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Nevynxxx's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 4,507 posts (8,062 including aliases). 2 reviews. 1 list. 3 wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters. 11 aliases.

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The River Kingdoms is a tumultuous land of bloodthirsty bandits, treasure-laden ruins, and self-proclaimed kings, and for years it has been the subject of study for Ulisha, a curious and capable half-orc explorer.

News has reached the Pathfinder Society that Ulisha has uncovered something interesting, and that in doing so, she has gone missing. She has in fact written asking for help.

As relatively new Pathfinders you have been thrown together and sent to Ulisha's last known location. A meeting place she has often used in the past. Ulisha herself is nowhere to be found, but her journal has been left behind. Conspicuous as the only thing left, it makes for interesting reading.

Six passages in particular relate to an item she refers to as "The Silverhex". These passages all speak of various items, information or favours that Ulisha requires. With these things in hand, Ulisha is willing to sell you (or rather, the Society) this unique item.

The passages can be found here.

Each passage relates to a quest. You may attempt the quests in any order, but it is highly recommended that you leave "Silverhex" until last.

Dark Archive

Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1

Kick off thread to start some planning out of other people's discussion threads!

So far signed up we have Aubs and Mothman.

Dark Archive

I took my not quite 10 year old through the solo adventure in the beginner box yesterday. I read the bits, and he made the decisions and rolled the dice.

He absolutely loved it, and wants to play more. I don't think you could ask for more.

From my point of view, the adventure was a great fun little dungeon, with a few nice little bits and pieces.

So, thank you to the team!

Dark Archive

Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1

The sun shines brightly over a new day in Korvosa. In the gray, the dead sleep soundly in their graves. Tended by the priests of Pharasma. On the heights only servants move, tending to the needs of the Nobility. Servants tend to the deeply ill king, wondering how many days he has left. In old Korvosa revelers retire to their beds with fuzzy heads.

For a disparate group of people though, dawn brings a surprise. A single Harrow card is found by each of these otherwise ordinary people in places it could not have found itself anything but intentionally.

Borden Read finds one stuffed into his pocket as he exits a tavern.

Askan Rhodes opens his eyes from his morning contemplation to find a card sat directly in his vision.

Alex Stride finds a card sat by his bed when he awakes.

Lazlo the Vigilante turns from his work on a troublesome lock to find a card at the bottom of his toolbox.

But Kazandru has the strangest experience. He breaks his morning bread to find the card baked into the middle of the loaf!

Each and every card bears the same message on the back: "I know what Gaedren has done to you. He has wronged me too. I know where he dwells, yet cannot get to him. Come to my house at 3 Lancet Street at sunset. Others will be there, they have the same motive. Gaedren must face his fate. Justice must be done."

Dark Archive

Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1

So far:

Helaman - Human Bard
Grand Moff Vixen - Wildblooded (Sage)
KakkarottoZ - Human (Shoanti) Monk
Wolfgang Rolf -
Peter Harrah -
Death Keeper(?)

Dark Archive

Hey! I fancy doing a little bit of DMing again. It's been far too long since I did.

I have available:

Rise of the Runelords
Curse of the Crimson Throne
Second Darkness
Legacy of Fire

I'm looking for 4-6 players.

Anyone up for it?

Dark Archive

"Why?" "It would be very bad."

Why oh why am I getting Gamer Connection threads in with my play by post RSS feeds? I'm not subscribed to the Gamer Connection Thread RSS feeds....

This has been happening now for a week or two.

Dark Archive

Errm, where have they gone?

Dark Archive

I am thinking of the possibility of writing a small app that would be of help to Pathfinder Society Organizers. I envisage a system where by the organizer could enter the society numbers of the confirmed players, and the app would spit back a list of characters and what tier they are in, and possibly then sort them into tables.

Ideally this would take into account what scenarios each character had played, and so make sure that they didn't get put down to repeat.

In order to do that though, I'd need a bit of info.

Ideally I would be able to look up a page, say "<pfsnumber>" and be given back either a HTML, or XML or something page with Character name, and a list of scenarios applied to that character.

Would that be possible? Is it already possible and I'm just too dense to see it?

Dark Archive

Is that normal, or did it get lost in the Post PaizoCon Rush I wonder?

It came from an address at

Dark Archive

Anyone seen any of these in person yet?

From what I can see they are using the pewter moulds with a new resin formula. So the models aren't new, but they look amazing.

I can't tell if they are cheaper than the equivalent metal, since they raised all the prices at the same time as the Finecast release. They don't look cheaper than the equivalent metal mini though. Apart from less hernias, what are the benefits?

