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Keyra Palin

Naria Yamyra's page

475 posts. Alias of Kevin Mack.

Full Name

Naria Yamyra




lvl 10 sorceror (Arcane)










Common, Halfling, Elven, dwarven, Thasilonian

Strength 10
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 8
Charisma 25

About Naria Yamyra

General stats


Hp 70
Ac 17 Flat 11 Touch 16
CMD 17
Init + 7

Fort + 6
Ref + 11
Will + 10 (12 vs fear)

Special abilities, Traits, Feats, skills

Bloodline arcana +1dc using metamagic), Arcane bond (Amulet), Metamagic adept 2/day, New arcana

Mathematical prodigy (+1 Knowledge Engineering + arcana, Engineering/is a class skill,) Lore seeker +1 Knowledge Arcana, +1dc bonus Magic missile, Mage armour, Detect magic,

Dodge, Extend spell, Toughness, Improved Initative, Lightning reflexes, Iron will

Acrobatics 9, Appraise 9, Knowledge Arcana 14, Knowledge Engineering 14, Knowledge History 14, Ride 5, Spellcraft 10, Stealth 10, use magic device 19



Boots of striding and springing, M'Backpack M'Quaterstaff, Ring of protection + 1, Wand of cure light (50) Cloak of resistance + 1, Riding dog, 1 potion cat's grace, 1 potion bull's strength, Bedroll, 1 ration 200 gold, 1 Wand of enlarge person (50), Bracers of armour +1 Headband of alluring Charisma + 4, Belt of incredible dexterity + 2, 1 wand of reduce person (50),



0'lvl - dc 15

Detect magic, Light, Acid splash Prestidigitation, Arcane mark, Read magic, Spark, Message, Dancing lights, Ray of frost

1'lvl 8 (5)dc 18

Mage armour, Magic missile, Identify, Comprehend languages, Burning hands, True strike, Alarm,

2'lvl 8 (2) dc 19

Invisibility, Acid arrow, Locate object, see Invisability, Scorching ray,

3'lvl 8 (7) Dc 20

Haste, Dispel magic, Lightning bolt, Fire ball

4'lvl 6 (2) Dc 21

Invisability Greater, Dimension door, Wall of fire, Arcane eye

5'lvl 4 ()Dc 22



Base attack + 6

Quarterstaff + 7

Ray spells/ touch + 10



Height 3'4ft

Appearance and clothing as the picture

Naria image.Disclaimer not my art But it pretty much looks exactly as I envisioned the character

Personality and background


Born from a long family tradition of arcanists Naria has always had a strong fascination with ancient magic and archaeology unfortunately this sometimes gets her in spots of bother (Including an incident with a magic item that turned parts of her hair white) but she generally has the brains t get out of whatever mess she gets into. She tends to be friendly towards most people especially if they share any of her interests.

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