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Nicos's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter, 2015 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 9,735 posts (14,007 including aliases). 6 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 21 aliases.

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Yes, he is named Ruan Gloyne.

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I was forgetting something, you are allowed to a knowledge religion check to know some things about the priory

Kn religion (or local) DC 10:
The Priory of Cymer is a small, backwater shrine
named after a local saint. The priory was founded at the behest
of Cymer (a visionary believer) who foresaw a great evil would
arise at the site. It never did and over the last few decades, the
place has fallen out of favour with the populace of the nearby
villages; now few worship there.

Religion DC 15:
The curate at Cymer was once a member of an
extreme sect – The Brotherhood of the Unalterable Way.
Depending on whom you talk to within the clergy, becoming
curate of Cymer was either a reward for leaving the sect or a
punishment for not doing so sooner! 

Religion DC 15:
The Brotherhood of the Unalterable Way is an ultra
orthodox sect of Darlenites famed for their unbending view of
holy scripture and their practise of self‐flagellation which they
believe literally scourges sin from the body.

Religion DC 25:
The priory is rumoured to be built above a network
of caves; stonemasons sealed the caverns because they feared
what might creep forth.

Tammarie automatically knows the DC 10 information.

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chbgraphicarts wrote:
master arminas wrote:
I'm not sure, however, that bumping up the hit die to a d10 was needed . . .

Hit Dice are tied to Base Attack Bonus.

You cannot have a full BAB and not have a d10 HD in Pathfinder.

Taking into account it is PF unchained I don't see the reason to follow that logic. A good will save would have been more thematic than the d10 IMHO.

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Ravingdork wrote:

(And please don't say this actually expands the available options since it's an optional rule; I imagine most GMs will go solely with one or the other and the player will just have to deal with it.)

Well, in a lot of games, the options before was "no, you can't play a summoner".

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Rhedyn wrote:
What if you just don't have a huge eidolon?
"Look, there's nothing wrong with this option being totally nerfed and turned into a trap. Just, y'know, don't use it!"

The whole point of unchained summoners is to have a summoner that don't get banned. In my games there were not be huge eidolons because summoners were banned, now perhaps with the unchained there is a chance for them

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Turbulent waters and forbidding, trackless forests separate the Lonely Coast from the gaudy lights of civilisation. Pirates and slavers ply the storm‐tossed waters while goblins and other foul things creep through the gloom of the Tangled Wood that chokes the forgotten holds and sacred places of the Old People.
Deep within the forest, a narrow, rock‐choked defile piled deep with shadow cuts through a nameless range of rugged, tree
shrouded hills birthing dark, fearsome legends of terrifying monsters and glittering, doom‐laden treasures. 

A grey and cold Dawn greets you today. You are in the the small village of swallowfeld, the closest settlement to your ultimate destination, the priory of Cimer.

Few people go there, especially this time of year. But you all have heard about other travellers that want to go there too, and travelling alone is never a wise choice in a mostly untamed land like the Lonely coast.

So here you are, five people gathered by chance around a fire in the living hall of a small inn.

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Snorb wrote:

6. The Cost of Specialization: When your wizard/mage specialized in one school of magic in... pretty much every edition of D&D before Pathfinder, he had to choose one or two schools as his banned schools (or if you played Second Edition, they were chosen for you automatically) "Banned" did not mean "I need two spell slots to cast Magic Missile because I banned evocation," "banned" meant "Cannot cast Magic Missile ever."


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wraithstrike wrote:
So is my theory that characters with low light vision treating dim light as normal light the majority opinion?

I use that as the definition of low-light vision, frankly I would keep ruling that way even if that were not the actual rule.

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Can you give more information about the whole encounter?. BBEG single bosses just don't work in PF, they are not strong enough and get murderized quickly or they are just too strong and TPK.

Try to use lots of minions if you want your fight to be longer.

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that is a long crazy list.

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I have the setting and the bestiary and I have to admit the bestiary have been more useful, you can use the monsters even if the campaign is not fully underwater, the setting is harder to use.

I would like more people wanted to DM more underwater campaigns so I can be a player in them, but such is life.

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I'm ok with it.

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Human rogues, they rob you in the middle of the day because they suck at night.

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Do the unchained have a revision of CMB and maneuvers?

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Offensive defense doesn't stack with itself, and only works against the target of the sneak attack, sorry.

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We have combat, magic, NPcs and monster of the Inner sea, and soon we will have Races and monster codex of the inner sea. I wonder If there is hope to have someday those kind of book but for the Dragon Empires. How many people would want that?

