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Nicos's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter, 2015 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 9,768 posts (14,118 including aliases). 7 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 21 aliases.

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Gods have mercy!


I have been looking for a book like this for eons!. My DM Used a couple of the hazards last game and wow, mind blowing, so different and refreshing. I wish more campaigns I play feature dangers like the one in this book.

This is an incredible well designed book and is worth every penny, seriously, Seriously.

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****( )

Endzeitgeist already gave a detailed description of what is in the book, so I will list only my opinion on the content.

What I liked

- The Descriptions of gnolls, their society and culture are pretty cool.
- The Pack-Bonded archetype (Ranger) is balanced from a player perspective and as a DM it can help to create encounters that make gnolls to stand apart from the other classic humanoid monsters.
- I liked all the new Equipment, the triple flail is heinous.
- The feat section is useful and balanced. Special mention to tripping bite and throwdown trip, t is good to see good feats around combat maneuvers. Another special mention is for Disturbing foe, a nasty surprise for spellcasters Pcs.
- 3 of the magic items are good and useful, I would have prefered the disentangling weapon property to have a static cost instead of costing +1 bonus for the price.

The OK
- The oracle archetype is not bad, but it didn't strike me as good either.

What I didn't liked

- The antigravity Ore is flavorful but its mechanics is uninspired. It is Yet another special material that make an armor lighter reducing the ACP and increasing the maximum dex bonus. The dex bonus is higher than mithral, yet for heavy armor it cost 6,600 less gp, it doesn't make the amor to count as lighter but still. I'm on the fence with the properties of this material for weapons.

- The desert Jasper Hyena is like a figurine of wondrous power, it cost 12,000 gp and let you summon a dire Hyena. THe problem is that it only have 3 uses and then it become non-magical. I doubt anyone I know will want to spend money on this item.

- The Unnerving laughter spell say that the DC of the spell is as with the Unnerving laughter spell...confusing.


Mechanically, for the players the book provide with good options for Gnolls PCs, and for the DM it gives options to make Gnolls encounter way more memorable (taking into account that bestiary gnolls are pretty insipid).

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Very useful and interesting book.


This massive book is outstanding. The sheer amount of material this book have is huge, there are tables filled with description for basically everything you can find in a dungeon, from the basic (Walls, statues, gates), to the more unusual to be described (like tapestries, and graffities).

As a DM I tend ignore the little details that truly flesh out the dungeon. Well, never again. No more "it is a throne", instead

"A depiction of a large hooded snake forms the back of the throne, its fanged mouth wide in a silent hiss. The armrests end in angry carved viper heads".

Repeat for everything else in a dungeon.

5 stars.

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**( )( )( )

The book is filled with important editing issues, lots of balance problems but what more bore me are the uninspired mechanics. The base classes have just too much recycling.

For the price I suppose the PDF is Ok, I would not buy the hardcover until there is a major revision in the editing coupled with several erratas.

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Awful - in all the good ways.

****( )

Endzeitgeist already did an extensive review so I will just comment in a couple of things

The bad:

Not everything is prefect but I did not see anything particularly wrong in the book.

The So-So:
- Endzeitgeist rightfully describe it as a "versatile toolbox" rather than a campaign setting. This have its merits but I would have preferred a more detailed world. The toolbox approach make some things to feel disconnected, IMHO.

- Likyans. It seems to me that they are there just so people can play werewolves. They seems to not have any good tie to the setting.

- Osirians. This is the another race that just feels like added on. The lack of detail just make me uninterested in them.

- THe image of zebadiah and the female infernal (pg 31) are too comic-like. A more grim portrait would have been better IMHO.

- There is a lack of art for the most standard races. Although they are standard and we all have an idea of how they should look like, in the Abbadon the races have changed so much (e.g myconian elves)that it would be nice to see an image of them.

- Some images show daylight that should not be there, but in general terms every single image in the book is of great quality (Asi Magnor is my favorite by far). The problem is that it does feel disconnected at times and do not help to flesh out the setting. There is no depiction of the fungi jungles, the shambling zombie horde or any city for the matter, that art is just not there.

The good:

The possibilities for adventures are boundless. Just the mere act of surviving is a big accomplishment and can be filled with physical and psychological trauma. And the information in the book is presented in such way that really make want to play in abbadon. Viallians or heroes, just reading the book I had a dozen of ideas for a Pc. That, IMHO, is the most important ting that a setting book have to have.


All in all, The book is great but it let me craving for more details about abbadon that were not there.

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