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Shoanti Fighter

Nick of the Card's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 14 posts (79 including aliases). 9 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.

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So funny!!!


I have had the pleasure of both being the GM and at another time the Player using this tool. As a GM and a Player (even when it was my fumble) thought this tool is insanely fun! I always used fumbles (even for skill checks!) and it has always put a strain on me to come up with a funny, harmful, but not too harmful consequence. This takes a lot the strain off me. Mostly I love if the Players don’t like the results of the fumble, I get to hide behind “Don’t look at me! It’s the Critical Fumble Deck’s fault!”

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Perfect for my players


An excellent player’s guide!

I have all the racial player companions which are perfect for my purposes and “Humans of Golarion” is no exception!

As I, the GM, am making last minute preparations before game time and some or all of the players have selected their pre-generated characters I say, “Great, I see you selected the “___________”. Here is the player companion about that race. Skim through here if you like and it will briefly explain how your character fits racially into this setting.” My players love it! Also these books are indispensable at convention games.

Now that I have “Humans of Golarion” I can now say “Great, I see you selected the Human character. There are several ethnicities to choose from to add variety in appearance, depth in character background, and some unique traits to your otherwise cookie cutter “human”.

My players do not want to read the Inner Sea Campaign Setting book, they want to "Kill things and take their stuff!" So 32 pages let’s you get right to the point. As the GM, I would love for the book to go on and on with pages of feats, spells, and traits but this book isn't for me, it is for the players.

This has inspired me to run an adventure comprised of human characters each from 4 – 6 of the 12 different ethnic groups.

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Print Edition Discontinued



My wife and I love this 1 on 1 Adventure!

Gaming with small children in the house can be difficult to say the least. We have a great table of friends, all of whom are parents, but when the game really gets exciting it's impossible to keep the voices of 6 - 7 adults down so the children don't wake up. So when we can't get a sitter or send them to the grandparents, we get our gaming fix with another Journey to Riddle Canyon!

My wife was very hesitant about trying to GM for a group of vetern players but thanks to this 1 on 1 module, she has had enough time behind the GM screen (1 on 1) to feel comfortable running this adventure for our group.

This adventure is designed for a fighter 6 – 8 level and comes with a cool pregen which we both have used. We have now moved on to making our own characters for this adventure, like my dwarf barbarian and her human paladin.

We have had so many great adventures with this one module, we can’t wait to get another one!

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Fun for veterans and newbies alike!


My table loved it! So evil a villain with so much hanging on the success of the heroes was the perfect adventure for an awesome night of gaming!

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Oh Yeah!


These are the game aids that makes the game faster and easier! Love these cards for their useability and the adorable Pathfinder goblins!

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