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Nihimon's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Card Game Subscriber. 12,206 posts (12,212 including aliases). No reviews. 16 lists. 2 wishlists. 7 aliases.


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Goblin Squad Member

The Damage Factor is very attractive :)

Goblin Squad Member

Takasi wrote:
Nihimon wrote:
If you don't see them in both the Cantrips and the Cantrips Advancement sheets, then they're not fully implemented and not in the game.
It looks like they're all in both tabs, can you confirm Nihimon?

You are correct. I guess they just don't have them on Trainers yet.

Goblin Squad Member

If you don't see them in both the Cantrips and the Cantrips Advancement sheets, then they're not fully implemented and not in the game.

Goblin Squad Member

The only benefit to training a higher rank of a Cantrip is the additional Keywords it has.

If - and only if - that Keyword is also present on your Wand or Staff, then the Cantrip will have increased Effect.

Goblin Squad Member

Feel free to take it and do with it whatever you want. :)

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.
<Tavernhold> Locke wrote:
1)does melee range mean on those in melee range are affected.

When an atttack lists a Range of Melee, it means that your target must be within Melee Range (2 meters) in order for the attack to activate.

If it's a single-target attack, then it also means the target must be in Melee Range (2 meters) when the Interrupt Phase completes in order for damage to be dealt.

If it's not a single-target attack, then it will have an Area of Effect (AoE) listed in its Standard Effects.

Radials expand out from the target, or directly from you if the Area of Effect includes "to Self":

  • Area - hits everything within 12 meters of the target.
  • Burst - hits everything within 6 meters of the target.
  • Splash - hits everything within Melee Range (2 meters) of the target.

Streak is a direct-line AoE. A line is drawn between you and your target, and everything on that line out to the normal range of the attack gets hit.

Blast is a cone-shaped AoE. A line is drawn between you and your target, and everything within a given angle to either side of that line gets hit:

  • Short Blast - 30 degrees to either side of the line, but only to half the normal range of the attack.
  • Long Blast - 20 degrees to either side of the line, to the normal range of the attack.
  • Short Melee Blast - 30 degrees to either side of the line, to the normal range of the attack.
  • Long Melee Blast - 60 degrees to either side of the line, to the normal range of the attack.

<Tavernhold> Locke wrote:
2) does this have affect on orisons and spells.? What is the tier of a spell? (Orisons have a tier of minimum of the implement and of the training of the Orison, right?

All Attacks (Physical Attacks, Cantrips, and Orisons), Utilities, Expendables, and Conumables follow the same rules for Range.

For Attacks (Physical Attacks, Cantrips, and Orisons) and Utilities:

  • Tier 1 - Rank 1-3
  • Tier 2 - Rank 4-5
  • Tier 3 - Rank 6

For Expendables and Consumables:

  • Tier 1 = Level 1-3
  • Tier 2 = Level 4-6
  • Tier 3 = Level 7-9

Implement is a term of art that refers to Spellbooks, Holy Symbols, Rogue Kits, and Trophy Charms. Your Holy Symbol holds your Cleric Spells, it has no relation to your Orisons.

All Attacks (Physical Attacks, Cantrips, and Orisons) match Keywords on your Weapon. For Orisons, this is your Focus.

<Tavernhold> Locke wrote:
3) All domains have Acolyte. 2 domains have Obscuring and two have only Scourging. One (Trickery) has both. Is that -300?

I think you're asking if that would be -300 to your target's Base Attack. No, that's not how it works.

The Effect is "Oblivious 100 to All". The number of Keywords you're matching between your Spell and your Domain determines your Effect Power*. The number of Keywords your target (each target in this case) is matching between their Armor and their Armor Feat determines their Effect Protection*. If your Effect Power is greater than their Effect Protection, then you get a 10% bonus to the Effect, multiplied by the difference. If your Effect Power is less than their Effect Protection, then you get a 10% penalty to the Effect, multiplied by the difference. So, if your Effect Power is 3 and their Effect Protection is 1, you get a 20% bonus, which would mean Oblivious 120 - except Stacking Debuffs never go above 100.

* Effect Power and Effect Protection are increased by 1 for each Minor Keyword matched, and by 4 for each Major Keyword (Masterwork, etc.) matched.

<Tavernhold> Locke wrote:
4) Do I need only one? What is effect of having 2 or 3. Currently slotted I have two key words.

Right now, there's no benefit to slotting the same Spell more than once, because there's a bug that greys them all out as soon as you cast one. Eventually, it might be useful to have more than one if you think you might need it more than once in a single combat.

Goblin Squad Member

I find that, even on a new character, if I am sprinting and prepare myself to immediately correct my course and start sprinting again as soon as I get hit (the sound effect prepares me), then I'm usually able to get away with just the one volley. Unless I wasn't paying attention and ran right into the middle of them, in which case I die.

