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Natan Linggod 972's page

185 posts. Alias of Natan Linggod 327.


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I thought the homosexual iconic was Freddy Mercury.

Sorry. Couldn't resist. I loved Queen.

Just because they can detect the door, doesn't mean they can open the door. And the spell just finds the door, not the unlocking mechanism 3 rooms away.

Nobody knows?

That's the one! Thanks Mergy

As the title, I'm sure I've seen it somewhere but I can't remember where.

Or perhaps its' just wishful thinking on my part.

As the title, I'm sure I've seen it somewhere but I can't remember where.

Or perhaps its' just wishful thinking on my part.

Are the given check DCs for selling items or just for treating the community as larger.
If they are the DCs for selling, why is it harder to sell things in larger settlements than smaller? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Wow. I didn't realise this thread was still alive.

Good ideas here.


Don't know that setting. From 3rd ed?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Anyone watched it?
For those who don't know in this "setting" There is something called Tangential energy. It builds up in things connected to people or places from powerful(or long term)emotions. Basically its creates magic items, many (but not all) of which have some kind of curse attached to their use.

In some cases people have a connection to Tangential energy giving them special abilities like being able to read auras, tell if someone's lying, possibly other things.

My ideas are, spontaneous magic items. Having magic items be really really difficult to make normally (maybe potions and scrolls can be an exception). But there are many magic items that have been created spontaneously and are very dangerous. In the show they are called artifact, which I think fits because many of them are really difficult to destroy.

As a campaign idea, an organisation dedicated to collecting, neutralising and storing the most dangerous artifacts. Kind of like the Pathfinders but focused more on protecting the world from these things rather than just learning about them.

Obviously these items will have to follow special rules so they can't just be dealt with using standard means so I think the artifact rules fit well.

What do you think?

I have this image of him creating a vast country spanning illusion that makes everyone within his kingdom look like his 'chosen race' and then banning anyone from leaving other than his 'priests'. kind of like old isolationist Japan but for 'religious' reasons.

Some kind of mass polymorph? Or illusion?

Hmm Rahadoum... Well for one all the hidden worshipers will suddenly become VERY noticeable...

Everyone else would just be baseline 'generic' race I suppose.

I'm more interested in what would happen in RAmziran? Would the false god be exposed as a fraud or would he be able to fake even this?

heh Cheliax will be FULL of devil imaged teiflings...

How would you go about implementing the change in Golarion? Like, maybe another major event like the Starfall forcing the gods to 'bond' with their worshipers more?

Also, why have evil gods in the first place?

In wakfu none of the gods are evil. At worst, they're neutral. The only evil equivalent outsiders are demons.

And in wakfu some of them were more chaotic than evil really.

Disturbing Implications? How so?

I definitely recommend watching it. It's very good.

And yeah, I was thinking the 'base' race would be human or human like with racial abilities changing or being added when one chooses a patron.

not sure how I would handle kids, especially if they're from mixed marriages. Would they take after their parents unless they choose another patron later on? or would they be the 'base' race?

I'm thinking it would do away with 'half-X' races though.
e.g. Either you're a full orc and worship Grumblegruff or you're not.

Stolen directly from the cartoon Wakfu.

Basically, in that world, ones race can be altered by worshiping one of the deities. By choosing a patron, and living by that patrons rules/ideals, each person changes to fit whatever form the deity finds most appealing. Usually some variant of the deity's own form.

What does everyone think about this?

Why don't you base it off the Elementalist wizard archtype?

Short answer, yes. As Eben said, Cures don't work as well on Warforged but otherwise they can use any potion.

Throw them like an alchemical bomb?

REread Advanced Races. Alternative racial traits for humans there pretty much cover all that you're worrying about.

As a p.s. my other idea for doing psionics is to use a system like a Witches hexes. Supernatural, at will abilities that are useful but not too overpowering.

