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Hoary Muntjac

Nordlander's page

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Again Kudos to you Ravingdork! Certainly there are few posters who contribute as much to the community as you! Thank-you

Well Thor is a martial....

I assume play-testing will also involve the interactions of Mythic Vital Strike and the new style CraneWing on Martial survivability in Mythic adventures. Mooks with Mythic Vital Strike are a very real threat (character death) and Crane Wing was one of three? main ways to mitigate that risk

In a lot of our worlds...."Conan kills Mages"

I am withdrawing this build due to the recent Crane Style changes

The Archmage Mythic Path also provides "Mythic Bloodline" which when determining the effects of your bloodline powers you are considered to be 4 levels higher. I think this would tend to give you access to the capstone powers of your bloodline.

My thought was that the recent FAQ on Bastard swords would be favourable to this interpretation. By using the sword two-handed it should qualify for class abilities as two handed.

The Bastard sword even as used here is not optimal (consider Mythic enhanced Falchion and even using IUS as AOO, by free auctioning Falchion to one-handed after your turn).

But this build, to me, seems not bad for Bastard sword as your AOO would benefit from fighter weapon chain. Also any weapon enhancements are required for one-weapon only.

As for dipping the two cap-stones available are quite useful, if late.

So we will be playing this Mythic AP and I am considering using the Two-Handed Archetype. I am hoping some of the archetypes drawbacks with respect to armour training will be obviated by Mythic abilities.

I am planning on playing a Bastard sword using, Cranestyling Fighter (6 feats), twelve feats for the usual>>>>( Power attack, Dazing Assault, Combat reflexes, Lunge, Toughness,Iron Will, Improved Iron Will, and five in the weapon chain) this leaves 4 feats.

I wonder if the Trip ability off of the 11th level two-handed archetype ability ( Pile Driver) is a bit of a trap as the 19th level archetype ability is equivalent to a Vital Strike and would likely be preferential at that point. To get Greater Trip is 3 feats and hard to train out of by 20th level, would Vicious Stomp be worthwhile as an alternative (or is damage too low?)

Pin Down required? I would expect that a champion movement ability would be selected and eventually the move and full attack.

The Bastard Sword will allow powerful attacks ala the archetype and then switch to one-handed and cranestyle to survive Mythic Vital stikers. Dual Path allows Mirror Dodge for more damage mitigation.

At high levels, Devastating Blow, would a Pick-axe or scythe be weapon of choice for *6 single attacks or just stick to Bastard for *4 ( about 600 damage versus 400). To keep using the Bastard sword and a heavier crit weapon Quickdraw could be required. Mechanically it might be easier to just use the Bastard!

A foray into Eldritch heritage (orc) might just be possible but at the cost of any utility feats. Actually by using Mythic Eldritch Heritage the direct feat cost of "mundane" feats would be three (Skill Focus , EH, and Quicken SLA) The human racial ability could them provide Skill focus on Perception and ??

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hmmm too easy STRIKE BACK

The capstone for this Archetype seems quite powerful but with a caveat.

The whole archetype is built around full-attacking as weapon training is foregone for a bonus to hit and damage on full attacks (yes technically other abilities are provided for weapon 2,3,4 but not germane) so the Fighters always on +4/+4 (level 20) is replaced by a situational equivalent "Twin Blades" , not aided by Gloves of Dueling.

The capstone provides for a retaliatory AOO to attacks after full-attacking but nothing in its language suggest that "Twin Blades" would apply to such an AOO. Now I suppose Deadly Defense is quite dangerous enough as is, but would it have been overpowered to suggest that Twin Blades applies to AOO's on the round following a full-attack?

hmmm this happened very long ago in a world powered by MERP. We played a campaign in the lands of old Arnor after the fall of the Witch-King and before the Hobbit. What I can recall is faint but maybe the writing will bring down the cobwebs?

We got to see and play in many of the locations of this area of Middle-Earth , with Weathertop, Bree, Rivendell and the Bridge therein all playing roles. The campaign resolved what happened to the tribes of men who disappeared from the areas of the Ettenmoors and trollshaws (this seemed right at the time but my lore is rusty at this time!)