Are GW just making more profit per model with these?

Dark Archive

Virgin Galatic Nothing more needs to be said.

Dark Archive

Erik Mona wrote:

Message received. Thread ending in:




It's the only way to be sure...


Dark Archive

4 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Does splash damage get multiplied on a crit?

In particular the alchemist bomb description states that the splash damage is "always equal to the minimum damage for a direct hit", so if the hit I'd doubled, you would expect the minimum to double too...

Dark Archive

And, am I really reading this right?

[url="" wrote:[/url]]The caster can form the wall into a flat, vertical plane whose area is up to one 10-foot square per level. The wall must be continuous and unbroken when formed.

1) Vertical is up/down yes? So the wall next to me could be considered a vertical plane. The wall of force is then anchored to this and comes out sideways?

2) Area is up to 1 10ft sq per level = 100sqft/level So 1 inch wide and 1200ft heigh? (or for simpler maths, 1ft wide and 100ft heigh)

Assuming those are correct....Why?

I want to re-create this scene, I obviously can't with wall of force. Is there a spell with which I can?

Dark Archive

Or at least send me a little funny.

As if the acrylic in the paints, that mixes together in the water pot and gets slowly into you when you use your lips to reform the shape of the end of the brush wasn't enough......The varnish I bought last week needs white spirit to clean the brush off...Now that's getting into the water too...

On the bright side....

  • Chaos Dwarves
  • Goblin bolt thrower, the crew still in progress
  • Just the bolt thrower
  • My WIP shelf, up high out of reach of children ;)

  • Dark Archive

    ...for my PFS character...

    Akori is from Orision, he is a tall sorceror, so should wear robes, and carry a staff at most.

    My vision of him is basically the bad guy from The Mummy - High Priest Imhotep.

    Please help!

    Dark Archive

    I have been getting "Atom Feed invalid" on all of the Paizo RSS feeds I'm subscribed to today, anyone else seeing this?

    Usually works like a dream...

    Dark Archive


    I'm DMing a couple of PFS games at PaizoConUK, and I want to try out running through them before the con. I also fancy trying it out as a live game, over the net, rather than a play by post type thingy.

    So, I need four victims^W players, who are available on the same night (8pm-midnight-ish BST (GMT+1 at the moment)), preferably a Thursday night.

    I'm undecided whether to go Skype+gametable or webex+gimp. If I go webex, then no one will need any clients/accounts, but managing the maps will be a little more trouble.

    Any takers?

    Unless of course there are a few people within driving distance of here and then you can just come join in!

    Dark Archive

    Does it matter which time a GM runs a Mod that they apply the GM reward to?

    If I am running a mod at a convention, and want to say run my home group (who don't play PFS) though the mod first, to get a better feel for the mod, can I still add my character to the mod reporting at the convention? I am assuming that I only report the character once, but can it be the third, or fourth or 27th time I run the Mod for others?

    Dark Archive

    Just got back from my anual trip to pick up the stuffs from my F(not so)LGS.... Some great stuff this time.

    The staff at the FLGS even put up with the 4yr old re-arranging the paints in the stand so that they were not fallen over, while they looked for a mini for my PFS character. I can really recommend Fan Boy 3 in Manchester,UK any time.

    Enough though! The good stuff. Paizo's module is, as usual, incredible. Hats off to Rob!

    An interesting thing for all GMs though. If you ever plan to have a Roman Gladiator style areana in a game. Pick up the 4th Ed module. Full poster map included, and it's *huge*, probably the same size as, or a bit bigger than a Gamesmastery flip mat.

    Good day my friends. Allow me to introduce myself. I, am Sir Herbert Atkins, and I shall be your guide as you adventure in this strange new world of Golarion.

    Sandpoint is a small town North of our glorious Magnimar. Not large enough to yet require the connection of a steam railway, but surely such cannot be far off in the future. Sandpoint is famed for the quality of it's glass, produced by the workers under Sir Lonjiku Kaijitsu. The town is a friendly, bustling place, lit even at night by the new gas fuelled lanterns, an invention of the Turandarok Academy.

    Each year, the Academy hosts a parade and festival in the town to show off the lastest inventions of the students and professors alike. It happens that today is indeed the day of the fair, and the town is turned out for the occasion...

    Dark Archive

    Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1

    Hello, and welcome to my Rise of the Runelords-ish game!

    We are just waiting for the last character to be built, then I'll give them a final look over, and we can get going.

