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Chain Mauler

Necromancer's page

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 1,506 posts (1,540 including aliases). 3 reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 8 aliases.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

crashes into thread Summon Inferal-style to share new finds

Possible Shoanti with orcish heritage? Personally, this is too skinny for a proper half-orc, but I certainly see the appeal.

Possible tiefling ninja or slayer in, what looks like, Batman armor.

Possible older tiefling caster for cold settings with a slightly unusual look.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Scintillae wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Lazarod Malloran wrote:
"People called Thrune they go to the house"?
Oh, there could be a lot of fun with playing up the specific conjugations and declensions of Infernal...

mind wanders

Nearly every word acts as homograph and antonym, conveys at least five separate meanings dependent on the adjoining clause (may or may not be referenced at the time, but can be provided upon request), and is usually followed by several reference marks chosen from over four hundred varieties of oval shapes.

Most heterophones can act as synonyms if used in accordance with parameters laid forth in an adjacent clause. What constitutes as the "adjacent" clause is generally determined near the end of the Contract.

An Infernal thesaurus is usually mistaken for a set encyclopediæ. Infernal dictionaries are based around a central theme and no known complete dictionary exists as a stand-alone work. Information about Infernal grammar is uncommon. Many writers make the mistake of providing such a degree of instruction that threatens nascent contract authors; such writers often disappear for many...

taken by erinyes masquerading as nurses

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
carborundum wrote:
Todd Stewart wrote:
An outer planar AP as a giant love-letter to Planescape. :D
With daemons, and you write some/ all of it :-)

Take my money...

TAKE IIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! erratically flourishes bundle of cash around

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Arikiel wrote:
If you did awaken a house and it started taking class levels what would be a good class to focus on?

Suburbian with the Village archetype specifically for Commons Stride and the Pass Without Zoning SLA.

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I miss hagspawn...and fey'ri...and tanarukks...and daelkyr half-bloods...and chitines...

weeps openly

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Yo dawg, I heard you like roleplaying stuff, so we put some roleplaying stuff in your roleplaying stuff so you can roleplay when--

abruptly yanked offstage

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Shensen wrote:
...the Thrunies!

imagines the Inferno drifting to the docks with a haunting voice bellowing "HEY YOU GUUUUYYSSSSS" as the vessel draws near...

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Not entirely sure if he's supposed to be a tiefling, but I'm calling him one as long as I'm looking... :D

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Tacticslion wrote:
Arg! Now you've changed and I'll never know who you are! Dang it, Necromancer! :p :D

Well, I did have to dip into rogue to get that guy...involuntary stealth?

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Mikaze wrote:
Nitro-13 wrote:

Arcadia, So I can play my Ulfen/Skraeling based off Askeladd from Vinland Saga.


Just a quick heads-up, not accusational or anything, but "skraeling" is actually a real world racial slur. It's really unfortunate that it found its way in the campaign setting and slipped into casual use. It's so archaic most people don't know how ugly the connotations behind it really are.

does a quick search of the forums for that word

gets depressed

Well since Paizo hasn't named the Arcadian natives, people can only use the terms readily available. Intent matters.

hopes to see a reduction in Golarion/Earth parallels in future products

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The new hobgoblins (despite the awful non-Bestiary artwork) are closer to what I would call goblin in my mind than the small-size imp-things currently labeled "goblin".

That said, I've seen a few examples of individual goblins that felt like goblins (the Hellknight-wannabe goblin in Westcrown immediately comes to mind). Varisian goblin tribes probably are insane by default, but the race tends to get more and more sane as you move away from Varisia.

I think goblins can be redeemed and I don't think the race is anymore "always" evil than your typical human.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Would that make this a hymn then?

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Before I get into this, horror does not have to involve terror elements to be considered "true horror".

Askren wrote:
...because no matter how hard the DM works, you can't make Frankenstein scary.

Frankenstein's only dull if you know what to expect.

Offhand, I would handle the Frankenstein story like this:

  • begin with a local bogeyman, an urban myth
  • GM avoids dropping piles of corpses for the party to find and settles on rumors instead
  • casually have one or two NPCs remark that they normally do something else, but since someone hasn't shown up for work recently they have to pitch in
  • before letting the players think about missing townsfolk, provide a mundane distraction (solving a robbery, for instance) that leads to the party wandering the streets after dark or watching for the culprit to reveal themselves
  • during the above activity, carefully tease the party with a glimpse of the bogeyman in the distance (preferably wearing enough old sheets to mimic hooded robes), but just close enough to notice something unsettling
  • complicate the mundane concern and keep the players concerned about their current task
  • have a few missing citizens return to work; some are healthier than before and some are worse off
  • continue to drop rumors and truths surrounding the bogeyman without dwelling on it for too long
  • involve the overreacher (a chirurgeon alchemist) that created the bogeyman in resolving the mundane problem and mention a haunted look or slightly paranoid behavior
  • resolve the mundane problem and draw attention to an NPC's obvious-yet-repressed physical pain
  • further attention reveals that the NPC has had some unexplained surgery recently and can't account for several days of lost time
  • have the party bring the matter to the local alchemist-and-healer-and-bogeyman-creator; the alchemist either pays little attention and dismisses concerns or displays more fear and shock than the occasion warrants
  • bogeyman sighting after hours
  • another missing person returns home with issues similar to the previous NPC
  • party gets a second opinion from priest, mage, etc.
  • party learns that the NPC had some of their organs removed and replaced with inferior parts; investigation into NPCs formerly missing that appear healthier than before reveals an opposite situation (poor parts swapped for better ones)
  • party-bogeyman cat-and-mouse
  • party uncovers a bungalow that used to belong to the local alchemist; party discovers hidden entrance to underground laboratory
  • party finds preserved organs, bones, tissue, etc. and detailed journals describing how to better preserve human life
  • encounter with bogeyman still robed in rags and sheets
  • party realizes the bogeyman is wearing a child's preserved face
  • party encounters the local alchemist entering the laboratory
  • reveals (through diplomacy or violence) that their only child died young and they spent years working on ways to return them to life using parts from dead travelers, inadvertently created the bogeyman, realized the bogeyman was poorly made, and taught the creature how to borrow tissue from others to improve its anatomy
  • further investigation reveals that the bogeyman was abducting townsfolk suffering from health problems, kidnapped and released healthy citizens that were deemed "ungrateful for their anatomy", swapped healthy organs and tissue into unhealthy patients, and experimented on the "ungrateful" ones before patching them up and returning them home
  • party also finds an abnormal fetus-thing alive and floating inside a large glass container; a closer look reveals that the creature has been stitched together from stillborn parts

A new coat of paint works wonders.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Nobody expects the Chelish Inquisition.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The fact that this thread exists makes me happy. What doesn't make me happy is the significant dearth of non-D&D (AKA dragon-fiend), male tiefling artwork. stares expectantly at upcoming products

A tiefling iconic is almost a must at this point.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Another thread regarding writer's block and the advice given.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Pan wrote:
So in interest of taking this conversation in a new direction; what would a more balanced spread look like?

A mandate that every AP include something equivalent to "every pregen iconic in the group topless inside a bathhouse". We simply do not have enough illustrations involving downtime shenanigans.

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I keep hearing Occult Adventures and "hardback" in my head and I'm convinced I must be dreaming...

Everything I know about about Aleister Crowley, Dragon Rouge, the Lemegeton, Abramelin, magic squares, tarot readings, etc. fills my head and I'm recalling all the old related woodcuts I've seen over the years. If this book offers what I think it will, I'll finally be able draw players in for my Victorian-esque setting.

Don't let me wake up, Paizo!!!

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Kryssa Lightbinder wrote:
Golarion is: "One campaign to rule them all and in the darkness bind them."

I've never read a better comparison that describes it so well.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Drejk wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
But I also wanna play aaaaAAAAHHHH
Don't know that... Is that from Advanced Class Guide?

A new advanced class - barbarian and monk parent classes, designed specifically to end martial-caster disparity, involves suppressing rage, and channels caster-envy into thirty-foot wide cone bursts.

I think it was a misprint, but I'm being silent out of charity.

the halfing iconic for aaaaAAAAHHHH isn't that good...

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Lamontius wrote:
can we be on house thrune's side y/n

also lurks for an answer

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Well, I have to admit I'm disappointed. My copy reads "Pathfinder Pathfinder Pathfinder: Advanced Bio-exorcist Guide" I read the logo section aloud and it summoned a hostile undead naga. Would it be possible to return just the naga and have a tiny humanoid shipped to me with the naga's face?

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber


Well, I feel a bit foolish. I've been teasing two of my players with ACG names of classes/archetypes and both separately asked me if the equivalent of "can 'steelhound' be stacked on the empiricist because any good detective needs guns".

._. so it's just me then...


