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Nephril's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 454 posts. No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Hey guys I was just curious if there was an average income per level of scenario available. a table would be really helpful when plotting out gear buys.

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I have been a member of the forums for quite some time. I have been working on this guide for a while now and finished a rough draft. It's full of little tips and tricks as well as being chalked full of useful information that most beginning players will not know and some moderately experienced players may overlook. I would hope that any new players take the time and read through it. it is broken down into sections to make "cherry picking" the information you want a bit easier.

Nephril's Extended Beginners Guide..

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I have been a member of the forums for quite some time. I have been working on this guide for a while now and finished a rough draft. It's full of little tips and tricks as well as being chalked full of useful information that most beginning players will not know and some moderately experienced players may overlook. I would hope that any new players take the time and read through it. it is broken down into sections to make "cherry picking" the information you want a bit easier.

Nephril's Extended Beginners Guide..

first time using bbc code forgive any links ill try and fix them.

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I have a half-elf ranger in our group who swears he found online where it states he can take precise shot at level one. i disagree and cant find any wording or ruling that would allow a ranger to take precise shot at level 1.
obviously if he was a human he could take point blank then precise but he is half elf so just the 1 feat. if anyone has anything to say id appreciate it.

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I understand you need to qualify for a feat before you can take another feat.. now if you gain multiple feats in the same level could you for example take medium armor proficiency followed by Heavy armor Proficiency in the same level??

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So when a maneuver master monk uses flurry of maneveurs and he has levels in another class how do we calculate his cmb for bonus feats.

i feel it should be monk level in place of monk bab+bab from all other classes+str+other modifiers.

my dm disagrees saying it should only be my monk level+nothing else.

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When disarming with a gauntlet can you end up with the weapon in hand as per the ruling on disarm



You can attempt to disarm your opponent in place of a melee attack. If you do not have the Improved Disarm feat, or a similar ability, attempting to disarm a foe provokes an attack of opportunity from the target of your maneuver. Attempting to disarm a foe while unarmed imposes a –4 penalty on the attack.

If your attack is successful, your target drops one item it is carrying of your choice (even if the item is wielded with two hands). If your attack exceeds the CMD of the target by 10 or more, the target drops the items it is carrying in both hands (maximum two items if the target has more than two hands). If your attack fails by 10 or more, you drop the weapon that you were using to attempt the disarm. If you successfully disarm your opponent without using a weapon, you may automatically pick up the item dropped.

spiked gaunlets are said to have 0 weight when part of a set of armor. could someone disarm when wearing full plate and end up with the weapon in hand.
my dm is once again calling my sheet into quesiton please post your feelings.

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So even though I printed off the srd ruling and bolded the section that states you can automatically pick up the item you disarm from your opponent my dm in his awesomeness is arguing that automatically requires an action. I laughed in his face as this is an ABSURD argument. I am creating this threat so that I can show him some feedback on normal peoples reading of the rule. So I will post it

Disarm Weapons
You don't have to use a weapon with the disarm special feature (a.k.a. a "disarm weapon") when making a disarm combat maneuver--you can use any weapon.
You can attempt to disarm your opponent in place of a melee attack. If you do not have the Improved Disarm feat, or a similar ability, attempting to disarm a foe provokes an attack of opportunity from the target of your maneuver. Attempting to disarm a foe while unarmed imposes a –4 penalty on the attack.
If your attack is successful, your target drops one item it is carrying of your choice (even if the item is wielded with two hands). If your attack exceeds the CMD of the target by 10 or more, the target drops the items it is carrying in both hands (maximum two items if the target has more than two hands). If your attack fails by 10 or more, you drop the weapon that you were using to attempt the disarm. If you successfully disarm your opponent without using a weapon, you may automatically pick up the item dropped.

This is directly off the srd here is a web page reference

My way of reading it is that when you disarm someone while using an unarmed strike you are allowed to end up holding your opponents weapon after your successful disarm attempt.

