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Captain Josper Creesy

Nermal2097's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 388 posts (436 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 3 aliases.


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Bill Baldwin wrote: are a party of first level characters with starting gold equipment and your first encounter is a Spider Swarm.

did this to my group in week 1 of my game. They survived with minimal bites and bruises, and only a small amount of vomiting.

No actual need for goatees (two of my PCs are women) but it is the style of choice for evil versions.

I want to present to the group, this is you if you turn evil

Indeed yes, however that comes with some restrictions such as the opposite must immediately attack the character and fights to the death.

Im looking for more long lasting ways.

(its also a Star Trek reference)

Are there any interesting or cool ways to create Evil Twins of characters?

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Snorter wrote:
Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
It's not the candidates that are intolerable to either side. It's actually reached the point that both sides are intolerable to others. The ruralists have had more than enough of condescension from the "liberal elite". While the urbanists have had their fill of being called degenerates from the breadbasket. We have a serious cultural divide that goes beyond candidates.

Maybe it's time to accept the divide is irrevocable, and separate the country?

The 'metropolitan elites' could take the East Coast and West Coast, mostly urban territory, as a pair of 'mega cities'.
And the area in between could be left to the flat earthers, young earth creationists, Armageddon-watchers and Rapture-seekers, as effectively beyond recovery.
Some kind of 'Cursed Earth'?

Don't forget the largely cosmopolitan cities of Texas could band together to join this proposed mega city program.

Refering to any creature, monster, NPC, or walking Hit point stack as a "Mob".

Oh so annoying.

Recently started a game and the party have just hit level 2, I have decided to give them all max HP each level. They are suspicious that I am going to throw all kinds of danger their way.

Which of course I am :D

RDM42 wrote:
If you use the knowledge based familiar option so and have the familiar have knowledge arcana ... you could say the raven sets him on the course to how to use his magic.

It would be a cool inversion of the trope that the spellcaster has all the knowledge and the familiar is just a tag-along. Having the Raven begin their path and teaching them the basics would be a fun twist indeed.

The raven follows him around for a few days, just watching mainly. Then the PC gets themselves into a situation that magic would be useful to get themselves out of. The raven flies up to the PC and shouts into their ear "YOU ARE A SORCERER! CAST A FRIKKING SPELL YA DUMMY!"

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Make the floor noisy

Affleck was good as Batman, shame that the script was lame, the dialogue weak, the director rubbish, the plot non-existant till the last fight then recylced from two different comics, the human villian non-sensical, lois lane reduced to token female and damsel in distress, the cinematography lazy, the CGI villian looked like a cave troll wandered onto the wrong set and got mad at Zack Synder for for trying to turn Dommsday into some weakass Zod Zombie.

But yeah Ben was good, as was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (even though she was just there to literally watch the trailers for the other DC films).

And lets not forget that Ben Affleck has won actual Oscars

Playing the heck out this beautiful game so far. Well right up till i got stuck on a planet with no take-off fuel and no resources in the immediate vacinity.

Planting a Tower Shield grants cover (and possibly Evasion). It is not necessary to plant the shield to gain the burst barrier bonus.

Anyone mentioned the Kobayahsi Maru yet?

The Rock. The mobile fortress monastary of the Dark Angels chapter of Space Marines, carved from the last fragment of a destroyed homeworld.

Fireball XL-5. Because I want to be a spaceman, the fastest man alive.

Thunderbird 3. Coolest rocket ship ever.

Red ones go faster

can you take Amateur Gunslinger twice?

I have an Irradiated rifle called Nuclear War

Maybe the city floats along a certain route that brings it past the same mountain range every year or so. While there they fill large reservoirs of water that they rely on the rest of the year. With back ups of "Decanters" in times of need. The city also trades with the races that live in/on/under the mountains. Thus the city can get new items. such as forged weapons etc.

You could have airships that trade between the city and the surface world. Thus gaining food/wealth for the city. Interruption of said trade could be a good plot line for PCs to sink their teeth into.

Meat wrote:
Nermal2097 wrote:
My current wizard is riding around on a Gecko
Does it sell insurance?