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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I don't think it's been mentioned that arcanists can't qualify for arcane discoveries, so we're not quite in wizard replacement territory yet. As for sorcerers, actually look at what the eldritch scrapper does and what it's capable of doing before throwing in the towel.

people act like spontaneous casting isn't an advantage

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

My knee-jerk aesthetic and mechanics expectation list (this does not represent all or any archetype abilities):

Inspired Alchemist - alchemist with an inspiration pool
Blade Adept - bladed weapon proficiency and bonded "sword"
Blood Arcanist - burn health to add to arcane reservoir + penalty to healing magic
Brown-fur Transmuter - permanently take on bestial aspects
Eldritch Font - warlock?
Elemental Master - elemental specialist
Occultist - spirit/shaman things
School Savant - be a wizard!
Spell Specialist - nonracist spellbinder?
Unlettered Arcanist - no more quills, no more spellbooks, no more teachers dirty looks...?
White Mage - anti-undead necromancer-thing
Flame Dancer - a fire bard?
Voice of the Wild - Pied Piper?
Blood Conduit - blood magic this time?
Blood Rider - crazy mount with weird bloodline options
Crossblood Rager - two-bloodlines mongrel
Greenrager - rage with treants maybe?
Metamagic Rager - what-it-says-on-the-tin
Primalist - elemental specialist?
Rageshaper - change spell range/shape?
Spelleater - anti-mage rager
Steelblood - high damage reduction, juggernaut
Untouchable Rager - incorporeal rager
Exemplar - higher damaging unarmed strike?
Mutagenic Mauler - alchemical brawler
Shield Champion - they seriously made a shield specialist...
Snakebite Striker - poisonous brawler?
Steelbreaker - sunder-happy brawler
Strangler - what-it-says-on-the-tin
Wild Child - a raging brawler?
Daring Champion - knights on the high seas?
Ecclesitheurge - (was not sure what to expect at all)
Feral Shifter - werewolf transition across levels
Nature Fang - (again, was not sure what to expect at all)
Wild Whisperer - control incorporeal undead!!!
Martial Master - the fighter to end all fighter-vs-caster threads
Mutation Warrior - alchemical fighter; possibly mutant fighter
Ace Bolt - laserslinger!?! (I have no rational explanation for this)
Divine Hunter - anti-undead hunter
Feral Hunter - get a larger, meaner animal companion
Packmaster - what-it-says-on-the-tin
Primal Companion Hunter - elemental companion?
Verminous Hunter - bugmaster! Yay!
Sacred Huntsman - hunter-meets-cleric?
Sanctified Slayer - anti-undead
Empiricist - skill bonus? No idea...
Infiltrator - stealth and disguise improvements
Mastermind - get minions? Please get minons...
Sleuth - better combat capability
Spiritualist - gumshoe to the undead?
Steel Hound - gain a clockwork construct companion
Eldritch Scion - combat-focused warlock?
Monk Kata Master, Wildcat
Psychic Searcher - no spirit companion + telepathy related perks
Spirit Guide - superior spirit companion
Warsighted - warrior-mode with martial proficiencies
Holy Guide - holy investigator? Cadfael :D?
Temple Champion - paladin + brawler?
Divine Tracker - another ranger-meets-cleric hybrid
Hooded Champion - robs from the rich and gives to his personal retirement fund the poor
Wild Hunter - feral ranger + rage powers
Counterfeit Mage - scroll specialist and glyphbreaker extraordinaire
Underground Chemist - (again, was not sure what to expect at all)
Animist - possess people?
Possessed Shaman - possess yourself...wait
Speaker for the Past - initiative bonus and time effects
Spirit Warden - undead management
Unsworn Shaman - no boundaries, no companion, mix and match with restrictions
Visionary - spirit bard?
Witch Doctor - healer or zombie maker
Fated Champion - Herald of Rerolls
Herald of the Horn - Brass specialist
Spell Warrior - get spell combat?
Totemic Skald - great...these things are back...
Bounty Hunter - tracking and net specialist
Cleaner - a slayer with a really modern name?
Cutthroat - stealth focused
Deliverer - (once more, was not sure what to expect at all)
Grave Warden - another anti-undead archetype
Sniper - master of all critical arrows?
Stygian Slayer - fiend companion?
Vanguard - defense-focused (no idea why)
Eldritch Scrapper - this time warlock, maybe?
Mongrel Mage - lots of itty-bitty bloodlines
Naturalist - druid becomes a summoner
Spirit Summoner - shaman becomes a summoner
Daring Infiltrator - Bond. Errol Bond.
Flying Blade - whirling ball of ranged death
Inspired Blade - toggle detective mode
Mouser -
Musketeer - Yay, classics!
Mysterious Avenger - stealth-based, gaining sneak attack
Picaroon - I don't speak whatever language this is...
Champion of the Faith - didn't I see this name back in 3.0...(got distracted)
Cult Leader - mind control and disguise goodies
Disenchanter - anti-curse warpriest? Exorcist?
Divine Commander - improved mass spells
Forgepriest - fire-focused?
Sacred Fist - brawling priest
Hex Channeler - use hexes on large numbers of enemies/allies
Mountain Witch - goat familiar improvements? No idea.
Exploiter Wizard - what-it-says-on-the-tin
Spell Sage - bardic knowledge? untrained skill checks
Spirit Whisperer - possession? possessed spellbook?

