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Name Violation's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 2,766 posts (2,813 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 10 Pathfinder Society characters. 9 aliases.


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Dark Archive

The Genie wrote:
Dwarf Mage wrote:

gestalted with a bladebound kensai magus perhaps? Get a free magic weapon at the same time you get precise stike....hmmm the damage potential is staggering and comes with the nice little bonus of magic

hmm and if the gm allows it add in eldritch scion to change your casting to charisma so as to be slightly less mad.

It would have to be Homebrew, because both replace Spell recall.

Also most of Kensai's abilities are based off Int so it wouldn't really make it less mad

bladebound doesnt effect spell recall. it works

Dark Archive *

2 people marked this as a favorite.

items that only exist on a chronicle sheet do exactly what it states, unless there is official word it doesn't bypass all dr as it says, then RAW it bypasses all DR

/devils advocate

Dark Archive

Archaeologists bard with first level in mysterious stranger gunslinger.

Dark Archive

power attack

Dark Archive

Gruingar de'Morcaine wrote:
Sandbox wrote:

theres the Witchguard Ranger Archetype...

its pretty cool

the main NPC doesn't have to be a witch either...just a spellcaster.
the ranger can just pick a thematically appropriate Patron...

Where is the Witchguard found?

people of the north

Dark Archive *

It was even worse if you take 1 level of Oracle with the legalistic curse.

You can add +4 to any roll 1/day. Not just d20 rolls, any rolls. So you roll a d6 to see how many dice you add to your channel. Roll 6? Cool, add 4. That's an EXTRA 10d6 channel. Doable as of level 2

Dark Archive

Verdant sorcerer/fighter/eldritch knight could work.

Dark Archive

I've always wanted to run a kurama based character as a magus. Probably black blade (whip qualifies) kensai.

Dark Archive

Gunsmithing says

Each day, with an hour's worth of work, you can use this feat to repair a single firearm with the broken condition. You can take time during a rest period to restore a broken firearm with this feat.

Since specific over rides general, doesn't RAW let them restore any firearm, magic or not

Dark Archive

Half elf or aasimar life Oracle. Use favored class bonus (half elf can use elfs) for +1/2 to level got 1 revelation. Choose channel energy. At level 6 you channel for 9d6.

Grab eldritch heritage for arcane bloodline. Get and
a familiar todeliver your touch spells. If you take the improved eldritch heritage feat at 11 you can learn a wizard spell too. You could also pick up improved familiar with some good options.

If you can use the spell paragon surge from the ARG you can learn any feat, including the one to learn more spells, or improved eldritch heritage and temporarily learn spells and cast them from your spell slots.

The life link power is super handy. As is body of energy. There's also a revelation that lets you spend 2 spell slots to quicken a cure spell. That'll let you heal people as a free Acton, part of movement, a swift action, and as a standard if you really want to

Take the trait dangerously curious, and max out umd. Your familiar shares your ranks. Use an improved familiar and give it a wand to help cure.

So you could heal people up to 5 times a round.
If you can use the feat fey founding from the inner sea book, all dice roled to heal you get +2, letting you heal yourself support effective, which is good since most of the group's damage will end up on your character

Dark Archive

No, but if you take at least 1 levels in thug rogue, you can intimidate them into the frightened condition if you beat the dc by 10

Of course, you could also take the 2 levels of cavalier (order of the cockatrice:, and 1 level of rogue (thug) and intimidate everyone within 30ft as a standard action, and if you beat the dc by10 the enemy's run in fear.

Dark Archive

Can anyone tell me how the war priest has 3 feats at level 3. Where's the extra feast coming from.

He has combat casting, improved init, and power attack.

Dark Archive

look at archives of nethys

Dark Archive *

Gunslinger gun tank.

Dark Archive

Hellmuffin wrote:

If you want to know my grand master plan, I already am taking the Cleric dip for Crusader's Flurry. My DM is using 3.5 gods, so I chose Kelemvor, god of natural death, for his favored weapon is a Bastard Sword. My first level will be in the Crusader Archetype, so I can get Weapon Focus, and exotic weapon proficiency with a bastard sword, at the cost of spellcasting and domain slot. The bastard sword in question will be oversized (I want to omnislash, as I will point out in the end). I wanted the domain of Travel, for the +10 movement, as my friend already will be taking the repose domain, and I always like being able to move faster and getting bonuses to Acro.

If I live, my total feats will be as such at 20th lvl

1st lvl Cleric
Weapon Focus (bastard sword)
combat expertise
Improved initiative

you need bab of 1 for weapon focus. cant be taken at 1st level by cleric

Dark Archive

it looks like you can be a card caster and staff magus.


