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Tongue of Rebuke

Navior's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. 4,833 posts (7,159 including aliases). 112 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 34 aliases.


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Although Mahjik is unable to get another blow in on the wizard this time round, he does distract the serpentfolk just long enough for Makoa to sink his teeth in. The serpentfolk cries out in pain as Makoa tears a chunk out of his arm. (The critical did not confirm, but he still did some nice damage.) The serpentfolk's blurred image, however, means that Makoa's claw comes just short of causing similar damage.

The serpentfolk is now bearing several wounds and is starting to look tired and desperate.

Next Up: Douena, Untari (subject to delayed action), Tar'kanas, Urza, Lorenz (held), Pezock (laughing), Serpentfolk, Mahjik, Makoa.


Ouch, those were some nice hit rolls, including a critical threat.

Next Up: Makoa, Douena, Untari (subject to delayed action), Tar'kanas, Urza, Lorenz (held), Pezock (laughing), Serpentfolk, Mahjik.

Douena Trestleben wrote:
If it's a full-round action to unbar the door, she'll just do that.

A move action is sufficient.

The bar on the door slips away easily, and Douena opens the door and announces her presence.


Message (Douena and party members downstairs)
Comprehend Languages (Douena)
Mage armour (Urza)
Blur (serpentfolk) -- 20% miss chance
Spider Climb (serpentfolk)
Barkskin (Mahjik and Pezock)
Protection from Evil (Urza)
Gravity Bow (Tar'kanas)
Hold Person (Lorenz)
Hideous Laughter (Pezock)
Stun (serpentfolk) -- will end at the beginning of Mahjik's turn this round

Tar'kanas fires off a couple more arrows. The first looks like it's flying true, but it turns out the blurred effect has made Tar'kanas slightly misjudge the serpentfolk's position. He compensates on the second arrow though, and it finds its mark. The serpentfolk, still reeling from Mahjik's last attack, grunts in pain, blood dripping from the new wound.

Urza moves up behind the laughing Pezock and waits there for now.

Lorenz Will with compulsion bonus: 1d20 + 3 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 3 + 1 = 15 -- fail

Lorenz remains frozen in place while Pezock continues laughing. The serpentfolk continues to reel from Mahjik's attack, but manages to pull himself out of it, just in time to face another attack from the monk.

Next Up: Mahjik, Makoa, Douena, Untari (subject to delayed action), Tar'kanas, Urza, Lorenz (held), Pezock (laughing), Serpentfolk.

Map Updated

I'll go ahead and post Makoa's actions.

Makoa bite at serpentfolk, Rage, Power Atttack, flanking: 1d20 + 10 - 2 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 10 - 2 + 2 = 12 20% Miss Chance: 1d100 ⇒ 8 -- miss

With a snarl, Makoa bites down at the serpentfolk, but he the blurring effect results in him biting empty air.

Next Up: Douena, Untari (subject to delayed action), Tar'kanas, Urza, Lorenz (held), Pezock (laughing), Serpentfolk, Mahjik, Makoa.


Mahjik the Flink wrote:
Was Tar'kanas 15 not enough against a stunned opponent? Damn son, that's a badass lizard!

The stun brings his AC down considerably, but not quite to 15. He's got a number of other bonuses to AC, including natural armour and deflection. You're right that your 13 thus also misses.

The serpentfolk is just regaining his senses when Mahjik hits him again, once again leaving him stunned and unable to react.

Next Up: Makoa, Douena, Untari (subject to delayed action), Tar'kanas, Urza, Lorenz (held), Pezock (laughing), Serpentfolk, Mahjik.


Douena hops down to the room below and makes her way carefully over to the door. She doesn't notice any traps and nothing jumps out to attack her; however, she does catch a bit more view of next room over, the same one that she previously saw from the north side. She can see a bit more of the grid in the centre of the room, and it's also clear that the room the grid is in is also circular.


Message (Douena and party members downstairs)
Comprehend Languages (Douena)
Mage armour (Urza)
Blur (serpentfolk) -- 20% miss chance
Spider Climb (serpentfolk)
Barkskin (Mahjik and Pezock)
Protection from Evil (Urza)
Gravity Bow (Tar'kanas)
Hold Person (Lorenz)
Hideous Laughter (Pezock)
Stun (serpentfolk) -- will end at the beginning of Mahjik's turn this round

Deprived of a target, Untari waits.

Tar'kanas fires off several more arrows, but each one flies over the head of the serpentfolk and down into the courtyard below. Tar'kanas is having terrible luck with dice. :(

Urza looks around for alternative places to help his friends from. He eliminates up quickly, as most of the ceiling has collapsed and what remains of the walls and roof of the upper building do not look safe. Moving out onto the ledge, he can confirm that most of the west side has collapsed and what little remains is not easily reachable. Apart from the two staircases, there is no other way down from the top tier (other than jumping or climbing). Since you weren't very precise about where he was checking, I had him use a double move to get a look around the whole tier and he's ended up on the southern ledge.

Lorenz Will with compulsion bonus: 1d20 + 3 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 3 + 1 = 9 -- fail
Lorenz is having terrible luck with saving throws.

Lorenz remains frozen, while Pezock continues to laugh uncontrollably.

The serpentfolk regains his senses just as Mahjik is about to act.

Next Up: Mahjik, Makoa, Douena, Untari (subject to delayed action), Tar'kanas, Urza, Lorenz (held), Pezock (laughing), Serpentfolk.

Map Updated

Makoa successfully negates the falling damage. (A deliberate jump turns the first 10 ft into nonlethal damage. A DC 15 Acrobatics check negates the first 10 ft and turns the 2nd 10 ft into nonlethal, but there's no second 10 ft in this case.)

You forgot the miss chance, though. :)

Makoa 20% miss chance: 1d100 ⇒ 74 -- hit

Makoa rushes forward and leaps off the edge, landing beside the serpentfolk, opposite Mahjik. He lashes out with his bite. The serpentfolk, in his stunned state, is unable to dodge aside and so Makoa's teeth sink in deeply.