I didn't keep score, but a few things really surprised me with regard to their names.

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Tels wrote:
That's really disappointing about the special undarmed condition feats. Still, I guess it was primarily to stop a class like the Monk from unleashing painbows (I'm so stealing this line).

Painbows can still appear, just small ones.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
EntrerisShadow wrote:
Kerney wrote:
DominusMegadeus wrote:
Kerney wrote:
Most of all NO DROW. Hate them as a pc race. Might consider them in an underdark campaign but even then I might instead just designate them the bad guy race. Probably reason I'm not running an underdark game and have no interest in playing in one.

But bro, I have this awesome idea for a drow character. He's trying to escape the prejudice against his race because he's a good person. He's also a TWF ranger and...

I can see this isn't swaying you. No worries, I also had an idea for a sociopath assassin...

As long as your sociopathic assasin is not in my good campaign sond good. Would fit right in with my "scum and villiany" game.

ONe of the best game I ever ran as a child was the "when the elves are dead" where tolkienesque evil had apparently won and proof of that was the recent extinction of the elves who were servants of the big good.

Most of the characters were half elves trying to remain hidden/not dead and eventually lead a countercoup.

Personally, I HATE Drow, no matter what the setting or campaign. The whole "good light elves are turned into dark skinned evil variants for having stained souls" just makes me feel icky. It's just too close to the 'Curse of Ham' justification slavers used to use for their treatment of blacks.

I know that wasn't the intention when the race was made, I know that wasn't the intention Paizo had when they made their own lore. But it still rubs me the wrong way.


I like to rewrite drow as outcasts from the First World (or equivalent fey paradise) due to a drow noble's gift to an ungrateful Unseelie lord. As a cruel final touch, the drow were dropped directly into the underdark/darklands/etc. and had always been dark blue/purple. As their connection to the First World faded, insanity kicked in and now we have bat s&&~ crazy drow.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Set wrote:
Blackvial wrote:
LazarX wrote:
If you're speed shooting in combat, what you're generally doing is grabbing three or so arrows at a time and holding them against the front of the bow while you shoot.
or have a few stabbed into the ground in front of you

Ew. Bad enough to be shot with an arrow, but to be shot with an arrow whose fine edge has been blunted by ramming it into the ground, and, to add insult to injury, has dirt on it and is all unsanitary?


expects to see players instructing their animal companion to drop feces before sticking arrows into the ground

Will save DC 5 to avoid taking a negative-one penalty to attack?

>_< War used to be so much easier...

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Googleshng wrote:
Necromancer wrote:
Crystal Frasier wrote:
...because all humans start off as female in-utero, and subsequent developments differentiate male traits away from that piece by piece.
I've been hearing this ever since that one House episode, but that's not how it works. The eggs begin with a single X chromosome and the sperm provides the second chromosome (the other half which is either X or Y) needed to begin development.
That isn't quite how it works. Here's a really science heavy explanation.

very interesting; wish they didn't have to make do with mice, but oh, well

As it stands, my argument has to change, but the goalposts are still right where I left them.

Serge Nef & Luis F. Parada wrote:
In females, differentiation occurs when the absence of MIS allows development of the Müllerian structures, the lack of androgens permits degeneration of Wolffian ducts, and the absence of Insl3 maintains the gonads in the abdomen.

Since differentiation is required, and both the Müllerian and Wolffian groundwork exist simultaneously, I say that the sex cannot be determined female until the "if MIS, then" statement is resolved. Before this step, whatever it is cannot be called "female" and it is certainly not "male".

What this does demonstrate is that we need a better understanding of sexual development at early, very early, stages in order to determine just how many sexes (or variances of the primary two) are possible.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I think we need some old, poor-video-quality Robin Williams stand up. I have no idea what year this was, but I know it's old.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The Peacekeeper's pulse rifle is meant to be an all-purpose death machine (which meant it shipped with every accessory). They were always described as a kind of assault rifle, but could easily switch into this minigun-lite mode seen in the previous image.

four seasons and a movie isn't enough ;_;

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
xavier c wrote:
What are all of the rings of summoning affinity?

(From least expensive--7000--to most expensive--10600)

Rings of...
summoning affinity


natural attunement


My take on the rings...:
I would never inflict such costs on my players just for wanting alternative summons...Christ

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Nytram wrote:
Any details about the Magus archetypes like the Eldritch Scion? Starting a campaign very soon and want to make sure I choose the right ones.
LoneKnave wrote:
Eldritch scion sounds like a trappy option; he needs to spend Pool Points to go into spell combat, which means it's also eating up your swifts. That's a really terrible downgrade from the vanilla magus.

Spontaneous casting will help with the bloodline perks slowing down spell combat at early levels. At level eight, the spell combat restriction vanishes, so it's not so bad at the middle levels.

master_marshmallow wrote:
Expanded alignments for paladins?