This came up because my monk during a flurry successfully disarmed on the first attack and I wished to hold the weapon and use my last strike against the opponent. The dm was trying to rule that I had to use a move action to pick up the weapon or the baddy would just pick it up on his turn (a conclusion I had already come to)

Now what I do not care to hear are these comments
"do you have the improved disarm feat"
"if you attack with the weapon its a -4 penalty cause your not proficient"
"you cant flurry with a rapier"

i do appreciate your time reading this and look forward to your interpretation of this pretty obvious (IMHO) rule

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I looked over the threads and didn’t find an answer more definitive than "that's how I play it" so here I am to ask the question.

Can a druid by dragonhide armor once his fame score is high enough to allow purchase of an item with that cost.
Example could a player with 9 fame (max purchase 900) purchase a dragonhide breastplate (value 700 gp)

I see that it is not on the always available list. However it is not on the restricted materials list (that I can find). Or is this something you have to perform a specific module to find the item and get it onto a chronicle sheet.

Anyone with a real answer would be appreciated. Either experience at a convention where you played it allowed, a link to a developer’s statement in another thread, or even more appreciated if a developer could just post here and let me know thanks.

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A chain shirt has the following stats
+4 ac, +4 dex, -2 ACP, 20 % spell failure.
Mithral on light armor costs 1,000 gold pieces and has this effect:
+2 max dex, reduce the ACP by 2, reduce arcane spell failure by 10%.
A mithral chain shirt comes out to 1100 gold and looks like this
+4 ac, +6 dex, 0 ACP, and 10% spell failure.

At 3rd level any arcane caster can take arcane armor training, as a swift action you can ignore 10% of your arcane spell failure.

Putting these two together at the cost of a swift action makes your armor
4 ac, 6 dex, 0 ACP. And 0% spells failure.

For wearing armor you are not proficient in you incur the following penalty:
A character who is wearing armor with which he is not proficient applies its armor check penalty to attack rolls and to all skill checks that involve moving.

so a sorcerer or anyone without armor proficiency could strap on this 1100 gold piece set of armor, take a single feat at level 3 with no prerequisite feats and boast a +4 suit of armor at 0 penalty.

Why do we buy mages robes, unless it’s the cost of the one feat which in my book is WELL worth the investment.

Scarier yet is that anyone following this same logic that spends all day flying anyways could easily strap an armored kilt onto this mithral chain shirt and end up with a suit of armor as follows
+5 ac, 6 dex, 0 ACP, 0 spell failure. All you lose is 10 feet off your walking speed.

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ok so i have a player in a game that i play in that is wanting to have an intelligent mount with some class levels. she is a gnome and thinks a war trained pony would be extrememly fun. 7th level being the earliest she could attempt this with the leadership feat she will have a minimum leadership score of 10 allowing a 7th level cohort but since a cohort must be minimum 2 levels lower than you that means she is left with a level 5 cohort.
My question is:
the 2 hit dice from pony and the 2 hit dice from awaken equal how much of a cr??
or to be more direct how many class levels can this pony take before being effective character level of 5.

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So my fiancé wants to spend more time with me. I play dnd (pathfinder) Tuesday nights and she has finally accepted I won’t be quitting so I offered for her to join. She said she is interested and wants to try. I am developing a very fun ninja character for her. This character is going to be aimed at ease of play but give her a couple things to look out for. First of all she won’t be our trapper we have an urban ranger for that so her skills will be going into umd and combat/stealth type things. And with the addition of sneak attack dice she will have to think about things like grid positions (something I feel is very important in game)

So far this is what I have. (Remember not going for optimized more for learning and fun)

Half elf fighter 2/ninja 2
Half elf racial feat skill focus knowledge nature. Then taking eldritch heritage to gain an animal companion via sylvan bloodline. Taking boon companion at level 5 to give her an animal companion with effective druid level -1. She will probably use a dog until 7 when a cat makes more combat sense. But she said she’d like a pet and I prefer this over just buying a dog. Also with the 4 level stat boost to int she can use the dog to take teamwork feats like outflank.