Next Up: Douena, Untari, Tar'kanas, Urza, Lorenz (held), Pezock (laughing), Serpentfolk (stunned), Mahjik, Makoa.

Map Updated

Makoa Wolf'sKin wrote:
Is there anyway to get up to the Serpentfolk and join the fight? The map is confusing.

The serpentfolk has gone back down again (he used his spider climb spell that he cast earlier to go down the side of the ziggurat). There are are a few ways you can follow. You can retrace your steps and go back down the north stairs. You can jump off the side like Mahjik did (it's only 10 feet so at worst you'd take 1d6 nonlethal damage). Or you can go down the south stairs into the room below, but you'd have to remove the bar on the door downstairs first. Luckily, you'd be on the correct side to do that, though it would slow you down a bit (an extra move action to remove the bar).

The map is confusing, I know, but people seem to be having a lot more trouble with it than I was expecting. I'll see if I can describe things a bit better...

First off, I realize I've been using the word ziggurat, and perhaps people aren't quite familiar with what a ziggurat is. "Step pyramid" is another term sometimes used. Each level of the pyramid is essentially a big, block-shaped building that is placed on top of the one below. Each level is smaller than the one below, so there is a ledge that goes around each building above the first (essentially the roof of the building below).

The map we're using currently shows the second and third levels (second level at the bottom, third level at the top of the screen). I've added extra tokens for people on the ledge of the second level on the map of the third level to show relative positions. I did this because I thought it would reduce confusion--if it's not, please let me know and I'll remove them.

The most confusing thing with the map is that it tries to use perspective to give a 3D feel, but gets that perspective wrong in several places. Add to that the fact that trying to convey a 3-dimensional battle on a 2-dimensional surface is confusing enough to begin with and you've got a recipe for lots of confusion. :)

I hope that helps!

Mahjik the Flink wrote:
Is it possible to dropkick him from where Mahjik is standing?

If you're just referring to jumping on top of him and kicking him as you land, then sure, that's possible. If you're referring to a specific special ability that I've forgotten about, then I don't really know, but probably. :)

You forgot the miss chance again, though. :)

Mahjik 20% miss chance: 1d100 ⇒ 86 -- hit

Serpentfolk Fortitude: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11 -- fail

Mahjik leaps off the edge of the tier, hurtling towards the serpentfolk. At the last moment, he lashes out with his foot, catching the serpentfolk across the neck, knocking him aside and winding him. The serpentfolk is stunned until the beginning of Mahjik's next turn.

Next Up: Makoa, Douena, Untari, Tar'kanas, Urza, Lorenz (held), Pezock (laughing), Serpentfolk (stunned), Mahjik.

Map Updated

Douena Trestleben wrote:
Jump down and pummel him, Mahjik! How far down is it, Navior? 10 feet-ish?

Yep, about that. Mahjik will have no problem jumping down.

Lorenz Will with compulsion bonus: 1d20 + 3 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 3 + 1 = 5 -- fail

Lorenz remains frozen in place.

Pezock Will: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5 -- fail

Pezock continues to flail about laughing. He will continue laughing for the full duration of the spell.

The serpent folk hisses as Untari bounds in front of him. He moves back a short distance and then goes over the edge, climbing down to the tier below. Withdraw.

Next Up: Makoa, Douena, Untari, Tar'kanas, Urza, Mahjik (subject to delayed action), Lorenz (held), Pezock (laughing), Serpentfolk.

Map Updated

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Joana wrote:
Mahjik the Flink wrote:
We need to have a bit of better coordination here, it's no good if we use a full action on somebody just to get to an enemy - and then block opportunities for somebody that is in "striking distance".
If you want to explain that to Untari in character, I'd love to see the conversation. ;)

Maybe it would go something like this? :)

Seriously though, I think this is a case of Tar'kanas/Javell not realizing that Untari could get to the serpentfolk so quickly. I was surprised, myself, until I counted out the squares for her movement. I did consider giving Tar'kanas the option of holding her back a bit, but unfortunately, Untari was out of Tar'kanas's sight for most of the movement, so he really wouldn't have had the opportunity. Overall, I think it's less a matter of a lack of coordination than it is general battle chaos getting in the way.

Mahjik the Flink wrote:
Note: a readied action may be accompanied by a 5ft step as part of the readied action; in case the guy tries to make a little room for himself.

Only if you haven't already taken a 5-ft step or moved any distance. Limit one 5-ft step per round. Your description sounds like you're taking a 5-ft step before readying ("closes the gap between himself and the caster"), though I will concede you didn't specify a 5-ft step.

That said, I've just discovered that Untari (speed 50) can make it all the way up the stairs, right up to the serpentfolk in her specified double move and block Mahjik before his turn, so you're going to have to reconsider your action anyway. :)

At Tar'kanas's directions, Untari bounds up the stairs. Her keen senses quickly locate the serpentfolk and she hurtles across the upper building to bear down on the enemy, coming between the serpentfolk and Mahjik as she does so.

Meanwhile, Tar'kanas unleashes more arrows at the serpentfolk, but they all fail to find anything solid amidst the serpentfolk's blur.

Urza sends three more glowing bolts shooting at the serpentfolk, but this time, they all blink out suddenly just as they're about to make contact (caster level check failed).

Next Up: Mahjik, Lorenz (held), Pezock (laughing), Serpentfolk, Makoa, Douena, Untari, Tar'kanas, Urza.

Map Updated

Douena Trestleben wrote:
Double-move to that square behind the wall just south of the puddle, 2 squares down and 2 to the left of where she starts. (Seriously, is there no show-coordinates option in Roll20?) Stealth 1d20+16

Coordinates are only available if you use a hex grid (if they can make one for a hex grid, I have no idea why they can't make one for a square grid). However, with the next battle, I think I'll go ahead and manually draw coordinates in.

Douena Trestleben wrote:
The stairs south of Urza: those go down, correct?


