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Nicos's page

RPG Superstar 2013 Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 8,161 posts (10,543 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists. 16 aliases.


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That is an interestinly weird mission

Look at redirection and devote guardian.

Wow, Talking about of feat taxes, looking at perfetct strike I just found this gem


Can I use Perfect Strike with unarmed strikes?
As written, you can only use the feat with the specific weapons mentioned in the feat description.

So why does the feat have Improved Unarmed Strike as a prerequisite, if you can't actually use it with unarmed strikes?

Because the feat is intended to be a cool thing that monks can do, and monks get Improved Unarmed Strike automatically (barring an archetype that replaces that feat), so having Improved Unarmed Strike as a prerequisite means it's easy for monks to learn Perfect Strike but more difficult for other classes. The prerequisite could have been "monk level X," but that would mean that only monks could take the feat (prohibiting even other martial arts classes or archetypes). Note that the zen archer archetype allows you to use the feat with a bow, which means there's a precedent for creating an unarmed-combat archetype that modifies the feat for use with other weapons.

Rynjin wrote:
You can swap it for either Elemental Fist, Punishing Kick, or Touch of Serenity if you want, as if you were taking an archetype that replaced Stunning Fist.

If it is like an archetype then, I think, redirection, devoted guardian, and perfect strike.

JoeJ wrote:

I don't really want to see fighters performing incredible feats of strength like cleaving mountains or ripping giant trees out of the ground. I'd rather see fighters showing epic acrobatics/tactics/marksmanship. Skill based badassness, IOW, with the flexibility to stay relevant at any level, even if they do fall way behind other classes in straight DPR. Put another way, I don't want high level fighters to be like the Hulk, I want them to be like Batman or Captain America.

I can understand this this. I just would not like to see fighters moving their sword so fast that they teleport, or rogues jumping so high that they planar travel. It is not the style I associate with D&D.

THe problem is, I suppose, that mid to high level spellcaster are basically walking gods.

If magic were not so absurd at high levels then the problem would go away.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Count me in the "the item is fine" camp.

Rynjin wrote:

You can't Hamatula Strike with a bow. Applying even a smidgen of common sense will reveal that much (how is he Grappled by it? How are YOU Grappled by it? "Grappling" him with a bow doesn't magically transport him across the intervening space to you.).

This is why you use an Harpoon. Ahab for the win!

Guide 7/ Weapon master 3
Lawful evil
=== Stats ===
Str 20 (22),Dex 12,con 14,Int 10,Wis 14, Cha 8
=== Defense ===
AC: 21 (+8 armor, +1 dex, +1 def, +1 nat)
Hp: 89 (10d10+30)
CMD: 28 (32 against grapple)

=== Saves ===
Fort +13
Ref +10
Will +9
=== Attacks ===

+2 Silvershenn Harpoon: +19/+11 ( 1d8+19 20/x3)

+2 Silvershenn Harpoon: +19 ( 1d8+10 20/x3)

CMB: +16 (+27 with hamatula strike)

=== Traits===
Strong Arm, Supple Wrist
+1 will
=== Feats and talents===
1. Improved unarmed strike, exotic weapon proficiency (Harpoon)
2. Power attack
3. Endurance, Iron will
5. Improved grapple
6. Furious focus
7. Hamatula strike
8. Two handed thrower
9. Greater grapple, hamatula grasp
=== Skills ===
Stealth +13, Perception +17, Acrobatics +13, UMD +9, Survival +15, Knowlege (nature) +11, Swim +9, climb +9.
=== Special ===
Ranger focus +4 (3/day)
Terrain bond
Wild emphaty
Woodland stride
Favored terrain (Forest, plains)
Weapon training 1 (harpoon)
=== Gear ===
+2 Mithral breastplate
Belt of Mighty Hurling
+2 Silversheen Duelgin FG Harpoon
+3 Cloack of resistance
+1 Ring of protection
+1 Amulet of natural armor
=== Spells ===

Lvl 1
Resist Energy

Lvl 2
Wind wall

The idea of this build is grapple people from distance (using hamatula strike) and then move them as a free action

+"If you successfully grapple a creature that is not adjacent to you, move that creature to an adjacent open space (if no space is available, your grapple fails). "

Sadly the harpoon have really low range increment (Strong Arm, Supple Wrist help just a little bit with it) and far shot is to feat intensive for the build.

Lemmy wrote:
Nicos wrote:
BEcause, you could do it like 5 hours ago ¬¬

I could also be doing something productive...



Human Fighter wrote:

Barbarian can get in and sunder, disarm, grapple etc the guy, and it's all OGRE, so that is why using the bow might be a bad idea vs the barbarian, but bow is definitely one of the best options for a fighter. I say best bet is pole arm madness.

No disarm and sunder at level 20. HUman favored calss bonus agasint grapple and trip and trip for a +20 to CMD.

We really need to start posting at a better time.

Pageant of the Peacock is one of those thigns that should just be erased form the book.

Tsu, of the little things wrote:

does anyone have the actual RAW for that though? I feel like that could be a pretty strong nerf to the fighter if you couldn't use the bonus.