2 level fighter dip was to use martial 2 handed weapons and composite bows. And the few extra hp and bonus feats don’t hurt.

Her ninja tricks are looking like pressure points, vanish, and bleeding attack. Weapon of choice a falchion (keen) and a composite STR bow +4.

My dm has us running a homebrew campaign he describes as (lethal) so he has given us a 30 point buy with no stats being bought below 10. So her point buy looks like this
STR: 18 DEX: 14 CON: 14 INT: 14 WIS: 10 CHA: 14
With the +2 going into strength. Her level 4 stat boost will probably go into dex.

If there are any must have feats out there let me know about them and also any feedback on the build so far would be appreciated. Please remember comments like "rogues and ninjas suck build her a fighter" are not appreciated thanks.

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i keep helping people make new characters and point buy is so confusing for some of them to wrap there minds around. so with my messing around i have come up with this

25 point buy for high fantasy and i just plug it into whatever stats i need. its a great jumping off point and probably 8 times out of 10 i just use it and go.

i get asked the question enough times "what do you think i shoudl do for stats" i hope this can help some people expedite the process and get into character developement. just pick your stats that are most important and line them up.

for instance lets take a sorcerer.
stat priority for me at least.
cha,dex,con, int,str,wis.
now after working into it i may move a few points from str to wis to even it out but over all this build will be fun to play as you dont have any huge holes like some of the MAD point buys i have seen.

take a fighter
barbarian same

hope this helps im just trying to get new players a starting point. this is of course for a 25 point buy.

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so i am looking to build a monk for our new level 4 game. so far my idea is the eternal teacher. i want him to be completely wisdom based as much as possible and im looking for a kind of "ascension" at later in the game so thematically i have come up with this combination

sensei: this meets my core concepts being wisdom based, and able to let people use my monk powers is too cool.

monk of the four winds: my ascension will be covered with the kirrin and if we play at 20 ill also be immortal which was also a goal of mine.

quiggong: allows me to trade out some of the monk abilities i really dont like for spell like abilities i can then share with people via my sensei ability.

ki mystic: the double ki pool will power my sharing abilities and being able to let people reroll is very nice

this character will be completely support i plan on being within 30 feet of the front lines primarily for the bardic music ability and to give my friends flanking while trying to maintain mobility.

so i have 3 problems
1. to me it looks like i can use all 4 archetypes am i correct???
2. what feats can you guys suggest im starting at level 4.
3. 6k starting gold anything stand out as a must have with no one purchase exceeding 1500 gold.

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so im helping a friend plan out his barbarians future. so far we are sure he has to be a dwarf and he likes to drink (in character) so we are wanting to use drunken brute. this is what i have so far levels 1-10

straight barbarian.
archetypes drunken brute, brutal pugilist.

1 power attack
3 drunken brawler
5 endurance
7 imp bullrush
9 rhino charge

rage powers
2 superstitious
4 beast lesser
6 beast
8 reckless abandon
10 beast greater
when 12 comes around im thinking internal fortitude.

my goal with this build is to use this character like a missile. pouncing outside of his turn using ready charge actions with rhino charge and pouncing. the triggering event could be as simple as "charge just before his turn starts" and that way you will never lose your place in initiative.
the purpose to rhino charge is so that we can charge as a standard action so we can drink as our move action. since a partial charge can only be used when your entire turn is limited to a standard action. with this in mind he will be able to charge and attack at his full attack -2 while power attacking thanks to reckless abandon. his ac will drop but he will pick up temp hp every round. level 11 feat would probably be extra rage power for come and get me making this guy pretty vicious.
let me know what you think

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15 people marked this as FAQ candidate. Answered in the FAQ. 4 people marked this as a favorite.