Makoa moves in and tosses a javelin at the serpentfolk. Unfortunately, it flies too far to the side and clatters uselessly on the floor. Douena follows him in to the building and takes up a position behind one of the remaining walls.


Message (Douena and party members downstairs)
Comprehend Languages (Douena)
Mage armour (Urza)
Blur (serpentfolk) -- 20% miss chance
Spider Climb (serpentfolk)
Barkskin (Mahjik and Pezock)
Protection from Evil (Urza)
Gravity Bow (Tar'kanas)
Hold Person (Lorenz)
Hideous Laughter (Pezock)

Next Up: Untari, Tar'kanas, Urza, Mahjik, Pezock (laughing), Lorenz (held), Serpentfolk, Makoa, Douena.

Map Updated

Mahjik the Flink wrote:
I don't see Mahjik's position changed from before on the map - so I'm not sure if the serpent is in 5ft step range or not. He'll engage with flurry or just attack "1" either way.

He moved 5 ft forward at the beginning of his turn last time (since I messed up the charau-ka's previous turn meaning he needed a 5-ft step to attack the second one). The map ends up kind of looking the same since one of the dead charau-ka is obscured by his token being on top of it (he moved to stand over it). He is now 5 ft from the serpentfolk, so can take a 5-ft step and full attack. You forgot the miss chance rolls though, since blur is still active. However, the first attack is a miss anyway, so the miss chance is irrelevant. For the second though...

Mahjik 20% miss chance: 1d100 ⇒ 15 -- miss

Mahjik's attacks don't go as planned. He steps up closer, but the serpentfolk turns out harder to hit than he expected. The serpentfolk moves fast and there seem to be other unseen barriers in the way.

Lorenz Will with compulsion bonus Roll 1: 1d20 + 3 + 1 ⇒ (9) + 3 + 1 = 13 -- fail
Lorenz Will with compulsion bonus Roll 2: 1d20 + 3 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 3 + 1 = 5 -- fail

Lorenz remains unmoving.

Pezock hurries across the inside of the upper building to the opening on the south side. He goes through it onto the ledge and momentarily out of sight, only to reappear at the southeast corner of the tier with a triumphant cry of "Ha! We have you now!" Double move.

"Fool," the serpentfolk hisses in response. He steps away from Mahjik and closer to Pezock (5-ft step), then casts another spell.

Pezock Will: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13 -- fail

Pezock laughs in response. "Your magic--" His attempt to speak, however, is interrupted by more laughter. He continues to laugh hysterically, doubling over and falling prone, apparently unable to stop laughing.

Next Up: Douena, Makoa, Untari (subject to delayed action), Tar'kanas, Urza, Mahjik, Pezock (laughing), Lorenz (held), Serpentfolk.

Map Updated

Dragonborn3 wrote:

Re: Mirror Imaged Serpentfolk

Magic Missile only hits the real one anyway.

Ah yes, true. Turns out to have been irrelevant anyway. :)

Tar'kanas fires off another pair of arrows. The first flies right into the blurred forms, causing another one to wink out of existence. The second one does the same, leaving only one serpentfolk--presumably the real one--remaining. The first arrow hit, but got an image. The second arrow missed, but missed within 5, so got an image. No further real/image rolls are need (though 20% miss chance remains).

With no images left, Urza can just send all three missiles against the remaining real one. His caster level check passes.

Urza sends three bolts of energy flying through the air between him and the serpentfolk. The bolts fly unerringly through the blurred imaged to hit the serpentfolk, who hisses in both surprise and anger.

Next Up: Mahjik, Lorenz (held), Pezock, Serpentfolk, Douena, Makoa, Untari (subject to delayed action), Tar'kanas, Urza.


After giving Lorenz a boost to help him break free of the spell holding him in place, Douena hurries up the stairs. Makoa heads that way as well, passing Douena and catching up to Pezock.


Message (Douena and party members downstairs)
Comprehend Languages (Douena)
Mage armour (Urza)
Blur (serpentfolk) -- 20% miss chance
Mirror Image (serpentfolk) -- 2 images remaining
Spider Climb (serpentfolk)
Barkskin (Mahjik and Pezock)
Protection from Evil (Urza)
Gravity Bow (Tar'kanas)
Hold Person (Lorenz)

Next Up: Untari, Tar'kanas, Urza, Mahjik, Lorenz (held), Pezock, Serpentfolk, Douena, Makoa.

Map Updated

As Joana has rightly pointed out, Lorenz was held last round and shouldn't have been able to attack. As such, the serpentfolk remains undamaged. What Lorenz should have gotten was another saving throw to break free of the hold.

Lorenz Will with compulsion bonus: 1d20 + 3 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 3 + 1 = 15 -- fail

Lorenz will remain held for at least 1 more round. Hopefully, I'll remember that next round. :)

Joana wrote:
Hate to point it out, but Lorenz was held last round and probably shouldn't have been able to shoot.

Whoops. Yeah, you're right. I'm forgetting all the spells this combat. Sigh.

I'll go fix it.

I just realized I had charau-ka #5 attack after being blinded the previous round by Douena. I apologize for that. Mahjik can remove the six points of damage he took in that attack. I've also moved #5 back to his previous position where I'm going to say all he did was panic and screech.

Makoa Wolf'sKin wrote:
I will pass then, and wait for an opportunity next turn.

Sure thing.

Makoa waits.


Message (Douena and party members downstairs)
Comprehend Languages (Douena)
Mage armour (Urza)
Blur (serpentfolk) -- 20% miss chance
Mirror Image (serpentfolk) -- 3 images remaining to start, down to 2 on Tar'kanas's turn
Spider Climb (serpentfolk)
Barkskin (Mahjik and Pezock)
Protection from Evil (Urza)
Gravity Bow (Tar'kanas)
Haste (Charau-ka) -- ends after the charau-kas' turns this round
Blind (Charau-ka #5)
Flaiming sphere -- ends after the serpentfolk's turn this round

While Untari stands by, Tar'kanas fires another arrow. This one shoots directly into the blurry mass of snake-person images and one of those images suddenly vanishes. He quickly follows up with a second arrow, but this one flies too high and hits the wall of the upper building (the hit roll missed by more than 5 so no image removed). The serpentfolk is now down to 2 images remaining, so the next real/image rolls should be 1d3 with 1 indicating the real one.

