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Fiendish Baboon

Natertot's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 296 posts (305 including aliases). 5 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 16 Pathfinder Society characters.

Grand Lodge ****

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YIDM wrote:

Can anyone GM the Eyes of the Ten series? Or is it considered an exclusive only run by 4-star GM's and VO's? I'm a 2-star GM myself and was thinking of running this at some point.

One of my VO's said something about "you have to play it first, before you're allowed to run it". But I couldn't find anything like that in the PFS organized play guidelines or anything in the module summary that says that.



You could technically run it first, but when it came to you time to play it you would have MAJOR spoilers to deal with and would have to let the GM running it for you know that you had GM'd it before.

Nathan Meyers

Grand Lodge

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Just a thought on the Psychic Defensive Spells (i.e. Thought Shield, Tower of Iron Will, Intellect Fortress, and Mental Barrier) instead of the duration for these just being 1 round, has there been any thought to it being changed to 1 round + concentration?

I think this might make these spells more flavorful and more likely to be taken.

Nathan Meyers

Grand Lodge ****

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thistledown wrote:
Kyle Baird wrote:
The Human Diversion wrote:
Care Baird wrote:
**Janira's secretly an assassin and death attacks you during the briefing**

A friend from college recently moved to the area and I've gotten her to start playing some Pathfinder Society.

Her name is Janira. True story.

Is she an assassin?
It'll be the last thing you ever know.

By the time you find out it will be too late!


Grand Lodge ****

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Hello all. I know there has been a lot of talk and debate about playing up and/or down and the wealth by level curve.

One thing that I think bears repeating for all the new people is when exactly does a table have the choice to play up or down.

I think there are some out there that don't realize that a table does not have this choice whenever they sit down.

The current Guide To Pathfinder Society Organized Play (version 4.3, p33) explains when this can occur:

"In order to determine which subtier a mixed-level group
of PCs should play in, you must determine the group’s
average party level (APL). Divide the total number of
character levels by the number of characters in the party.
You should always round to the nearest whole number."

"If the APL of a table is between two subtiers (like APL
3rd for a Tier 1–5 scenario), the players may choose to play
up to Subtier 4–5 or down to Subtier 1–2. If, however, the
APL was calculated for six players (and thus bumped up
by +1) and this pushes a low-level table out of their subtier
and into the level between two subtiers, the players
should be strongly cautioned about playing up, as even a
party of six players may not be able to handle situations
and challenges that the higher subtier will present."

This is the only time a table can choose to play up or down.

I have just heard too many stories lateley of people and or GMs not realizing what the current rule is.


Nathan Meyers

Grand Lodge ****

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Codanous wrote:

I am really just looking to get everyone's, or at least a few opinions, on what their hardest scenario, not including modules, has been in their PFS career. Mine probably would have been the Blakros Matrimony, We had decided to play up and that was with the APL being rounded up. We were asking for a challenge and that is what we got.

I am just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on tough scenario's and why they may have been tough for you.

Blakros Matrimony was tough for my group because we had great composition but very much lacked in damage. Had 4 clerics all channeling positive energy, a wizard, paladin and an oracle. I'll admit myself being the Paladin and he is probably the only one in the group that is "optimized". Even then I try very hard to never steal the show or step on anyone's toes.

More to the point or back to it, I just want to hear what was everyone's toughest scenario and maybe a little bit about why it was tough.

A good way to get this information is to read the reviews posted by people of the various scenarios. That way we don't have to have a "spoilerific" thread. Thanks!


Nathan Meyers

Grand Lodge ****

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Mike Bramnik wrote:

CommonCon 2013 in Bloomington Indiana is officially a GO!

January 5-6 2013!

We have received final approval on rooms at the Indiana Memorial Union, and we're all set to get this ball rolling!

Check out our Event page for a list of scenarios we're running!

CommonCon 2013

Preregistration information and sign-up for tables will be announced on our Facebook page for CommonCon: CommonCon on Facebook

We'll get local hotel and food information posted soon! Hope you can join us!

What an awesome place to hold a Con. Have fun guys!

Nathan Meyers
NYC GM/Player
IU-Bloomington Alumni

Grand Lodge ****

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Morrolan de'Morcaine wrote:
I will say the conversation started by talking about how they couldn't get their 'late-power-builds' to survive. One specifically mentioned that his wizards had died twice. This was to get a few more hitpoints and increase the cash to buy decent gear when rebuilding as a wizard at second level.

A "better" way for this person to get their 'later power builds' to survive is to GM and assign all their GM credit to this character.

That way they would be helping the community by GMing and getting what they want by bringing their 'later power build' up to the appropriate level they think it might survive.

Nathan Meyers
NYC GM/Player

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