I am helping a friend build a character for society play. and i am curious as to if a sorcerer can take both archetypes crossblooded and tattooed sorcerer.
please any feeback would be appreciated

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so i will be dming for my friends for our next society game. I have done this before but not for these friends. I did a short blurb to let them know some of my characteristics and what I expect if you would rad it and tell me what you think I would appreciate it.
please phrase your feedback positively so I can get the most out of it thanks.

Rules for play at the table while I dm. Other DMs may have their own way of running things. I believe that a table ran smoothly, fairly, and with little argument is the most enjoyable to all players and the dm. None of these are “rules” in the sense of being restrictive or having punishment they are simply guidelines to help stream line the play process and to allow all players to know ahead of time what I expect of them at the table. Feel free to ask me questions about any of these.

1. All rolling will be done on the table where I can see the result. This has nothing to do with trust it is merely the way I prefer to keep order and do things.
2. When rolls are required from multiple players I will take the roll result from the person to my left then to that persons left and so on.
3. No roll will be acknowledged unless it was asked for by me. If you wish to make a perception check notify me then I will pay attention to you and watch you roll. If you roll a dice and say perception check ill just let you know you saw nothing then allow you to try again cause you probably had dust in your eyes.
4. Of course there are no practice rolls. Since all rolls will be in on the table I will be the decider if the dice is “cocked” or not just to expedite the process.
1. All players will have character sheets that they can show me at the beginning of each game. You are welcome to play from a different sheet (i.e. computer or spreadsheet) but I would like a hard copy to reference.
2. Each player must have all options designated before the beginning of the adventuring day. This includes but is not limited to: gear choice, spells, skills, languages, and feats. If you forget to learn a language ill allow you to learn it while you sleep call it short term amnesia or a divine occurrence.
3. Please take the time to configure your weight and point out your carrying capacity as this will come up throughout play at lower levels. This includes the weight of all gear you own and wear.
4. A possessions sheet of one kind or another will be needed to show what you own and where/when you got it. By where I mean prestige purchase, cash purchase, and if it came off a loot sheet for non standard items. For items not in the core please include a reference book and page number.
5. Try your best to do all of your leveling related advancement in between sessions. Since we are all 2nd level now no character changes are allowed. You are stuck with whatever you have. Any additional gear you purchase should make it onto your characters record sheet and it would be useful if you could show what specific items you picked up since the previous session to better keep track of gear acquisition. Asterisks or dashes whatever you want to do just so I can see it real quick before we start.
6. I recommend tracking gold cost, weight, reference for every item your character posses. In case of an audit of your characters at later levels this will make a world of difference. Even record items you sold and just notate them as “sold”
Rules and lawyering.: The people around this table are all experienced gamers. Every ones understanding and interpretation of the plethora of rules we have will vary slightly and in some cases vastly. For the sake of game play I have the following guidelines for play.
1. I will do my best to know every rule that will come up during the sessions I will be dming. I will try to keep up to date on errata and on clarification posts by the publishers and writers of Paizo.
2. If I at any point rule that something should go one way you are welcome to question it. I do not want to resort to kindergarten with raising hands but I will appreciate everyone taking turns and not interrupting one another.
a. Ask me at the table why I ruled a specific way.
b. If that does not satisfy you call a point of order in respect to the ruling in question.
c. I will allow no more than 10 minutes to discuss the rules, errata, possible interpretation, and RAI/RAW contradictions.
d. Things I will not consider: if any player at the table can complete the desired action in real life. If anyone in history has accomplished the desired action. if personal experience dictates the action feasible in real life. This is a game it has rules and I will say magic explains all things that are unclear just to move things along.
e. At the end of 10 minutes if no one has convinced me to change the ruling we will move on with current ruling standing. This is purely a way of maintaining pace of the game. Bogging down a game with ooc conversation becomes quite arduous to most players.