Urza moves along the ledge, looking for a way around to the serpent folk on the east ledge. Although the northwest corner of the ledge has fallen away, part of the wall of the building has as well, allowing him access inside. There, he sees that most of the roof has collapsed in, leaving the interior open and exposed to the elements. Rainwater has collected in small pools throughout, feeding wild, dense tangles of overgrown jungle plants. To the southeast, he can see another flight of stairs going down. A portion of the south wall has collapsed as has the southwest corner. In the east wall is an opening that clearly once has a door, but the door is now long gone. Standing on the opposite side is the blurred serpentfolk. I've moved Urza a full 60 ft double move, which puts him 10 ft from the serpentfolk. However, if you don't wish to have moved that far, let me know and I can move you back a bit.

Since, retroactively, charau-ka #5 never stepped up to Mahjik, I'll assume Mahjik takes a 5-ft step to step up to him. It does mean that he won't be able to move closer to the serpentfolk afterwards though.

Mahjik steps forward and unleashes a series of blows at the reamining charau-ka. The first fist slams into the charau-ka's face, shattering the nose and jaw and probably quite a bit more. The charau-ka's screeching stops quite suddenly (he confirmed the critical).

Lorenz longbow at serpentfolk: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (18) + 11 = 29; 20% miss chance: 1d100 ⇒ 43 -- hit
Real/Image: 1d3 ⇒ 1 -- Real
Damage: 1d8 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

Lorenz takes aim and fires. The arrow flies straight into the blurry mass of snake images and this time actually seems to hit something solid. The serpentfolk gasps in pain.

Pezock decides he's had enough of waiting and heads up the stairs.

Untari Reflex: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (13) + 11 = 24 -- pass

The ball of fire continues to roll about Untari's space, but the big cat continues to avoid it. Then the fireball vanishes.

The serpentfolk turns towards Mahjik and casts a spell. A ray of fire shoots out at the monk.

Serpentfolk scorching ray at Mahjik, touch: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (8) + 13 = 21 -- hit
Damage: 4d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 1, 4) = 17 fire

The flames burn painfully into Mahjik's chest.

Next Up: Douena, Makoa (subject to delayed action), Untari (subject to delayed action), Tar'kanas, Urza, Mahjik, Lorenz, Pezock, Serpentfolk.

Map Updated

Makoa Wolf'sKin wrote:
I'm not sure on it, but I think I can double move 55ft to get right next to Mahjik.

There isn't actually an available space next to Mahjik. All the squares to the north and east are off the ledge in open air. The square directly west of him is over the bottom of the stairs, so is also open air (there is also a bit of wall between Mahjik and the staircase, presumably to prevent someone falling over it). The square southwest of him is inside the upper building in unrevealed areas, and directly south of him is occupied by a charau-ka.

You can, of course, go up the stairs and look for a way through the building, much as Urza has stated he is going to do on his turn.

Let me know what you'd like to do.

Douena Trestleben wrote:
Double-move to the square right of Lorenz. Does she need to roll a Reflex save to move through the flaming sphere's space, or is it only when it moves into someone's space?

Only when it moves into someone's space, so no save needed for Douena's move.

When Mahjik jumped up to the higher ledge, I forgot to mention what he can see up there.

Mahjik can see that behind the blurry serpentfolk, there is an opening into the upper building.

Next Up: Makoa, Untari, Tar'kanas, Urza, Mahjik, Lorenz, Charau-ka, Pezock (subject to delayed action), Serpentfolk, Douena.

Map Updated

Yeah, the map, unfortunately, doesn't make visualization very easy. There's no way for Mahjik to get at #5 (unless he attacks while in mid-air during his jump); however, there is a space just north of #6 that he can jump to, allowing him to attack #6 from there.

Charua-ka are not lizard men, by the way. They're monkey-men. :) (The wizard is a serpentfolk, though, so very much lizard-like.)

Mahjik moves quickly forward and leaps into the air, rising higher than many would believe possible, and landing in a single bound on the ledge above. He follows this up with a quick punch to the charau-ka's gut. The charau-ka topples over, nearly falling off the edge.

Lorenz longbow at Serpentfolk, Rapid Shot 1: 1d20 + 11 - 2 ⇒ (11) + 11 - 2 = 20 20% miss chance: 1d100 ⇒ 17 -- miss
Lorenz longbow at Serpentfolk, Rapid Shot 2: 1d20 + 11 - 2 ⇒ (4) + 11 - 2 = 13 20% miss chance: 1d100 ⇒ 12 -- miss

Lorenz takes aim at the blurred serpent folk and fires, then quickly follows up with another shot. The blurred effect makes targeting too difficult, however, and the arrows slam into the upper ledge.

Charau-ka #4 panics at the sight of the three smouldering bodies in front of it. It turns and darts off through the broken wall at the northwest corner of the building. #5 looks similarly panicked, but with nowhere else to go, steps forward over the fallen body of #6 to attack Mahjik (5-ft step north).

Charau-ka #5 club at Mahjik, haste: 1d20 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (11) + 5 + 1 = 17 -- miss
Charau-ka #5 club at Mahjik, haste: 1d20 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 5 + 1 = 22 --hit
Damage: 1d4 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6
Charau-ka #5 bite at Mahjik, haste: 1d20 + 0 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 0 + 1 = 15 -- miss

Moving rapidly, it swings its club, but Mahjik ducks aside. Unfortunately, a second swing comes at blinding speed, catching Mahjik as he comes out of the dodge. The charau-ka snaps its teeth in an attempted bite, but is unable to grab hold of anything.

"Coward! Pezock calls after the retreating #4. He otherwise stays where he is. Delay.

