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Nesipho Inkosi's page

318 posts. Alias of bbangerter.

Full Name

Nesipho Inkosi




Human HP 156/156 | AC 24 T 20 FF 16 | CMB +12 CMD 30 | Saves F+13 R+19 W+12 (+2 vs Mind-Effecting) | Init +23 | Perception +27 | Darkvision 60' | Constant Sanctuary vs Fey DC 17








Lawful Good

Strength 11
Dexterity 26
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 20

About Nesipho Inkosi


Race Human
Origin Mwangi Expanse
First Class Path Magus
Second Class Path Slayer (Vanguard Archetype)
Third Class Path Oracle (Enlightened Philosopher Archetype, Lunar Mystery, Haunted Curse)
Mythic Path Archmage
Secondary Mythic Path Trickster
Main Role Scout, shutting down casters
Secondary Roles Battlefield control, buffer, secondary damage dealer
Campaign Trait Nature Shall Speak

The Player:

A long time player of D&D (over 30 years, off an on) I've been around the Paizo forums for about the past 3 years. I'm currently running a multi-group campaign (yes, multiple groups of 5 players each) - originally 4 groups, but now down to two. This campaign has been going on for over 2 years here on the forums in a PbP format.

I've played in several PbP games, but all died within a few months due to the GM disappearing.

I frequent the rules forum, and am probably viewed by some there as an intractable rules lawyer, but I don't bring that into games I'm not the GM for. I may ask the occasional clarification, but am happy to run with whatever ruling a GM hands out.

Nesipho Inkosi (meaning gifted king) was born into the Ilanga tribe, one of the Zenj jungle tribes, son of the tribal shaman.

His father looked forward with great anticipation to his son becoming the new shaman, as had been the custom, and gift of the family, for many generations.

Nespho's father however was disappointed in this. Nesipho did not inherit his fathers gift of shamanism, though was touched in a different manner by the spirits of shamanism, though the spirits that attended Nesipho seemed to contain more of the mischievousness of the fey. His clothes and hair would stir when there was no breeze. Things he put down would sometimes be lost and not found till days later in another location, as though invisible gremlins attended him and amused themselves with little pranks. Along with these strange occurrences though also came gifts of power to heal, as though from his shaman heritage, but also power to harm.

As he grew to manhood he was quick to learn the skills necessary to survive the dangers of his homeland. As both a hunter and tracker he became comfortable either alone or working with a group to take down quarry, whether by direct confrontation for smaller less dangerous creatures or by luring more dangerous foes into an disadvantageous position. As he learned the art of the hunt, his inherited abilities also grew stronger, seeming to shape themselves to his passion for the hunt.

His brother, Ojore, was born a few years after he was, inheriting their fathers shamanistic powers, at great relief to their father. Ojore was then raised in the shamanastic ways, to one day take their fathers place, but it was not to be.

The various ruins in the expanse intrigued him and he took the opportunity when he could to delve into a few of the small ruin sites near his tribal lands. Shortly after his younger brother completed the rights of passage into manhood, strange sightings were seen in the vicinity of the Drowning Stones. The tribe determined to investigate these troubling occurrences and Nesipho gladly took up the position to lead the expedition. An opportunity to both prove his worth as a leader, and to explore some these ancient ruins.

With Ojore and several others tribesmen at his side, they discovered a group of ulat-kini, skum, practicing dark rites. The expedition ultimately uncovered an evil practitioner of the arcane behind the skum, summoning demons from the abyss. In the fight that ensued, the expedition was wiped out, save Nesipho only who was taken prisoner and kept for the wizards amusement and experimentation. While in captivity, Nesipho suffered much, but used what little private time he had working on a means of escape. In a moment of carelessness on the part of the mage, Nesipho stole the very essence of magic from his hated captor and managed to slay the evil mage with it.

Feeling guilt over the loss of his brother, he returned home only long enough to report on what had happened to the expedition, then departed.

On account of his captivity, he vowed never to be bound so helplessly by magic again, and sought out a teacher of the arcane that he might understand its strengths and weaknesses.