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I recently read the Monster codex and I was shocked by how cool the book is. New monster, new feats, incredibly art and overall good to OK builds. I find myself liking this book much more than the NPC one and I would like to talk about some things about those books.

a) Letting aside the new mechanics and focusing only on the builds/examples, what would you consider is the more useful book? , I would say is the monster codex since we are (I assume) more familiar with the rules to create Pcs/Npcs than with the rules of adding levels to the monsters, so a monster codex book would save more time.

b) I find several for the builds in the NPC codex questionable at best. Like the CR 16 arbalester whose only trick is to shoot a crossbow for +27 (3d10+19 17-20/x2). Now, the monster codex also have weak builds, like the CR 15 Troll monarch with a pitiful low +6 to will, but I feel the NPC book suffer more from this. Enemies are supposed to be defeated by the PCs, but a lot of NPCs seems to be there for an easy loot (CR 15 mage slayer rogue seriously?).

c) Unfortunately, both books are filled with belt of str +x, headband of cha +y, cloak of resistance +z. It is incredibly repetitive and boring, but I understand the authors of the books, at some point the system just require them.

But in this case, I think the monster codex have the advantage. Make a gearless Troll slayer 5 vs a gearless human slayer 10 and the troll have the advantage.

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The text never say it is so it is not. Stonefist gloves work just fine.

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Chemlak wrote:

I will point out that the quoted text says "useful", not "good", and is accurate in saying so since it is chock-filled with use... as a prerequisite for other feats.

THey deliver a lot of feat with CE as a prerequisite to make sure that feat is useful...evil genius.

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Obviously we need a melee tactics of the inners sea toolbox to fill that gap.

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Aranna wrote:

And yes there are many questionable rules from the now out of date part of the Bible that refers to ancient Jewish law. I don't seriously expect anyone to live by ancient Jewish customs... not even the Jews.

That part of the bible is no more nor less outdated than the rest. What part of the bible is important and what is going to be conveniently ignored is a personal choice. How are you suppose to tell what intolerance/fundamentalism/discrimination is fine and which is not?

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How exactly he get shot in the eye?


A) There is no body part damage in standard PF, so He just get the damage and his eyes are just fine.

B) You use the called shot optional rule for it.

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LazarX wrote:
The folks who want this spell to be as powerful as Dominate Monster, aren't going to be swayed by any further argument

You do understand that the fact that some people read a spell in certain way doesn't imply they do it because they want to break PF in munchkin/powergaming way right? or it is that just too much to ask?

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Will it ever be an expanded quinngong list of abilities?

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Bob Bob Bob wrote:
Ninja ninja ninja, ninja ninja. ...Bard bardbard bard bard BARD bard bard bard bard. Investigator investigator investigator, ranger ranger ranger, slayer slayer.

Dude, don't be rude...alchemist.

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Saving Cap'n Crunch wrote:

Edit: Ninja'd! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Because ninjas are better.

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VampByDay wrote:
People don't like rogues because they are not as good at staying alive as fighters, and they don't deal their redonkulous damage consistently...Rogues exceed at skills and utility...

This statement have been debunked over and over again.

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DM_Blake wrote:

Charm Person does NOT dominate anyone. It just makes them like you more. As a friend, your opinion matters more than it used to. They might listen to your opinion and maybe even do some thing things you suggest.

Except the part when you can give them orders and if they fail the opposed check they obey. That's the actual problematic part that should not be in the game IMHO.

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

-all missing Demon Lords
-the Archdevils
-the 4 (or 5) Daemon Lords.
-lots of Great Old Ones

While they could be cool, that would be like 30 pages that almost never would get used.

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Quark Blast wrote:


... I think you're LG.

That is what he want you to believe.

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Hi mr Jacobs

Can you tell us the top 5 things that made you more proud of your work in paizo?

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There is no off-hand attacks outside full attacking TWF*, there is no penalty associated to TWF for AoO*.

*(with the exception of two weapon warrior fighter archetype).

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calartnick wrote:
VERY sorry to necro,...

You shouldn't, this is a great thread.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I've been very lucky with the Mikazemas in the past, due to the generosity of fellow forum members I own some high quality products like Cerulean seas campaign setting, Varisia birthplace of legend and Obsidian Apocalypse among others.

So, to restore the balance I will give one of the following to the first three people that ask for them, (the catch if that is someone else have already asked for one of them the next person have to choose from the remaining.)