Goblin Squad Member

@Locke, sounds like you're talking about Midnight, which specifically lists a Range of Melee.

The purpose of Midnight (and Darkness) is to stack Oblivious 100 to everything around you, so it's harder for them to hit you.

Oblivious: This debuff represents a wide variety of effects that penalize the target’s sight and hearing, such as blinding lights, smoke, attacks to the head, darkness, etc. It penalizes Base Attack and Perception. Base Attack and Perception –[Stack Size]

-100 to Base Attack is the difference between using a Tier 3 Weapon and a Tier 1 Weapon. If they only have a Tier 1 Weapon to start with, they're going to have a very hard time doing any damage at all.

You match Spell Keywords to your Role Feature.

Goblin Squad Member

Illililili wrote:
Can anyone in the game make T2 Spellbooks? Or T2 Staves?

I can make Tier 2 Adept's Charged Staff, but only +0 for now.

Goblin Squad Member

Learner's Spellbook is Artificer Rank 3, and you should get the Recipe as soon as you train Rank 3 - you shouldn't need to get a Recipe drop for it.

Goblin Squad Member

I streamed quite a bit in the early Alpha. I stopped when I started spending more time standing around trying to figure things out than I did doing actiony stuff :)

If I can make it work on 8GB RAM, I'll try to get back in the habit.

Goblin Squad Member

The last time I tried to stream, it looked like crap. I think losing half of my 16GB RAM was the primary cause.

I'll see if I can get a stream running the next time we do something fun :)

Goblin Squad Member

Artificer makes the Spellbooks. For an Apprentice's Spellbook, you'll need a Tanner to make the Basic Hide Sheets and Parchment Sheets, and an Apothecary to make the Clerk's Ink.

Goblin Squad Member

Basic Longbow Exploit was definitely used. It was the only thing that would hit with any effectiveness. I was spamming Boiling Blood and doing about 7 points of damage per hit. Hammar was hitting the Exploit and doing about 100.

It's all about Precise ('bout Precise... 'bout Precise).

Goblin Squad Member

Sspitfire, Hammar, and I took our 1,000 XP Characters there and were able to kill everything but the Legends (Level 21).

Goblin Squad Member

Bringslite wrote:

I killed a Ustalav General at lunch today. :)

Not sure what level but he was purple nanmed.

Pretty sure it's Level 14.

Goblin Squad Member

Capitalocracy wrote:
Are the Spellbooks recipe drops or are they common? What level Artificer do you need to make them?

They're all Common, so I think that means you get them when you reach the appropriate Rank (1, 3, 4, 8, 11, 15, 18).

Goblin Squad Member

Level 9 Expendables cost 41,736 XP to learn.

Goblin Squad Member

Mistwalker wrote:
Has anyone been able to cast a level 3 spell yet?

I have an Apprentice's Spellbook +2 that allows me to slot Level 3 Spells (I have quite a few). The damage is not drastically greater; the biggest difference is that the Effects are typically quite a bit more powerful and usually don't require Conditions.


Killing Joke (Cantrip)

  • Damage Factor: 2.35
  • Stun (4 Seconds) if Target is Distressed

Hideous Laughter (Level 2 Spell)

  • Damage Factor: 0
  • Stun (4 Seconds)
  • Dazed (1 Round)

So, they're not "night & day" better. In general, I find that they're simply more reliable means of applying Effects.

Goblin Squad Member

KarlBob wrote:
Learning spells does not require XP.

That's not accurate.

All Expendables cost XP to learn.

Goblin Squad Member

I think the progression is the same for all Implements (Trophy Charm, Holy Symbol, Rogue Kit, etc.).

I don't have a good reference for the actual Total Spell Level limits yet.

Goblin Squad Member

The name of the Spellbook determines the maximum Spell Level that can be slotted. The Upgrade Plus determines how many total levels of Spells can be slotted.

The Progression is:

Introductory (Level 1 Spells)
Learner's (Level 3 Spells)
Apprentice's (Level 3 Spells)
Adept's (Level 6 Spells)
Magister's (Level 6 Spells)
Archmage's (Level 9 Spells)
Transcendant (Level 9 Spells)

For the last four, I'm just guessing at the maximum Spell Level.

[Edit] Corrected the max Spell Level for all listed based on Stephen's post below.

Goblin Squad Member

Prox, I'll try to get a hold of you if we do it again. Nihimon spent the night in Stoneroot Glade so he can stay close in case we want to hit it again.

Goblin Squad Member

sspitfire1 wrote:
@Nihimon, can you make me the Oak Poles, Composite Staves, and Cotton Twine if I get you the mats?

Almost certainly. I'll check tonight.

