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Almah Rovshki

Niketsu Sedai's page

60 posts. Alias of LastNameOnEarth.


HP 9/9| AC 14 (T 14, FF 10) F +4 | R +3 | W +7 | Init +1 | Spot +4 | Listen +4

About Niketsu Sedai

Niketsu Adira
Female Shienaran Wilder
NG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +1; Listen +4; Spot +4
-------------------- --------------------
-------------------- --------------------
AC 15, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+1 Dex, +4 Armour, +3 Def)
hp 9 (1d6+3)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +7 Def +3
-------------------- --------------------
-------------------- --------------------
Speed 30 ft.
Melee +0
Ranged +1
-------------------- --------------------
-------------------- --------------------
Str 11, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 15, Wis 18, Cha 17
Base Atk +0;
Feats: Block, 1st level feat
Background Feat: Blooded
Skills: Composure +8 (4 Ranks), Concentration +8 (4 Ranks), Craft, Gather Information +4 (1 Ranks), Heal +8 (4 Ranks), Intimidate +6 (2 Ranks), Invert, Knowledge: Arcana +1 (1 Rank), Knowledge: Blight +4 (2 Ranks), Knowledge: History +3 (1 Rank), Knowledge Local +3 (1 Rank), Profession, Ride +5(BG/4 Ranks), Sense Motive, and Weavesight +6 (4 Ranks)
Combat Gear: Chain Shirt
Other Gear: Light Horse, Bit and Bridle, Riding Saddle, 2 Healer's Balms, Mail Shirt.
-------------------- --------------------
-------------------- --------------------

-------------------- --------------------
Special Abilities
-------------------- --------------------
Block: Serenity/Calm
Overchannel: Wilders receive a +5 bonus to attempts to Overchannel
Talent: Healing
-------------------- --------------------
-------------------- --------------------
0 4/4 spells: DC 14
1 3/3 spells: DC 15

Known Weaves:
Delve, Heal, Rend, Renew,
-------------------- --------------------
Niketsu was the oldest of four daughters born to Toranorga Adira, a lord of Shienar whose lands lay far to the north and near to the blight. The Adira's are an ancient family, dating back to the nation of Aramaelle, in the time of the Trolloc wars. Niketsu was 8 when he was killed defending the wall from a trolloc raid. As he had never fathered an heir, his brother Rokan assumed the lordship, as was tradition. Though Rokan was a disciplined and honourable man, he was not her father. Niketsu decided to dedicate herself to being a greater champion than her father had been. Trolloc raids were a fact of life, as were Myrddraal attempting to infiltrate the walls, or even beasts of the blight occasionally making their way out into farmlands. She worked hard to master weapons, even though she lacked the physical strength for it. When the one point first manifested in her at age 15, she was convinced that it would spell the end of her efforts to defend the borderlands.Though Aes Sedai were highly respected, they were beholden to an authority that she didn't understand, and those that came through her town always seemed to be on a mission given them. She believed that if she were sent to the tower, she would never get the chance to decide her own calling again. She learned to use the power in secret, experimenting with it alone, and in the darkest part of night. When she encountered trollocs, she used it to give her and her allies the best chance she could to defeat them. Her undoing came in a particularly nasty raid, where a trolloc force struck and made off with many homesteaders. A force departed from the town to track them down and save as many of the people as they could. Once they were gone, a Myrrdraal led an even larger force against the village. The fighting was grim, at at length, she was forced to use the power in more overt ways, creating fire and lighting to help stem the tide of enemies. In addition, the strange phenomena called back the force that had left, in order to investigate.

The aftermath was bitter-sweet. She was praised for what she had done, but the attitudes of her peers towards her changed instantly. She was sent to the tower soon after. Once there she had difficulty adapting at first, longing the life she had left behind. After seeing the visions upon being raised to accepted however, she saw the possibilities that might come from embracing her lot. She turned and dedicated herself to mastering her power. She learned all she could of the Ajah's in order to find where she would have the most freedom. While Green was the battle Ajah, and this suited her, the Blues were able to choose their own cause, and seemed to have far more freedom. Once she attained the shawl, she made the defence of the Borderlands her cause, and has spent every moment possible within them, reinforcing the defenders and challenging the shadowspawn.

Height: 5'2
Weight: 105 lbs
Hair: Waist length Black
Eyes: Deep Green
Handedness: Right
Clothing: Niketsu's family colours are blue and silver, so both are including on most outfits. Her clothing is usually more practical than fancy; using durable well-stitched cloth instead of finer weaves.
Habits: Though a noble by birth, Niketsu holds to a Borderlander's view of nobility; that it is a duty to every person under you, and is not a means to privilege. She has a very practical outlook on life, and is far more likely to sleep on the ground and wash her clothes in a stream than divert herself seeking comfort.

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