Untari Reflex: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (4) + 11 = 15 -- pass

The flaming sphere rolls forward along the ledge towards Untari, but the big cat has little difficulty ducking to the side.

Lorenz Will with bonus vs compulsion: 1d20 + 3 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 3 + 1 = 9 -- fail

The serpentfolk casts another spell and Lorenz suddenly goes rigid, seemingly frozen in place. He is under the effects of hold person.

Next Up: Douena, Makoa, Untari, Tar'kanas, Urza, Mahjik, Lorenz, Charau-ka, Pezock (subject to delayed action), Serpentfolk.

Map Updated

Urza Sha'rahad wrote:
Urza goes up the stairs until he is even to but a little above Pezock. Then he unleashes flame against the charau-ka.

At the point where he would be even to Pezock, he'd be too low to see over the wall. However, he can get to a point at the top of the stairs where he can get the three charau-ka directly in front of Pezock without hitting Pezock (and various walls still protect him from the serpent folk and charau-ka on the upper level).

Charau-ka #1 Reflex: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 2 = 5 -- fail
Charau-ka #2 Reflex: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7 -- fail
Charau-ka #3 Reflex: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6 -- fail

Flames shoot down and engulf three of the charau-ka, whose screams start loudly and then cut out. As the smoke clears, all three lie on the ledge, their bodies smouldering.

The expression on the charau-ka #4 turns to one of abject terror. Pezock smiles.

Next Up: Mahjik, Lorenz, Charau-ka, Pezock, Serpentfolk, Douena, Makoa, Untari, Tar'kanas, Urza.

Map Updated

Just a general reminder: Don't forget the 20% miss chance roll or the roll to determine figment or real target.

Makoa uses some magic to bolster Pezock's defence. "I certainly will," Pezock replies.


Message (Douena and party members downstairs)
Comprehend Languages (Douena)
Mage armour (Urza)
Blur (serpentfolk) -- 20% miss chance
Mirror Image (serpentfolk) -- 3 images remaining
Spider Climb (serpentfolk)
Barkskin (Mahjik and Pezock)
Protection from Evil (Urza)
Gravity Bow (Tar'kanas)
Haste (Charau-ka)

Untari takes up a defensive position, while Tar'kanas looses two arrows in the direction of the serpentfolk wizard. Unfortunately, both arrows fly too far to the south and overshoot their target. The hit rolls were both low enough that the miss chance and figment/real rolls were irrelevant in this case.

Next Up: Urza, Mahjik, Lorenz, Charau-ka, Pezock, Serpentfolk, Douena, Makoa, Untari, Tar'kanas.


Douena Trestleben wrote:
Am I remembering correctly that the surface is not really a triangle but a 5-ft-wide ledge like the one on the north of the ziggurat? I miss the map coordinates. :(

You are correct. I've manually coloured in that portion of the map now to avoid confusion.

Charau-ka #5 Reflex: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6 -- fail
Charau-ka #6 Reflex: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11 -- fail

Douena caster level check against Serpentfolk's spell resistance: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 16 -- fail

The 2 charau-ka on the upper tier scream as light bursts around them. They are both blinded as well as heavily damaged by the effect. The serpentfolk, however, is apparently completely unaffected.

From her new position, Douena can see that much of the ledge on the south side has crumbled and fallen away.

Makoa did post actions for this round already, but as the layout has changed a little, he might want to revise his actions a bit, so I'll give him that opportunity.

Next Up: Makoa, Untari (subject to delayed action), Tar'kanas, Urza, Mahjik, Lorenz, Charau-ka, Pezock, Serpentfolk, Douena.
Now that it's been revealed that the he has spell resistance, spellcasters should make certain to roll caster level checks when casting spells against him (spells subject to spell resistance, that is).

Map Updated

Urza pulls out a scroll and casts the spell on it. As he does that, Lorenz pulls out his bow and prepares to fire (ready action to fire at anything that comes into view).

Mahjik whispers and then concentrates to active his qi power.

Just then, familiar ape-like shrieks begin sounding from various directions, including above. From around the northwest corner of this tier, charau-ka come bounding into view. Lorenz immediately looses his arrow over the heads of Makoa and Pezock.

Lorenz longbow at charau-ka #1: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (12) + 11 = 23 -- hit
Damage: 1d8 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7

The arrow strikes the first one, but it keeps coming, along with 3 more behind it. The lead one rushes all the way up to Pezock (not attack yet, though, because it took a double move to get there).

From above, two more charau-ka appear on the ledge of the next tier and lob rocks down at those below.

Charau-ka #5 rock at Douena, haste: 1d20 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 5 + 1 = 9 -- miss
Charau-ka #6 rock at Untari, haste: 1d20 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (13) + 5 + 1 = 19 -- miss

The rocks clatter on the surface of your tier and then roll off the edge.

Pezock sawtooth sabre at #1: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21 -- hit
Damage: 1d8 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10

Pezock sneers at the charau-ka that has run up in front of him. He swings his sabre and slices across the charau-ka's face and chest, severely hurting him.

Via her doorsight, Douena sees the serpentfolk disappear up the stairs. Mere moments later, however, he reappears on the tier above beside the two charau-ka. He and his blurred images appear to be holding something wand-like in their hands. He hisses a command word and a large ball of fire appears right by Douena and tries to roll over her.

Douena Reflex: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11 -- fail
Damage: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 2) = 13 fire

It catches her, burning her nastily.

Next Up: Douena, Makoa (action stated above), Untari (subject to delayed action), Tar'kanas, Urza, Mahjik, Lorenz, Charau-ka, Pezock, Serpentfolk.

Map Updated
I've made duplicates of the party members on the level 3 map to show your relative positions (keep in mind charau-ka #5 and #6 are above you, as is the serpentfolk). The sun symbol over Douena indicates the current position of the flaming sphere.

When attacking the serpentfolk, please remember to include a roll for 20% miss chance (due to blur) and a roll to determine which image you hit (due to mirror image). There are currently 3 images plus the real one, so roll 1d4. Decrease the die as images are removed. A roll of 1 will always mean that you hit the real one.

