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RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 8,096 posts (10,465 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 15 aliases.

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I'm not sure to understand the reasons to lock this thread

After the Paragon surge and known spell nerfs, I wonder if those FAQs were isolated changes of if they are part of a bigger plan to tone down some of the broken things caster have, like blood money or the dazing metamagic.

Anyone know something?

My DM will allow my 6th level NE sorceress to chance her arcane bond (Item) to arcane bond (familiar), And I want to take Improved familiar at level 7th.

I know about the wand user Familiar and all that, what I am looking is one that could serve as a bodyguard. You know, taking damage, protective and restorative abilities, and a bonus point if the familiar have an ability to hel her avoid/scape grapples.

There have been more than one FAQ answer that is actually an errata, like Spell-like abilities as prerequisites for Prestige classes and the new one about paragon surge.

I think it is somewhat confusing that they are called FAQs, then they are clearly explicit changes to the rules.

However, It seems that the Dev team have no place to put those changes but in the FAQ section and waiting to a next print could take too much.

So, any chance to have a new place for this kind of changes to the rules that distinguish them from actual FAQs?

You can vote for more than one option.

As the title say. Before level 13 the learned duelist abilities seems to be designed for light armored, dex based intelligent fighters but the abilities does not seem to be good enough IMHO.

Duelist training do not support dervish dance, or THF with an elven curved blade,or TWF with light weapons. BAsically without agile weapon the DPR output will e lower than the rogue.

Armor training seems odd since duelist stance requires light armor. Precise thrust is almost worthless since light weapon have low dice.

The only good abilities are dirty trick with a weapon at level 13** and ability damage at level 17 (**the disarm and trip part are redundant)

So, it is just me or the archetype just fails? If not, then how to build a good one?

Quite recently I was shocked when I discovered that a good portion of the population of a couple of first world countries strongly believe in geocentrism. In retrospective I suppose I was too naive, human silliness should have always be remembered. Of course, a big part of this movement have religious origins, they do not believe it because a a rational thought but because of faith.

Still, after the initial shock, what truly let me thinking was the amount of misinformation about the Ptolemaic system and modern conceptions of astronomy. It was like a question of some sort of faith for many. "Heliocentrism is true because scientist, my school teacher and my school books say so" could basically summarize the point of view of many of otherwise literate people.

For example, when confronted with the following cite from Einstein and Infeld

"The struggle, so violent in the early days of science, between the views of Ptolemy and Copernicus would then be quite meaningless. Either Coordinate system could be used with equal justification. The two sentences, 'the sun is at rest and the earth moves,' or 'the sun moves and the earth is at rest,' would simply mean two different conventions concerning two different Coordinate system."

The most common answer was like "of course that seeing from the earth the sun is revolving, but when seeing from the point of view of the empty (static) space it is the earth that is revolving around the sun". Which is just wrong (according to relativity).

Of course, the fine details of a scientific theory are, generally speaking, far away from the layman. I, for example, do know some general facts about evolution theory, but I have no Idea of the modern trending of the theory, and I am completely ignorant about the statistical calculations to prove/disprove the evolution theory, to give just one example.

So, I just wanted to say/rant

WTF, geocentrism?

and to point out that important ideas of modern cosmology (althout almost 100 years old) have not been widespread to popular media.


So, you and your party wants to spread a rumor in a city. The party have high bluff, diplomacy and intimidate. You also have access to several hat of disguises, charm/compulsion and illusions spells, and you plan to use them all to achieve your goal..., but then the DM say "sorry, there is a mechanics for that, and none of you have the rumormonger rogue talent". What would be you do?

After two readings of the new fighter archetypes I have to honestly say that they are extremely disappointing.

BlackJack: A cool concept totally but why they can not share their combat feats with other non-black jack before level 8? I mean, come on, if you are the only blackjack in the party you have to wait 60% of the game to use your main class feature. From Level 4-7 you are basically a standard fighter with one less feat.

Learned dualist: Another duelist-like archetype that is just bad. They do not lose armor training but they are encouraged (forced) to not use medium/heavy armor. There is also no way to add dex to damage, dervish dance is off the table.