In Varisia he came under the tutorship of one Master Hammond Torenest. Hammond was a man of large stature that was capable both with martial weapons and the arcane, his preferred weapon a rune etched warhammer. Nesipho studied under him for a time, finding he was able to grasp quickly the arcane arts, but preferred a lighter, more agile weapon over his tutors heavier hammer. He practiced relentlessly, seeking perfection in his combining of blade and magic, and how best to counter an enemy sorcerer or wizard. During this time he also developed an intense interested in other cultures and their languages. This in particular reignited his interested in ancient ruins and lost civilizations. He tooks to studying languages with a passion, but Varisia didn't afford him the opportunity to study the past save from books only.

Taking leave of Master Torenest, he tooks passage aboard the ship Jenivere, in hopes of exploring the ancient ruins in the southern part of the expanse, a part of his homeland he had never been to.

He founds the ship travel pleasant and took time to converse a bit with any who had an open ear, whence he met the brothers Ezra and Micah, the disciplined Kejak, and the strange creature Lyra.

In course, the ship was wrecked, and these new companions, compelled by circumstances, dealt with mysterious going ons in the region. It was there they also met Pakiru, another native of the Mwangi, one whose ancestral traditions troubled Nesipho somewhat. In time though Pakiru proved himself a valuable ally and likewise became a trusted comrade.

Evading death by assassins, pirates, and the strange snakemen. And at the last preventing the rebirth of the snake god, the companions grew from their many experiences, their individual powers growing stronger. But with their victory also came whispers of something primal, something of the first world, Vonn and Novo.

Nesipho took leave of his companions, promising to return within the month. He traveled to his home tribe and spoke with his parents. His parents now in their elder years welcomed him warmly, but that night his father spoke solemnly of Vonn and Novo. The stories had reached deep into the Mwangi expanse as well. The shamanistic spirits were troubled. Seeking the blessings of his father, such as his magics would provide, he returned again to his friends and companions. It was clear there would be no rest or respite until this new mystery were unraveled.

Stat block:
Magus 12/Slayer (Vanguard Archetype) 12/Oracle 12 (Enlightened Philosopher Archetype, Lunar Mystery, Haunted Curse), Mythic Tier 4 (Archmage, Trickster)
Lawful Good Medium Humanoid (Human Male)
Init +23 (+8 dex, +6 lookout, +1 arcane temper, +4 mythic tier, +4 improved init); Senses Darkvision 60', Perception +27
Magus Spells memorized:
4th-Arcana Theft [], Black Tentacles [], Stoneskin [], Wall of Ice []
3rd-Blade Snare [], Fly [], Dispel Magic [], Locate Weakness [], Stinking Cloud []
2nd-Arcane Disruption [], Bladed Dash [], Fog Cloud [], Frigid Touch [], Shatter [], Web []
1st-Glue Seal [], Jump [], Mirror Strike [], Shocking Grasp [], Vanish [], Warding Weapon []
0-(5) Detect Magic, Light, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
Oracle Spells Available:
6th-3/day [][][]
5th-6/day [][][][][][]
4th-7/day [][][][][][][]
3rd-7/day [][][][][][][]
2nd-7/day [][][][][][][]
1st-8/day [][][][][][][][]
Other per day resources:
Arcane Pool [][][][][][][][][][]
Silent Magic []
Tactician []
Form of the Beast []
Mythic Power [][][][][][][][][][][]
Ring of Arcane Mastery [][][][]

AC 24, touch 20, flat-footed 16 (+1 armor, +2 armor attunement, +8 dex, +2 deflection, +1 toughening)
HP 156 (12d10 + 24 con +12 mythic)
Fort +13 (+8 base +2 con +3 resistance), Ref +19 (+8 base +8 dex +3 resistance), Will +12 (+8 base +1 wis +3 resistance) All saves: +2 vs Mind-Effecting
Constant Sanctuary vs Fey (DC 17)