Douena Trestleben wrote:
Knowledge (religion) in response to Mahjik's information, on Desna's relation to the Dark Tapestry 1d20+6

As Mahjik mentioned, the Dark Tapestry is the space between the stars, the areas of empty void where legends say some of the darkest, most terrible creatures in the cosmos formed and/or dwell. Desna placed the stars in the sky, so is responsible in part for holding back the Dark Tapestry. How much interaction she has with it, however, is uncertain.

There is an Empyreal Lord called the Black Butterfly, also known as Desna's Shadow, who was created when Desna was placing the stars in the sky and accidentally created the outline of a butterfly. The Black Butterfly is said to have great knowledge of the Dark Tapestry, but she refuses to pass that knowledge on to anyone else. The Black Butterfly is an enemy of the beings that exist in the Dark Tapestry.

Untari delays while Tar'kanas prepares his bow and enhances it with magic.

Next Up: Urza, Lorenz, Mahjik (action stated above), Others, Pezock, Serpentfolk, Douena, Makoa (action stated above), Untari (subject to delayed action), Tar'kanas.

Heh, he probably should have been! ;)

With Pezock shouting earlier, I allowed him to automatically hear and so didn't bother checking his actual bonus until that post.

I just looked at this guy's Perception bonus. Ouch, it's high.

Serpentfolk Perception: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (5) + 17 = 22

Message from below:
"Got it!" Sasha whispers back. "We're getting ready now."

One thing I forgot to mention in the last post:
Douena can see that the door she's looking through is barred on the inside.

The blurry figures finish their spell and all four heads turn to look towards the door. "They're coming!" they yell in a single voice. "Leave the damn wasps and get out here!" They then turn and scurry up the wall until they reach the height of the stairs and then hop onto the stairs.

We'll move into round tracking at this point...

Douena Initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14
Mahjik Initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (14) + 3 = 17
Makoa Initiative: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11
Tar’kanas Initiative: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21
Urza Initiative: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18
Untari Initiative: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (16) + 6 = 22
Lorenz Initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (14) + 4 = 18
Pezock Initiative: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (8) + 8 = 16
Serpentfolk Initiative: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (8) + 6 = 14
Others the serpentfolk was calling to Initiative: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 1 = 17
Order: Untari, Tar'kanas, Urza, Lorenz, Mahjik, Others, Pezock, Serpentfolk, Douena, Makoa.


Message (Douena and party members downstairs)
Comprehend Languages (Douena)
I think Urza has mage armour up as well, right? Let me know if I've forgotten any other previous effects that are still ongoing.
Blur (serpentfolk)
Mirror Image (serpentfolk)
Spider Climb (serpentfolk)
Possibly others on the serpentfolk not yet identified.

First Up: Untari, Tar'kanas

Map Updated
I've compressed the map a bit so that both levels 2 and 3 fit on the screen together. It may be needed.

Tar'kanas wrote:
I don't suppose an Aiding Another - Makoa that would be - is possible with Knowledge checks, is it?

No, you can't really aid another in this circumstance.

Douena Trestleben wrote:
Douena's comprehend languages SLA should still be active, I think (60 mins duration). It won't let her read the symbols on the pillar if they're magic, but it should confirm to her if they are magical writing.

It's still active, yes. It can confirm that the symbols are meant to provide general arcane concepts, but they aren't actually writing.

As Douena places her hands on the door, an image of the area beyond begins to take shape. She sees a wide room with a high, arched ceiling painted with fading pastel swirls. The walls are carved with seemingly random combinations of branching lines, connected to patterns of overlapping circles of various sizes. Along the southern wall, a flight of stairs leads up to the next tier.

Most alarmingly, however, there is a strange shape near the southern stairs. It seems to be four overlapping, blurry figures. The figures are humanoid. Their blurriness and overlapping nature make it hard to discern exact details, but their heads definitely seem serpentine in shape. All four figures seem to be in the process of casting a spell. They are mimicking each other's movements exactly. It is apparent that the four figures are actually the same person, but with a magical effect making that individual look like four separate individuals, along with another effect to blur them (i.e. mirror image and blur).

DM Stuff:
1d4 + 2 ⇒ (1) + 2 = 3

Level 2 Map Updated
Note: There is a dark circle on the map a couple squares above the snake-person. That circle is meant to represent a hole in the floor. However, the hole is actually in a different room. Please ignore it in this one. Argh, this annoying map!

Urza Sha'rahad wrote:
What else can Urza see from up here?

Looking to the north and below, he can see that there is an extension to the north side of the ziggurat on the ground floor (the others on the tier below can see this if they look over their ledge as well). Although the map actually gives a glimpse of the interior, that section does have a roof, so you can't actually see the row of pillars shown on the map. The cartographer seems to have been attempting a bit of 3D for the map, but was apparently confused about which sections of the ziggurat have roofs and which don't.

Beyond the northern section, you can see the jungle stretching off into the distance. Urza can see little else from his current vantage point.

Pezock turns his head quickly in alarm to look at Urza as Urza announces his intentions and begins climbing the stairs. He then looks down at Douena. "An evil force has clearly taken over our friend," he says to her. "But it has forgotten to speak like him!"

"Foul fiend!" he yells after Urza. "Release our friend or we will force you from his mind!"

At the top of the stairs, Urza emerges on top of the next tier of the ziggurat. The building here is in much worse state than the one below. Much of the western side has collapsed completely, and even the building he is now standing on top of has lost its northwestern corner, making it impossible to walk all the way around the upper building without going through it. Looking over the edge to the north, he can see the rest of the party on the ledge below.

Map of Third Level

Urza Sha'rahad wrote:
"Urza goes up the stairs."

I think the stress has finally gotten to Urza. He is now talking about himself in the third person. :)

I take it you meant that, not as speech, but rather as a statement of Urza's actions?