Goblin Squad Member

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
DT will never be playable at the same time as another character. That is established.

I'm not sure that's the case anymore. That restriction was announced when a Destiny's Twin Character would be linked to a Main Character. That link will no longer exist. It's not clear to me that the Destiny's Twin Character being in-game will mean you can't log in any other Character from that Account.

Goblin Squad Member

Diego Rossi wrote:
You are sure it will be temporary? AFAIK it is meant to stay for DT at least.

Ryan has been telling us for years that we'll be able to have multiple Characters from the same Account logged in at the same time. There has not been, to my knowledge, any statement that this plan has changed.

Goblin Squad Member

I agree it's difficult to tell which mobs are Tier 2. It's complicated by the fact that mobs of level 6-8 all have red names, but the level 6 mobs are still Tier 1.

<Kabal> Kradlum wrote:
We've been killing bishops, arch bishops (maybe a cardinal?).

Here's a small snippet from Dazyk's reference I linked above:

  • Cultist ............... 2
  • Cultist Adept ......... 4
  • Cultist Hierophant .... 8
  • Cultist High Priest ... 6
  • Cultist Novitiate ..... 1
  • Cultist Priest ........ 4
  • Cultist Protector ..... 4

In that list, the only mob that is Tier 2 is the level 8 Hierophant. If you've ever seen a Cardinal, then my guess is that's the Hierophant, and the Bishops and Archbishops are Adepts and High Priests respectively, both of which would be Tier 1.

Right now, in the Monster Home hex just west of Stoneroot Glade, there is a very high level Ustalav Escalation going on. One particular camp had two Ustalav Legends (level 21!) in it. If you can handle those mobs, practically everything with a red name is Tier 2 - the only exception being the Knights Errant, which are only level 6.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Development Index is analogous to Players in a Settlement. You can allocate some Players to one task, and other Players to another task, but you're limited by your total number of Players, and you can change those allocations over time as your needs change, or as you gain or lose Players.

Influence is analogous to money. You can earn it, and you can spend it on a task. Once you've spent it, though, you have to earn more to be able to spend more.

Goblin Squad Member

Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
... my impression is that no-one will be able to generate DI as fast as new characters.

You're confusing Development Index (DI) with Influence. New Characters will generate Influence quickly, but DI is not generated in the same way. DI is a static result of Settlement structures, and is allocated, not spent.

See You Can Live in Grace and Comfort.

Goblin Squad Member

Diego Rossi wrote:
So everything I want to give to my alt must pass through the company coffers ... We haven't already seen in EvE the problem that that can generate?

Right now, in Alpha, you can't have two Characters from the same Account online at the same time. This is a recent change, and temporary.

Goblin Squad Member

We're hoping we'll be able to further streamline this process, particularly for large batches or heavy items, by letting you automatically move items from and to private or shared vaults anywhere inside the settlement rather than having to have all the components in inventory (e.g., pulling components straight from your personal vault and depositing the finished item directly into your company's vault).

It's already part of the plan, just hasn't been implemented yet.

Goblin Squad Member

<Kabal> Kradlum wrote:
What are people killing to get tier 2 recipes? I have killed hundreds of reds and have a single tier 2 recipe.

Most of the red-named mobs you're seeing are probably only level 6, and not dropping Tier 2 stuff.

Dazyk's PFO Quick Reference - Monsters lists the mob levels that Stephen gave us. The names won't match exactly to the Escalation mobs, but should be close enough for you to often get a good handle on it.

I was in the Monster Home hex just west of Stoneroot Glade last night with Sspitfire and we got a nice collection of Tier 2 Recipes, including some +3s - mostly from purple mobs, I think.

Goblin Squad Member

<kabal> Bunibuni wrote:
Title says it all. I have a level 8 wizard still running around in Tier One armor and weapons. Need to upgrade, where can I go to buy it? In the NE preferably.

I'm not interested in Coin, at least not in Alpha when the market is not viable, but if you have T2 Recipes to trade, I'll gladly make you Adept's Charged Wand +0, Adept's Charged Staff +0, and Embroidered Silk Robes +0.

Goblin Squad Member

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Diego Rossi wrote:
I am the only one that find dark blue on dark background hard to read, or you are all in agreement and so think that is not necessary to comment?

It's been mentioned a number of times. I find it incredibly difficult to read.

I assume the devs are planning to fix it, but consider it low priority.

Goblin Squad Member

Takasi wrote:
I say ask not what the developers can explain to you, but what you can explain to the developers.

I was thinkin' it, but you said it, and well :)

Goblin Squad Member

Proxima Sin of Brighthaven wrote:

Seeking refiners of:

Oak Post +X
Moderate Varnish +X
Advanced Strips +X

Even if the X is zero. It's helpful if I can trade monster pelts for just a couple of strips I don't need an entire batch. Let me know how many raw mats each thing needs and I will supply them. I have all sorts of T2 raw materials to entice people to log in for a bit (including extra adhesive and other good stuff).

