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Naridre Ro'Arisahshe's page

736 posts. Alias of lynora.




Psion (Kineticist) 9







Special Abilities

Repletion, Resistance, Resilience






common, elven, xeph, draconic, sylvan, feline, celestial, abyssal, auran, terran



Strength 8
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 8
Charisma 14

About Naridre Ro'Arisahshe

AC 17, Touch 15, Flat-Footed 15
HP 54 Speed 30 ft Initiative +3
Base Attack +4 CMB +3 CMD 15
Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +5

+1 shortbow +8 1d6+1 x3 60ft P 2lb
30 arrows
20 cold iron arrows
20 alchemical silver arrows
20 blunt arrows
5 smoke arrows
(in efficient quiver there are 20 normal arrows, 10 cold iron, 10 alchemical silver arrows, 15 blunt arrows, 5 smoke arrows. all others are in quivers in the handy haversack)

bracers of armor +2
ring of protection +2

Acrobatics +10
Autohypnosis +10
Intimidate +13(+12 vs non-elans)
Knowledge:Psionics +17
Perception +10
Linguistics +9
Diplomacy +8(+7 vs non leans)

Point Blank Shot
Psicrystal Affinity
Psionic Shot
Psionic Medititation
Psionic Endowment
Psionic Body
Psionic Talent
Precise Shot

traveler's outfit (worn)
travelers outfit (extra)
scroll case
10 sheets paper
ink pen
10 pieces of chalk
flint and steel
silk rope (50ft)
party dress
10 days rations
ever burning torch

==Magic/Psionic Items==
efficient quiver
handy haversack
ring of feather falling
necklace made from magic stone from the lady (+1 to cha checks)
boots of the winterlands
headband of intellect +2 (brings her Int to 22)

Carrying Capacity
(Light)26 lb, (Medium)27-53, (Heavy)54-80, (Current Load)17

GP1159 , SP20 , CP7

==Powers Known==
Control Object
Mind Thrust
Matter Agitation
Primal Fear
Recall Agony
Control Air
Energy Push
Detect Hostile Intent
Energy Retort
Telekinetic Force
Energy Wall
Share Pain, Forced
Control Body
Energy Adaptation
Telekinetic Maneuver
Wall of Ectoplasm
Energy Current
Telekinetic Maneuver

Power Points: 104

==Discipline Abilities==
Detect psionics- at will, no pp cost, must maintain psionic focus
Discipline Talents- these two powers may be manifested at will, no pp cost, must maintain psionic focus: Far Hand, Force Screen (+2 shield bonus, not +4)
Telekinetic Hurl- as long as maintain psioic focus can pick up object up to 5 lbs nonmagical and hurl it within 30 ft, does 2d4 damage.
Kinetic Aura: Gain a +1 deflection bonus to AC. Bonus increases by +1 every three levels thereafter.

==Racial Abilities==
Repletion- by spending one pp, you do not need food or drink for 24 hours
Resistance - as an immediate action, can spend 1 pp to get +4 on saves for 1 rd
Resilience - as an immediate action can spend power points to negate damage, at rate of 1 pp/2hp reduction in damage taken

Naridre was born an elf, but thanks to Lauralia has now been reborn as an elan, leaving her original body to her other evil personality, Sanna. It will take her a while to get used to her new body, but she will be eternally grateful to Lauralia for her help.

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