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Nesteruk of Vigil's page

164 posts. Alias of Alexander Kilcoyne.

Full Name

Nesteruk of Vigil




Alchemist 2


HP 12/17, AC- 15 T- 11 FF- 14 CMD 16 F +7, R +5, W +4, P +8, In +1, AOO +6


Medium (6"3)



Special Abilities

Mutagen, Extracts, Sneak Attack




Imbrex, the Twins




Common, Draconic, Giant


Alchemist/Citizen of Lastwall

Strength 19
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 7

About Nesteruk of Vigil

Male Half-Orc Alchemist (Ragechemist, Vivisectionist) 2
LG Medium Humanoid (Orc)
Init +1; Senses Darkvision; Perception +6
AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 14. . (+4 armor, +1 Dex)
hp 17 (2d8+2)
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +4
Resist Poison Resistance +2
Spd 20 ft.
Melee Bite (Tusked) +5 (1d4+6/20/x2) and
. . Dagger +5 (1d4+4/19-20/x2) and
. . Greataxe +5 (1d12+6/20/x3) and
. . Javelin +1 (1d6+4/20/x2) and
. . Longspear +5 (1d8+6/20/x3) and
. . Masterwork Greataxe +6 (1d12+6/20/x3) and
. . Unarmed Strike +5 (1d3+4/20/x2)
Ranged Crossbow, Light +2 (1d8/19-20/x2)
Special Attacks Sneak Attack +1d6
Alchemist (Ragechemist, Vivisectionist) Spells Prepared (CL 2, 5 melee touch, 2 ranged touch):
1 (3/day) Shield (DC 13), Enlarge Person (DC 13), True Strike (DC 13)
Str 19, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 7
Base Atk +1; CMB +5; CMD 16
Feats Brew Potion, Iron Will, Throw Anything
Traits Accelerated Drinker, Tusked
Skills Acrobatics +1, Climb +2, Craft (Alchemy) +7, Escape Artist -2, Fly -2, Knowledge (Nature) +7, Perception +6, Ride -2, Spellcraft +7, Stealth -2, Swim +1, Use Magic Device +3 Modifiers Alchemy +2
Languages Common, Draconic, Giant, Orc
SQ +2 bonus on Fortitude saves, Empathic Link with Familiar (Su), Mutagen (DC 13) (Su), Poisoning (Standard Action) (Ex), Rage Mutagen, Share Spells with Familiar, Weapon Cord
Combat Gear Bolts, Crossbow (20), Crossbow, Light, Dagger, Greataxe, Javelin (2), Lamellar, leather, Longspear, Masterwork Greataxe; Other Gear Backpack (15 @ 38.26 lbs), Bedroll, Blanket, winter, Crowbar, Explorer's outfit, Flint and steel, Mutagen: +6 STR, -2 INT, +2 Nat AC, Rations, trail (per day) (2), Rope, hempen (50 ft.), Rope, silk (50 ft.), Sack (empty), Spell component pouch, Waterskin, Weapon Cord, Whetstone, Wrist sheath, spring loaded (1 @ 1 lbs)
+2 bonus on Fortitude saves You gain the Alertness feat while your familiar is within arm's reach.
Accelerated Drinker You may drink a potion as a move action instead of a standard as long as you start your turn with the potion in your hand.
Alchemy +2 (Su) +2 to Craft (Alchemy) to create alchemical items, can Id potions by touch.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Empathic Link with Familiar (Su) You have an empathic link with your Arcane Familiar.
Mutagen (DC 13) (Su) Mutagen adds +4 to a Physical attribute, -2 to a mental attribute, and +2 natural armor for 10 minutes/level.
Poison Resistance +2 (Ex) +2 to save vs. Poison.
Poisoning (Standard Action) (Ex) Normal: Apply poison to a weapon as a standard action.
Rage Mutagen STR mutagen bonuses increase, but penalty to Will & Int when hurt (Will neg).
Share Spells with Familiar The wizard may cast a spell with a target of "You" on his familiar (as a touch spell) instead of on himself. A wizard may cast spells on his familiar even if the spells do not normally affect creatures of the familiar's type (magical beast).
Sneak Attack +1d6 +1d6 damage if you flank your target or your target is flat-footed.
Throw Anything Proficient with improvised ranged weapons. +1 to hit with thrown splash weapons.
Weapon Cord Attached weapon can be recovered as a swift action.

Vital Statistics-

Age: 23
Height: 6"3
Weight: 234 lbs
Hair: Shaved
Eyes: Dark Brown
Skin: Green


Nesteruk is a Half-Orc born to the chieftain of the Black Sun tribe in the Hold of Belkzen; a savage and proud clan of warriors that trace their lineage back to Belkzen himself. A magnificent prophecy had been made about the two twin boys that his favourite captive concubine was expecting; in particular the elder son was predicted to be even greater than his father and would grow up to unite the tribes in order to pillage and destroy the hated nation of Lastwall. With her considerable magical powers, the tribe's seer was able to ascertain two life forms growing within the human concubine, and marked the two with a special arcane mark, a tiny glowing rune on each of their developing foreheads. By this mark, the Seer had established even before his birth that Nesteruk would be inferior to his brother.