A Chieftan had gone North and stole a ring from the barrow of a great Captain of Angmar and fell under sway of this evil artifact (the campaign was made to resonate with Tolkienesque tropes so there you go!)

He basically united the existing tribes (I remember Pachen and Morichan...) of men in the area and led them on a campaign to the west, as it was mid winter it was very much a suicidal operation and our group tried to prevent it to save Bree, the Shire and even perhaps the Havens?

We had all bases covered with a Noldo warrior, Dunedain Ranger, Dwarf, Sindaran mage (who attracted the attention of a vampire...merp had warnings about this!) and a Dunedain healer. Great battles and deeds ensued in an adventure informed by "Last of the Mohicans" , the "Duellists" and War and Peace (it was winter!)

The enemy force was stopped at Weather-top and the Cheiftan and his elite followers fell to our party.

However as these things went, at a great council in Rivendell it was decided by the "wise" Elrond Glorfindel(who had seen these rings before and who knew most had been destroyed), Gandalf and Saruman that we were to take the ring north to old Angamr to destroy the ring in the forge of its making (echoes not very subtle!) Saruman didn't think that was a great idea but was overruled! We got as far as Angmar and the party had just been ambushed by LARGE trap door spiders when it sputtered!

System worked well and was very deadly. Was a memorable trip there and I would still recommend the system to others. The time periodhas great opportunities to play in and away from canon

I don't feel it is overpowered at such a high feat cost. Indeed it is the very thing for a Mythic Vital Strike

What does paizo think?

Well gunslingers seem to have been nerfed recently. I am sure work arounds will appear in short order though.

Can we use Mythic rules as a guideline to Paizo thoughts on balance? (interferometry , if you will)

I find it interesting that Mythic rules allow for an additional standard action that is most useful for martials with Vital Strike being an example of effectiveness. Mythic abilities seem to address many current martial (fighter) concerns.

Casters in Mythic I believe are still limited to spells per round as in regular Pathfinder.

Well depending on how Mythic , Mythic is, you could in the infinite planes find the volcano Efreeti threatened village that hasn't yet been destroyed and save that one, lets you make amends and replay the encounter to better effect!

Well if you are going to dip Unarmed Fighter or MoMS then 2 levels are probably more efficient for feats and abilities (evasion =level 2). it still might be better, albeit slower, going pure Barb.


I agree with DM_Blake while evil is a prerequisite, RAW says nothing about afterwards. It seems logical to limit a "lapsed" assassin from gaining new PrC abilities but it does seem to be a fantasy trope to have the killer reform himself. I say if the story arc and role-playing is there let the Assassin redeem away!!

so Jordan, Eddings, Brooks(early stuff not so bad) and Goodkind are ones to avoid. This certainly jibes with my experience. My list of favorites generally avoids mention barring Tolkien and Erikson ( the latter's books really need to be read in a rush to keep track of details)

Who is going to compile the meta-list from all this data??

Righteous Vigor (gets off hobby horse...)

Yes that's the one! The Two Steps from Hell video is Strength of a Thousand Men , run time 2.21 minutes

That is too bad! I thought the Yanks could see everything on Youtube!!

Browsing Youtube and came across this trailer. It actually has a nice representation to me of a Pouncing Barbarian and some more traditional Fighter/Warrior types!

if you mute the sound try syncing this video from Two Steps from Hell at about 35-36 seconds!

I am thinking at the end the "Barbarian" is wondering if he has any applicable rage powers.... Sorry my link-fu is weak

Stats are good. (Siwdcoch 18 12 10 18 14 12). These are locked as is race which is human. All books are allowed. Character is epic but the campaign should keep him in his place!!

OK so I am likely going to have to roll a fighter. Not the end of the world I suppose... Granted Stat line will be excellent with both Str and Dex at 18. So my question would be, assuming a fighter character would 5 feats for TWF be better than 5 feats for full Crane Style? I assume the Crane Style would use a two-handed grip on a one handed weapon to account for the style. In many ways it seems to wash out..opinions??