f. If the ruling changes I will backtrack and make it work into the story. At no time will a “see I told you so” or a “yep I was right” be required.
3. If you plan on using a game mechanic consistently i.e. grappling, any other combat maneuver, spells that apply effects please have a basic understanding of how this will be resolved and effect the game to help move things along.
OOC conversation: This is a social event. There will be a lot of “out of character” conversation. I won’t even ask to try and minimalize this as its part of the reason we are here. I do however ask a few things.
1. During a role-play intensive section of a scenario please try to remain focused so we can get through it quickly and allow players to try and role-play there characters if they want.
2. Avoid metagaming. This is not just limited to using out of game knowledge also don’t use ooc conversation to relay information to party members.
3. I will tell you if you hit or miss. I will tell you if you make your save or fail your save. I do not give out ac or save DCs of monsters I represent. And would like it if people didn’t name the ac after confirming there hit. It’s just something I’m not particularly fond of though of course there is no repercussion I just ask you take it under advisement.
During combat: this is a hectic time and as such I would like to streamline the way we handle our turn by turn results. I have a few suggestions for this
1. When we roll initiative we will follow the above rolling rules and I will record all initiative scores in order and keep track of them myself.
2. During a surprise round all players that can act will be given an opportunity starting at the player to my left then clockwise around the table. Anyone who wants to wait for someone else to go first in a surprise round will be allowed to do so.
3. Once we are in rounds we will follow initiative order. If you wish to hold your initiative you do so understanding you will be inserting yourself in line whenever you act next and you will remain there unless you hold at a later time.
4. I like Larry’s 3 word rule when it’s not your turn. If it is not your turn you are allowed 3 words to convey your message. Keep ooc conversation down at this point.
5. Allow each player to play their own character. At this point everyone should know their own character well enough to not need help playing him.
6. On the first round of initiative rounds ill announce who is up and who is on deck please take that time to decide what you are going to do. At this level you are very limited as to what actions you have but still try to come up with a rough plan.
7. As I have not found any ruling on telling if someone is dead or not I am assigning heal dcs to the conditions (as a free action)
a. Unconscious: dc 7 tells if the foe is unconscious or playing possum.
b. Dead: DC 12 tells if they are unconscious or dead.
c. You receive a +2 bonus to this check if you dealt the felling blow.
d. If the target has a strange anatomy i.e. aberration, ooze, magical beast, increase the dc by 3.
e. If the creature is undead increase the dc by 5.
f. Instead of heal you may make the same dc as a knowledge check for the appropriate creature (example: you kill a zombie and roll a knowledge undead check and get a 17 you can tell if it is dead or dying)
g. I will also allow a sense motive check dc 5 to tell if someone is playing possum.
8. Free actions in combat. Paizo limits it loosely as to however many make sense. I will be judging just how much you can do in one round but as a standard 3 free actions seems like a good base. Not to say you can do any 3 free actions you want. (example I do not believe it possible to go into a fit of rage for only 6 seconds)
9. Any weapon carried out of combat is not considered as armed until you take the appropriate action. (Example: my hunter always carries his bow with an arrow knocked and ready to fire. The amount of concentration someone uses in combat is to stressful to maintain constantly. So even if you have your weapon in hand I require a readying action.)
a. If you have a BAB of 1 you can ready your weapon as part of a move action
b. If you have quick draw it is a free action to ready a weapon.
c. If you have a BAB of 0 it would be a move action to draw it.
d. This means no full attacks on your first round you must still ready your weapon.
10. Something I feel gets overlooked quite often and I will be enforcing is surprise rounds are STANDARD ACTION ONLY no swifts, no frees, no full round. You may sacrifice your standard to get a move action as normal.
Game time: I understand we all have lives outside of game. so the start time is set at 6:30 but I understand if people can’t make it until 7:15. So if everyone is there by 6:30 we start then. But we will start at 7:15 regardless and if you are not here your character can just go noncombatant and follow the healer.
Most of all I just want to have fun and enjoy hanging out with friends. If anything I have put forth as guidelines sound unreasonable let me know and ill consider it. I’ll only be dming 1/3 to ¼ of the time so my specific play style should be to upsetting for very long.
Ok so let’s play some D&D.

