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Nicos's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter, 2015 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 9,625 posts (13,602 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 21 aliases.

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"A monster with class levels always possesses treasure equal to an NPC of a level equal to the monster's final CR (as calculated in Step 3, below). To determine the value of this gear, use the value listed for a heroic NPC of that level, as listed in Table NPC Gear. Once a total GP value is determined, follow the rules for outfitting an NPC as outlined in that section. Gear should help a monster with class levels remain challenging and retain statistics close to those presented on Table: Monster Statistics by CR."

What if the monster have no extra wealth, what would be the guideline for the CR?

Is there a way to become them master of other people's golems (Specially if the original master is now dead)?

As the tittle say.

I would like that some of the aliases that I have created over time to not appear as an option in the "post as" list.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I've been very lucky with the Mikazemas in the past, due to the generosity of fellow forum members I own some high quality products like Cerulean seas campaign setting, Varisia birthplace of legend and Obsidian Apocalypse among others.

So, to restore the balance I will give one of the following to the first three people that ask for them, (the catch if that is someone else have already asked for one of them the next person have to choose from the remaining.)

1) Psychological Combat
2) Encounter Pages III
3) Alternate Dungeons: Mystic Ruins

And the the first ten people that post can participate in the raffle for one of the following

1) Ultimate composition.
2) Ultimate Ethermagic
3) Retribution—Collector's Edition

I also would like that the happy winner compromise to write a review about their product.

Disclaimer : Between you choosing a product and me buying it it may pass some weeks, or not, not sure at the moment.

1) 101 ways to hook up with Desna.
2) 101 reasons why pathfinders are not just some random murderhobos.
3) 101 imaginative ways to nerf monks.
4) 101 ways to break up with a Calistrean high priestess.
5) 101 ways to make Iomedae blush.
6) 101 tricks for paladins to ignore the ambiguous morality of his party.
7) 101 new bad rogue talents.
8) 101 conspiracy theories of golarion.
9) 101 exotic food of golarion.
10) 101 possible explanations to why TOZ always know when someone mention him in the forum.
11) 101 ways to end Cosmos's reign of terror.
12) 101 advice to properly grapple a succubus.
13) 101 ways to bribe your DM.
14) 101 calistrian temple events.
15) 101 ways to encourage Mikaze to carry out this promise.

Mikaze wrote:
That does it, I'm taking on a self-imposed challenge to write a female monk vs. succubus fight scene tonight while staying on the high ground and have the succubus entirely in character and make it classy.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

For random stuff that you have favorite in the past for making you smile, laugh or you just agree with.

TOZ wrote:
Sarrah wrote:
I built a L11 rogue not too long ago that could do 300+ DPR.
Words are wind.

Lincon hills on stuff we see everyday on the forum:
Lincoln Hills wrote:

We all know 'em. Here, I'll lead off with a few - but please, try to keep them good-natured. Plenty of other threads where the claws come out.

1. "Your argument has convinced me. I see now that the position I took during my first post was in error. Although I am of course reluctant to seem weak by allowing your argument to change my opinions, your superior grasp of the rules - to say nothing of your courtesy and your masterful skill at debate - have swayed me. Thank you for helping me understand!"

2. "Since all situations regarding paladins require a fairly complete knowledge of your GM, your group, the in-game situation and even how late in the session the incident occurred, it would be presumptuous of me to apply general truisms to your particular situation."

4. "I'm worried that my anti-paladin has done too many lawful and good things. Please analyze the following situation..."

5. "Is it morally wrong to loot the dead? Because we're now sixth level, and I can't help noticing that I'm still using my starting gear."

MIkaze giving an example I agree with:
Mikaze wrote:

NPC: Why should I help you, when your very presence has brought us only pain and loss? Tomorrow I bury my only children, slain because of this curse your greed has unleashed upon our village. All after we welcomed you among us. Tell me, why should I offer you anything more than prayers for your own deaths?