I can definitely do Oak Post +0. I can probably do the other two, but I'll need to check. I'll be on tonight to trade the Gold Bars to Bringslite, and I'll make a point to look and try to get in contact with you.

Goblin Squad Member

sspitfire1 wrote:
... while Hammar hit it with the long bow exploit for around 100 damage, and Nihimon pretended to do stuff with cantrips....

Hey! I was doing around 20 points of damage for every 100 Hammar did!

sspitfire1 wrote:
The wizard can still deal damage, but it gradually decreases to nothing at the highest level ...

It's all about Precise ('bout Precise... 'bout Precise...). I have enough room on my bar for Force Hail, and still have 233 of my starting 1,000 XP unspent. It's less than half the damage factor of Basic Longbow Exploit and only Precise +20, but it doesn't require Opportunity and I can add True Strike for another +30.

Goblin Squad Member

Bringslite wrote:
I only have Ochre Crystal +1

That's fine :)

Running around with Sspitfire and Hammar, I picked up Silvered Steel Blanks +3! And we were on our 1,000 XP Characters for Harad's Challenge :)

Goblin Squad Member

Harad Navar wrote:
So, (showing my ignorance) could a 1st rank wizard get a wand and staff with those spells shown in the video within the 1000 exp of a starting character?

I did :) I still have 233 XP unspent from my 1,000. And I'm using Runespun Robes +0, Apprentice's Charged Staff +0, and Apprentice's Charged Wand +0 (the starter one).

Goblin Squad Member

The RNG is a fickle, fickle beast.

Goblin Squad Member

I believe you're looking for Greenweed (counts as Green and Yellow if I remember correctly), but I really don't know where to find it.

Goblin Squad Member

Yep, I had 65 and made 6 batches (10 Ore each, makes 30 bars each).

Goblin Squad Member

So, I clearly misapplied the original rules for Event 2.

It should be:

2 points each for 7 mobs of Level 6 = 84
+ 7 points for 7 mobs in the encounter = 91
+ 20 points for a party of 1 = 111
- 5 points for one respawn = 106

Goblin Squad Member

I have 180 Gold Bars, and I'm looking for:

  • Oak Pole +X
  • Oak Baton +X
  • Greater Vital Gem +X
  • Greater Numinous Gem +X
  • Intense Crystal +X
  • Ochre Crystal +X
  • Cotton Sheet +X
  • Fine Thread +X

I'm running around with Sspitfire tonight, but if you're near Keeper's Pass, I can log them on and hand them to you.

Goblin Squad Member

So, just for fun:

Event 1
18: 3 x Ogre Breaker (Ogre Runt Level 3)
4: 1 x Goblin Shaman (Level 2)
4: 1 x Goblin Dog (Level 2)
25: Party of 1
51 Points

Event 2
84: 7 x gutglut biter (Dread Ghoul Wolf Level 6)
25: Party of 1
-5: One respawn
104 Points

Event 2 is why I suggested a penalty for each mob reset.

Documented in Event2_1.mp4 and Event2_2.mp4 (I started to give up after I died, then remembered it was only -5 points) at Videos (once they finish uploading).

[Edit] Event 2 Start Time 1:36 AM Server, End Time 1:45 AM Server.

Goblin Squad Member

@Bringslite, how many Gold Bars are you looking for, and when do you want them?

Goblin Squad Member

Staff and Wand differentiation, so far, is all about the 2nd Keyword in the list, the one after Arcane.

Charged = Volatile
Diminishing = Vexing
Psychic = Mental
Quickening = Energizing
Somatic = Binding

Artificers also make Charge Gems & Charges, Effigies (Sorcerer Implements?), Instruments (Bard Implements?), and Spellbooks (Wizard Implements!).

I'm not sure where you heard "Withering", but it's not a Wand/Staff type (at least not yet), and it doesn't appear anywhere in the "PFO Wiki - Official Data" spreadsheets.

Goblin Squad Member

Mistwalker wrote:
... I kept looking at the arcanist shop...

You're not alone. I've done it myself a (significant) number of times :)

Goblin Squad Member

Mistwalker wrote:

Staff: Arcane, Volatile, Expansive, Masterwork, Explosive

Wand: Arcane, Volatile, Direct, Masterwork, Explosive

These are Charged Staff and Charged Wand respectively. Both Recipes are automatically acquired by Artificers at every Tier.

Goblin Squad Member

KarlBob wrote:
I suggest setting a minimum party size of 3 characters. If a wizard wants to solo a camp, he or she will be assumed to have two invisible freeholders along to carry the loot.


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