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Anya Jeggare

Natalya Sedai's page

59 posts. Alias of Aiunder.

Use here to plan characters and out of game chat

This is a closed game for old friends to get together and play again after a while

A sudden lurching shatters your peaceful repose, quickly followed by a rush of sensations flooding over a sense of numbness. You can feel the sting of cold air and colder water on your skin and the feel of your clothes weighed down with cold water. You can hear the drip, drip, drip of water running off of you and pattering onto the wooden deck. Your numb hands slowly begin to feel the smooth wooden planks beneath your palms, the subtle grains grating on your flesh as you begin to push yourselves up. "Well, well. Look what the tides drug up." tilting your heads you find yourselves surrounded by a large group of unkept sailors. One of which is crouched down uncomfortably close to Ealianne. "Hullo poppet."
(A second, almost velvety male voice)"That's no way to greet your new guests. Now is it? I mean afterall, do you expect the Lady would approve of your treatment?" a large section of sailors parts to reveal a clean shaven and well kept Andoran man.
(A deeper and harsher male voice farther away)"Enough of this. Get back to work you lay-abouts!"
As the crew begrudgingly but quickly disperses you can see a tall thin and angry looking man holding the wheel while the Andoran walks up to you all.
"Welcome to the Mourning Maiden. I'm Alain Martin Westburg a fellow Lantern Bearer."

Welcome to the Mourning Maiden.

I'd like to take a bit to go through everyone's crunchy bits before we jump in.

Raznar I see you picked martial weapon proficiency (great axe) as a feat, you could choose Extra Revelation: Skill at Arms which would give you full martial proficiency and heavy armour as well. You've also picked still spell which doesn't benefit you all that much right now.

Anator, I think you'll get more mileage out of the Repose blessing over the death blessing

Aizubike, I can't find your character sheet anymore. Can you put it in your profile please.

Ealianne, a few questions for you. Weapon based arcane bond requires you to have your weapon in hand or held to cast spells or suffer the concentration check. Would a ring or amulet work better as far as subtlety or discretion is concerned? After all if you want to cast a spell unhindered in a city you'd have to basically brandish your sword. Your idea of using your body as your primary spell book is neat but doesn't quite wok for me so how bout a compromise. You carry a normal spell book and I let you keep a couple spells as tattoos in a form of backup or emergency spell book? Also, why wizard/ninja? Wouldn't sorcerer/ninja have more synergy and not need a spell book.

Destri I just need to see your crunch.

Kestra can you clarify your equipment? I can't tell how many scrolls of each type you have.

A thick fog rolls in across the water as dusk settles over the sleepy port town. Through the fog a dim blue-white glow radiates and shutters and doors can be heard latching bolting tight against the unknown and unwelcome light.
Shadows begin to collect and form a shape deep in the fog that slowly solidifies around the light into the shape of a lantern. A lantern raised high by a wooden carving of a beautiful but stern woman. As the light gets closer, the woman resolves into the prow of a ship that slides gently and silent into port.
Quickly shadowy and indistinct figures descend from the ship and secure moorings while others ready a gangplank for a group of hooded and cowled figures waiting above. As the cowled figures descend from the ship and make their way across the docks the shadowy figures retract the gangplank and retreat back onto the dark vessel.
The hooded figures walk slowly down the main street and head out into the wilderness beyond, their cloaks and hoods clasped shut with a golden broach in the shape of a lantern that seems to glow when it catches the light.

Lantern Bearers:
The Lantern Bearers are a secret order composed of adventurers that have died and are given a second chance by Pharasma herself. Given temporary life to seek out and confront/solve/eliminate interruptions and obstructions to the natural order of life and death and in exchange earn the opportunity to be restored to life.

I'm looking to see if there is any interest in players looking to help me tell this story. I haven't finalized creation guidelines but I figure somewhere between second and eighth level. The various challenges to be overcome will include investigations, research, political/social interactions and various combats. Expect to confront undead, outsiders, evil spell casters and other entities that can gain power from souls.

San Francisco
The plane has barely landed on the Tarmac of S.F.I.A. And you can feel the hot wet air coming off of the ocean already. While the rest of the passengers frantically gather their carry on and fight with their neighbours as they jockey for position exiting the plane you seem to be miles north in the deep cold of the Athabaskan Council lands...

Several years ago in the middle of nowhere thousands of miles north of Grand Prairie
Huddled in the frozen seats of a Tata Hotspur half buried in heavy falling snow waiting for the patrol craft to move on while you watch nervously through the dense pines. Somewhere, out of sight are your teams spotters. Two keen eyed locals using snow mobiles to range ahead and scout out a safe route. The comm comes to life, Scout 2 here. Eye in the sky looks to be finishing up... Yup there he goes, heading east so he won't be bothering us anymore." underneath you can almost feel the weight of the patrols eyes lifting from your shoulders but everyone waits another minute or two before bursting out of their hiding places in shower of white snow and roaring across the tundra.
You haven't even made it a quarter of the way this trip and you've already had to stop three times to hide from patrols. Something seems to have riled up the council, maybe someone tipped them off?
Much later
The patrol had come out of nowhere, it happened so fast. One minute you're all racing down the last few miles to the border, not a thing in the sky, the next thing you know, someone's firing at you. A couple rounds manage to connect and pierce the tires as the truck spins out and tumbles a few times before coming to a halt on its side. Excited chatter is all over the comm as both scouts turn tale and bolt for freedom. The patrol craft veers off and chases down one of the scouts, blasting it to pieces.
You're still not sure how you managed to get the package, all of the fur, across the border where Mr. Johnston is waiting but here you are laughing and counting your creeds from a job well done. Greybeard, an old dwarven runner who's been running with you off and on for a while shakes hands and pats backs as he explains this was his last run. He's going somewhere warm to dry out his bones and invites you to look him up of you ever happen to be in San Francisco.