Lincoln Hills wrote:
Instead of building them as 'sorcerors with a different spell list', I'd probably tackle psionic ability from the ground up using the new tools PF has - specifically, I'd use the monk's ki pool ability as the signature ability of the 1st-level 'psychic warrior, psychic mystic or psychic spy' (to name classes arbitrarily), grant each of them abilities that could be used with those ki points (and abilities that were auto-usable as long as the pool remained at a certain level). Then a few feats and archetypes that opened up options for ki beyond the most obvious ones... Well, you get the gist.

Mate! That is IDENTICAL (or almost so) to the system I'm currently working on!

Flavour wise I'm making it similar to 2nd ed Psionicists. That is, taking it away from the mage-in-psychics-clothing from 3rd ed.
My main problem currently is trying to keep powers useful but not overpowering while being nearly constantly available.

The champions are certainly high level but not always. Dog Brother for e.g. in one of the comics dog brother passed the power on to a child.

I want to keep it as something thats passed on so my pc's have the chance to get it.

What do you think about some of the special abilities like enhancing their martial skill? Or would that just be the ki boost?

Some ideas I got from re reading the Immortal Weapons comic series.

Immortal Weapon is an inherited template.
How each is inherited is slightly different depending on city/style.

a) Grants huge amount of ki, say +20 ki?

b) Boosts physical and mental ability. Possibly skill bonus or bonus to ability checks.

c) Enhanced martial capability , such as monk ability boost like monks belt.

d) One or two other supernatural or extraordinary ability based on particular style.

E.g. Dog Brother #1 gains a pack of wild dogs who help him fight. They grant him the Solo tactics of the Inquisitor as well as flank and aid him in combat maneuveres. They also help him track and locate enemies with Scent. Any dogs killed in battle are replaced the next day.


If you don't know, the Immortal Weapons are a group of the greatest martial artists in the Marvel universe. One from each of the Mystical cities they posses tremendous chi, amazing martial art skills and special abilities. The title Immortal Weapon is actually a post/title that is passed on in various ways.
The weapons names are Fat Cobra, Bride of Nine Spiders, Tigers Beautiful Daughter, Iron Fist, Dog Brother #1 and The Prince of Orphans.
I love their stories and backgrounds. And of course the awesome martial arts in volved.

I'm trying to build them as NPC founders/teachers of special martial arts schools.

The problem one: A three feat martial art tree seems really far too limiting to suit them.

The problem two: How can I give them the special chi powers as part of their title/post without making it over powered for a player? (I want the players to be able to take on the mantel if they so choose. And pass the tests.)

So, any ideas will help. Anything at all. I need something to start the brain juices flowing.

Lets brain storm!

My first idea was that the mantle of Immortal Weapon is a template.

Ascalaphus wrote:
I've thought about flavouring tofu to taste like meat, and slowly deprive the druid's AC of food it can actually digest/live off.

You'd also have to change its texture. Tofu feels completely different and I can always tell when I'm having it.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

106. An "evil genius" Broodmaster who really only wants to be acknowledged by people as important. His "evil" schemes are creative but ultimately more inconveniencing than nefarious. Makes use of a lot of custom magic items of his own design. His eidolons are all small, nonthreatening looking, easily distracted humanoids that speak their own language. They "help" him in crafting or in a general servant/minion way.

98. A Summoner with a thing for dragons. His eidolon is dragon shaped, his summons (elementals) are dragon shaped and eventually he takes the Dragon Disciple prc.

VRMH wrote:
91. Wishing to see the world, this tourist Summoner has an Eidolon which acts as an ambulant chest... with big teeth.

Hmm how would you duplicate the Luggages ability to open to multiple extra dimensional spaces?

75. Broodmaster (but never has more than 2 eidolons). One takes the form a devil, the other an angel. They offer him conflicting advice constantly in extremes of the alignment they represent. They could be real outsiders or they could be representations of his internal mental turmoil.