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I have not found any rule restricting this but a fellow player has said that pathfinder does not allow you to have a familiar and an animal companion. I was just wondering if there is any truth to this.
If there is a rule please link it to me so i can check it out.

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Ok I am new to pathfinder society play and I play in a home game with my friends that i have played with for years. my question to the masses is:

Is eclectic training allowed in society play.
Is esoteric training allowed in society play.
Do you have to be part of a specific guild or faction to use them.

I have not purchased the book yet because this is really the only thing out of the book I want. If they are allowed ill purchase the book and start playing my character right away. If not I'll save myself the money to spend on something else.
If anyone has an answer for me could you please reference where you found the information. Thank you very much.

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ok so my question is i have equipped my monk of the four winds with a slow fall ring he is at level 17 and taken the kir rin aspect. now the aspect states
He gains a fly speed equal to his land speed, but he must end each turn on the ground. If the monk does not land by the end of his turn, he falls from whatever height he has attained.
and feather fall states
Feather fall instantly changes the rate at which the targets fall to a mere 60 feet per round

my question is if i choose to attack and fly about on my turn and end my turn still flying how far will i fall before my next turn starts do i get to move the full 60 feet down even if i have taken all my movement and other actions for the turn.

i see a few issues with this. i am limited to movement in a given round. but does the act exist outside of my movement for the round.
i can see this being used i charge up kick some but then slow fall the 60 feet down to my healer lol. im really fine with it either way just wantign some clarification and since my dm is a huge nazi when it comes to gaming please if you have one post the relevant ruling thanks.

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2 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

if you are proficient in the madu and using crane style do you take any negatives for fighting defensively. its a heavy feat investment
dodge, improved unarmed strike and proficient the madu.
crane style says you take a -2 instead of a -4 and the madu says the same here are there links

i dont want to know what you would allow or what your dm allows this is possibly for pfs play so i just need to know if the penalty reductions are cumulative or not. im reading it as they would both work but i could just be hopeful.

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hey guys just putting a shout out on here me and some friends all long time players are registering for society play and we will be looking for a few people outside of our core group to join us. this game will be played in my home we will be starting at level 1 adhering to all the rules of society play. we will be supplying the modules all you need to bring are your own playing supplies i.e. dice character sheet scratch paper pen or pencil. several of us use excel and if you prefer you are welcome to bring your own computer and play from there. our goal is to complete through level 12 with society and then purchase and play the semi retired modules as high as we can go.
our games will be played on friday. in the evening. starting at approximately 6pm and ending within 4 to 5 hours. depending on the modules.
i live in winston just south of roseburg in douglas county, in oregon. if you are interested in playing please respond here and i will make sure to get you my information.
our group is currently made up of all males ranging in age. teh majority of us are all adults though my stepson and my friends son both will be playing with us. (both teenagers)
i look forward to hearing back from anyone interested please include any character ideas you may already have and your experience level in game. new players are welcome.

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im home and bored been reading through forums for a few hours now and posted on several. a problem i keep seeing popping up has been problem between players. to the point of a player wanting to quit. and for good reason. one player complains of a barbarian in his party stealin all loot and threatening the other characters. going so far as to actually harm other characters. another player asking for advice as to how to handle his party not wanting him to use dominate person to control their characters.
when do the dms start playing god and actually handling in game disputes before causing real world problems.unfortunately not all players aer considerate of other players. and it is our jobs as players and dms to reign in the bad players so they dont ruin the game for everyone else.
the dm should have a few jobs when it comes to playing.
1. create a world and plot that is both well conceived and entertaining.
2. have a way to tell players what there goals are.
3. create fun, balanced, and fair encounters that all party members feel apart of.
4. control the flow of the game, this includes everything from making sure people show up on time to handling the time each player takes to finish their turn.
5. assist in the distribution of in game wealth. if players cant agree then someone has to step in and make teh decision for them.
6. STOP BULLYING and stop players from hiding behind "roleplaying" and "alignment" as execuses to be disruptive.

if a dm does all of these things players will have more fun and accomplish more goals increasing leveling and story progression. these few rules also help promote synergy within the party and they will feel like a team and eventually you will not have to step in at all the players will just know what to do.