None for the paladin class, but the Champion of the Faith (warpriest archetype) gets smite and detect evil. This isn't restricted to LG and only requires the character to share part of their alignment with one of Chaos, Evil, Good, or Law (chosen at creation). This character would also be able to grab a new feat that adds CHA to saves.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Alexander Augunas wrote:
zergtitan wrote:
I just hope it's filled to the brim with crunch and very little fluff.

I don't know, man.

I for one would love to see how the team manages to fit bloodragers into the campaign setting. In my opinion, they're the most exotic of the new classes.

Definitely getting this for flavor alone.

mind explodes with possibilities

- sin magic tainted bloodragers, specialties for each type
- Numerian bloodrager develops from alien substance exposure
- fleshforged Nexian bloodrager (resists transformation, manifests in offspring); possible drow fleshwarp variant
- Worldwound bloodrager...possibilities squared
- Kaer Maga bloatrager
- obligatory primal magic bloodrager

All I see is dozens of empty little bloodrager-shaped slots all over Golarion...

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I could make do with the class limitations (even without archetypes), but I always prefer more, more, and more options. When I have a chance to play, I like options that appeal to flavor over mechanics optimization. A solid build is all I need.

On the other hand, I would absolutely refuse to use those race options. I dealt with the human, elf, dwarf, and halfing limitations in AD&D and 3.0...never again. That exact combination just fills me with a blend of nausea and rage that would keep me from enjoying the campaign.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Gyromancer wrote:
Gyromancer said wrote:
I'll be a little more specific. If a Druid fornicates with a vampire would it go against the natural order enough to revoke druid status?
I have ruled before that necromantic items and effects are "not natchy" and would result in loss of druidic abilities because it grossly violates a Druid's bond with the natural world (As with something like necrophelia). I'm trying to an outside perspective regarding consensual copulation between a druid 6 and a Vampire Sorcerer 19. Does anyone else think this crosses some kind of ethical boundary for a druid?

Ex-druid entry for reference:
A druid who ceases to revere nature, changes to a prohibited alignment, or teaches the Druidic language to a nondruid loses all spells and druid abilities (including her animal companion, but not including weapon, armor, and shield proficiencies). He/She cannot thereafter gain levels as a druid until he/she atones (see the atonement spell description).

Since the state of undeath is antithetic to nature in your setting:

"Ceases to revere nature" is entirely GM fiat in this instance. Is the vampire's presence harmful to the natural world in a local sense? Does the vampire prey on nearby wildlife or fey? Has the vampire been creating undead animals (by spawn or by spell)? Is the druid's player looking for some way to redeem or cure the vampire?

If the player just wants tabletop-cred for banging a vampire, I'd temporarily cripple the druid's powers for the next twenty four hours. If they attempt to discover why their powers were lost--in character--let them know that peaceful contact with the undead can occasionally interfere with their druidic powers. If they express a desire to help the vampire, through whatever means, work out some side quest to reduce the undead to some kind of dhampir state.

If they get fussy after you explain and don't bother to understand what happened, just tell them that they'll always lose their powers for twenty four hours again if any more positive-to-negative connections are made.

Be fair, but don't let them run over you.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The girdle's a cursed item and I doubt it will be that easy to find. The Advanced Class Guide has this new item:

2,250 GP CL 9th
AURA moderate transmutation
Upon drinking this elixir, a character changes sex, permanently transforming into a member of a different biological sex. While the user’s physiology changes dramatically and the user’s features adjust slightly to take on the qualities of the new sex, the character is still recognizable as the same person. The character has only minor control over the specific details of this new appearance, and the elixir grants no benefit on Disguise skill checks or similar checks.
This elixir’s magic functions instantaneously and can’t be dispelled, though drinking a second elixir of sex shift reverts the character back to the former sex and appearance. The elixir has no effect on characters who are pregnant or are of races with no sexual differentiation. Characters of races with more than two sexes may decide which sex this elixir transforms them into.
COST 1,125 GP
Craft Wondrous Items, polymorph

leave the cursed items in cursed section

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

So I decided to go back and look at all the iconics, in the order they were introduced, and compare exposed fleshy bits. Starting from Valeros (fighter), I'll link and describe what bits of their anatomy have been blatantly exposed...this is important in the US for some reason...