Alexandros Satorum wrote:
I use diplomacy on him.
GM and other players: >:(

Thornborn with a nice poem:
Thornborn wrote:

When one grapples succubi, go right for the pin

No, do not linger in the clinch, it's not a fight you'll win
Don't kiss the supple demoness, as from you your strength drains
And grinning, she will sup her fill, and discard what remains

So, when you grapple succubi, try coming from behind
And, quickly, now, control the head, of beauty most unkind
And keep those luscious lips well clear, of all your flesh, my son
They're simply just too perilous, for all they seem like fun

"Rogues are uniquely good at UMD because everyone else is so good at having actual class features that they don't even need to bother putting ranks in UMD" - an actual argument people are making in Rogues' favor

Doobledug - The ukraine thingy:
'You just don't in the 21st Century behave in 19th Century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped-up pretext,' Mr Kerry told the CBS program Face the Nation."

[Laughs until he passes out]

What would be (if it exist) the closest thing to the highlanders?

you are bored of seeing superstition/beast totem over and over?

Several rage powers seems so lackluster like Spirit totem or hurling. Others that seems interesting have superstitous as prerequisite or can not be taken in the levels I would play the barbarian (4 to 8). The ones that give natural attacks seems strong enough, but does not really go witht he fluff of the PC.

The only one I'm finding interesting is lesser celestial totem, but I Hve no idea If tehre will be a healer int he party

So, what happend when you use a reach weapon to grapple a foe using hamatula strike?

Does the target get stuck at 10 ft away from you or does it get moved to an adjacent square?

If they become adjacent, can you make further grapple checks with the weapon taking into account you are making the combat maneuvers with a weapon that can not attack at 5ft?

Does the grappled conditions prevent the use of abilities like snake style or dervish dance?

@ Desmond

Hungry for adventures you travel to the frontiers of the kingdom to a place called Ambervale. In centuries past the vale was the site of a great battle, A immense monstruos horde was stoped by Human and dwarf army, or so the minstrels sing.

Since then the vale have offer resistance to colonization. Only recently have permanet settlements been founded. The biggest is called New Aldwall.

You enter New Aldwall in the afternoon of a summer day. You and others haveanswered to a call for adventurers.

It seems that you made a good choise, if you are looking for jobs that let you make a name this is the place. Cartels offering bounties abound, 200 gp for the anihilation of the Thundertusk clan in the north mountains, 5 gp for every zombie or squeleton destroyed in the whispering forest, and so on.

But the sunset aproach, what do you do?.

@ Sven

You have made good profit recently with the hunting of monster, The city of New Aldwall pays well. As the sunset aproach You find yourself finishing your watch when a sharp cry breaks the stillness of the forest. Not far from you, you see a female goblin is running as if her life depend on it.

Shar is a forgotten realms neutral evil deity of darkness, loss, night, secrets and lies. So, what coudl be the closest equivalent in golarion?


All hardcovers, 25 PB, 2 traits, character wills tart at level 2.

So, I'm thinking about an evil assassin that use bluff and disguise to make everyone believe he is a good guy and not a treat but that is efficient by killing others in melee (by surprise if posible). As you can see is not a very narrow concept since it does not need any particular class mechanics to do it.

So, what class would you recommend and why? (I'm open to multicalss too).

A book that details locations, Hooks, plots etc set in the planes?, I'm not finding much information in the PF books I have.

(Preferably in a PDF version)

2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

I start with

- TWF requires two "hands" but not necessarily two hands (as you can loanword/unarmed strike)

- THF requires two hands and two "hands".

- A shield requires a hand but not a "hand" (as you can twf longsword/unarmed strike and still benefit from the AC bonus to AC)

- Vestigial arm give you a hand but not a "hand"

- When you are grappled you have one hand unavailable. Not clear if it is a hand, a "hand" or both.

- Lay on hands requires a hand but not a "hand".

- Spellcombat requires a free hand but not a "hand"

- Unclear if precise strike requires a free "hand" or not.

Aka, a 19th level pathfinder wizard with at least full WBL, how would you use PF rules to...

(a) Achieve inmortatlity?
(b) Conquer the river kindoms?
(c) Eventualy Conquer Golarion?

Disclaimer: This post was made with total Ignorance of relevant information in AP, single adnvetures or PF tales.