Get your Righteous Vigor spell cast on you before you rage and you should be just fine.... I was at one point inclined to think that Optimistic Gambler could be a "work around" for Superstition but my current understanding of that trait is that the whole "effect" of Rage would persist.

I am not sure if this would be allowed, for instance Med Fort on a shield and Heavy on Armour, Crit "resistance" would be about 87.5%. OR is this a case of like bonuses not stacking so only best Fort would apply, at 75%? I guess I am not clear as to what the Fortification property is considered to be!

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Yes, good points. The DM here is old school from 1st and second edition and is definitely of the school "you are your class" versus using the class to achieve your character concept. To me the Barb provides a very useful skill set with fun mechanics so....

Wow, very impressive work. I really appreciate the effort you put in here, I knew that the Reckless Strategy was best but you really have spelled everything out! Thanks!

Imagine a world very much like Warhammer, a human empire besieged by Chaos. Certainly amongst Chaos's champions are Barbarians, but likely all classes are represented there. Bottom line I have a Barbarian who faces barriers in this world's social structure. He has World Traveller (diplomacy) and Skill Focus (diplomacy) to help mitigate this problem. What is your opinion on this; too much bother and reroll or stick with it for role play? I imagine him as a sophisticated individual who uses his rage to enter a combat trance to the exclusion of extraneous factors, how would this Rage be perceived?

IMHO it should be a Furious Courmageous Cestus of Dueling. Just saying

^__Dazing Assault

Hmm, on reflection, the Lifesurge weapon ability may answer the question as it gives a boost to temp hitpoints "from any source". This possibly being an implication that you can indeed have stacking.

As for me the original question is based upon possibly rolling a fighter and noting some issues with the Two Weapon Warrior archetype (his weapon training replacement and two major abilities are based on FULL Attacks at the loss of ALL Armour Training and Weapon Training{Gloves of Dueling...} so on some reflection not the greatest archetype

But on wider view if not allowed it would likely adversely affect other Martial feats , for example Stalwart line seems to be better working off of Crane Style than Combat Expertise. So the fighting defensively activation of the Stalwart line could be important for some builds. The idea of attacking a mythical invisible foe to activate certain abilities, as stated, at HUGE opportunity cost doesn't seem overpowering. In the tradition of Schrodinger we could call this potential nemesis, the "Full Attack Cat"

Well Righteous Vigor is a super spell for martials that allows Temp hitpoints to a maximum of 20, ( Full attacking martials should be able to top this up every round). A Cruel weapon also gives Temp hitpoints every time a foe is knocked unconscious or killed. There is no limit on listed on the weapon special ability for Temp hitpoint stacking. The Lifesurge weapon special ability grants a bonus on temp hit points received from any source equal to the weapons enhancement bonus(which DOESNT stack for multiple sources, and no mention is made of multiple TWF).

For Martials in combat these spells/abilities in combat would, on stacking, act as very potent source of damage mitigation.

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Can you attack wielding a Falcata(or any one handed weapon) with two hands and then using a free action convert your grip to one handed and enjoy the perks of Crane Style?? I would have assumed yes previously but with the new ruling on Two-Handed weapons and Armour Spikes am not so sure.

The header is basically the question. Imagine a Two Weapon Warrior who gets many abilities only after full attacking. Could you use that action on a dust mote lets say, to activate some of their armour buff or riposting abilities??(Defensive Flurry,Deadly Defense) Visually I imagine a martial arts movie (Conan doing a Kata!) in which the character flails his weapons around before actually engaging a foe.

Yeah I agree the Wild Rager raging is problematic but as a free bonus attack at all times it is helpful. I do like the idea of the mobility fighter "minipouncing" twice a round though...(ie the move action Rapid Attack and then the Standard action taken as a move action Rapid Attack)

I am wondering about the Mobility Fighter. I am considering that Rapid Attack at level 11 may be a HUGE boon to fighters and TWF fighters in general. The ability lets you use a move action and full attack, at the cost of losing your highest attack. This seems a major loss
but consider; it does count as a full attack so Haste should work, and TWF will make up one of the missing attacks, finally you can substitute a move action for a Standard action so this should give you two sets of these a turn.... (akin to old school Haste!!)