76. A Master Summoner with an affinity for undead, having the Summon Skeleton feat and his eidolon having the Undead Appearance evolution.
(not very effective this one but looks cool)

77. A Synthesist summoner whose eidolon is the embodiment of the kingdom/land he's become lord of. It makes him look like a powerful knight but its appearance depends on the strength of his care for the land he's inherited. If he doesn't care, the knight looks ragged and run down, the stronger his loyalty/patriotism the more impressive the "knight".

70. A Summoner with a personality disorder that causes him to have drastically different personalities each time he wakes up. His eidolon changes appearance to suit each personality. (The summoners memories and knowledge don't change, just personality. likewise the eidolons abilities don't change, just it's appearance).

71. Synthesist summoner. The eidolon is actually a devil, bound to the summoner as punishment for defying powerful devil lord. The summoner is actually the last of a line that served the devil lord, although the summoner is actually trying to use the bound devils powers to atone for his families sins.

72. Variant on 71. In this case the eidolon is an angel, bound to the summoner to learn humility while trying to turn the summoner , a sinner, onto the righteous path.

In both the devil and angel variants, the eidolon constantly whispers advice and admonishments to the summoner.

73. The eidolon takes the form of a mighty knight and the summoner his advisor/manservant. They wander from village to village playing the part of the virtuous knight or villainous blaggard, whichever gets them the most money.

58. This requires the DMs approval and some rules tweaking. A party of summoners, each of whom has a particular elemental/nature focus. The can perform a special ritual to create an eidolon stronger than what they can produce individually. This combined eidolon has the powers of each of the others.

59. Summoners using magic from Thassilon. Their eidolons having abilities and forms based on the Sins.

60. Good versions of the Thassilonian summoners with eidolons based on Virtues.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

These are great! Keep them coming guys.

54. A small female Summoner (either young or a gnome/halfling) whose eidolon is a large humanoid in strange bulbous headed armour. One of its hands is like a large drill. It is very docile except when she seems threatened, at which point even she has trouble keeping it in check.

Read up on the Eberron campaign setting. 'Magi-tech' is major part of the setting and flavour. Lots of good ideas in it.

Home care for the Aged Government run homes where carers use Unseen Servant, Prestidigitaion, Endure Elements and Polypurpose Panacea(pain relief) to care for the elderly. Once a day the residents get Lesser Age Resistance cast on them to help their mobility.

OR this could be made a city wide enchantment, increasing the viable working age limit for citizens considerably.

Non alcoholic alcohol ordinance No alcohol is allowed within city limits BUT a license can be obtained to sell non alcoholic drinks affected by Polypurpose Panacea to have the same effect of alcohol but without the health risks.

Designated Magic Enhanced Quarters Certain areas of the city have certain skills enhanced for anyone carrying a specific token, licensed from the council of course. Essentially, the healers quarter has grants a bonus to Heal, craftsman quarter gives the bonus to crafting, entertainment to perform etc. (wide area variants on Crafters's Fortune).

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Let's have some character concepts for the Summoner/Eidolon!

In order to keep things readable, lets try to keep the descriptions simple and concise. No five paragraph background stories please... Well, unless its absolutely necessary for the concept that is.

Here's a few to start.

1: An aristocratic Summoner traveling the world, his Eidolon takes the form of a butler/manservant. Skilled (Proffesion butler) is a must.

2: A Summoner who wanted to be a Bard but doesn't have the knack for bardic magic, instead picking up summoning. He has a few ranks in Perform. His Eidolon acts as the singer/dancer/muse - pick whichever fits your concept.

3: A savage Summoner who beleives the Eidolon is a spirit/god and he serves it rather than the other way round. A "nature-y" type eidolon probably works best here.

4: A scholar who makes short term contracts with beings from beyond. i.e. a contract is one level and every time he levels he makes a contract with a new being (Eidolon changes). Might work best with the Evolutionist archtype.

5: An "everyman" Summoner who came into his powers(and eidolon) by accident and is slightly freaked out by it. A few Profession/Craft ranks for his humble beginnings. His eidolon is an eager to please genie like being. Think "I dream of jeannie".