11 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Spell Storing
Aura strong evocation; CL 12th; Weight —; Price +1 Bonus


This armor allows a spellcaster to store a single touch spell of up to 3rd level in it. Anytime a creature hits the wearer with a melee attack or melee touch attack, the armor can cast the spell on that creature as a swift immediate action if the wearer desires. Once the spell has been cast from the armor, a spellcaster can cast any other targeted touch spell of up to 3rd level into it. The armor magically imparts to the wielder the name of the spell currently stored within it.

This came up in pbp campaing. I'm on hte opinion no touch attack roll is needed to deliver the spell, my players disagree.

have been there any definitely ruling on this?

Assuming you have played in games with dex to damage feats (Via paizo rules, 3pp or homebrewed), have you had problem with it?

Can the rider use ride-by-attack and the Mount use Overrun in the same movement?

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 13 people marked this as a favorite.

I understand that for backward compatibility reasons combat expertise is the prerequisites of several core feats, (whirlwind strike and improved trip as the most important examples) even if those feats have nothing to do with fighting defensively. Effectively CE is a feat tax that you are forced to take even if you do not plan to use it never ever.

That is bad enough. But why in the name of Calistria's honeyed thighs is that feat still used as prerequisites for combat feats that have nothing to do with fighting defensively?. Combat patrol, swift aid, snoutgrip, Disengaging Flourish, moonlight stalker, gang up, merciless beating, Merciless Beating, kobold style, Butterfly's Sting ...all Those feats have nothing to do with having a penalty to attack in order to have a bonus to AC, and the only feat in the game that make good synergy with it, stalwart, do not have CE as a prerequisite, it is crazy!.

But the feat that made me make this thread is slayer feint, a brand new feat in the ACG. How the heck is combat expertise related with being acrobatic?.

Combat expertise is a fun sponge, seriously, It sucks, it is an horrible feat tax, is the most awful and annoying feat tax in the game. "uh, is so fun to take this feat tax so 2 levels later I can start triping people!" - say no one, ever.

Please paizo, do not use combat expertise never ever again as a prerequisite for any feat.

Aparently with a primalist you can end with the same number of rage powers as a standard barbarian plus spellcasting. Do Primalist make the barbarian obsolete?

Do snake style negate all the damage from the single big punch from pummel strike?

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Mounted Combat (Combat)
You are adept at guiding your mount through combat.

Prerequisite: Ride 1 rank.

Benefit: Once per round when your mount is hit in combat, you may attempt a Ride check (as an immediate action) to negate the hit. The hit is negated if your Ride check result is greater than the opponent's attack roll.


I'm inclined to say that you can not use the mounted combat feat if your mount is paralized (stunned or dazed) due to the descriptive text, not sure though.

This recently came up in a campaing. Among other things Knowledge(Arcana) covers "ancient mysteries", what exactly is that? what make it different from Knowledge(History)?

In case you want to read the story so far


- Sun xiao and Auron traveled to Riatavin a city of Thetyr for the funeral of Tandall. You meet there Danissa Ironsould and her husband *cough* Castien telendil *cough*

- You learned that Fivination failed to reveal what killed Tandall. Fughter, the clerics were unable to find Tandall's soulds and could not raise him from death.

- There is nothing really remarkable in Tandall´s body. There is no magical aura that indicates magic that kills without causing physical harm like Phantasmal killer. The cause of death is most likely the single sword injury he have in the chest.

There are, however, several lingering magical auras (mostly necromancy, the others are blurry) but you can not tell is the aura is because Tandall cast a spell, somebody else cast a spell upon him or the attempts to communicate with his soul and/or revivify him.

- Miranna the Watcher. came and told you that Tandall's soul was not in Helm (his deity) realm. Then she left with the promise of keep looking for answers.