The loss of weapon mastery is the major hit I feel, would two levels of Wild Rager help?? Alternatively go to level 17 and Ranger?, it does seem to beg for multiclassing!

Hmmm I believe the original comment was "might be", whether this implies a high potential for cheaters or is an allusion to "you might be a redneck" is debatable but since the premise is out there... I think that if you never need a reroll ability on classes that benefit from them{fighters and Will , wizards and Fort, others??} then as a GM you would have reason to be suspicious. Saving feats for other purposes would be useful benefit for a player already committed to cheating.
SO the implication here would be that characters who you are already suspicious of cheating, may have signs in their character sheets to support your suspicions. A net is cast but certainly a MUCH finer net then Thomas Long 175 is saying I am casting!

Fighters will take Iron Will and Improved Iron Will, Barbs have Superstitious and Eater of Magic which they tend to take. Cleric Luck Domain is quite good. Gnomes have eternal hope. If you have failed vital saves these sort of feats or appropriate spells will appear

a player might be a cheater if they never take any of the Iron Will, Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflex, Defiant Luck, Luck Domain or any or all of the reroll abilities....just saying

Commoner gets a home life. When adventuring palls he/she can always go home.

Stunning Assault is a melee effect, casters apply conditions at range. The -5 to hit will affect later iterative attacks. If the martial is applying it "hundreds of times in a session" then he is fighting low level mooks, who likely are dazed/rimed already dead from AOE spells.
It is a nice toy for Fighters and a great one for those classes built for 'pounce' type full attacks.

Fighters dipping Master of Many Styles and Barb(Wild Rager) can really spruce up a fighter (Crane Style chain and wild Fighting!)

I think it can work very well. Guest-DM's can provide a lot of depth if they keep to adventure appropriate risks and rewards while respecting the backstory.

As kmal2t said deciding on relative ranking/equality of the DM's is necessary. Situations where the guest player/DM uses his status to unearth details on other PC's may arise unless boundaries are set! ("hand-over character sheets I have to design my encounters" may not sit well depending on your characters story arc!)

The additional summons from Superior Summoning would double to plus 2 on lower level summons I believe. So, for example, d4+1+2 Tyrannosaurs could be summoned. So this would be the additional synergy to doubling the Augment bonuses. I don't know if that makes it worthwhile.....

I am considering a cleric build with the trickery domain. Traits to include Reactionary and Magical Lineage(Cold Ice Strike) Feats: Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Spell Focus (conjuration) , Augment Summoning, Superior Summoning, then Rime, Persistent, Heighten, and Quicken Metamagics to allow preferred Spell {Confusion} and Spell Perfection [Summon Monster 9]

Does this stretch the Cleric too far? I think that by wording of the Preferred Spell feat that I could indeed cast this domain spell with Cleric spell slots. With Heighten and Persistent metamagic will it scale well? Does Cold Ice Strike have enough oomph with Rime and Persistent (I would consider an Empower wand..)

Is Spell perfection for level 9 Summon Monster worthwhile?

The build will be challenging as far as bringing the feats into the build in a timely manner. Likely one of the Metamagics will have to be delayed to level 19. Which one? I am thinking perhaps Rime but feel uncertain about that decision.

Any comments or guidance appreciated!

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The Kurghan

Barbarians can have AOO's with Lunge.....

Raging Deathblow

How about synergizing more directly a martial and casting class. I am thinking Martial/Monk with Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple. Monk abilities would work well with a Dragon as would a Ranger with combat buff spells and bonus combat feats from the Natural tree.

Personally I like Invulnerable Barbarian. A Pouncing, Arcane Striking,Raging Brutality, Witch Hunting Dragon(3) would seem to be the very definition of DRAGON!!

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