The improvement to vital strike is meh but decent. Of the three things that science of the blade let you do, you can already do 2 of them (trip, disarm), and it is not uncommon for DMs to allow weapon enhancement for dirty tricks too. The 17th level ability is great but too late.

Vengeful hunter: Everything that requires you to be hitted first just sucks, you win initiative? pff, enjoy not having yoru main class feature this round.

Would it not be just easier to gie the horseleord ride by attack as a bonus feat?

As One (Ex)

At 9th level, a horselord gains the benefits of the Spring Attack feat so long as she remains mounted. The horselord uses her mount's movement for this action and neither the horselord nor her mount provoke attacks of opportunity from the target. When making a single attack with a one-handed slashing weapon while using the Spring Attack feat, the horselord treats her mount as charging. This ability can be used to qualify for other feats that treat Spring Attack as a prerequisite; however, the cavalier can benefit from those feats only while mounted.

can it be used indefinitely?

Currently I am 6th level barbarian with the spirit totem (lesser and normmal) adn intimidating glare rage powers and cha 14.

So far the spirit totem have worked just fine. But I fear that with more levels the ST attack would be so low that it woudl basically never hit.

Anyone have plaeyd with thes rage power chain in the high levels? was the damage of the spirit totem relevant?

I think this ability for the learned duelist is redundant and basically not needed

Science of the Blade (Ex)

At 13th level, a Learned duelist is able to apply his specialized knowledge of anatomy and physiology to his bladework. The duelist can make dirty trick, disarm, and trip combat maneuvers using any one-handed piercing or slashing weapon.

This ability replaces weapon training 3.

I am DMing a campaign where the Pcs have just one level of a NPC class. They are participating in a fair. Last time I asked for advices about how to do anobstacle racing, everything worked just fine.

This time they want to participate in a pig wrestling contest. How to do it using the rules of PF?

I am thinking about CMB (Grapple) against the CMD of the pig, but the issue is that just rolling dices is boring. The fun comes with the choices.

I would like that the game have some tactical choose, not just move action (move) and roll CMB (catch the pig).

For example I would like that they can interfere with each other (perhaps bull rushing or tripping the opponents).

So, any advice?

First time with with a class that have an animal companion and I have doubts about what feats can an animal companion take. I am building a crocodile companion and I want to make him focused on grappling. Improved grapple needs improved unarmed strike, can the animal companion take it?

The Pcs are level 1 with NPc classes and they re about to participate in a festival in order to gain some money in the competitions the festival have.

I am planning to do an obstacle racing, in fact two of them. One about endurance and strength and the other about agility and speed. And if possible a version where they can participate individually and another where they have to make it with a group.

The method to deal with the obstacles is to use their skills, but the problem is that I do not want to just ask for rolls.

Roll acrobatics, then roll climb then roll acrobatics again...,nah.

A skill challenge is not fun if you have no choice but just roll.

So, how to design skill challenges without railroading everything? And what obstacles (and associated skills to solve it) can I use?

The rogue can not be good at figthing because that woudl be umbalancing taking into account his skill points and trapfinding. But the bard, the inquisitor, the ranger, the wizard, the magus can totally shine on both, including be better out of combat thann the rogue.

The fighter can not have more skill points because that woudl be umalacing taking into account the huge advantage he have in combat. Except that suchh advantage do not exist, and every other class have recieved a lot of power creep since core. And of course, everyone else have more out of combat utility.

This question was rised in one of those threads that should not be named for mods sanity.

So, it should be crystal clear that the prowess of barbarian just rised by a lot since core. I wonder if the DEvs like it or they regret it. WOuld they change it if the have a time machine?

ps: I am not asking it directly (naming devs) because It haves been stated to be rude action.

What is the point of rogue talents like fast fingers, charmer and the like?

What coudl be their in game justification?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This statement puzzles me. I would like to know what rogue talent really add a lot to out of combat.

What advanced rogue talent is (out of combat speaking) at the level of a high level spell (or extracts, or discoveries)?.

Then, how many rogue talents are dedicated to combat?

With at most 2 level of multiclasing is there is a way to make a decent heavy shielded rogue?

