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Anya Jeggare

Natalya Sedai's page

59 posts. Alias of Aiunder.

Full Name

Natalya Miller


Human (Jaramide)


Wilder 2 / Initiate 3 / Aes Sedai 1





Special Abilities



Green Ajah



Strength 10
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 20
Charisma 16

About Natalya Sedai

1st: Wilder (Block, Multiweave, Medium Armour Proficiency)
2nd: Wilder (Tie Off Weave
3rd: Initiate (Sense Residue, Eliminate Block, Weavesight)
4th: Initiate (Extra Talent, +1 WIS)
5th: Initiate (Slow Aging, Heavy Armour Proficiency)
6th: Aes Sedai (Iron Will, Aes Sedai Presence)

Female Human (Jaramide) Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +1; Perception +8

Reputation Score 3

STR 10
DEX 13
CON 12
INT 14
WIS 17 +1 lvl +2 Racial = 20
CHA 16



Defense , touch , flat-footed (+1 Dex, +5 Def OR +10 Armour) 


Fort +5(6), Ref +5(6), Will +6(13))

Proficient with all armour but not shields


Speed 30 ft. 

Base Attack 2


Space 5 ft., Reach 5 ft.
Proficient with simple weapons
Cross-Talent Weaves up to level 2nd Level

Overchannelling: +5 To Concentration to Overchannel and +5 Fortitude to save when overchannelling fails

May figure out weaves on her own

Slow Aging: Age one year for every channeler level ÷ 2

Aes Sedai Presence: +4 Intimidate

Support: Receive Necessary gear,weapons and armour from Tower

36 ranks+6 human bonus
*Bluff 2(8)
*Diplomacy 2(8)
*Heal 1(9)
*Intimidate 4(14) (+4 Aes Sedai Presence)
*Knowledge (Arcana) 1(6)
*Knowledge (Blight) 5(10)
*Knowledge (Local) 1(6)
*Knowledge (Age of Legends) 1(6)
*Linguistics 1(6)
*Perception 5(10)
*Ride 1(8)
*Sense Motive 5(13)
*Survival 1(6)

Composure 6(14)
Invert 1(6)
Weavesight 6(15) (+4 Initiate Training)

Feat - Saddleback
Skill - Ride
starting gear:

Wisdom determine maximum weave level learnable as well as DC to resist
Wisdom, Intelligence and Charisma add bonus weaves


-Cloud Dancing

-Harness the Wind 0-7 (Air, Water)
-Lightning 5-9 (Air, Fire)
-Raise Fog 2-8 (Air, Water)
-Bond Warder 5 (Spirit)
-Sense Shadowspawn 0 (Spirit)
-False Trail 0-8 (Air, Earth, Spirit)
-Shield 3-7 (Spirit)
-Ward Against Shadowspawn 1-10 (Air, Fire, Spirit)
-Weave Deflection 1- (spirit) UTDB
(special:must be channeled at same or higher level than target weave)
-Ward against intrusion 1-5 (Air, Spirit) UTDB

Kiss of the Storm:

(By John Bornicke)
[Air, Water] (Rare)
Level: 1-5
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft. /level)
Target: See text
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Weave Resistance: Yes

With this weave, a channeler is able to
conjure a ball of highly compressed air.
He may then direct the ball toward his
intended targets, where it detonates.

All creatures and objects within the burst
radius take damage from the blast pressure
and flung debris. The caster must
designate the direction and determine
range (distance and height) at which the
ball is to burst.

Those within the area of effect may make a
Reflex save for half damage. Those that
fail must make an additional Fortitude save
or be knocked to the ground by the
overpressure effect of the detonation.

Level Area of effect Damage
1 Person 2d4
2 5 ft. radius 4d4
3 10 ft. radius 6d4
4 20 ft. radius 8d4
5 30 ft. radius 10d4

+1 Casting Level: the channeler may
modify this weave in order to reduce the
amount of damage, while maintaining the
overpressure effect.

Cross-Talent Weaves up to level 2nd Level

Overchannelling: +5 To Concentration to Overchannel and +5 Fortitude to save when overchannelling fails

May figure out weaves on her own

Slow Aging: Age one year for every channeler level ÷ 2

mw power-wrought weapon (spear)
+2 power-wrought armor (plate-mail) (spent 4000 to upgrade)
Quiver of arrows (x20)
Heavy warhorse with Military saddle and bridle (Upgrade from 1 light horse with bridle and saddle 300 spent)
1`week rations
Angreal (+3)
Various dresses, gowns and coats for any occasion, from simple country and travel to elaborate gowns for noble balls (value 3000)
personal money 8700


Natalya was born in the horderlands, in a small village far to the south in the country of Jaramide. She was born the daughter of the local miller as the younger of twins. Her town thought itself far removed from the blight and contented itself with supplying those that were with foods grown on their fields and crafts made with diligence until one black night in her thirteenth year they came. It wasn't Trollocs or Material that came for her town, it was darkfriends. Intent on disrupting supply routes to the front lines they slipped in during a storm set fire to the farmsteads and crops. That night a bedraggled man came to her father's door and took her and her brother. Growing up a slave to a beast of a man made her wary of men and her fear kept her from realizing the One Power until much later than most. She barely remembers how she got away only that it cost her her brother. Days later an Aes Sedai an her Warder found her wandering alone and half dead at the border and took her to Tar Valon to train. Upon taking her vows she requested to return to the blight.

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