- You foudn that Tandall was involved in a fighter with basically a nobody named Guld

A quick interrogation tould you this

Q: " How did you knew him" ; A: We drink togheter from time to time, the old man was poor but always have some money to spare in alcohol

(This is completely weird, He never drank too much, one of the most sacred tenets of the cruch of Helm is to be ever watchful)

Q: "why did you fight" ; A: That day he did not want to drink, he was like meditative, I get angry I insult him then I insult his daughter, big mistake for me, the man was crazy

Q: "Why do you say he was crazy" ; Well, because he was, he had nigtmares constantly, and when drunk he always talked of the "reality behind" and the "nightmares of the dead gods" or something, I do not know.

"I just take avantage when he was spending money in alcohol, He drank with wichever was avaliable at the moment, I swear I d not know who kill him, he was like a bull I know of noone that coudl have kill him"

- The interrogation was interrupted when the group noticed that a small cacodaemon was Spying you. Sun K.O it, but you were worried because cacodaemos eat souls. However, you could not tell for sure that the daemon ate Tandall's soul.


I'm not sure to understand the reasons to lock this thread

After the Paragon surge and known spell nerfs, I wonder if those FAQs were isolated changes of if they are part of a bigger plan to tone down some of the broken things caster have, like blood money or the dazing metamagic.

Anyone know something?

My DM will allow my 6th level NE sorceress to chance her arcane bond (Item) to arcane bond (familiar), And I want to take Improved familiar at level 7th.

I know about the wand user Familiar and all that, what I am looking is one that could serve as a bodyguard. You know, taking damage, protective and restorative abilities, and a bonus point if the familiar have an ability to hel her avoid/scape grapples.

There have been more than one FAQ answer that is actually an errata, like Spell-like abilities as prerequisites for Prestige classes and the new one about paragon surge.

I think it is somewhat confusing that they are called FAQs, then they are clearly explicit changes to the rules.

However, It seems that the Dev team have no place to put those changes but in the FAQ section and waiting to a next print could take too much.

So, any chance to have a new place for this kind of changes to the rules that distinguish them from actual FAQs?

You can vote for more than one option.

As the title say. Before level 13 the learned duelist abilities seems to be designed for light armored, dex based intelligent fighters but the abilities does not seem to be good enough IMHO.

Duelist training do not support dervish dance, or THF with an elven curved blade,or TWF with light weapons. BAsically without agile weapon the DPR output will e lower than the rogue.

Armor training seems odd since duelist stance requires light armor. Precise thrust is almost worthless since light weapon have low dice.

The only good abilities are dirty trick with a weapon at level 13** and ability damage at level 17 (**the disarm and trip part are redundant)

So, it is just me or the archetype just fails? If not, then how to build a good one?

Quite recently I was shocked when I discovered that a good portion of the population of a couple of first world countries strongly believe in geocentrism. In retrospective I suppose I was too naive, human silliness should have always be remembered. Of course, a big part of this movement have religious origins, they do not believe it because a a rational thought but because of faith.

Still, after the initial shock, what truly let me thinking was the amount of misinformation about the Ptolemaic system and modern conceptions of astronomy. It was like a question of some sort of faith for many. "Heliocentrism is true because scientist, my school teacher and my school books say so" could basically summarize the point of view of many of otherwise literate people.

For example, when confronted with the following cite from Einstein and Infeld

"The struggle, so violent in the early days of science, between the views of Ptolemy and Copernicus would then be quite meaningless. Either Coordinate system could be used with equal justification. The two sentences, 'the sun is at rest and the earth moves,' or 'the sun moves and the earth is at rest,' would simply mean two different conventions concerning two different Coordinate system."

The most common answer was like "of course that seeing from the earth the sun is revolving, but when seeing from the point of view of the empty (static) space it is the earth that is revolving around the sun". Which is just wrong (according to relativity).

Of course, the fine details of a scientific theory are, generally speaking, far away from the layman. I, for example, do know some general facts about evolution theory, but I have no Idea of the modern trending of the theory, and I am completely ignorant about the statistical calculations to prove/disprove the evolution theory, to give just one example.

So, I just wanted to say/rant

WTF, geocentrism?

and to point out that important ideas of modern cosmology (althout almost 100 years old) have not been widespread to popular media.


So, you and your party wants to spread a rumor in a city. The party have high bluff, diplomacy and intimidate. You also have access to several hat of disguises, charm/compulsion and illusions spells, and you plan to use them all to achieve your goal..., but then the DM say "sorry, there is a mechanics for that, and none of you have the rumormonger rogue talent". What would be you do?