6: Nervous, shy and easily bullied, this summoners eidolon is his repressed desires and rage. It looks like a beefier, angrier version of himself.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

"Some of the options listed below involve retraining features of your character that are essentially permanent parts of your heritage, such as a sorcerer's bloodline. The cost of retraining these things presumably includes magical or alchemical alterations to your body. The GM might rule that these changes are unavailable in the campaign, are only available under rare circumstances, take longer, are temporary, require some sort of quest, or are more expensive than the listed cost."

Ultimate Combat page 188, paragraph 7

Huh. How did I miss that?

This is what happens when I get a book home and can't stop myself from trying to read everything all at once...

Sure it doesn't HAVE to be a literal bloodline, however the standard case is that it is.

That's the flavour/reason given in the main book after all. For my games, I think I won't allow it without a bloody good reason. And even then it'll be along the lines of "personal side quest hook!" .

Er.. Yes. I missed a "not" in the title.. Oops. :)

In Ultimate Campaign it gives rules for retraining various class features (feats, spells known, archtypes etc). And being able to retrain your bloodline without a major event/quest seems off to me.

That it seems nobody else is bothered by this is even stranger to me.

That was one of the first things to jump out at me.

Retraining feats I can see. But your entire magical DNA profile? (so to speak)

I would have thought more people would be wondering about this.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A variant on the orc invasion I ran for one of my games.

An orc war leader has risen and has united various savage humanoids under his banner. while the savages act as they always do, there is a core of disciplined warriors keeping the worst in check. Strangely, this horde seems to be moving in a specific path, ignoring easy targets that would cause them to deviate too far from this path. Further, the leader seems content to allow conquered areas to govern themselves with only minimal horde presence, requiring them only to funnel supplies to feed arm and pay his horde as they move on.

What is the warlords ultimate goal? can the pcs find out before its too late?

the twist, the warlords shamans have divined a planar breach is coming which presages an interplanar invasion which could mean the end of the world. the warlord intends to stop it by any means necessary.

I don't see why though. Why would a cleric of a god of nature have different spells from a druid of the same god?

Why can't a wizard learn to cast positive energy spells to heal? After all, they can cast negative energy spells in necromancy. why can a bard learn to remove poisons but a wizard can't?

I suppose my thinking is this way after reading so many fantasy novels where wizards CAN cure ills, at least in a small way.

Why play a wizard? So I can cast the spells I want, take actions I want and generally live as I want without being worried that my source of power is going to disapprove and take away all my abilities.

And if your GM allows clerics to get away with everything without looking at it through the lens of their particular deities purview, they're doing it wrong. Or at least lazily.

Or change the levels of spells. Have the "traditional" clerical spells be a level or two higher when used by a wizard and vice versa.

Just taking a quick look at classes that "break" the arcane/divine divide, Bard, Witch, Adept (npc class I know but still), Wizards with the right specialisation (Wood for example), Oracles with Haunted or some Mysteries and Clerics with the right Domains.

Really there is no real reason to divide the spell lists any more. Healing is no longer the province of divine casters only. If it ever was as Bards have been casting healing spells since forever.

Sure, keep a handful of spells as Divine only, ones that require the direct intervention of their deity and such, (ones that specify sacred/profane effects maybe?). Maybe a few that are arcane only, such as ones that affect an arcane caster level?

Otherwise, I don't see any real reason to keep the lists separate.

Given how expensive poison is, I really don't mind if they do. Besides, poisons don't always work.

Ah well. Thanks for the reply. :)

Could a character coat a weapon in multiple poisons and still have them be effective?

Would there be one save against all the poisons at once or multiple saves, one for each poison?
Would Neutralise Poison clear all of them or just one of them?

Trying to decide if the next major villain my PCs will face will use poisons this way.

Vincent Takeda wrote:
The one I had the other day was why arent all the conjuration spells on the summoner's list. Secure shelter is a 'summon of a shelter'... Witch can have it but summoner can't? What the?

Conjuration[Summoning] should certainly all be there, I think.

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