Of course, if you did mean it as speech, I could have so much fun with Pezock's reaction. ;)

You're currently on the top of the bottom tier of the ziggurat at the northeast corner, so there's no roof overhead. There are indeed stairs going up just west of Urza. The "corridor" leading west from Makoa is a ledge, so no wall on the north side (thus you can look over the edge at what's below). The triangle corridor is also a ledge (although its triangular shape makes no sense; it really should be just a straight "corridor" shape). Finally the south is another ledge with no south wall. The stairs are what you would see if you look over the ledge (it looks down at the main entranceway that you arrived by).

Hope that clears things up a bit. I know the map is confusing.

Douena Trestleben wrote:
Assume we can take 20 to set the grapple and at least take 10 to climb up?

Yes. In fact, I'm pretty sure there are people in the party who could manage the grapple by just taking 10.

Douena Trestleben wrote:

While Lorenz is arranging the climbing rope, Douena dashes back through the door to camp to set up communications.

She casts recharge innate magic, then uses her message SLA. As long as there's six or fewer staying behind, she can keep a line open to each of them for an hour.

"I'll let you know what we find," she promises. "And you tell us if the monkey-men come after us or any other trouble shows up."

"Don't worry," Sasha says. "We'll be sure to let you know."

Back in the courtyard, Lorenz secures the rope to the grappling hook. Then, taking a moment to judge the aim carefully, he tosses it so that it flies right over the lower portion of the stair and hangs down the other side. He then grabs the hanging hook and hooks it round the rope on the other side, so that the rope has made a complete loop around the stairs and is very secure. "Up we go!" he says. He climbs up the rope first.

Once everyone is on the stairs, Lorenz reaches down, unhooks the grapple and pulls the rope up.

Now on the stairs, you get a clear view of where the stairs lead. Unfortunately, downwards leads to a pile of rubble where the stairs, walls, and ceiling have completely collapsed. Luckily, the other way is not similarly blocked.

The stairs arc up onto the open ledge of the next level of the ziggurat. From here, you can see a door in the side of the building on this level, as well as more stairs leading up to the next level. Further down, you can see that a portion of the northwest corner of the building has collapsed (not visible on the map, but your characters can see it).

Map of Lower Level Updated

Map of Second Level
Ignore the bizarre field of grey around the stairs you just came up. It seems to indicate a roof over the courtyard (and a hole where the pillar is supposed to be), which isn't the case. The diagonal ledge also doesn't fit with the map of the lower level. Alas, there are a number of discrepancies between the levels on these maps.
Some of what can be seen on the north and south ends of the map are in fact the portions of the lower level that you can see when you look over the ledge (the pillars to the north and the main entrance stairs to the south). They are not actually on this level.

Tar'kanas wrote:
To be honest, she can make that jump. But she needs to roll a 17. Because a 9' high jump is a 36 DC.

There's no penalty for failure in this particular case, so she could just keep trying until she succeeds (i.e. take 20).

I originally wrote a longer post for Lorenz, responding to Douena's suggestion of using the stairs. When I previewed it, I saw that Tar'kanas had responded, so I edited the post to take that into account. Then when I previewed it again, Douena had already responded and so I had to edit again, removing most of what was originally in it, since he was initially questioning how you'd get Untari up to the stairs. :)

Douena Trestleben wrote:
Is the northern end or the southern end of the staircase higher? Can we access the stairway from the courtyard, or does it just pass through?

The northern end is the higher end. It just passes over the courtyard, though by the time it exits to the south, it's only about 9 feet above the ground. A rope with a grappling hook, flight, or various other methods to get you off the ground can let you access the stairs from here, but the staircase doesn't actually connect to courtyard.

Tar'kanas sends two simultaneous arrows, which tear through the centre of the plant. Its tendrils then fall limp and the stalks it uses as legs fall out from under it. It falls to the ground with a light thud. Since the first double shot took it down, Tar'kanas wouldn't need to make the next shot, saving him an arrow.

Although the plant is down, the spore cloud will remain for 1 more round, meaning those in the cloud (only Pezock and Makoa now) must still make one more saving throw.

Makoa Fortitude: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13 -- fail
Makoa hallucination effect: 1d6 ⇒ 5
Pezock Fortitude: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (5) + 2 = 7 -- fail
Pezock hallucination effect: 1d6 ⇒ 6

Everything around Makoa suddenly seems to grow, getting larger and larger. Then he realizes that it's actually him who's getting smaller. He shrinks down to minuscule size. Realizing that he might get stepped on, he decides the best thing to do is stay absolutely still so that the giants won't notice him. To everyone else, Makoa just freezes, not actually changing size. He will do nothing for 1 round.

Pezock suddenly cries out, "I'm melting! I'm melting!" He starts frantically clutching various parts of his body as if trying to keep them in place. After about 6 seconds or so, he regains his composure.


With a duck and a dodge to the side, Makoa slips past the plants tentacles to take up a position opposite Pezock (successfully avoiding an AoO).

Pezock immediately swings his sabre, cutting deeply into the plant's thick leaves, and removing the tops of several of them. Makoa then sinks his teeth into the leaves at the other side, shredding several of them. The plant now looks a mess, but is still active.

Next Up: Tar'kanas, Plant, Untari (subject to delayed action), Urza, Mahjik, Douena, Lorenz, Pezock, Makoa.

Map Updated

Douena Trestleben wrote:
Create water in Mahjik's square. I have no idea how a brief, heavy rainstorm may or may not interact with a spore cloud. :)

The rules don't say either. :) However, I think it's reasonable to say that the water washes away the spores in Mahjik's square.

A waterfall momentarily materializes over top of Mahjik, dumping gallons of water on him and washing away the spores in the immediate area. For a second or so afterwards, he continues to choke--although he might now be choking on water instead. Mahjik will recover his senses on the plant's turn.

Taking a deep breath and holding it, Lorenz rushes into the room and through the cloud of spores, coming out of the cloud just north of the doors. He then aims an arrow at the plant and fires.