Speed 30 ft.
+23/+18/+13 Rapier (+12 BAB +8 dex +1 weapon focus +2 enhancement) 1d6+10 (14-20 x2 +5 to confirm) +4d6 sneak attack
+12/+7/+2 Longspear 1d8 (20 x3 +5 to confirm) +4d6 sneak attack
+21 Longbow (+12 BAB +8 dex +1 mwk) 1d8 20 x3 (+5 to confirm)
+20 Shortspear (+12 BAB +8 dex) 1d6 20 x2 (+5 to confirm)
Magus Spells Known (CL 12th)
4th (4/day) DC 18—Arcana Theft (DC 19), Black Tentacles, Dimension Door, Greater Invisibility, Stoneskin (DC 19), Wall of Ice
3rd (5/day) DC 17—Blade Snare (DC 18), Fly, Locate Weakness, Stinking Cloud, Vampiric Touch, Water Breathing
2nd (6/day) DC 16—Arcane Disruption, Bladed Dash, Fog Cloud, Frigid Touch, Shatter, Web
1st (6/day) DC 15—Feather Fall, Glue Seal, Jump, Keep Watch, Mirror Strike, Mount, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Vanish, Warding Weapon
0 (5) DC 14—Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Spark
Arcane Pool (Su) 10
Oracle Spells Known (CL 12th)
6th (1) DC 21—Mass Inflict Moderate Wounds, Litany of Madness, Greater Dispel Magic
5th (2) DC 20—Mass Inflict Light Wounds, Aspect of the Wolf, Breath of Life, Spellsteal (DC 21), Telekinesis
4th (3) DC 19—Inflict Critical Wounds, Moonstruck, Blessing of Fervor, Communal Protection from Energy, Freedom of Movement, Restoration
3rd (4) DC 18—Inflict Serious Wounds, Rage, Cure Serious Wounds, Daylight, Invisibility Purge, Prayer
2nd (5) DC 17—Inflict Moderate Wounds, Communal Protection from Evil, Cure Moderate Wounds, Darkness, Find Traps, Levitate, Mirror Image, Remove Paralysis, Silence
1st (5) DC 16—Inflict Light Wounds, Fumbletongue, Ant Haul, Bless, Cure Light Wounds, Remove Fear, Tap Inner Beauty
0 (9) DC 15—Bleed, Create Water, Detect Poison, Enhanced Diplomacy, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Mending, Purify Food and Drink, Resistance, Stabilize, Virtue