    One thing I would like (even if it's in your background already) is the reason for the character to be in Sandpoint for the Turandak Academy's Annual Inventors Parade.

    Dark Archive

    So, after reading ChattyDM's blog posts about Gears of Ruin, I have the urge to apply a similar theme over the top of Runelords, and I propose doing such on these very boards!

    My plan would involve 5 or 6 players, keeping the storyline pretty much intact, but swapping out the bits I fancy with more steampunk versions. There will be fights in Golemworks, and huge clunking steam driven titans to fight....

    This would be a low magic thing, low point-buy to start with, and only spontaneous casting magic classes. Potions would rule, as there will be no scrolls and not a lot of the more powerful magic items....

    Also, just to give a good solid impression, I'm a bit of a paranoid DM, and would want to know that all players have an rss feed of the game thread to keep up, and I'd probably want an active email address for you all too. ;)

    If none of that sounds too onerous, and the idea sounds quite cool, let me know. I'll then put some more solid work into theaming and any additional house rules.

    Oh, and yes, PFRPG, there is no other system :D

    Dark Archive

    Ok, so who uses for their browsing?

    Or put another way, how come it even works? Your web server on your mail server, scary....

    Dark Archive

    Preferably using PFRPG rules, but I'm pretty easy to please. I have AD&D 2, 3.0 and PFRPG....

    Please? Any gaps going free?

    Dark Archive

    The following is taken from some rise of the runelords discussion....

    The Godfather wrote:

    According to the PRPG her claw is a secondary attack and therefore takes a -5 penalty unless she takes the multiattack feat.

    Where are primary and secondary attacks defined? I can't see it in the core rulebook, or the bestiary.

    Dark Archive

    I saw a link to a mapping tutorial on twitter the other day, and decided to try following it, using some other art, to get the gist.

    I used the areas beneath the glassworks from AP1, and my first attempt was basically an exact copy.

    Now I know Paizo don't like *identical* copies of their cartography (screen dumps etc) so I did another attempt, this time with a rearranged map, i.e. rooms of similar sizes, but a different layout, but still made to match the text....

    This is the result.

    Feel free to use this, it's available under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA license. I'd put it a bit freer, but some of the graphics that make it up come under that.

    p.s. If attempt one is considered too close to *identical* I can remove it from photobucket...

    Dark Archive

    Just a small thing; but 9 times out of 10, I start reading a blog post, and start thinking, ok, which one is this?

    Except when it's crystal, who little pics brighten even the dullest of lunchtimes.

    Any chance we could have the author of the post at the top with the title?

    Dark Archive

    Please critique away. Oh, and I spelled Absalom a bit better this time :)

    Sanguine Writings:

    Sanguine Writings

    Thomas William is a middlingly wealthy merchant from an ancient family of Absalom. He is also a vampire. One of many heirlooms of House William, is a book. Old to the point of decay, this is at first glance a book of household accounts, somehow kept through the ages for no good reason. Rumour suggests another story. Word has reached the Pathfinders that this book actually contains a cypher, and the key to one of the oldest dungeons below Absalom; The key to untold wealth.

    There are effectively two routes to gain the prize of this adventure. Depending on the group, either infiltration, and theft, or alternatively, a less combat focused route, to convince the vampire to relinquish the text. The initial interview with the field marshal should establish the second route is feasible, indeed offering a good amount of gold the the possible purchase of the book. Of course, any gold left over would be the PCs to keep.

    Initial gather information should reveal the mundane aspects to Mr Thomas William, a habitual old man, of good standing, and moderate wealth. Honourable, though elusive. Higher rolls should show that no one actually knows what line of business Mr William is in, perhaps he lives off his families old wealth. The important information is that one of Mr William's habits is a post sunset walk. This usually takes an hour or so, and should give the PCs the perfect opportunity to introduce themselves, or infiltrate the house.

    The house and it's inhabitants should be described throughout the most obvious route to success, the infiltration. Of course, should the characters take the other route, the details are there for the DM to run them through a tour of the house, and it's contents. The grand finale of this tour, being a grand feast, during which the PCs can attempt to persuade the vampire to relinquish the book. Of course, displeasing the vampire when he is surrounded by his minions could lead to a difficult encounter.

    An infiltration would consist of the following encounters, the initial introduction to Mr William, the tour of the house, ware-wolf discovery, wherein Mr William would claim the “beast” to be an intruder and beg the PCs to destroy it, and the final grand meal, where the PCs either gain the book, or face the full wrath of the vampire.