NO, the bonus do not apply unless hamatula strike or whip mastery.

Reach weapon?

BEcause, you could do it like 5 hours ago ¬¬

Do not melee the come and get mee barbarian. Be an archer tank. All the DPR archeryfeats + point blank master + snap shot chain feat + (the really important) pin down.

You have to post at 1:00pm right Lemmy?

K177Y C47 wrote:

I am also going to throw something else out there....

You know what that makes the barbarian? A GOLEM...

If you are having issues with their saves, think of them as golems and act accordingly. Turns out that barbs still can't fly naturally (unless they took the Celestial Totem... which means they don't have pounce and stupid AC) so things like Reverse gravity still works on them...

Or just makes force walls... that still works...

Does not spell sunder work for this?

3K per item would be Ok. But they only resize if you are already enlarged. deal?

Scavion wrote:
Those were examples, I'm trying to fit the Boots of the Soft Step and Boots of the Cat into Ring, Cloak, or Gloves slot.

What would you use in the feet slot?

Gark the Goblin wrote:

Would you allow Erd to count items in her pack as "in possession," as long as she's keeping them in the same square as her?

Otherwise she can just have independently Large gear, and keep some Medium stuff around in case of dispelling.

Do you have money to spare? I think we could homebrew a special ability that let your armor, shield and weapon to resize.

It depends on case by case I guess. I suppose you really want that bonus to acrobatic so take the girdle of striding and springing.

I'm Ok with not setting specific.

You can post in the gameplay while you numbercrunch

+2 to one and one to two others.

Stats are. +1 to 3 stats every 4 levels and an extra +1 (but this is Ehnhacemet by Lemmys rules I think).

Combined items, Uhm, lets say no for now.

CWheezy wrote:
Nicos wrote:

My problem with barbarian is that their actual options are so limited. For whatever reason you take away superstition and the barbarian power fall massively.

Must have are bad.

Must have are bad.

If the standard superstitious + yo know the other stuffs is at the right power level then paizo shoudl release more rage power chains at the same power level to have more diversity.

The main issue is that spells are BONKERS.

Dominate person lasts DAYS per level. WHAT???

If spells were not so insanely broken and basically any good one being a save or die or save or be crippled, superstition would not be a must have. It is a must have because of how powerful spells are


@ Gark

- I have no problem with permanet enlarge person. BUt a spell can be dispelled, does the items get to medium size if that happen?

@ Scavion

- Post for Garren

- Are the boots of striding and springint a separated item from the boots of soft step?

- Yiu can benefit from a wand of negate aroma. 50 charges are 50 hours.

Marroar Gellantara wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Even Rogues are not that badly designed (even if they are less useful).

I must disagree. Fighters rock just fine until about level 10 (they become less awesome over time).

Rogues have troubles from 1-20 and not just in comparison to other classes.

I agree. Just houseruling 4 skill per level for thee fighter rise their utility to an acceptable level, and the diference in saves at low levels is not htat high. Giving them high will or ref increase their survivality a lot.

On the other hand, for rogues you have to look at those awful rogue taletns and fix them in order for them to not been outlcassed.

My problem with barbarian is that their actual options are so limited. For whatever reason you take away superstition and the barbarian power fall massively.

Must have are bad.

Must have are bad.

If the standard superstitious + yo know the other stuffs is at the right power level then paizo shoudl release more rage power chains at the same power level to have more diversity.

andreww wrote:

Mounted Skirmisher wrote:
If your mount moves its speed or less, you can still take a full-attack action.

This is a terrible idea for a fighter. You are using an ordinary normal mount in combat. It is going to die horribly over and over again from incidental damage.

There are two feats that give you a mount.

Making the first post is taking more time than I thought. Anyways, I will give you several posibles paths to start unravel the plot. However, I let you know now that no all paths go to CR balanced fair encounters, have in mind the posibility of retreating.

Seems good. Now, let me think how to introduce you to the campaing.

Ok, I will not ask for a full background now, but I would like some of the fluff of the char. what was he doing the last 5 years primarily.

So, While Gark and Scavion finish their Pcs, do Sun and Auron wnat to do something?

I think we have two choices. 1) Reckon the last part, and just start form you guys in Baldurs Gate. 2) Assume you cleared the last dungeon, killed all the Daemons in there and now are in search of the verses.

I think I summarized all the important information for Auron and Sun.

I was thinking that Castiend stay with Danissa to protect her from the Daemons, while you go to solve the mistery of the verses and Tandalls dead.

The connection to the newcommers, I supposes, is that they were part of the old party and you went after them looking for help.

Scavion wrote:
Is a slotless continuous Negate Aroma item for 6,000 gp reasonable?

Ranger spells making him better at stealth than rogues, but rogues are fine ¬¬...

Anyways, I'm not sure. Slotless and continuos seems too much for 6 K.

Silly edit time limt...

- You interrogated Tandalls body, He was elusive dodging the question until this

"Okay, Tandall, tell em then. What is this knowledge that you possessed in life that would make someone send an daemon to kill you?"

