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Neliamne's page

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****( )

The material of this supplement is everything it promises and more. Others have reviewed it more eloquently than I am able, so I won't try.

I will say that I am fairly disappointed in the print edition. The cover is beautiful, but all 114 pages inside are black and white. To make matters worse, there are several instances where a graphic lands on top of text, making it difficult to read. The second page listing patrons is completely blacked out on the right side, cutting off text. For $20 for 50 pages (even front and back), I expected more.

Despite my misgivings, I still recommend this book- just skip the print edition!

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Killing equals Honor!


JourneyQuest is ambitious project. The high production value means that it is not a cheap series to produce- and yet, they did produce the first season, on their own dime. Now it's up to us! Watch part or all of it online (Yes! They support this!) then come back and buy the dvd. You not only get to watch the whole thing in movie mode, but there are also some really fantastic extras (including a teaser for season 2).
The thing I really love about this project is their 'No Studio, No Cancellation' tagline- if we want more, we don't have to worry that a network or studio will bury it, we can support it ourselves! So buy it! Share it! Let's keep it going!

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