    Infiltrating the house should be a not too difficult affair. The doors and windows are sturdy and locked, but nothing outrageous awaits. Once inside, a game of cat and mouse begins, with various minions of Mr William going about their duties, and able to raise the alarm. Encounters included in this path would be the initial entry to the house, avoidance of the more mundane house staff, the same encounter above with the ware-wolf, the puzzle that would entail retrieving the book from it's casement, and then escape from the house, as a magical alarm spell brings Mr William back in a rage.

    Dark Archive

    First off, if this is out of place, please move it. I think it's relevant as it's definitely a rules question, if not an in game one.

    I'm in the process of teaching myself a few million things about programming (Ruby, GUI design, how to use GIT properly, MVC, decent database design, testing methodologies and how to actually write an app in a sensible manor) by writing set of Dm tools. Now in order to have the DM tool that tracks PCs stats across a combat, it turns out you need to know a hell of a lot that is level dependant. Mainly, BAB, and saves.

    Now, I don't just want to create tables in the DB for each of the classes and have their BAB, Fort,Ref,Will etc stored for each level. It takes too long, and just seems wrong.

    I looked at the BAB and managed to work out that they work like:

    BAB = a - floor(ab)

    where floor(x) returns the lowest integer that is <= x, a = the class level you are looking at and b = 0 for the fighter progression, 0.5 for the sorc/wiz and 0.25 for everyone else.

    This is good, I now have a table that holds a name for the progression, and a small number in my DB.

    I want to do the same thing for the save progressions, of which I have worked out there are two, but I can't for the life of me work out a formula that would create the pattern. I have a feeling it will have a quadratic term in it...but that's as far as I have gotten....

    Please help!

    Dark Archive


    Dark Archive


    Dark Archive


    Dark Archive

    Quick question.....Why do Stirges now get a Stealth score of +16, they are +14 in the d20srd, which matches their 18 Dex.

    Dark Archive

    Saw this last night, it was on Film4 a few days ago. I just have to say: OH my, I thought I was in love with Keira before....

    Great film, and in a really nice memento meets sin city kinda style.

    Dark Archive

    I'm going to be running Rise of the Runelords (the second attempt....) for my real life group starting soon. Using PFRPG rules.

    So,I decided to start converting things. The bestiary preview has Goblins in (win!) and I doubt goblin dogs need any converting (except to work out the CMB/CMD). That just leaves the humans, and the classed goblins to be going on with.

    So I started with the Goblin Warchanter. The only ability adjustments I have are in the bestiary preview, so I applied those to the warchanter in PF#1, I then compared that result with the ability scores in the "generating an NPC" part of the rulebook, and started recreatng the goblin from scratch.

    The interesting thing is that from what I can tell, the goblin in PF#1 used a heroic array consiting of 8,10,12,12,13,15, while the one in the rulebook is 8,10,12,13,14,15...

    That left a conundrum, where would a warchanter put that score of 14? I decided on Dex.

    The result is below. Please critique. I've tried to keep all the same feats etc as in the PF. What haved I missed?

    Goblin Warchanter
    Female Goblin Bard 1
    Init: +4 Senses: Darkvision 60ft
    Perception: +5
    AC: 18 Touch:15 Flat Footed:14
    Fort: +1 Ref: +6 Will: +3 (+1 vs Fear/Charm)
    Speed: 30ft
    Melee: Whip +1 (1d2 non leathal) or
    dogslicer +1 (19-20/x3)
    Ranged: Shortbow +6 (1d4+1/x3)
    Spells Known: Daze, Ghots Sounds (DC 12) Mage Hand, Message, Hideous Laughter (DC13), Cause Fear
    Spells Per Day: 1st: 1
    Base Atk: +0 CMB: -2 CMD: 12
    Feats: Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon: whip.
    Skills: Perception +5, Stealth +8, Perform(Song) +5, Ride +8, Acrobatics +8
    SQ: Bardic Performance (Countersong, Distraction, Fascinate, Inspire Courage) 5 rounds/day

    Dark Archive

    Erik Mona wrote:
    Frogboy wrote:

    * Samurai, Shaman, Wu Jen, Shugenja - No. Oriental Adventures
    * Psion, Psychic Warrior, Wilder, Soulknife - Could be if they are just getting everyone excited about what new classes are coming just to announce that they are going to do Psionics.

    Most of these would be shoe-ins for an Asian or Psionics book. Is that what we're announcing at Gen Con? Show up and find out! :)

    James Jacobs wrote:
    Arelas wrote:

    So could this also be a hint to the style of the four new classes?
    It is not.