After two readings of the new fighter archetypes I have to honestly say that they are extremely disappointing.

BlackJack: A cool concept totally but why they can not share their combat feats with other non-black jack before level 8? I mean, come on, if you are the only blackjack in the party you have to wait 60% of the game to use your main class feature. From Level 4-7 you are basically a standard fighter with one less feat.

Learned dualist: Another duelist-like archetype that is just bad. They do not lose armor training but they are encouraged (forced) to not use medium/heavy armor. There is also no way to add dex to damage, dervish dance is off the table.

The improvement to vital strike is meh but decent. Of the three things that science of the blade let you do, you can already do 2 of them (trip, disarm), and it is not uncommon for DMs to allow weapon enhancement for dirty tricks too. The 17th level ability is great but too late.

Vengeful hunter: Everything that requires you to be hitted first just sucks, you win initiative? pff, enjoy not having yoru main class feature this round.

Would it not be just easier to gie the horseleord ride by attack as a bonus feat?

As One (Ex)

At 9th level, a horselord gains the benefits of the Spring Attack feat so long as she remains mounted. The horselord uses her mount's movement for this action and neither the horselord nor her mount provoke attacks of opportunity from the target. When making a single attack with a one-handed slashing weapon while using the Spring Attack feat, the horselord treats her mount as charging. This ability can be used to qualify for other feats that treat Spring Attack as a prerequisite; however, the cavalier can benefit from those feats only while mounted.

can it be used indefinitely?

Currently I am 6th level barbarian with the spirit totem (lesser and normmal) adn intimidating glare rage powers and cha 14.

So far the spirit totem have worked just fine. But I fear that with more levels the ST attack would be so low that it woudl basically never hit.

Anyone have plaeyd with thes rage power chain in the high levels? was the damage of the spirit totem relevant?

I think this ability for the learned duelist is redundant and basically not needed

Science of the Blade (Ex)

At 13th level, a Learned duelist is able to apply his specialized knowledge of anatomy and physiology to his bladework. The duelist can make dirty trick, disarm, and trip combat maneuvers using any one-handed piercing or slashing weapon.

This ability replaces weapon training 3.

I am DMing a campaign where the Pcs have just one level of a NPC class. They are participating in a fair. Last time I asked for advices about how to do anobstacle racing, everything worked just fine.

This time they want to participate in a pig wrestling contest. How to do it using the rules of PF?

I am thinking about CMB (Grapple) against the CMD of the pig, but the issue is that just rolling dices is boring. The fun comes with the choices.

I would like that the game have some tactical choose, not just move action (move) and roll CMB (catch the pig).

For example I would like that they can interfere with each other (perhaps bull rushing or tripping the opponents).

So, any advice?

First time with with a class that have an animal companion and I have doubts about what feats can an animal companion take. I am building a crocodile companion and I want to make him focused on grappling. Improved grapple needs improved unarmed strike, can the animal companion take it?

The Pcs are level 1 with NPc classes and they re about to participate in a festival in order to gain some money in the competitions the festival have.

I am planning to do an obstacle racing, in fact two of them. One about endurance and strength and the other about agility and speed. And if possible a version where they can participate individually and another where they have to make it with a group.

The method to deal with the obstacles is to use their skills, but the problem is that I do not want to just ask for rolls.

Roll acrobatics, then roll climb then roll acrobatics again...,nah.

A skill challenge is not fun if you have no choice but just roll.

So, how to design skill challenges without railroading everything? And what obstacles (and associated skills to solve it) can I use?

The rogue can not be good at figthing because that woudl be umbalancing taking into account his skill points and trapfinding. But the bard, the inquisitor, the ranger, the wizard, the magus can totally shine on both, including be better out of combat thann the rogue.

The fighter can not have more skill points because that woudl be umalacing taking into account the huge advantage he have in combat. Except that suchh advantage do not exist, and every other class have recieved a lot of power creep since core. And of course, everyone else have more out of combat utility.

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