls as a general rule not identified in provenance (divine or arcane, or even class-specific) in Pathfinder modules?

The grave candle in page 11

has unlimited usage? I'm guessing not, from the amount found inside the Chelish Crux!
That seems like an expensive item for a consumable! I know, CL 10 and -4 to saves, and less limits on the state of the corpse, but still... I'm thinking most groups with a cleric would rather sell the candles for 1/2 their price, buy/make a bunch of scrolls of speak with dead with part of the proceeds, and take their chances!

What happens if the corpse saves? Is the candle used up?

Just wanted to say that you can't go wrong with Dersu Uzala or Ikiru. They're not samurai films, but they are up there with my all-time favs, and Ikiru I'd certainly consider a must-see-before-you-die movie. Wiki has the dry basics:
Dersu Uzala.

Really, even if you just like sword-and-geta movies, try and watch any or both.
They are that awesome!
And yes, I'm a Kurosawa fan!
Happy birthday to the master!

Just finished The Book of Jhereg by Steven Brust, it collects Jhereg, Yendi, and Teckla.

The first two I did not care for at all.

Weirdly enough,Teckla made me want to read more Brust. Has anyone read the next three novels (Taltos, Phoenix, Athyra)? Are they worth it to buy the next volume (The Book of Taltos)?

Matthew Morris wrote:
Loeb: Diversity, diversity... I know! Rainbow Hulks!

Rainbow Hulks and Rainbow Lanterns are both ludicrous concepts. I guess the difference is in the execution.

That said, Hulk #18 was -swallows nervously- quite enjoyable. Green Lantern #49, not at all.

The idea of having the song over the end credits be in Na'vi rather than English is one of the nerdiest concepts ever. I love it!
Kind of like Viggo singing at the not-quite-the-ending to Return of the King.

Werthead wrote:

Darths and Droids (in which all six STAR WARS movies are recast as a science fiction roleplaying campaign) is one of the funniest things I've read recently, simply for the way it's made the Star Wars prequel trilogy extremely entertaining (and actually made Jar-Jar a worthwhile character). The only real criticism is that it's a little slow moving, taking 350 strips just to get to the end of Attack of the Clones.

However, it made up for it today. After the GM has teased/threatened the audience and the players with using the grapple rules several times before, in the latest episode they are unleashed without mercy by a stand-in DM (the player who normally plays R2, coincidentally explaining why R2 has gained the ability to fly out of nowhere).

The standard comic is amusing enough. But then there's the extended edition which features the full, unedited dice-rolling and grapple actions. It's exaggerated for comic effect, but seriously, I've seen (and, thankfully only once, run) combats that went like this.

"No! This is all one sub-round!"...

Yes, our regular DM kept asking "Have any of you seen this?" After reading your post I started viewing the strips, and just today finished with #348. I'm just surprised Pádme/Jim hasn't already called for the casting of "Summon Bigger Fish" to help her with whatever.

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