Str 11 (base), Dex 26 (16 base +2 racial +2 level 4/8 +4 physical prowess, +2 mythic), Con 14 (base), Int 18 (14 base +2 mental acuity revelation +2 mythic), Wis 12 (base), Cha 20 (base +1 level 12 +4 mental prowess)
Base Attack +12; CMB +12; CMD 30 (10 +12 BAB +8 dex)
Feats 16 (12 +1 human +1 upbringing +2 magus) Weapon Finesse (Rapier, Slayer Talent), Alertness (human), Jackal Heritage (upbringing), Combat Reflexes (1), Quick Draw (2), Improved Initiative (3), Step Up (4), Weapon Focus (Magus 5, Rapier), Fencing Grace (5), Combat Expertise (6), Gang Up (7), Improved Critical (8, Rapier), Critical Focus (9), Blighted Critical (10), Blighted Critical Mastery (11), Spell Focus (Abjuration, Magus 11), Disruptive (12)
Teamwork Feats Outflank, Paired Opportunists, Lookout, Bonded Mind (Slayer Archetype)
Mythic Path Archmage, Trickster
Mythic Path Features Wild Arcana, Fleet Charge
Mythic Feats Improved Critical (rapier), Extra Path Ability (Transfer Magic)
Mythic Path Abilities Flexible Counterspell, Spellbane Counterstrike, Transfer Magic
Traits Nature Shall Speak, Anatomist, Arcane Temper
Armor Check Penalty 0
Favored Class Magus (12 skill points)
Skills (8 per level - 6 class +1 human +1 FCB)
*Acrobatics +23 (+28 jumping) (+27 tumbling) (12 ranks +3 class skill +8 dex +5 boots springing +4 belt of tumbling)
*Bluff +20 (12 ranks +3 class skill +5 cha)
*Climb +7 (4 ranks +3 class skill)
Diplomacy +7 (2 ranks +5 cha)
Disable Device +12 (4 ranks +8 dex)
*Disguise +5 (+5 cha)
*Fly +14 (3 rank +3 class skill +8 dex)
*Heal +1 (+1 wis)
*Intimidate +7 (2 ranks +5 cha)
*Kn Arcana +10 (3 ranks +3 class skill +4 int)
*Kn Dungeoneering +4 (+4 int)
*Kn Local +4 (+4 int)
*Kn Nature +9 (2 ranks +3 class skill +4 int)
*Kn Planes +9 (2 ranks +3 class skill +4 int)
*Kn Religion +10 (3 ranks +3 class skill +4 int)
*Perception +27 (12 ranks +3 class skill +1 wis +4 alertness +5 eyes of the eagle +2 jackal heritage)
*Ride +8 (+8 dex)
*Sense Motive +20 (12 ranks +3 class skill +1 wis +4 alertness)
*Spellcraft +16 (9 ranks +3 class skill +4 int)
*Stealth +33 (12 ranks +3 class skill +8 dex +10 improved shadow armor)
*Survival +16 (12 ranks +3 class skill +1 wis)
*Swim +4 (1 ranks +3 class skill)
*Use Magic Device +9 (1 rank +3 class skill +5 cha)
Background Skills (24, 2 per level)
Appraise +8 (1 rank +3 class skill +4 int)
*Craft +4 (+4 int)
Handle Animal +5 (+5 cha)
*Kn Engineering +4
*Kn Geography +8 (1 ranks +3 class skill +4 int)
*Kn History +9 (2 ranks +3 class skill +4 int)
*Kn Nobility +4 (+4 int)
*Linguistics +19 (12 ranks +3 class skill +4 int)
*Lore (Ancient Ruins) +13 (6 ranks +3 class skill +4 int)
Perform +5 (+5 cha)
*Profession +1 (+1 wis)
Sleight of Hand +10 (2 ranks +8 dex)
Languages Common, Abyssal, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Ignan, Infernal, Orc, Sylvan, Terran, Undercommon, Varisian
Equipment Improved Shadow Padded Armor (15155gp, 10 lbs), Gloves of Storing (10,000gp), Cold Iron Rapier (340gp, 2 lbs), Mwk Longbow (375gp, 3 lbs), 60 Arrows (3gp), Handy Haversack (2,000gp, 5 lbs), Ring of Arcane Mastery (20,000gp), Eyes of the Eagle (2,500gp), Cap of the Free Thinker (12,000gp), Blessed Book (12,500gp), Lesser Rod of Intensified Metamagic (3000gp, stored in gloves), Efficient Quiver (1,800gp, 2 lbs), Rope of Climbing (3,000gp), Ring of Sustenance (2,500gp), Boots of Striding and Springing (5,500gp, 1 lb), Longspear x2 (10gp, in quiver), Cold Iron Longspear (10gp, in quiver), Silver Longspear (185gp, in quiver), Shortspear x10 (10gp, in quiver), Cold Iron Shortspear x4 (8gp, in quiver), Silver Shortspear x4 (364gp, in quiver), Quarterstaff (in quiver), Belt of Tumbling (800gp, 1 lb), Mwk Thieves Tools (100gp), Spell Component Pouch (5gp, 2 lbs), Paper sheets x20 (2gp), Colored Chalk x100 (1gp), Bedroll (1sp), Magnifying glass (100gp), Mirror (10gp), Antiplague x2 (100gp), Antitoxin x2 (100gp), Smelling Salts (25gp), Vermin Repellent (5pg), Alchemical Glue x2 (40gp), Alchemical Glue Accelerant x2 (50gp), Alchemical Solvent x2 (40gp), Scent Cloak x2 (40gp), Diamond Dust (2500gp worth)
Cash 821gp 9sp
Encumbrance 26 lbs (light load)

