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Nightflight Mintleaf's page

123 posts. Alias of DarkLightHitomi.

Full Name

Nightflight Mintleaf


Unicorn ( Ws 3 | Ds 2 | Fa 0 | Cha +2(+2) | Spd 6 (+d6) | Pry 4(4) | Tgh 3(3) | Bs 3) redraw cards of 5 or less



Special Abilities


About Nightflight Mintleaf

Name: Nightflight Mintleaf
Looks: black coat, white mane, purple eyes
Breed: Unicorn
Third eye: d4 in spellcraft
Natural Magic- Unicorns can use magic, allowing them to cast cantrips and spells. All Unicorns start with the Magic Trick cantrip, plus an additional cantrip for each rank of Spellcraft they possess (you automatically gain new cantrips of your choice whenever this skill is raised). See the chapter on Magic for more information.

Cutie Mark: A horseshoe, a vortex, and a wing on mint leaf


Charisma: +2
Pace: 6 (+d6 when running) 1 = 1 inch or 2 yards in game
Parry: 4 [2 + 1/2 fighting]
Toughness: 3 [2+ 1/2 Vigor] (-1)
Hindrances: all 4 points spent on two additional edges
*Noble, grants -Rich
*New Spell
Skill Tied Attribute Special
d4 Athletics---- Strength
d4 Fighting----- Strength
d6 Grace-------- Agility Clash of Wills
-- Healing------ Smarts
-- Intimidate--- Strength Clash of Wills
d4 Intuition---- Spirit
-- Investigation Smarts
d4 Know(sketch)- Smarts
d4 Leadership--- Spirit
-- Nature------- Smarts
d6 Notice------- Smarts
d6 Persuasion--- Smarts Clash of Wills
-- Piloting----- Agility
d8 Spellcraft--- Smarts
d4 Stealth------ Agility
-- Streetwise--- Smarts
-- Taunt-------- Spirit Clash of Wills
d4 Vogue-------- Smarts
Magic Known
Free: Magic trick
1r: Enunciate/silence
2r: Magic Box
3r: Telekinesis, Minor
Spell: Change shape
Money: start 300s, annual 1500 f
Sling 1s ea 1wt
Bulletsx12 1b ea 1.2wt
compass 15s ea 1wt
journal 1s ea 1wt
satchel wp 10s ea 2wt
art supplies 5s set 5wt
Formal Clothes 30s set 2wt
Horseshoesx4 1s ea 2wt. Str+d4
Rapier 50s ea Str+d4 3wt Parry +1

Money: current 182s 4b
Her father, Oakwood Bigleaf, was the lord of a mid sized town. Her mother had died from the cold early on and her father, now knowing the cause of the winter, has trouble not blaming the pegasi and the earth ponies for it, though he would never openly state such. Because of this, her family was one of the last to leave their home and travel to Equestria. They currently stay in Trottingham while looking for a good place to found a new town which is planned on being named after her mother, Rhubarb Pie.

She likes to make sketches and used to run cross country track. She also enjoys using using the change shape spell that she snuck out of her mother's library to change into a hawk and fly around to find inspiration for her sketches.

Notes to self: as a bird while flying, can run at double pace plus 2d6

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