You can vote for more than one option.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

This spell totally and utterly negates and style of combat. There is no way around it besides asking your caster friend to dispel it.

So, as it is like the old crane wings problem but works on whatever arbitrary numbers of attacks per round, I wonder, is there any change this get nerged in the near future?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

As the tittle say.

Are the balance issue more likely to be FAQUED/ERRATED if they are options from martial than if they are option from casters?

The errata war It is a real thing or it just a coincidence?

Human, 25 point buy and an extra +1 dexterity due to a campaign trait.

I would like ad ex focused build, But PF is so frustating in that regard, So I think I could go str 16, dex 16.

Any good suggestion for feats and order?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Every year it seems to be one more nail to the rogue´s coffin. Just when you when it seems that the coffin can not allow more nails *BAM!* there is one more.

Witht he archeologist, the slayer and the trapfinding trait I can not guess how the rogue could be more outclassed in the future.

With a couple of notable exception (thug, scout, a couple of decent archetypes) it seems like the rogue class is not taken seriously.

Have this all been intentionally? It would be weird but How could it not be? Or the answer is "yes" or the universe conspired in a fantastical way to give the rogue their actual status.



Well, Playing by post make things slow, and people try to advance the plot as fast as they can so Roleplaying opportunities get lost.

So, I opened this thread for you guys to have the opportunity to freely develop whatever roleplay you want among yourselves or with Npcs among other things taht can be fun/important but are slow to play normally.

An example of extra scene could be this one

Day 1, Evening: Half an Hour before Norro´s encounter

Participant: Spica

Spica go to see if there is a desna temple in the town and speak with the priest.

Another could be
Day 1, Evening: In our rooms, 10 minutes before Norro´s encounter

Participant: Karla and spica
I (as Karla) approach Spica and speak to her
Karla: I would liek to talk to you about our lord in Iron Gorum, so you can leave THe weak church of desna.

Spica see the thread and see that Karla is talking to her and respond (or not, player choise)


There are rules however.

- Whatever happen in these extra scenes should not mess with whatever is happening in the main thread. It have not to break the time lie.

For example, you can not make a extra scene before Norro´s encounter that takes more than an hour, Cuase your character is in that scene.

- To start a extra scene it is important to state when it is happening. ANd when you have done all you wanted to do in it, it is important that you make clear that the scene ended.

- THe whole purpose of the thread is to not slow down the main thread, but this thread should not steal the thunder of the main one.


So, I leave this thread for you to use (or not) as you please.

War Lance

Aura moderate abjuration; Slot none; Price 10,310 gp; Weight 10 lbs.; CL 8th


Shorter and thicker than most lances, this +3 lance has a full-sized shield worked into the vamplate, though it is too heavy to count as a shield for shield bash and similar maneuvers, and does not automatically grant the wielder a shield bonus to AC. However, a war lance grants the wielder and her steed a +2 shield bonus to AC when the wielder is mounted.


A +3 weapon can just not cost 10,310 Gp. I do not have knights of the inner sea so maybe the Srd is wrong, what is it real price?

Does somebody else feels there are too few special materials for armor?

Adamantine is too expensive and for some weird reason it does not stack with fighter armor mastery.

eel hide is interesting but the armor that can be made with it are subpar.

Elysian bronze is too restricted.

Ignoring the "cool" factor, Dragon hide offer very little for non druids.

Bulete armor is absurdly expensi for what it does.

Darkleaf cloth is just mitrhil for non metal armor.

For the price Fire forged is only good for light armor.

It seems like everyone goes for mitrhil, and they can not really be blamed since it is the clear better material.

Am i missing some material?

1969 Dale Reckoning

Ten yeas have passed since the Hordes of the Witch-king were defeated and Gareth dragonsbane was crowned.

The unified Damara is now flourishing and in peace. King Dragonsbane is trying to attract adventurers to his land by building upon Damara's reputation for adventuring. His agents cite mineral-rich mountains, proximity to monster-heavy Vaasa, the deep gnomes' school of illusion magic, and opportunities for land grants. Dragonsbane has even offered minor noble titles to folk of law and good who are willing to build homes and swear allegiance to Damara. These incentives are working, and there is now a steady flow of adventurers into Damara.