Valeros the Fighter - forehead, face, ears, neck, elbows, and upper forearms, fingers

Seoni the Sorceress - forehead, face, partial neck, shoulders, upper arms, hands, partial breasts, sternum, shoulder blades, lower back, partial lower abdomen, hips, thighs, knees

Merisiel the Rogue - forehead, face, ears, partial neck, underarms, hands, partial upper chest, partial sternum, partial breasts

Kyra the Cleric - face, hands, partial forearms

Ezren the Wizard - forehead, face, partial neck, partial forearms, fingers

Harsk the Ranger - forehead, face

Seelah the Paladin - forehead, face, ears, neck

Lem the Bard - forehead, face, ears, neck, partial upper chest, partial hand, partial forearms, fingers, partial feet, toes

Sajan the Monk - scalp, forehead, face, ears, neck, hands, partial lower chest, partial sternum, upper abdomen, partial feet

Amiri the Barbarian - forehead, face, partial ears, partial underarm, abdomen, partial hips, partial thigh

Lini the Druid - forehead, face, ears, neck, partial upper arms, fingers, partial thigh

Seltyiel the Magus - forehead, face, ears, partial neck, partial upper arms, elbows, fingers, partial chest, partial upper abdomen

Alahazra the Oracle - face, partial neck, partial forearms, hands, partial breasts, abdomen, partial thigh

Alain the Cavalier - forehead, face, ears, partial neck

Damiel the Alchemist - forehead, face, ears, fingers

Hayato the Samurai - partial face, partial fingers

Lirianne the Gunslinger - partial face, ears, partial breasts, partial abdomen

Reiko the Ninja - eyes, nose, fingers

Feiya the Witch - face, partial neck, shoulders, partial upper arms, elbows, fingers, partial breasts, partial thighs

Imrijka the Inquisitor - partial face, partial ears, partial breasts

Balazar the Summoner - partial face, partial forearms, hands

Jirelle the Swashbuckler - forehead, face, ears, partial neck, partial fingers

Quinn the Investigator - scalp, forehead, face, ears, partial neck, partial forearms

Oloch the Warpriest - partial face, partial ears, partial neck, shoulders, upper arms, fingers, knees

Crowe the Bloodrager - scalp, forehead, face, ears, neck, partial chest, upper abdomen, underarms, fingers, partial thighs

Enora the Arcanist - forehead, face, neck, partial shoulders, partial upper chest, hands, toes

Hakon the Skald - forehead, face, partial ears, partial neck, forearms, elbows, hands

Kess the Brawler - face, neck, partial upper arm, partial abdomen, partial thighs

Zadim the Slayer - partial face

Shardra the Shaman - face, partial sternum, partial forearms, hands, partial thighs, knees, partial leg, toes

Adowyn the Hunter - forehead, face, partial neck, fingers

that took longer than I expected...

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FancyZergling wrote:
WatersLethe wrote:
I'd like to answer the question but I'm too busy wondering... Why 8?
Just an arbitrary number that popped into my head. I guess an even more interesting question would be 4 classes...

I'll play your game, you rogue... Depending on the setting/themes:

Mystery/Horror light-to-medium combat frequency, regular skill challenges

- Inquisitor (light casting and skills)
- Investigator (alchemy without so many explosions, skills, and flexibility)
- Swashbuckler (melee without tons of heavy armor, skills, capable of creating and surviving distractions)
- Witch (theme above all else, high casting without the complete range of arc/sor/wiz)

Semi-realistic Medieval humanoid enemies as the norm, low-magic to the point of almost no-magic, limited healing options, generally E6

- Alchemist (skills, problem solver, crowd control)
- Cavalier (nobility connections, mounted combat)
- Fighter (obvious reasons)
- Ranger (theme, flexibility)

Standard fantasy as generic as you can get

- Arcanist (flexible one-caster-fits-all)
- Fighter (obvious reasons)
- Oracle (flexible divine option)
- Rogue (wide skill range)

Frontier/Wilderness fantasy shops/towns rare, survival issues, savage threats

- Barbarian (melee with mobility)
- Ranger (obvious reasons)
- Shaman (flexibility)
- Skald (skills, limited arcane solutions)

Gaspunk/Urban wide range of combat and skill challenges

- Brawler (manuevers, melee)
- Cleric with cloistered or ecclesitheurge archetypes (skills or magic, limited combat potential)
- Rogue (wide skill range)
- Wizard (theme, knowledge skills, ties to magic academy)

I wouldn't normally limit class selection like this, but the exercise was fun.

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RainyDayNinja wrote:
I don't suppose any of those Swashbuckler archetypes use a different mental stat instead of Charisma, do they? That might be nice for my planned 5 Cha Swashbuckler/Kensai Magus...

Inspired Blade (Lord of all Rapiers) adds INT along with CHA for panache points.

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Hrothdane wrote:
Tell me more about this heavy armor bloodrager. That might mean mine won't need to multiclass :)

Less dodgy, no spell failure, and fighter-like armor abilities.

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Dr. Johnny Fever wrote:
Any new oracle curses? The current list is getting kind of stale...

Unfortunately, none.

*Super Genius Games has a nice curse expansion pack.