The Wizard or the Gecko?

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Fire and Ice (not really a movie, as much as a series of animated Frank Frazetta paintings)
Rock and Rule (animated mice people over throw the evil Mick Jagger tyrant)

Can someone please remaster a new soundtrack for Ladyhawke, the score is painful but the film itself is awesome.

Also Plunkett and Macleane is cool, not fantasy but definitely worth a watch.

EDIT: Also, Wizards (1977). How could I have forgotten to mention this?

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56. 100 duck sized horses.

LazarX wrote:
Nermal2097 wrote:
This isn't from Pathfinder but Amber DRPG. I was leading the party through Shadow and decided that we needed some mounts. So I lead them to a mountainous shadow that used horse sized mountain goats as the steed of choice. Way cooler than just a horse.
Would have been even cooler if it was Bruce Springsteen riding a Horse sized Duck. :)

But that would have been too tempting to get into a fight with 100 duck sized horses.

This isn't from Pathfinder but Amber DRPG. I was leading the party through Shadow and decided that we needed some mounts. So I lead them to a mountainous shadow that used horse sized mountain goats as the steed of choice. Way cooler than just a horse.

My current wizard is riding around on a Gecko

Some wonders that I have for my homebrew setting (not including ones very similar to previous suggestions):

32. The Gargoyle: Near the western end of the World Scar, deep in the Wilds Lands, is The Gargoyle. The southern wall of the canyon has been carved into a colossal demonic statue hundreds of feet tall. The demon sits on its haunches, its elbows on its knees with its clawed hands out stretched palms up as if asking the world for a sacrifice. Between its cloven hooves is an entrance to a cave.

33. The Pillars of Creation: Deep in the heart of the Keloran Wood, an unending and primeval forest, are the Pillars of Creation. The Pillars, the most sacred site to all the native races of Vogundium, are a grove of five cyclopean trees each standing a mile high. The holiest temple of the Elven faith stands in the centre of the grove, a vast structure of wood that seamlessly blends in with its surroundings.

34. The Gate of Heaven: The walled city of Taifeng is the capital of Hoshen Province. It is a centre of learning and religious study. Visitors to the city must first pass through The Gate of Heaven, a torii gate over 100ft tall. Legend has it that the wood used to craft the gate was gifted to the Emperor Who Is The Ruler of the World in the name of the Heavenly Bureaucracy by the Heavenly Emperor That Sits on the Jade Throne from a grove of trees that grow in Paradise.

35. Nethercity: A vast necropolis in the Kingdom of Ealvick that has twice been the source of Undead Uprisings that threatened the entire continent. It has not been active for centuries.

36. The Frozen Giants: A circle of undetermined number of standing stones, roughly hewn to resemble giant humanoids. Local legend states that if anyone were to stand in the centre of the circle and count exactly how many stones there are, they would come to life.

37. The Ice Caves of Aefnia: Deep in the mountains, far from any civilization, are huge caves of ice. Gargantuan creatures, frozen deep in the ice, are clearly visible through the crystal clear ice. Strange looking humanoids can be seen fleeing from and fighting the monsters.

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Last week my 7 and 6 yo daughters told me they like X-Men movies more than Barbie movies.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If your taste in Scifi runs more to Dune and such galaxy spanning space operatics then Fading Suns would be a good choice

Also, according to the song a band of demons join in when the devil starts playing. Would they be adding +2's from Aid Another actions?

Fetchling shadowcaller whose shadow/eidolon is Slenderman

Did this once with a party of Dwarves holed up in an isolated farmstead with some advanced firearms. A column of 1000s of zulus, sorry Elves, came at them. Sustained fire from the rifles and a few fireballs here and there helped stop the tide. Was a fun session.

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:

My, she was yar.

Btw, "caught" and "cot" are pronounced exactly the same.

Over here Caught rhymes with bought and Cot rhymes with lot.


I would have thought people would be all ogre this thread by now

46. Diurnals: Crystals that emit (coloured) light as a torch whilst the sun is in the sky over the place of their enchantment.

