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Natalia Ivanova's page

290 posts. Alias of Craig Mercer.




: Star Elementalist



About Natalia Ivanova

Natalia Ivanova
Personality: Inquisitive
Motto: "There is always something new beyond the horizon."
Race: Bat d8
Career: Elementalist d8
Body: d6
Speed: d8
Mind: d6
Will: d6


(r)= Racial skill, (c)=Career skill
Academics: d8(c), d6 (Favored Use: Research)
Brawling: d4
Climbing: d8(r)
Dodge: d10
Gossip: d4
Inquiry: d4
Melee Combat: d4
Negotiation: d4
Observation: d8(c), d6
Presense: d6
Ranged Combat: d4
Searching: d8(r)
Stealth: d4
Supernatural: d8(c), d6
Weather Sense: d8(r), d6 (Favored Use: with Air Elementalism)


Starting: Local Knowledge-Triskellian around Dunwasser Academy
Starting: Combat Save
Personality: Inquisitive
Species: Echolocation
Species: Flight
Species: Prehensile Feet
Career: Elementalist Trappings (Star)
Career: Elementalist Apprentice
Career: Literacy
Nobility (House Repense)
Increased Trait- Speed
Increased Trait- Body
Mystic: Elementalism
Language: Night Speech
Insider with the Dunwasser Academy
Secrets of Star Magic
Flying Fighter


Obsession with her child-like size and figure


Init: d8 + d6
Stride: 1 walk, 4 fly
Dash: 4 walk, 4 fly
Sprint: d8 walk, d8 + d8 + d6 fly
Run: 18 walk, 30 fly

Create Air / 2d8,d6 / Damage +2, Crit
Ignite Fire / 2d6 / Damage +1, Crit, on Fire
Rod / d6+d4 / Damage +2, Parry d12
Claw / d8+d6+d4 / Damage +1, Crit

Dodge / d8,d10 / Dodge
Rod Parry / d12+d6+d4 / Parry

Soak: d6 Armor: Leather d6


Dioptera Rod, 1/2 Stone
Leather Armor, 1/2 Stone
First Aid Kit, 1/4 Stone
Knife, 1/8 Stone
Extravagant Book On Elementalism, 1/4 Stone
Starred Robe, 1/2 Stone
Myrtle Wand, 1/8 Stone


1) Uncover the Nature and Identity of Cedric's Further Conspirators.
3) Learn more magic.

Natalia is the youngest daughter of a minor noble family of House Repense. To her family, she has only minor use currently (even her status as marriage bait is low), so they allowed her to travel to Triskellian to study magic at the Dunwasser College. This suited Natalia just fine, as her delight and hunger for magic was appeased (but only for a while, since she wants to understand and use all the magic from all the schools someday).

Part of her lowly status in her family is the fact that she is very small, standing only 6 hands high (and only 4 stone). And given the normal bat's tendancy to thinness, she could pass as a child (she is "thin" enough to pass as a male child even, something that irks her no end). Since it is hard to interest suitors in a "child bride", her family tends to see her as a "small" liability. Maybe someday, she will grow (although, much to Natalia's consternation, she hasn't grown at all, in heigth or "curviness").

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