San Francisco current day
Shaking you head as the memories fade and then realizing that everyone else has already left the plane you get up step out into the bright unforgiving sun. Things were getting pretty bad in Seattle, maybe a change of venue is just what you need to turn your luck around.

Here's the spot for OOC and so that you can plan your runs.

Open for dotting.

Here's a discussion thread so we can work to building characters and keep out of character stuff away from the gameplay.

Due to my real life group's penchant for dropping any non fantasy game we start after one or two sessions I'm looking at alternatives.

I haven't decided on a system yet but possibilities include:

Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader/Deathwatch
Star Wars Saga edition

I have many, many more.

I am looking for four or five players
If interested lemme know top three systems and favourite sci-fi sub-genre

You each wake from that terrifying Hellscape just moments after you, by your own volition, picked up one of the burning brands and pressed it into your own flesh somewhere upon your upper torso or head. You can still feel the heat and the pain radiating from the spot and as your gaze drifts down to where you placed your brand you can see a glowing, flaming brand still attached to your flesh although the tool appears indistinct the mark shows brightly and the edges seem to twist and move as if it was slowly burrowing itself into you and as it does the pain recedes and after a few moments all that is left is a fading symbol still glowing.

With your attention no longer on the brand you can see yourself lying upon a large and luxurious bed still partially covered by vibrant red satin sheets the colour of fresh blood covered only in silken nightwear. The room you are in is decorated with marble statuettes and fine stained wood covers the walls. You appear to be in a lavishly decorated guest room that belongs in a great mansion or even a palace. Across from you is a panoramic window overlooking a lush manicured estate in a temperate region.

When you get out of bed there is any number of creature comforts available for you a noble to prepare for the day including and already drawn steaming bath and a set of noble clothes cut in your size waiting.

If you didn't know better you'd swear this was some sort of dream.

Here's the discussion thread and ilk be posting final tweaks on starting stuff tonight.

The mere mention of your name brings fear to commoners and even nobles in their walled and guarded manors are nervous when you are mentioned.

Well that was true until you died.

I'm going to start a non-linear evil campaign for six players looking to explore the darker side of Golarion. If interested pitch me your character.
Evil (not crazy raving mad evil)
Takes place all over Golarion
This will be a mature but not explicit game
Paizo stuff only
This will be a high powered game dealing with high challenges
RP is a must
One per day post minimum

Applications need to be able to answer these questions:
1 Where are you infamous?
2 What made you infamous?
3 Who has suffered for your success?
4 What caused your downfall?

I will be using campaign traits that I'll post later. Campaign traits will be based off of how you died.

A light snow falls and blankets the early autumn brush as your caravan of weary travellers rolls eastward across unmarked and featureless hills and valleys. Closer and closer to the border and farther away from the safety of the last town you travelled through called Eldentree.where once cheering and laughter filled the air jubilant at their home coming now all is hushed as no-one dares to attract unwanted or unwholesome attention.

Early yesterday Savol and Julianda headed off on their own with half a dozen men and two empty carts saying only "I go to earn my crown, wait for us at the town of Tweyd and make it ready for it will be our starting point."
Finally structures can be seen in the far distance through the drifting white and better yet thin trails of smoke can be seen rising from several larger buildings. All sense of caution is lost as dozens of people start running the last mile or so forward heedless of the cries of Nayl and his outriders until the town truly reveals itself.

Before you lies a small town seemingly abandoned and the thin trails of smoke rise from the last dying embers of long-house reduced to blackened husks. Great trails of blood can be seen following the streets and over broken pallisades and barricades fading off into the wilds to the north and southwest.

As the shock wears off squad leaders and Savol's remaining lieutenants rein in unwary soldiers and prepare to defend the caravan.

Lets try and keep as much outta game talk in here rather than in the gameplay thread.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Savol Kodiakborne is a living legend. He has made his name fighting in the Worldwound, spent time pirate hunting in the Shackles and slaying Dragons all over the world. Now he returns home to the North to claim his ancestral homelands and carve a nation out the frozen tundra.

This is not his story, this is yours.

A call has gone out for the bravest, smartest and most loyal of his companions and followers to join him and rebuild his family's ancient kingdom and forever have your names entwined in the great history that is The Lands of the Linnorm.

I'm Looking for about six players for a homebrew campaign that will ideally take a group of characters from stepping into Ulfen territory for possibly the first time to claiming your own town or fortress. Right now I'm looking for for flavour over numbers and players who want to work with me to tell a tale and are willing to commit to posting at least once a day. I'll close recruitment next Saturday (9th) night and make my decision by the following Monday (11th)

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