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Navis Yosarni's page

206 posts. Alias of Mark Sweetman.

Full Name

Navis Yosarni


WS 41, BS 31, S 35, T 30, Ag 41, Int 46, Per 37, WP 40, Fel 48, Wounds 9/9, FP 0/2, Insanity 2, Corruption 0, AP 3 (2 on Head)

About Navis Yosarni

Weapon Skill: 41
Ballistic Skill: 36-5 = 31
Strength: 35
Toughness: 38-5-3 = 30
Agility: 36+5 = 41
Intelligence: 40+3+3 = 46
Perception: 37
Willpower: 40 (50 to Resist Fear)
Fellowship: 43+5 = 48 (58 with Underworld, 38 with Inquisition)

Wounds: 9/9
Fate: 1/2
Corruption: 0
Insanity: 2

Movement: Half Move- 4, Full Move- 8, Charge- 12, Run- 16

Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Bulging Biceps: can fire heavy weapons on semi-auto and auto without bracing. Do not suffer -30 penalty for failing to brace.
Iron Jaw: if ever Stunned, a successful Toughness test will allow me to ignore the effects.
Peer (Underworld): +10 on Fellowship tests with group.
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Polyglot: treats all languages as Basic skills. Tests using this talent at -10 penalty.
Resistance (Fear): +10 on tests to Resist Fear effects.
Rival (Inquisition): -10 on Fellowship tests with this faction.
Talented (Commerce): +10 on tests.

Skills - Trained:
Awareness (Per): 37
Barter (Fel): 48 (58 with Underworld, 38 with Inquisition)
Charm (Fel): 48 (58 with Underworld, 38 with Inquisition)
Commerce (Fel): 48 +10 Talent = 58 (68 with Underworld, 48 with Inquisition, 1 extra degree on all Successes)
Common Lore (Koronus Expanse – Int): 46
Common Lore (Underworld - Int): 46
Deceive (Fel): 48 (58 with Underworld, 38 with Inquisition)
Dodge (Agi): 41
Evaluate (Int): 46 (1 extra degree on all Successes)
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech – Int): 46
Inquiry (Fel): 48 (58 with Underworld, 38 with Inquisition, 1 extra degree on all Successes)
Literacy (Int): 46
Logic (Int): 46
Psyniscience (Per): 37
Security (Agi): 41 (71 to open locks)
Silent Move (Agi): 41 (51 if not in Xeno-mesh)
Speak Language (Low Gothic, Trader’s Cant – Int): 46

Basic Skills:
Carouse (T): 30/2 = 15
Climb (S): 35/2 = 17
Command (Fel): 48/2 = 24
Concealment (Agi): 41/2 = 20 + 20 Chameoline = 40 (50 if not wearing Xeno-mesh)
Contortionist (Agi): 41/2 = 20
Disguise (Fel): 48/2 = 24
Gamble (Int): 46/2 = 23
Intimidate (S): 35/2 = 17
Scrutiny (Per): 37/2 = 18
Search (Per): 37/2 = 18
Swim (S): 35/2 = 17

Career (Seneschal):
Seeker of Lore: may spend a Fate Point to automatically succeed at any Ciphers, Lore, or Logic Test. Doing so means that the Test is resolved in the minimum time required. In addition, the Seneschal adds one bonus Degree of Success to any successful Commerce, Inquiry, or Evaluate Test.

Ship Role: Master of Whispers +10 on Disinformation extended action.

Inferno Pistol: Pistol, 10m Range, RoF S/-/-, Damage 2d10+8 E, Pen 13, Clip 3, Rld Full, 2.5kg
Best Hellgun: Basic, 110m Range, RoF S/3/-, Damage 1d10+4 E, Pen 7, Clip 30, Rld 2 Full, 6kg
Xeno-mesh armour: Arms, Body, Legs, AP 3, 2kg
Autoquill: scribing device.
Dataslate: 40K’s answer to the iPad.
Micro-bead: short range communication to 1km.
Multikey: +30 to Security test to open locks.
Two sets of robes: one ornate and decorative, the other dark colored and functional.
Synskin: 2 AP to all locations (do not stack). +10 to Concealment and Silent Move. Invisible to Preysense and Dark Sight. Bonus to Concealment and Silent Move does not apply if other armor is being worn.
Chrono: tells the time.
Cameleoline cloak: +20 on Concealment tests. If remain stationary, count as one Range Bracket further away.

Starting Acquisition: Good Blackbone Bracing: gain Bulging Biceps and Iron Jaw talents. +2 to Damage for all unarmed attacks.

Experience Spend: 4500 start
Awareness – 100
Charm – 100
Dodge – 100
Security – 100
Silent Move – 100
Total Spend: 4500+500 = 5000

Character Generation:
Homeworld – Footfallen
Starting Skills: Common Lore (Koronus Expanse) (Int) as a trained Skill.
Street Knowledge: —5 penalty on all Scholastic Lore Tests except those that involve information on the Koronus Expanse.
Web of Contacts: Peer (Underworld)
Port of Call: Polyglot Talent.
Sixth Sense: gain Psyniscience as a Trained Skill, although they do not count as psykers. However, they are of an interest to the Inquisition, and begin the game with the Rival (Inquisition) Talent.
Starting Wounds: double Toughness Bonus and add 1d5=3
Starting Fate Points: 2

Birthright – Savant: Logic (Int) as a trained Basic skill. +3 Intelligence,–3 Toughness.

Lure of the Void – Duty Bound:
Duty to Humanity: +3 Intelligence. You suffer a –1 to your group’s beginning Profit Factor.

Trials and Travails – Dark Voyage:
Things Man Was Not Meant to Know: Resistance (Fear) Talent.
Marked by Darkness: gain 1d5 Insanity Points.

Motivation – Prestige: gain Talented (Commerce) Talent.

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