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The list (names only):

Alchemist Inspired Alchemist (investigator perks)

Arcanist Blade Adept, Blood Arcanist, Brown-fur Transmuter, Eldritch Font (UNlimited POWerrr), Elemental Master, Occultist, School Savant, Spell Specialist, Unlettered Arcanist, White Mage

Barbarian none, only rage powers

Bard Flame Dancer, Voice of the Wild

Bloodrager Blood Conduit, Blood Rider, Crossblood Rager, Greenrager, Metamagic Rager, Primalist, Rageshaper, Spelleater, Steelblood, Untouchable Rager

Brawler Exemplar, Mutagenic Mauler, Shield Champion, Snakebite Striker, Steelbreaker, Strangler, Wild Child

Cavalier Daring Champion

Cleric Ecclesitheurge

Druid Feral Shifter, Nature Fang, Wild Whisperer

Fighter Martial Master, Mutation Warrior

Gunslinger Ace Bolt (crossbows will soothe badwrongfun from the gunslinger)

Hunter Divine Hunter, Feral Hunter, Packmaster, Primal Companion Hunter, Verminous Hunter (bombastic, evil laughter)

Inquisitor Sacred Huntsman, Sanctified Slayer

Investigator Empiricist, Infiltrator, Mastermind, Sleuth, Spiritualist, Steel Hound

Magus Eldritch Scion

Monk Kata Master, Wildcat

Oracle Psychic Searcher, Spirit Guide, Warsighted

Paladin Holy Guide, Temple Champion

Ranger Divine Tracker, Hooded Champion, Wild Hunter

Rogue Counterfeit Mage, Underground Chemist

Shaman Animist, Possessed Shaman, Speaker for the Past, Spirit Warden, Unsworn Shaman, Visionary, Witch Doctor

Skald Fated Champion, Herald of the Horn, Spell Warrior, Totemic Skald

Slayer Bounty Hunter, Cleaner, Cutthroat, Deliverer, Grave Warden, Sniper, Stygian Slayer, Vanguard

Sorcerer Eldritch Scrapper, Mongrel Mage

Summoner Naturalist, Spirit Summoner

Swashbuckler Daring Infiltrator, Flying Blade, Inspired Blade, Mouser, Musketeer, Mysterious Avenger, Picaroon

Warpriest Champion of the Faith, Cult Leader, Disenchanter, Divine Commander, Forgepriest, Sacred Fist

Witch Hex Channeler, Mountain Witch

Wizard Exploiter Wizard, Spell Sage, Spirit Whisperer

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in the voice of J. K. Simmons

It looks like we won't be able to copy paste entire sections of the English. Well, it just so happens that I've forseen this complication--I am going to translate every pixel of the Advanced Class Guide into ancient Egyptian and written entirely in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics! Nooooooowwwwwwwww, I know what you're thinking, "there's no alt-codes for hieroglyphs!" What'd you want to do, stop before you've even started? I know there's no alt-codes and I've decided to draw--by hand--the entire translation. This may take a while, but I'm not discouraged! Gumption--that's what an endeavor like this takes: pure, raw, barely-contained, red-white-and-blue, all-bases-are-loaded-bottom-of-the-ninth, final quarter, white-knuckle, grits-and-gravy gumption!

That said, there's one little snag that's going to set us back a bit further. I don't know a damn thing about the ancient Egyptian language. Never had the time. Well, I say you can teach and old dog new tricks. I am going to learn every phrase, letter, and punctuation utterance of ancient Egyptian! That's right and when I finish that, we'll move on to the hieroglyphs! Delays? I call it polish! Might even learn some ancient Greek, too. Remove the impurities, hammer out the dents, and rinse off the roof!

Addendum--we're looking at an estimated November 2017 completion date. And that's just the ballpark; I think we'll be ready paste as early as July 2017! Hell, I may launch a kickstarter--get a couple of interns and really get the ball rolling! My God, the future is bright!

[/J. K. Simmons voice]

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Sharkles wrote:
Kairos Dawnfury wrote:
They made a Cleric Archetype that is a priestly type people were asking for.


I'd like details on the archetype, please?

Ecclesitheurge cannot wear armor or use shields, bonded object with holy symbol, and this...

Domain Mastery: At 1st level, when an ecclesitheurge
chooses his cleric domains, he designates one as his
primary domain and the other as his secondary domain.
An ecclesitheurge can use his non-domain spell slots to
prepare spells from his primary domain’s spell list.
Each day when he prepares spells, an ecclesitheurge can
select a different domain granted by his deity to gain access
to that domain’s spell list instead of his secondary domain
spell list. He does not lose access to his actual secondary
domain’s granted powers or gain access to the other domain’s
granted powers.