Spell Combat (Ex) Cast a spell while making a full attack.
Spellstrike (Su) Deliver touch spells through melee weapon.
Silent Magic (Magus Arcana, Su) Once per day cast a spell as if with the silent metamagic feat.
Broad Study (Magus Arcana, Ex) Use spells from oracle class with spell combat and spellstrike.
Arcane Scent (Magus Arcana, Ex) Gain scent ability vs casters for level hours. 1 arcane point. As a move action, determine highest level spell creature can cast as a spellcraft check (DC 10 + creatures caster level).
Lingering Pain (Magus Arcana, Su) Spend 1 arcane point to make damage dealt count as continuing damage for concentration checks.
Improved Spell Recall (Su) Spend 1/2 spell level arcane points to restore a cast spell.
Improved Spell Combat (Ex) +2 to concentration checks when using spell combat.
Knowledge Pool (Su) Spend arcane points to temporarily add a spell to spellbook for the day.
Medium Armor Training (Ex) Proficient with medium armor.
Fighter Training (Ex) Treat 1/2 magus levels as fighter levels for qualifying for feats.
Studied Target (Ex) As a move or swift action (or immediate action after dealing sneak attack) add +3 to bluff, knowledge, perception, sense motive, survival, attack, damage rolls, and DC of slayer abilities. Can have up to 3 studied targets at once.
Sneak Attack (Ex) +4d6
Swift Tracker (Ex) Move at normal speed while tracking without penalty.
Finesse Rogue (Slayer Talent, Rapier, Ex) Gain Weapon Finesse (Rapier) feat.
Unwitting Ally (Slayer Talent, Ex) As a swift action bluff vs sense motive to treat an enemy as an ally for flanking.
Opportunist (Advanced Slayer Talent, Ex) Once per round make an AoO against a foe that just took melee damage.
Slowing Strike (Slayer Talent, Ex) Foes damaged by sneak attack have speed reduced to half for 1d4 rounds. DC 20 Fort save to negate.
Lookout (Ex) Add 1/2 slayer level to initiative.
Tactician (Ex) Once per day as a standard action grant all allies within 30' one teamwork feat known for 3 +1/2 level rounds.
Vanguard's Bond (Ex) As a move action grant half studied target bonus to all allies within 30' for int mod rounds.
Ever Ready (Ex) Is never caught unaware in surprise round.
Eye of the Moon (Oracle Revelation, Su) Gain darkvision 60'. As a standard action gain true seeing for 10'x10' area lit by moonlight.
Touch of the Moon (Oracle Mystery, Su) Inflict spells also cause confusion per the spell for the inflict spells level in rounds. DC 21 will negates.
Mental Acuity (Oracle Mystery, Ex) Gain +1 int, +1 per 3 levels after 7th.
Form of the Beast (Oracle Mystery, Su) Once per day take a beast form (diminutive to huge) level hours per day.
Haunted (Oracle Curse) Retrieving items is a full round action. Dropped items land 10' away.
Jackal Heritage Gain +2 to perception, and +2 to saves vs mind-effecting.
Anatomist +1 to confirm critical hits.
Arcane Temper +1 to initiative and concentration checks.
Critical Focus +4 to confirm critical hits.
Paired Opportunists +4 to hit with AoO.
Outflank +4 flanking bonus, crits provoke AoO for allies.

Fiddly Rules Bits:

Between gang up, outflank, improved critical, and paired opportunist, Nesipho is designed to generate AoO's for himself and his team.

There is some GM interpretation needed here in that if Nesipho crits, giving an ally an AoO, and thus giving himself an AoO, then crits again on the AoO it could result in a chain. I'm assuming a conservative approach here in that a crit off an AoO does not escalate the chain. Doing so makes keeping track of the entire chain between himself and allies a lot easier to deal with.

However, if he were to crit three times in a row as part of his normal full attack, that should still generate 3 AoO's for himself and his allies.

His ability to learn quickly has made him a little arrogant, which sometimes puts people off. But he is friendly and talkative when not engrossed in study of a new language or the hunt. He can frequently be found using both chalk and paper (of which he always has some on hand) to capture the engravings and hieroglyphics that are sometimes found in old ruins. He has a growing collection of these impressions which he leaves carefully wrapped up wherever his current base of operations might be.

Like many of the Mwangi, Nesipho holds a great reverence for his forefathers, and the traditions that have been handed down from them. While normally slow to anger those who show disrespect to either his ancestors or his tribal traditions will find his wrath kindled against them. While it would be unlikely he would be provoked into attacking someone for such a sleight, he would hold a grudge against such a person.

While he has an interest in other cultures, he doesn't always understand them, and has gotten himself into some minor predicaments for not following local laws in places he has spent time in outside of the Mwangi Expanse.

Standing at 5'2" Nesipho is of a slim build, weighing in at 146 lbs. His dark skin is covered by plain loose fitting clothing of earthen colors. A foot long braid of black hair hangs down his back. He is quick to smile, and often jokes around with his companions, making light when most others are dour.

Nesipho is the oldest of two. Both his parents remain with the tribe. His younger brother, Ojore, was lost in an expedition to explore the drowning stones. Nesipho feels some guilt towards the loss of his brother.

Languages from Google Translate:

Common - English
Abyssal - Nepali
Aquan - Welsh
Auran - Thai
Celestial - Armenian
Draconic - Chinese
Dwarven - Russian
Elven - Finnish
Giant - Icelandic
Gnome - Filipino
Goblin - Lithuanian
Ignan - Maori
Infernal - Tajik
Orc - Afrikaans
Sylvan - Bosnian
Terran - Balarusian
Undercommon - Khmer
Varisian - Romanian

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