1) Psychological Combat
2) Encounter Pages III
3) Alternate Dungeons: Mystic Ruins

And the the first ten people that post can participate in the raffle for one of the following

1) Ultimate composition.
2) Ultimate Ethermagic
3) Retribution—Collector's Edition

I also would like that the happy winner compromise to write a review about their product.

Disclaimer : Between you choosing a product and me buying it it may pass some weeks, or not, not sure at the moment.

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Lemmy wrote:

e.g.: People complaining Gunslingers don't take 30~60 seconds to reload their weapons, not caring about the fact that if that were the case, those weapons (and a whole freaking class) would be f&$#ing useless!

I always cared about the fact that PF basically enforce ranged characters to be stand still machine-guns or suck. IMHO, guns and crossbow should be slower to reload but with powerful shots, or something.

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I really dislike selective realism, it application is so skewed.

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Rynjin wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

Can we not make this another "I got an Axe to grind about the Advanced Class Guide for.... reasons" thread:-)

this isn't the place for it:-)

Who mentioned the ACG?

Well, here we go: Divine protection vs "no, swashbuckler can't have cha to will because that would be overpowered"

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Insain Dragoon wrote:

The ACG isn't impossible to enjoy or impossible to use. It's just riddled with errors, unclear wordings, and unclear intent.

And balance issues and uninspired mechanics I would add. But in order to be not totally negative,it does have nice things and the possibility to have lots of more of nice thing if some thing get polished.

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Laurefindel wrote:

In Frodo's Footsteps...

The DM has the players evolve in his favourite literary universe in the wake of the the book's main protagonists. Obviously, the players can never meet the book's protagonists, because "it didn't happened in the book". Their actions can never outshine those of the book's protagonists, otherwise the book would have been about the players and not the protagonists. PCs' actions can't change anything that will happen to the book's protagonists either, affect the outcome of the story or meet anyone that the protagonists will eventually meet cause that could alter the story as written in the book. In all other respect the game is just like the book, swears the DM, except that the players know that the real story happens offstage and that their story is doomed to be secondary.


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Anguish wrote:
The fear is that a consumer, knowing there are errata (available) may decline to buy an in-stock book from a FLGS expecting that there's a second printing coming soon.

It is a no win situation it seems, because the other alternative is that the customer may decline to buy it due to the low quality of the product.

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The silliness of this thread have reached worrying levels, somebody call the forum police.

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Like 12 years ago we were kicked out of a house because one of the players was stealing some starfruit/carambola from a tree of the house next to the one we were playing.

It is funny when remembered, but at the time the host had problem with his mom and the neighbors.

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Liliana Tesseran wrote:

Also didn't realize that both character I just tried to start up RP with in the other thread have dropped out. I feel alone there now lmao.

Same here. I replied to you just to kill some time, as both characters are from sandpoint Is reasonable they know each other.

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Coming back to CE, the situation is obnoxious but it would be something if at least no other feat is ever released with CE as prerequisite (unless said feat have actually something to do with fighting defensively).

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Jodokai wrote:
EDIT: And if Dazing monsters for 1 round shuts down an entire encounter, the Wizard isn't doing it alone.

You probably want to reread some rules before continuing.

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Xethik wrote:
Charisma is great. It just sadly doesn't work well for melee characters. Cha to AC, saves, initiative, yada yada is all great when you have an offensive ability to grow off of it. I don't know of a consistent way to get Charisma to hit/damage in Pathfinder. Smite gets you part of the way there.

When you are adding cha to so many thing you can happily allow yourself to buy a big strength.

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Lamontius wrote:


Carry Capacity
Melee attacks rolls
Melee damage
Combat Maneuver Bonus (CMB)
Combat Maneuver Defense (CMD)

Dexterity (with a dex to damage build):
Melee attack rolls
Melee damage
Initiative modifier
Ranged attack rolls
Armor Class
Reflex save
Combat Maneuver Defense (CMD)
Disable Device
Escape Artist
Sleight of Hand
-2 feats

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It is an horrible feat that somehow just get worse and worse with every new book (since it becomes the feat tax for more and more unrelated feats)

No more combat expertse! - (I can dream)

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Female Human Sorcerer (fey bloodline), level 7; AC: 17; Hp: 41; CMD: 17 ; Fort: +10 Ref : +10 (Evasion) Will: +13 (aura of courage, strong willed) ; Perception +5; Concentration +20, Init +2

After 6 unnecessary coup de grace I think it is amorphous

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Koshimo wrote:

ok fine "no because we said so" not because it makes any sense

The rules are crystal clear it doesn't matter if that make sense to you or not.

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