By the othert hand, and despite considerably efforts, the neighborhood land of Vaasa is still the same cold wasteland of always. Goblins, Giants, Remorhaz and now undeafs roam the land.

King Dragonsbane have shown a lot of interest in Vaasa. There is a generous bounty on goblins, bugbears and other monsters.

His last and by far most risky movement is his plan for the construction of a major settlement in Vaasas soil.

Unfortunately the construction of the Enduring citadel have been slowed by constant monster attacks and the merciless climate.

Within just one year the Enduring citadel have become the tomb of dozens of sturdy adventurers, to the point that the people is now avoiding adventuring in that place.


The noise in the big hall were you are is silenced by the sound of hammering. Someone is puting a notification for everyone to see.

A guard goes to see what the note said

Sweet Auril breast, they have rised the bounty goblins, bugbears, and giants near the citadel, 5 gp, 15 gp, and 200 gp respectively. - say that guy.

The usual off topic things.

The trait Second chances is better than Iron will, Lighting reflexes and great fortitude, in fact it is stronger than the 3 feats combined.

what went wrong?

For most of its existence, Vaasa has been a frozen land barely capable of supporting civilized folk. For centuries nothing more than humanoid tribes and scattered hunters, trappers, and farmers inhabited the land. The arrival of Zhengyi, the witch-king, and the creation of his fortress turned Vaasa into a military nation of goblinkin, orcs, giants, undead, demons, bandits, and skilled assassins, all intent on conquest.

The armies of Vaasa attacked and defeated the neighbor kingdom of Damara, dividing that nation into petty baronies. The so called Witch-King disappeared for a time, and a group of heroes rose to defeat the demonic minions and eventually the lich himself, which caused Castle Perilous to collapse. The Vaasa of today has reverted to its old ways, with bands of monsters running loose and no central authority. However, bandits and assassins are still thought to be hiding somewhere in the country, plotting revenge.

Great magic means great treasure - adventurers hope, anyway. The Witch-King may be gone but his works still remain, from the ruins of Castle Perilous to the creatures that served him.
The Crunch

20 Point buy
Average gold by class
Allowed from non core material
APG: feats + classes + archetypes
Ultimate magic: Feats and archetypes plus the magus
Ultimate combat: Feats and archetypes
Advance race guide: Alternate racial traits.

CRB races only.
CRB spells only (there will be several ways to learn non-CRB spell trhough the game but just not at the character creation)
No Alternate rules (word of powers, Armor as DR)
No Guns (no gunslinger and archetypes that depend guns)
No Summoner
No Ninjas or samurais.
No traits (although you can take two of then using the extra trait feat)

So, I am looking for 3 to 4 players to try a homebrew campaing Placed after the event of the old H series of adventures "the bloodstone pass saga"

. The idea is to try to be old school in several aspect, like:
- Talking more and rolling Social skills less
- Making traps more than *roll perception + roll disable device*
- Random treasure and random encounters. I will not care for WBL in this campaing.
- Fight will not be "fair", I have the location and I filled it with monster and encounters, players will have to decide wisely their fights.
- A sandbox style game, where the character will have a base of operation and the idea is to protect that base and to explore the land near to it. There will be mini-quest around the central theme but nothing that resemble a plot like the ones in APs.

In the gaze aattack description there is this

Gaze(su) wrote:

Opponents can avoid the need to make the saving throw by not looking at the creature, in one of two ways....

Wearing a Blindfold: The foe cannot see the creature at all (also possible to achieve by turning one's back on the creature or shutting one's eyes). The creature with the gaze attack gains total concealment against the opponent.

And for the description of mirror image we have

Mirror image wrote:
An attacker must be able to see the figments to be fooled.

So, if you want to hit a spellcaster that have mirror image activated on himselfs it seems to be totally posible to turn your back to him.

You have to deal with the miss chance of course but that can be mitigated with blindfight.

Better yet, you avoid al the probme with shutting the eyes ad blindness.


I wanted to build a magic slayer character that specialize in disrupting enemies spells using step up and disruptive feat chains.

But unfortunately it seems that spellcaster just have much more ways to boost their concentration that there are ways to hinder their efforts, (not to mention that soem of them are cheap and easy to have) to the point htat it is a wasted effort at mid and higher levels.