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Dennis Baker wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
Jim Groves wrote:
Necromancer wrote:
(Clr/Sha/Wit) Speak with Haunt: Haunt answers one question/2 levels.
I don't usually do this, but I have to say.. I cooked that one up to help add roleplaying elements to them, which seemed to be a frequent source of complaints.
I expect the most common question will be "What do you want!?" or some other variant of "How do we make you go away?"

Here I was thinking:

"What is your favorite color?"

"Would you like a spot of tea?"

"Would you be willing to manifest when I speak a certain phrase?"

"Would you be willing to crawl into this vial and have a bit of a holiday?"

"How about this charming painted skull?"

"What about this lovely box?"

"A jack-o-lantern, maybe?"

"This antique doll?"

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TanithT wrote:
Necromancer wrote:

Let's be honest, both roles suck--neither offers improvement. The barbarian is doomed to fighting for two people every day of his life and the woman gets to live in fear that what she has grown accustomed to might change. When the options on the table are death and an abusive, rough state of survival, I'll take survival every time in a situation that bad.

Because it's impossible for the woman to pick up a g$$$~!n sword and save herself? Or learn magic, or rogue skills, or become a cleric?

I have zero interest in playing in your world, if what you're saying is that these things can't happen because she's a mere female and incapable of being a hero.

Not at all. I'm saying the aesthetic archetype mechaPoet brought up several posts ago gives me the impression that "Hollywood neanderthal survival" is the only thing that product has to offer. It doesn't evoke a sense of fantasy at all from my perspective.

SAMAS wrote:
Have you ever actually read the old Conan comics? Women were often raped, murdered (sometimes both) and fed to monsters on a fairly regular basis, whether Conan was around or not.

I have no idea what went on in Conan's world. I vaguely remember the movies. My immediate knowledge is based off of what little nostalgic artwork I bother to research at the time of posting. It's not an aesthetic I care for at all, but I don't think that it's responsible for anything aside from alienating potential customers.

SAMAS wrote:
You may think it's cool to be the virgin sacrifice rescued and ravished by the Barbarian hero (and usually never seen again after that. Hmmmm...), but statistically you're more likely to be the dozen or so sacrifices that came before.

I think my first half-serious criticism of the art style...

pres man wrote:
Necromancer wrote:
The funny thing is that I always perceived the Conan cliché as more of a woman's fantasy preference: big dumb barbarian does all the work (moving boulders, defends against hostile wildlife, etc.) and the wise/literate princess/priestess/whateveress gets to go into vacation mode. Power? Looks more like slavery from where I'm standing.
Sure, if you know, the slave gets to make all the calls and the master is treated as a witless child that must be protected and kept from getting itself killed. The master has absolutely no agency of their own, but instead is treated as a prize and/or luggage by the slave. Then, yeah I could see how it seems like slavery. I mean, young children enslave their parents all the time.

...was deliberately taken out of context to highlight my "wrong opinion" and to inform me what I should be thinking.

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
Necromancer wrote:
Disagree with a certain outlook? Not an issue, but it doesn't invalidate another's perspective.

Oh, totally. But here's a question: Have you ever actually been treated like that? As an adult, I mean. Because I suspect that experiencing such a thing might change your perspective somewhat.

And even if it didn''s not so much about invalidating any perspective, as about certain perspectives being forced on all women (or all of an other group). Which is pretty problematic no matter what that perspective is.

TanithT wrote:
I take it you're okay with being handed off to anyone who "wins" you, whether or not they are of a gender, age, shape, size or personality that appeals to you, with your having no choice or agency in the matter? That's pretty much what being a prize means.

The cliché Conan image is usually depicted within a hostile, blasted wasteland. Survival is an issue. Everyone is ignoring what the barbarian has to go through to just as daily routine. He's likely fighting everything that moves shortly after waking up. The woman's survial needs are taken care of--he won't leave her behind, he's the hero.

As for a failure state? The woman's claimed as property by the victor (assuming humanoid enemies), faces abuse, a bit or a lot of dehumanization, and a really s&%&ty start to next week. The barbarian isn't so lucky: a quick death if his enemies are honorable, mutiliation and torture if they're not, and slipping out of consciousness with the knowledge that he wasn't good enough.

Let's be honest, both roles suck--neither offers improvement. The barbarian is doomed to fighting for two people every day of his life and the woman gets to live in fear that what she has grown accustomed to might change. When the options on the table are death and an abusive, rough state of survival, I'll take survival every time in a situation that bad.

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Googleshng wrote:
Check out this cardinal for instance!

If this bird doesn't flip a two-headed coin, I will be very sad.

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Cr500cricket wrote:
Secondly, has anyone else here been accused of power gaming while playing a fighter or rogue?

Yep, as a rogue in 3.0 and we were facing undead...I've locked that session away in my mind surrounded by a lake of fugue-state.

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