I did a homebrew All Dwarf campaign a few years ago (ok maybe 10 but who's counting). The premise was that the dwarves were the islamic like inhabitants of an area and the Christian like Elves came Crusading. A Memorable adventure within the campaign was a restyling of Roarkes Drift. the PCs were held up in a lodge with a thousand elves charging at them. Some rifles and a whole bunch of fireballs later the Elves were decimated and the dwarves stood for another day.

Buri wrote:
Nermal2097 wrote:
You do know stuff like this makes America look silly.
You think America is the only place with young earth creationists?

To answer your question directly, no I don't.

To be clear America also totally rocks for having guys like Bill Nye.

Kryzbyn wrote:
He may be talking about the debate itself...


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You do know stuff like this makes America look silly.

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Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:
Master of the Dark Triad wrote:
Mythic Evil Lincoln wrote:

A giant, flying stone head that is worshipped as a deity by a local barbarian tribe.

The head routinely vomits up guns for the barbarians to use when enforcing its will.

Is it bad that this seems familiar to me...?
Oh my yes.

Thank you for reminding of Sean Connery in a red nappy

Hello. I am hoping that the forums can help me fine tune a number pathfinder characters. This is theoretical party build for my own use. These are not optimised by any stretch just ideas about building a group that would nicely complement each other. Any tweaks to my current builds would be greatly appreciated.

They are:
Isaiah Wetmore: Human Fighter (no archetype), specialism: Archery
Coral Giovanetti: Half-Elf Paladin (Holy Tactician)
Elzen Scarpenetti: Elf Rogue (Scout/Investigator)
Luminostroglio Caligari: Elf Wizard (Transmuter)
Tan Xin: Halfling Cleric (Merciful Healer)

The fighter is a devil with a bow, the rogue is a tracker the paladin buffing with teamwork feats, the wizard is a crafter of constructs plus buffing with spells and the cleric keeping everyone alive with healing. I imagine them as a military squad given the “special missions” to go behind enemy lines etc.

Builds (All 20pt buy)

Isaiah Wetmore:
Human, Fighter (no archetype)
Str: 14
Dex: 17 (15+2 race)
Con: 14
Int: 13
Wis: 10
Cha: 10
Traits: Mathematical Prodigy, Killer

1 – Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus: Longbow, Fast Learner
2 – Rapid Shot
3 – Deadly Aim
4 – Combat Reflexes
5 – Weapon Specialization: Longbow
6 – Precise Shot
7 – Point Blank Master: Longbow
8 – Snap Shot
9 – Manyshot
10 – Improved Snap Shot
11 – Greater Weapon Focus: Longbow
12 – Improved Precise Shot
13 – Greater Weapon Specialization: Longbow
14 – Dodge
15 – Pin Down
16 – Greater Snap Shot
17 – Clustered Shots
18 – Disruptive
19 – Spellbreaker
20 – Teleport Tactician

Skills: main skills are Craft (Bows), Profession (soldier) and Perception with occasional ranks Knowledge (arcana) (dungeoneering) (engineering), bluff, climb, handle animal, intimidate, ride, sense motive, survival and swim
Notes: low levels can act as switch hitter, Int, human, and fast learner give him 5 skill ranks per level, once point blank master and snap shot kick in can use bow close up (will have the AC to back that up, can move full speed in armor)

Coral Giovanetti:
Half-Elf Paladin (Holy Tactician)
Str: 12
Dex: 13
Con: 10
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Cha: 18 (16 +2 race)
Traits: Ease of Faith, Magical Knack

1 – Weapon Focus: Morningstar, Skill Focus: Profession (Soldier)
3 – Point Blank Shot, Feint Partner
5 – Precise Shot
7 – Combat Reflexes, Outflank
9 – Saving Shield
11 – Improved Feint Partner, Enfilading Fire
13 – Divine Interference
15 – Bodyguard, Pack Attack
17 – In Harm’s Way
19 – Dazzling Display, Duck and Cover