So I will list them in order to see if somebod help me to see if I am missing something

To make them easier we have

- Combat casting
- Desesperate focus (and other traits. somewhat redundant since trait bonus do not stack)
- Gloves of elvenkin
- Tunic of careful casting
- Spellguard bracers
- Fortunate charm
- Padma blosson
- Ring of arcane mastery
- Int stat boosters
- Uncanny concentration
- Focused Eidolon
- Shield caster
- Mounted caster
- Warrior priest

Ways to make them harder
- Disruptive
- Prayer breaker (tiefling)
- Chime of interruption
- Menacing stance (Brawler fighter ability)
- Orc weapon expertise (Disrupter)
- Disrupting shot

The afternoon sun beat down at you. The air is hot and still. The sparsely settled land of the Elsir Vale are starting to grow monotonous with a seemingsly endless of dusty flyspeck of towns.
The town of Drellyns ferry lie ahead of you, just like the map in Spica´s hand told you. It is a settlement hard on the borders of the Witchwood, and the best place from wich to begin the neraby forest.

You are a band of aventures and are here for bussiness. In a reacent dungeon incursion you found a map that points to a hauted place called "Vraath keep" and hints a hidden vault containing a great (undescribed) treasure, so here you are.

So, I would let you to RP for a while just to know the personalities of each of you.

BTW, read the camaping info to see what your character know about the valley

I am searching for one or two more new Players to start a conversion from the 3.5 adventure Red hand of doom. There are already two other players, and posibly one more.

People interested can post their character and in 48 hour I will decide who I choose (yeah it sucks that way, but there is always some few spots for so may players :( )

level 5
- Core races
- No gunslingers, no summoner.
- 22 point buy, two traits
- 10,500 gp
- No big 4 items (cloak of resistance, ring of protection, amulet of natural armor andstat booster items)
- Characters based on loopholes of the rules and or chesse will have less chances to be chosen.

Some random houserules

- At level 3,6,9... you have two "+1" to stats, you can not put both in the same stat
- At level 2 and every 4 levels beyond that you have a untyped +1 bonus to saves and a +1 dodge bonus to AC.
- Fighters and paladins get 4+int skill per level
- For fighters Bravery is now called resilence. It gives you a +2 bonus to saves againts a condition at level 2 and anotehr +2 every 4 levels thereafters.
The conditios are choosed form the paladin list of mercies plus the folllowing

At 3rd level
Burst effects that deals hp damage

At 6th level
touch AC agaisnt spells, SLA and supernaturals(you add the resilence bonus to the touch AC)

At 9th level
Negative energy.

- Dervish dance can be used with any one handed melee weapon (think of it as a improved weapon finesse)

I will not tell you what is the theme of the campaing, I think byrd already know but whatever, it is more fun if you do not know. Be an adventurer, be prepared for anything.

- Your characters are new to a region called the Elsir vale. You are a band of aventures and are here for bussiness. In a reacent dungeon incursion you found a map that points to a hauted place called "Vraath keep" and hints a hidden vault containing a great (undescribed) treasure, so here you are, searching after it.

- Your character will begingthe campaing traveling to a town called Drellins ferry, the last settlement before you enter the witchwood in search for Vraath keep.

- The campaing is more for the heroic type of PC. I will not restric the concepts but it is a published adventure there is not that much room to alter the plot.

This year I participated in a "paladin of other alignmet" threads...twice, I also laughs with cosmo´s jokes, really sorry for that one.

I wonder how much for a given class can change from here to the day the ACG will be released.

In order to give more accurate and useful feedbacks I want to know if you want opinions about minor thing (cause the general idea is set in stone and will not change no matter what people say) or you want feedback about everything?

Sorry if this have been answered before.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yes, the investigator estal all te thunder from the rogue, it make the rogue obsolete and

The rogue was not good in core and, for some reason, in all this years did not recieved any improvement (the way the babarian get really improved in APG for example).

some peopel complain about it but if the ivestigator get nerfd to the rogue levels we will not have a bad calss but two bad classes.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I have not read all the classes, but so far have found that there are to much form the old classes and two few that is original.