"The location of the remaining 2 verses of the creation"

Tandall's Body negated to answer the location of those verses.

- A leukodaemon appeared and threatened to kill Danissa if you do not tell the location of the verses. He telepoted Away. You teleported to stop him only to discover all was a trap.

A cleric held dannisa captive. You attacked him, put him unconcious and teleported to the city of BAldurs Gate with him and DAnissa.

-You looted a +1 breastplate, +1 tower shield, blown-glass vial that has a chain for attaching it to the handle of a weapon. , the reservoir have 1 charge. EDIT: he also have a diamonf of the size of half a fist.

He also had a non-magical amulet with the symbol of the Archdaemon, Apollyon

- You tried to interrogate him but you prefered to cut his tongue and send him to the abyss.

- Then some other htings append but I prefer if we resume from here.

lemmy, do not forget the range of the blindsese and the miss chance from the cloack.

Scavion wrote:
Any ideas on other stuff I should pick up? I have 39,000 gp left.


Ring of foe focus
slippers of spider climbing

lots of slotless wondruos items. No tsure, I suppose it depends on what you want to character to focus.

I've posted something in the Gameplay, When the post monster let me I will complete it. For now you can read it to rembemr a couple of things.

About ERD.

She seems Tough, but I advice about sacrificing raw +x items and adding items that givemore combat options and denfesnes. Perhaps some consumables in case the spellcaster of hte party is busy.

Rynjin wrote:
I think I'm basically done. Gonna change my gear a smidge because Nicos doesn't like the Circlet and Cloak, and maybe swap some Feats or levels around but not much I wanna change on Sun.
Nicos wrote:

No, no. I say i would Prefer no more of those, I was talking to Scavion and Gark. I do not have probelm with those items, What I would not like if that the 4 of you have the same items.

The post mosnter is stalking me :(

In case you want to read the story so far


- Sun xiao and Auron traveled to Riatavin a city of Thetyr for the funeral of Tandall. You meet there Danissa Ironsould and her husband *cough* Castien telendil *cough*

- You learned that Fivination failed to reveal what killed Tandall. Fughter, the clerics were unable to find Tandall's soulds and could not raise him from death.

- There is nothing really remarkable in Tandall´s body. There is no magical aura that indicates magic that kills without causing physical harm like Phantasmal killer. The cause of death is most likely the single sword injury he have in the chest.

There are, however, several lingering magical auras (mostly necromancy, the others are blurry) but you can not tell is the aura is because Tandall cast a spell, somebody else cast a spell upon him or the attempts to communicate with his soul and/or revivify him.

- Miranna the Watcher. came and told you that Tandall's soul was not in Helm (his deity) realm. Then she left with the promise of keep looking for answers.

- You foudn that Tandall was involved in a fighter with basically a nobody named Guld

A quick interrogation tould you this

Q: " How did you knew him" ; A: We drink togheter from time to time, the old man was poor but always have some money to spare in alcohol

(This is completely weird, He never drank too much, one of the most sacred tenets of the cruch of Helm is to be ever watchful)

Q: "why did you fight" ; A: That day he did not want to drink, he was like meditative, I get angry I insult him then I insult his daughter, big mistake for me, the man was crazy

Q: "Why do you say he was crazy" ; Well, because he was, he had nigtmares constantly, and when drunk he always talked of the "reality behind" and the "nightmares of the dead gods" or something, I do not know.

"I just take avantage when he was spending money in alcohol, He drank with wichever was avaliable at the moment, I swear I d not know who kill him, he was like a bull I know of noone that coudl have kill him"

- The interrogation was interrupted when the group noticed that a small cacodaemon was Spying you. Sun K.O it, but you were worried because cacodaemos eat souls. However, you could not tell for sure that the daemon ate Tandall's soul.

By the way, the setting is forgotten realms, Garren needs a new deity :)

Scavion wrote:

BMC is basically the Revised Rogue's versatility. It lets it adapt to situations much more readily.

Ok, I will allow it just because the group do not have Arcane spellcaster. But what about you can only recharge it in a city, a Market or soemthing, what do you say?

Lemmy wrote:
Doubt about HD, do I alternate between 4 and 5 or do I consider always 4 or always 5?


EDIT: Ok, lets say half +1 always.

Scavion wrote:
I'm gonna use a shield.

Good choice.

Now, I have problem with two talents.

Acrobatic master: Everything Ok but with everything the talent already give I think this last part is too much "Additionally, you can replace your Escape Artist bonus with your Acrobatics bonus."

Black Market Connections: NOt sure what it is but this one I do not like (EDIT: It works like limited wish for scrolls, uhm),on the fence.

Lemmy wrote:
Nicos wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
BTW, how much WBL we get again?
Eeeh, I think you already have everything for Auron. I'm ok with 4+int as minimus for everyone except int spellcasters.
I did... But you said you don't want Cloaks of Displacement and Circlet of Mindsight (which is a pity, because my AC is only 25 and the circlet is really freaking cool!)

No, no. I say i would Prefer no more of those, I was talking to Scavion and Gark. I do not have probelm with those items, What I would not like if that the 4 of you have the same items.

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