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hi everyone im going to be playing in my first society game soon. i have lots of experience playing but usually starting from higher level. my idea so far is
Human Oracle of Battle.
STR: 14 DEX: 14 CON: 14 INT: 10 WIS: 10 CHA: 16 stats putting my +2 in the charisma.
first level feats and revelation will be
level 1 feat: extra revelation (skill at arms)
human feat: extra revelation (maneuver mastery trip)
first level revelation: weapon mastery guisarm

so at first level i have +5(+1 level, +1 weapon focus, +1 mwk weapon, +2 strength) to trips.

It has been explained to me that you can play a pregenerated for the first module then switch over to a character you make for the second module and start play with 650 gold.

i plan on taking the seeker archetype if no one else is willing to step up and do the trap finding job.

for spells ill be taking
0-create water, detect magic, light, read magic.
1-cure light wounds, divine favor, entropic shield.

any additional information towards starting gear would be appreciated.

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i understand that oracles cannot take the same revelation twice to gain additional uses of an ability. for instance a battle oracle cannot take surprising charge twice and use the ability an additional time each day. however my question is about revelations that grant bonuses to something specific. could a battle oracle take maneuver mastery trip. and then take maneuver mastery disarm. and the same with weapon mastery could he take the revelation once for his polearm then again for his club???

if you find anything on this please include the source so that i can verify it. i am getting ready to start a society game and im thinking about playing a battle oracle.

please do not tell me what your dm allows or what you allow as a dm. i just want to know the paizo official ruling.

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So this is a wizard saying "maybe i should try a more melee based character" and the only thing i could think of was how few people i know that play monks. so i have decided to see what i can do. i have built a few already one focusing on cmb using a blend of maneuver master and quinngong, a Goku (if anyone knows about dbz you get the reference) type that was 4 winds/quinngong/ki mystic, and a a crazy synthesist summoner/master of many forms that charged and pounced using a falchion (this was conceptually solid but didnt leave much for roleplay)

so i have decided that i want to play my monk the same way i do my wizards. i want to make everyone else feel more powerful while i keep them all alive and happy. using the senseis ability to share his buffs and the quinggongs ability to trade out for some interesting spell like ki abilities i have some ideas.
out of the list of class features remaining that i can sacrifice i have chosen to drop the following :slow fall, high jump, wholeness of body, quivering palm, timelss self, tongue of the sun and moon.
and pick up:barkskin, ki stand, remove disease, restortaion, cold ice strike, dragons breath.
i will be keeping abundant step and perfect self.

so my build focuses on a huge ki pool and the ability to control fate and battlefield for those around me. and when need be use a swift cold ice strike+standard dragons breath and effect all my friends with identical effects really making for a nice burst of damage.

ki mystic also allows you to let one friend within 30 feet reroll any attack or save. goodbye natural ones. and if it gets to thick dimension door all your friends away.

what i am working on now is optimizing this. maybe trimming some fat. adding a key items and what kinda feets to recommend.

the focus is to be helpful and make everyone else feel amazingly powerful.

LIMITS: i know i have mentioned things above level 13 but that is currently where we are building too. a level 13 character preferrably pure monk though anything goes to stay with the idea. 30k starting gold no 1 item can cost more than 10k.. no armor or weapons over +2.
Books that we are using include:pathfinder core, advanced, ultimate magic and combat, inner sea, and the 3.5 mic items are all available.

thanks i look forward to what you have to say.

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