For example the swashbuclker get precise strike, weapon training, weapon mastery, parry, risposte, bravery, nimble and deeds, all old things. I definitely would have prefered more "new" and " I have never seem something like that" abilities.

Jason Bulmahn wrote:
Zombie Ninja wrote:

1. Do you think the classes are currently well balanced (if it is even a concern to you), or would you like to make some further changes to class balance?

1. Depends heavily on what you mean by balanced. In terms of combat effectiveness, no, they are not, nor were they designed to be. We understand that each class has a niche to fill and sometimes that means better advantages in one area of play over another. A lot of folks get really hung up over combat effectiveness, and for them, there are certainly some classes that rise above the rest. That is ok. I can live with that so long as we are also providing a bounty of options for players that are more interested in other parts of the game.

This statement from Mr Bulmahn have been quoted several times in recent threads.

I am making this thread to hear opinios abut how well the classes in regard of it in combat vs out of combat capabilities.

I mean, For example, are the classes that contribute the less in combat the ones that have more things to do out of combat (and vise versa)? .

Ok, so character creation outlines

level 5
- Core races
- No gunslingers, no summoner.
- 22 point buy
- 10,500 gp
- No big 4 items.

General houserules
- At level 3,6,9... you have two "+1" to stats, you can not put both in the same stat
- At level 2 and every 4 levels beyond that you have a enhacement +1 bonus to saves and a +1 dodge bonus to AC.

Classes houserules:
Fighters: 4+int skill per level. Bravery is now called resilence. It gives you a +2 bonus to saves againts a condition at level 2 and anotehr +2 every 4 levels thereafters.

The conditios are choosed form the paladin list of mercies plus the folllowing

At 3rd level
Burst effects that deals hp damage

At 6th level
touch AC agaisnt spells, SLA and supernaturals(you add the resilence bonus to the touch AC)

At 9th level
Negative energy.

Rogues: I am considering allowing lemmys revised rogue talents

Others class houserules will be stated as needed/requested.

other houserules:

- I could admit items from the 3.5 item compedium (if they are not just silly or gamebreakers).


I will not tell you what is the theme of the campaing, I think byrd already know but whatever, it is more fun if you do not know.

- Your characters are new to a region called the Elsir vale. You are a band of aventures and are here for bussiness. In a reacent dungeon incursion you found a map that points to a hauted place called "Vraath keep" and hints a hidden vault containing a great (undescribed) treasure, so here you are, searching after it.

Your character will begin to the campaing traveling to a town called Drellins ferry, the last settlement before you enter the witchwood in search for Vraath keep.

Does the underhanded rogue talent be combined with the froce athame from th spellblade agus archetype?

Underhanded (Ex)
Benefit: A rogue with this talent gains a +4 circumstance bonus on all Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal a weapon. Furthermore, if she makes a sneak attack during the surprise round using a concealed weapon that her opponent didn’t know about, she does not have to roll sneak attack damage, and the sneak attack deals maximum damage. A rogue can only use the underhanded talent a number of times per day equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 0).

Force Athame (Sp)

At 2nd level, a spellblade magus can sacrifice a prepared magus spell of 1st level or higher as a swift action to create a dagger of force in his off hand. The athame lasts for 1 minute or until dismissed, has an enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls equal to the level of the spell sacrificed (maximum +5), and is considered a weapon the spellblade is holding for purposes of his arcane pool feature (using the pool to add abilities to a held weapon applies to the magus’s physical weapon and to the athame for no additional cost). The athame acts as a dagger, but the hand holding it is still considered free for the purpose of casting spells and delivering touch attacks.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Feat taxes exist in PF and that have been argued to death multiple times, so, sorry for another of those threads.

I was reading some threads here and there and some people said that feat taxes are good for the game cause that way fighters and ranger can feel special.

At first I was full of disbelief, surely they were joking but no they were serious.

The idea for example is that if a feat chain is long enough then only fighters and rangers can take them make then "special" (regardless of how many bad or unwanted feats are in the chain).

THat sounds silly to me, I do not see the fun in "lets give them several bonus feats only to make then spend them in d bad feats".

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