This kind of prophecy was a common and rather hopeful tactic used by many shamans to tribal chief's in order to appease them, but this tribe took the prophecy to heart- and were utterly devastated when only one twin emerged from the birth, the one marked as the lesser, the one whose fate was simply to serve the tribe in any capacity he could. Yet the Seer could detect the destined twin's rune glowing from inside Nesteruk's tiny body- somehow, the unborn child has engulfed his brother while growing, absorbing his tissue inside his own and turning him into an unliving mass of tissue inside him, a parasite. As the son of the chief, Nesteruk's father was reluctant to kill him but in his rage almost did so, his axe coming within inches of slaying the baby.

Nesteruk was brought up on the beatings of his Orc father, who along with most of the tribe, blamed him for the strange birth and was generally seen as a bad omen. Nesteruk did his best to use his considerable strength to build himself up as a warrior to earn his father's respect, but no matter what he accomplished compared to the other young Orc's, it was never enough. The tribe declined and with its decline the beatings intensified; until eventually at the young age of twelve, Nesteruk fled.

The inexperienced child was promptly captured by a Lastwall patrol, but his keenness to surrender and willingness to co-operate with them spared him a swift death, the kind usually given to Orc's and half-Orc's crossing the border from Belkzen. The patrol leader, a half-orc Gorumite himself serving Vigil between crusades, eventually adopted the lad and brought him to his home in Vigil; and slowly over time people began to accept the boy, although he was frequently unliked and faced prejudice based on his race.

It took several years, but Nesteruk eventually learnt some advanced alchemy at the Tribune Hall in Vigil. Nesteruk grew into an intelligent and earnest young man who dutifully obeyed the laws of Lastwall and served Vigil against the other side of his ancestry, the savage, Orcish side he had rejected. He even served in Vigil's militia for some time, having taken the oaths to defend it and thus allowed to bear arms inside the city. His deep acceptance of the human side of his mixed blood and ancestry was a stark contrast to his appearance, for he was far more Orc than man, with a hulking physique and powerful tusks (although he did his best to keep these presentable, particularly in the miltiia).

His interest in alchemy grew when he discovered that the flesh from some parts of his body was a slightly different skin tone than others; further investigation revealed over time that the chemical properties of the skin was different too. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together with the scraps of knowledge he had learnt from his abusive father, he understood that somehow, his twin lived on in certain parts of his body, although only as a parasite. Barely understanding what he decided to undertake, the half-orc decided to finally atone for his pre-birth sin, and resolved to cultivate and grow the organic legacy his unborn brother had left in him. Nesteruk was content enough with his lot but had no close friends and his adopted father was only home in Vigil between crusades. He reasoned to himself that surely, with enough research, magic and power- his brother could be grown once more from the living parts of hiw own body, a piece at a time. To finally have the companionship the boy craved, to finally have a brother; he decided to pursue the idea as far as his intellect would allow him. He even decided that he would convince his twin to embrace the human way of life like he had, and surely if he had been predicted to unite the tribes he would be a powerful warrior and ally; it would surely be wrong, both for himself and Vigil, not to try?

Nesteruk has been making research notes on his obsession quietly in his journal, not sharing his work with anyone. He recently began to run low on some rare alchemical ingredients he needed to try a new avenue of flesh growth on his abdomen, and visited a local alchemist there to get what he needed. Staying overnight, Nesteruk became concerned when he heard of the two disappearances. Lastwall's military forces didn't seem to have much of a presence in the little hamlet and he understood that volunteers would soon be called upon to investigate. He would not hesitate to give back to the fine country that had become his home, being a patriotic sort.

Appearance: Nesteruk is a towering, brawny half-orc and is incredibly ugly. His pearly white teeth and tusks are kept carefully maintained and brushed each morning and his head is shaved, having learnt long ago that alchemical experiments and hair don't tend to go well together- his singed eyebrows are also a testament to this truth. Despite his clear allegiance to Lastwall, Nesteruk still favors the weapons he fought with growing up; the greataxe, the javelin and the dagger he keeps in an expensive spring-loaded sheath for emergencies. He is reasonably well-dressed and when not in his home city of Vigil he wears Lamellar breastplate armour, lighter than the conventional metal and allowing him freedom of movement. In battle he is somewhat ferocious, fighting with brutal and powerful blows that hes not squeemish about sticking where it hurts while his foe is distracted.

Personality: Nesteruk is an honourable man and is somewhat blunt; dishonesty does not come naturally to him. He is proud of himself and is disdainful of those who have never had to 'hold the line'. He is somewhat disgusted with his own appearance and ancestry but simultaneously keen to disprove the typical assumptions made of a half-orc bearing weapons. The proudest moment of his life was when he took the oaths to Vigil and had the Shield-Mark branded onto his skin, and until recently he identified most strongly with Iomedae, the patron deity of Vigil. However, his recent obsession with his lost brother has caused him to begin to secretly venerate Imbrex, the First World entity made up of two statue-like siblings. He prays to Imbrex to help him find the strength to re-unite himself with his brother and give him a second chance at life.

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