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Shoanti Fighter

Nick of the Card's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 14 posts (79 including aliases). 9 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.


Liberty's Edge

I have 3 game stores in my area 2 of the 3 do not even participate in Free RPG Day. But the one that does makes up for the other too. They have a huge sale on all the gaming stuff, have door prizes every 15 minutes for 2 hrs, organized and open gaming, etc. They make it a real event. I think most shops that drop the ball on Free RPG Day are run by lazy, presumptuous jerks with no customer service or marketing skills.

Liberty's Edge

Anyone know where the Icons fall in Ethnicity for bonus traits or spells?

Valeros - Chelarian or Taldans?
Seelah - Garundi or Mwangi?
Kyra – Keleshites or Vudrani?
Ezren – Chelarian or Taldans?
Amri - Ulfen or Kellids?
Alain - Taldans or Ulfen?
Sajan - Keleshites or Vudrani?
Alahazra - Garundi or Mwangi?

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Running Tomb of the Iron Medusa this Tuesday! My players are in for some surprises! Can you spell T-P-K? LOL

Liberty's Edge

My players want to take on the nation of Geb and want to create characters that are specialist in Undead Hunting. Where should I look for prestige classes or just feat and spell list that would be most helpful?

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Liberty's Edge

I took 7 modules that had to do with the Darkmoon Vale and turning them into a campaign.

I was curious if anyone else had done this. How long did it take? What order did you play them in?

This is the order I've placed them in. i know it is not by level progression but I have adjusted them accordingly.

Adventure 1: Hollow’s Last Hope
Adventure 2: Crown of the Kobold King
Adventure 3: The Pallid Plague
Adventure 4: Revenge of the Kobold King
Adventure 5: Carnival of Tears
Adventure 6: Hungry are the Dead

My players have completed Adventure #1 and are in the process of Adventure #2

For my 7th adventure I choose The Vault of the Whispering Tyrant and tied it in like this....

"The source of Darkmoon Vale’s undead infestation seems to be the deep canyon at the base of the mountain, Droskar’s Crag. Legend tells of a king who swore that his rule would last forever, that his kingdom need never fear life without his protection. Having traded his soul for immortality, he lives on as a lich, issuing terrible decrees in a hoarse whisper through rotting teeth. The heroes rush to confront The Whispering Tyrant and put an end to his reign of terror."

Liberty's Edge

The Island at the End of Golarion.

Every sunset an enchantment over the island, allows anyone on it's beaches to experience the terror and beauty of the Earthfall of -5293 AR. Once night falls the person is left shaken but physically unharmed. (That setting idea is a freebie!)

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Montalve wrote:
Nick of the Card wrote:
Do you have feedback and a score for "You've gotta have Faith" by Nicholas Cardarelli?

lol, sorry. yes. I was more or less trying to go in order.

score: 69

I think more than one judge though it lacked the punch and that it required more work (after checking the individual scores)

my notes wrote:

a) This story gets cooky points for having dead hobbits in the beginning (cookie points can be exchanged with lilith for cookies)

b) It’s a shame, this could have been an awesome horror story, alas it’s not an horror story…
c) Mmm the story could have benefited of not having the opening scene… it would have been read better as part of the journal… yes I know those kind of scenes are commonly used…
d) In general I like it, I like the conflict among the character under stress, what i like less is the cheerful way in which it ends. (not the happy ending.. but the cherfullness and confidence on the guy reading the diary)
e) Some mechanics on undeads’ revival are passed over for a good story… I applaud this… sometimes the cannon need to be broken… specially the wretched cannon about undeads… still I would have preferred some guilty on the cleric’s part

this was one of the first stories i read and reviewed, I was fresh... after a while it become shorter and more expeditious my reviews.

Ted's notes wrote:
Comments: Hate the title. Not to big on the finer points of the story. The big revelations are just contrived. Bow tie ending not so interesting. With all the dwarves back to normal bingo....I guess there will be no treasure to be had. Shows a great sense of motion though.

Thank you. That is genuinely helpful and I hope to submit something better next time.

Liberty's Edge

Do you have feedback and a score for "You've gotta have Faith" by Nicholas Cardarelli?

Liberty's Edge

This was my first attempt at any kind of contest. I would love to hear the feedback and score for my story "You've gotta have Faith" by Nicholas Cardarelli. Public feedback would be great. I've already gotten so much from the feedback you have given others.

Thank you in advance

Liberty's Edge

Vic Wertz wrote:
Nick of the Card wrote:
Any suggestions on how to get the creases out of the map?
The folds themselves are never going away—that's how you fold it up again. But if you're just looking to get it to lie flat, just bend each fold backwards for a bit.

Thank you!

Liberty's Edge

Any suggestions on how to get the creases out of the map?

Liberty's Edge


Thanks for the link! Love your website and house rules!


Liberty's Edge

I too have a room for Thursday thru Sunday nights at the convention site.

My stats: 31 yrs old, smelly good, no annoying habits while a sleep or awake, and dangerously attractive.

I am willing to share my hotel room with 1 - 4 women pls contact me ASAP. No cash to split cost of room necessary if suitable bartering can be substituted.

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