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Almah Rovshki

Nefer of Sothis's page

4 posts. Alias of Gerald Colliou.


Scarab Sages *****

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Look my GM table Credit, I have near 20 tables who disappeared. Its seem to be a good improvement on the Report System like usual, why all time change are going bad like that, all time we have trouble.

Scarab Sages *****

I have open an event in January. Report all my games, And today I check the event for other think and i see all the sessions report still here but with the name module who disappeard.

What happen ?

Scarab Sages *****

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Great News. Happy to see that happen. Avoid stupid things and no balance new option (Out : Gunslinguer, abuse feat or archetype) come to most basic game who give more space to cooperation and roleplaying and more fluent game without rules discussion

But only one big missing : Why not Include the Inner Sea World Guide in the Core assumption.

We play on Golarion and for me the most important its to play and have the flavor of the World. Most of them play Pathfinder to have the flavor of the World, and without that it's a big missing

Like the language, lot of modules refere to Kelish, Polyglotte, Varisian, Osirion, Ancient Osirion, Azlant, Thassilonian. And its not possible to learn this langage.

Can you explain me what new player see between Golarion setting and another one, without that ? Its like give a nice dinner without any flavor and with no taste.

Really hope this point change in the final.

Scarab Sages *****

Jesse Davis wrote:

Mr. Charles - Kelly is trying to build players up to an Eyes of the Ten for Space City Winter Edition, I believe.

We also have Eyes of the Ten chances online in September, and then twice more between October and December - just FYI.

- Jesse [IronHelixx]

I realy hope to have an opportunity to play my Cleric Lvl12 online still waiting your September schedule on Warhorn

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