Skills: concentrate on heal and diplomacy with some intimidate, bluff and sense motive
Notes: In combat can use either bow or Morningstar and shield, buffs allies with teamwork feat to maximise feint/flanking for fighter and rogue, back up healer to cleric, high-ish Cha so can act as face (archetype swaps out divine bond so actually ends up being the slowest member of the group if wearing medium/heavy armor with no way to mitigate the slowdown)

Elzen Scarpenetti:
Elf Rogue (Scout/Investigator)
Str: 14
Dex: 16 (14 +2 race)
Con: 10 (12 -2 race)
Int: 15 (13 +2 race)
Wis: 10
Cha: 14
Traits: Dirty Fighter, Charming

1 – Dodge
2 – Surprise Attack
3 – Combat Expertise
4 – Trapspotter
5 – Improved Feint
6 – Follow Clues
7 – Mobility
8 – Assault Leader
9 – Weapon Focus: Longsword
10 – Hunter’s Surprise
11 – Lightning Reflexes
12 – Slippery Mind
13 – Improved Lightning Reflexes
14 – Thoughtful Re-examining
15 – Spring Attack
16 – Opportunist
17 – Sidestep
18 – Hard to Fool
19 – Improved Sidestep
20 – Another Day

Skills: High Int and rogue gives plenty to work with but max in perception and bluff would be a must, plus Face skills. Can also fill out the knowledge skills to back up the wizard
Notes: Plenty of skill ranks to put in Face skills, use the paladin as a flanking buddy, make most of the teamwork feats from the paladin.

Luminostroglio Caligari:
Elf Wizard (Transmuter, Opp – Illusion, Enchantment)
Str: 11
Dex: 15 (13 +2 race)
Con: 11 (13 -2 race)
Int: 18 (16 +2 race)
Wis: 10
Cha: 13
Traits: Warrior of Old, Hedge Magician

1 – Breadth of Experience
3 – Craft Wondrous Items
5 – Craft Arms and Armor, Craft Construct
7 – Arcane Builder: Wondrous
9 – Skill Focus: Spellcraft
10 – Opposition Research: Enchantment
11 – Maximise Spell
13 – Widen Spell
15 – Craft Staff, Staff-Like Wand
17 – Arcane Blast
19 – Silent Spell
20 – Immortality

Skills: Focusing on crafting and Spellcraft to create items for the group, using transmutation spells and school abilities to buff the group. Can also put some ranks into knowledges to make most use of Breadth of Experience
Notes: Construct builder and buffer

Tan Xin:
Halfling Cleric (Merciful Healer)
Str: 10 (12 -2 race)
Dex: 14 (12 +2 race)
Con: 12
Int: 11
Wis: 16
Cha: 15 (13 +2 race)
Traits: Gifted Adept (Cure Light Wounds), Blessed

1 – Selective Channelling
3 – Skill Focus: Heal
5 – Eldritch Heritage: Celestial (Heavenly Fire)
7 – Extra Mercy
9 – Contingent Channelling
11 – Maximise Spell
13 – Extra Channel
15 – Channelled Revival
17 – Warrior Priest
19 – Lucky Halfling

Skills: Heal. Has enough Cha to back up the main party face
Notes: mechanically this character is mostly a heal-bot. Would swap out slow speed/sure footed for fleet of foot to keep up with the taller party members

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Cosmo3PO wrote:
So in The Dark World, Thor's up all night to get Loki?

Yes and he was still Thor in the morning after.

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A Steak pun? That's a rare medium well done.

As a former archer I would say that using a longbow as a melee weapon would be incredibly ineffective. Basically what you are hitting your opponent with is a long, light, very flexible stick, almost like a switch. It would be very unwieldy and cause minimal if any damage, even if you used with both hands on it. It would unlikely survive being swung in such a manner once or maybe twice if you unstrung it first. What possible benefit could you be trying to get by categorising it as a 2H weapon?

Gauss Cannons
Rail Guns

Idris Elba is one of three actors that i would love to see as the Doctor, he would be brilliant.

Just remember two things about you paladin. Int was probably your dump stat and you are Immune To Fear!

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55. Impress the yokels by pointing at something and have the unseen servant move it a little bit.

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