    So, putting 2 and 2 together, I vote that they are announcing a Psionics book at GenCon.....

    Dark Archive

    I've noticed a few times recently, that a single Paizo order, has been charged in multiple parts.

    I'm pretty sure the overall total is correct, but what with the exchange rate, I haven't worked that out.

    My problem is, that for every foreign currency transaction I make, I get charged £1 (between $1.5 and $2 depending on exchange rate), so if my order is split charged, I get charged this fee twice.

    The orders don't seem to be physically split though, so I wonder why the charge is, and if there is anything I can do to stop it being....

    An extra pound per month lost to me, if most likely a £1 lost to Paizo....

    Dark Archive

    I don't know if others would find this useful, but I would. As a subscriber my downloads list is getting quite long, I dread to think what superscribers see. One think that jumps out at me is that for every download I have (almost) I have two versions; 1 PDF per chapter, or single PDF.

    I almost exclusively use the "1 per" version, and it would be really nice to be able to just drop the view of the "single" downloads.

    How about a radio button at the top of the page? Three options: Single File, Multi File, or all?

    Dark Archive

    Because I believe in balance. I can't bear to see a thread with hot chicks, without it's corresponding companion.

    Let's kick things off:


    Captain Jack

    Dark Archive


    I seem to have been sent Dungeon Denizens Revisited, rather than the Pathfinder #23 I should have received....

    The shipping slip shows the right things, just the wrong item.

    Any chance of having a #23 thrown into my side-cart to ship with this month's shipment?


    Oh, edit, order no #1184926

    Dark Archive

    Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1

    Days and weeks have passed since the information on the Emperor’s Bounty was bought by Sarvus Trask. Nathon's research into the vessel, has shown that she is (was?) a Lathe-class, Light Cruiser. She would make a rich prize indeed, if she were to be salvaged.

    Nathan's extortions, and supplications to the Administratum have taken all of this time, and the Writ of Claim pertaining to this discovery, has at last been recieved.

    You now officially have permission to reach, and rescue the ship, and strip her down of anything of value, only one stipulation applies. Sarvus Trask must be the first man to set foot on the vessel.

    Now you travel the Warp to your destination, a sector of space some 300,000km in diameter, the Battleground was the scene of some forgotten epic battle, and sits just outside the normal trade routes that criss cross through the Maw, itself a passageway linking the Calixis Sector, and the Koronus Expanse.

    The trip is tipified by your ship, the Sovereign Venture having to drop out of the Warp, as it is buffetted by warp tides, it's geller field (the intense energey field that protects the ship from harm in the Warp) being strained to it's maximum. It is obvious that this trip will be a dangerous one, even for an experienced Captin.

    Dark Archive

    Wintergreen's CE PA IT Geek 10/Daddy 6/Physicist 3/Cartographer 1/Runner 1

    So, we have 5 players, we have some simple rules, and I have a plot....

    We have, in order of appearance:

    Xaaon of Xen'drik as Malaki
    and Davi the Eccentric as Nathan Tsano

    Welcome all the the 41st Millenium of human kind, may the Emperor-God see you and keep you safe from the Warp.

    Dark Archive

    Anyone up for a Rogue Trader RPG game? I picked up the freebee at FreeRPG Day today, and I like what I see.

    I'm happy to run it for up to three people, running the included adventure, or I'd love to play if anyone else fancies running something?

    Dark Archive

    I just got LoF 1 (and 4, but that's another story)....I can't wait to read it, although it will be a little while, as I'm playing it and don't want to spoil too much....

    What I want to say before I ramble too much......

    • The font. I love the flowing script, especially in the titles....
    • The artwork. The pictures with the Iconics are my favourites yet. Much more my style than those that have come before...
    • The inside covers....I love fluff like this, stories of Gods and creation. Whoever wrote those needs a pat on the back.

    Well done!

    Dark Archive

    Hi Cosmo,

    Please resume my subscriptions after the hold I requested last month.

    Do I need to reset the delivery options too?


    Dark Archive

    I had a video when I was a kid, that I'm sure was called "star energizers". Is was anime, and about 3 (I think) aircraft pilets, who's aircraft combined into a giant robot, in one of three combinations depending which ship formed the "head".

    I want to find it, to put with my dvd collection of "stuff I liked when I was a kid for my kids to watch" along with transformers and the secret squirrel....

    All my searches though lead me to Voltran, which it isn't I am sure....

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