Lorenz longbow at plant, Point Blank Shot: 1d20 + 11 + 1 ⇒ (19) + 11 + 1 = 31 -- hit
Damage: 1d8 + 5 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 5 + 1 = 9

The arrow arcs gracefully under the staircase and straight into one of the thick leaves of the plant.

"Ha! Your spores have no effect on me!" Pezock declares triumphantly, splashing through some of the water on the ground as he moves under the staircase and up to the plant. "You!" he yells to Makoa. "Get to the other side of it!" He prepares to strike.

Pezock ready action to attack when Makoa moves into a flanking position:
Pezock sawtooth sabre at plant, flanking: 1d20 + 9 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 9 + 2 = 29 -- hit
Damage: 1d8 + 2 + 3d6 ⇒ (3) + 2 + (6, 6, 3) = 20

Next Up: Makoa, Tar'kanas, Plant, Untari (subject to delayed action), Urza, Mahjik, Douena, Lorenz, Pezock (subject to readied action).
Note: If he follows Pezock's request, Makoa will attract an attack of opportunity.

Map Updated

Untari holds back.


Spore cloud
Hallucinations (Mahjik, Urza) -- current hallucinations end on the plant's turn this round, but those still in the area of the spore cloud must make new saving throws

Urza tosses his wand away and then hurries out of the courtyard. Mahjik continues to clutch at his throat.

Next Up: Douena, Lorenz, Pezock, Makoa, Tar'kanas, Plant, Untari (subject to delayed action), Urza, Mahjik.

Map Updated

Tar'kanas wrote:

Tar'kanas will move into the room, finding himself a clearer shot.

Gonna move instead of attack.

Move diagonally 2 squares. Which puts me 2 squares directly above Pezock.

You can't actually change a readied action. It has to be what you previously stated, which was:

Tar'kanas wrote:
he readies to fire as soon as the situation turns.

I'll go ahead and roll for you.

Tar'kanas bow at plant creature: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (3) + 9 = 12 -- miss

Both Makoa and Tar'kanas spring into quick action, one throwing an axe and the other shooting an arrow. Unfortunately, both attacks go just a little too far to the south, allowing the plant to easily shuffle aside.

The plant's shaking and fluttering becomes more pronounced and suddenly there is a small explosion of spores, sending the spores out in a cloud that covers much of the courtyard and covering Mahjik, Makoa, Pezock, and Urza.

Mahjik Fortitude: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (3) + 6 = 9 -- fail
Mahjik Hallucination effect: 1d6 ⇒ 4
Makoa Fortitude: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (14) + 9 = 23 -- pass
Urza Fortitude: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13 -- fail
Urza Hallucination effect: 1d6 ⇒ 3
Pezock Fortitude: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17 -- pass

Mahjik suddenly feels as if he's suffocating and he begins clutching at his throat. Mahjik can only remain in place and do nothing for 1 round.

Urza sees an item on his person (Urza's choice) suddenly turn into a vicious viper. Urza's next action must be to remove the item and toss it on the ground, then move away from it if he has a move action left.

The hallucination effects last for 1 round; however, each round anyone remains in the cloud of spores (on the plant's turn), they must make another Fortitude save and a failed save means another hallucination. The cloud will remain for 1d4 ⇒ 2 rounds. The spores are mostly transparent and so do not effect your ability to see the plant creature.

Next Up: Untari, Urza, Mahjik, Douena, Lorenz, Pezock, Makoa, Tar'kanas, Plant.

Map Updated
The grey line indicates the area of the cloud of spores.

Joana wrote:
EDIT: Hm, apparently Shensen is in Shackled City as well? I have the hardcover. Off to see how annoying she is.

Wait, huh? Shackled City isn't set in Golarion. How come Shensen gets to be in two campaign settings?

(Edit: Yes, I know it's because James Jacob decided to put her in both. Still seems... I don't know...)

Ah, Shensen. Okay, definitely looks like this AP brings back the Jacobs pet PC syndrome.

Crimson Throne remains one of my favourite APs, although the first adventure is one of the weaker segments. The second and third adventures are where it really shines and the final adventure is really good too--at least, based on memories of reading them years ago. My own attempt to run the AP died in the second adventure when my group fell apart, so I've never actually run the later ones. I've never played in them either.

I did run Council of Thieves all the way through. It's a good path, and it has the advantage of being one of the quicker ones too. Although it's the same number of instalments and pages as the others, the adventures somehow take a lot less time to run.

Joana wrote:
Player's Guide for Hell's Rebels is up! I love me an urban campaign. Wish we could have one not starring one of James Jacobs's pet PCs, though.

Crimson Throne and Council of Thieves are actually pretty free of such characters. Do we know for sure there will be one in Hell's Rebels (I haven't been able to pay much attention to what has been revealed about it)? The last couple APs have also been pretty free of such characters, too.

Tar'kanas wrote:

Tar'kanas looks back to the creature, taking no action as he allows the gnome to play out her conversation. Never the less, he readies to fire as soon as the situation turns.

Delay. Or talk. Whatever kind of action that is.

Talking is a free action. Based on your descriptive text, it sounds like you want the ready action, not delay. I'll assume ready action.

The creature's leaves and tendril begin to shake and flutter violently, almost like it's confirming Tar'kanas's words that it has no desire to be anyone's friend. Spores begin to spew rapidly out from it, spreading into the surrounding air.

This activates Makoa's and Tar'kanas's readied actions.

Next Up: Makoa and Tar'kanas readied attacks, remainder of plant's turn.

Let's try and remember to include a readied attack in a spoiler in future, as that really helps keep things moving.

I totally forgot to have Lorenz move first so that he can actually see the plant before readying his action. Oh well. I guess he's just waiting for now. :)

"It certainly doesn't look much like her," Pezock says as he draws his sabre. He stands in wait. Ready action to take a 5-ft step and attack if the plant makes an aggressive move.

Next Up: Tar'kanas, Plant, Untari, Urza, Mahjik, Douena, Lorenz, Makoa (subject to readied action), Pezock (subject to readied action).

Map Updated

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