Dark Archive

+# adamantine haramaki
scrolls of prot evil, dispel magic, maybe high level summon monster

Dark Archive

K177Y C47 wrote:
Artanthos wrote:
K177Y C47 wrote:
Pretty much what Aelryinth said... The Kensai archetype of the Magus can maximize its weapon damage...

Not worth it.

Most kensai are only doing 1d6 for base weapon damage. Much more effective to spend two points from the arcane pool and increase the critical multiplier.

Only if you use a scimitar....

The Kensai is no requirement on weapon other than being 1 handed and martial or exotic... and the iconic weapon for a Kensai is an agile Katana... which is d10....

you cant make an agile katana

This enhancement can only be placed on a melee weapon which is usable with the Weapon Finesse feat.

katana isnt finessable

Dark Archive

Third Mind wrote:

If weight limit is all one has to worry about to use the corpses of enemies as weapons... I'd gladly get a Heavyload Belt and Muleback Cords for that. Which, from the looks of the Ant Haul, the spell heavyload belt points to, 19 STR + 8 Muleback gives me 27. With heavyload belt, one's light load would apparently be 1,038 lbs or less.

One build I had pondered actually went as far as it could with this. Going Barbarian / Alchemist using rage and mutagens to amp the strength score up quite a bit. Something like 28 with rage and mutagen going at the same time, then using muleback and heavyload, it'd be 36 STR for weight limit which shows as 4 x 918 lbs (the light load weight limit at 26) which ends up at 3,672 lbs. for a light load if you can manage raging and mutagens quick enough for it to matter. Of course the build is quite impractical as most things weighing in at 3,672 would be fairly illogical for one to be able to grip and use as a weapon. Which bums me out, because using a giant boulder, fallen tree or whatever sounded fun. You know, I'll have to ask my DM if he'd allow me to actually lift those sort of things and use them as weapons. I always assumed he wouldn't, but no harm in asking. He may go for the rule of cool here.

Anyways, yet more digression.

So I've decided to go with Improved Sunder as Bandw2 suggested. I think sundering with an anchor while having an option to use Dirty Tricks and just beat people over the head with said anchor, or whatever else is lying around would be quite entertaining. That said, this character may not fit in as a spymaster for the kingmaker game he may be joining... but... oh well.

alchemist, barbarian, take body bludgeon, and snag arcane strike.

I make you magic and beat your friend with you.

Dark Archive

take the trait alluring, gives you daze 1/day cl= hd

take arcane strike.

overcome dr/magic, and get some free damage

Dark Archive *

Dylos wrote:
I think the Worg is the only animal companion capable of speech, part of why I have to figure out how to get one.

a feat, and alignment within 1 step of neutral evil (neutral)

this feat

Dark Archive *

Flutter wrote:

Note that the range is personal and the target is you. You're not granting the animal the ability to talk. They already have that, the spell is teaching you to listen.

share spells ability a companion gets

Dark Archive *

IIRC mask of fear only exists on a chronicle sheet. Gives an untyped +5 to intimidate. Since its a unique item, you use exactly what it says on the sheet, which doesn't list a slot.

Dark Archive

improved familiar maybe
beast bonded witch level

familiar takes mounted combat, indomitable mount, maybe skill focus ride
familiar rides you into combat, makes ride checks for your ac and saving throws 1/round

Dark Archive *

Muser wrote:
That high? I run a demoralizing Samurai and Intimidate +23(+26 in heavy armor, thanks to Zarta!) has been plenty.

cav/bard/rogue/battleherald/ranger build

dazzling display + thug rogue ability to make enemys in 30' run in fear as a standard action also, thats at level 11

Dark Archive *

i dropped out of pfs play for about 4 months, what errata, major game changes, and ridiculous cheese did i miss while i was gone?

Dark Archive *

My cavalier had 26 diplomacy, 36 intimidate, and a few other good skills

Dark Archive

nope. only claw gets double damage.

Dark Archive

effective size catagories dont stack

Dark Archive

With narrow frame, the mount squeezes into a medium space and can do the dungeon crawl with you. It doesn't solve all the problems, but helps.

Also get potions of fly or scrolls of air walk for the mount until you can afford some house shoes of cool stuff

Dark Archive

Animal archive. Also had the new mount tricks

It's a must have book for anyone with an animal companion or mount

Yes it's pfs legal.

Dark Archive

Give the mount a 3 int so it can take whatever feats it wants.

Dark Archive

There's a great the mount can take called narrow frame. Let's it fit anywhere a medium creature can.

Get a wand or some scrolls of carry companion

Dark Archive

Dimension door, breath of life, invisibility purge

Dark Archive

you need a 13 int on the hounds for imp trip (it requires COMBAT EXPERTISE WHICH NEEDS AN INT OF 13)

Dark Archive

you need proficiency to take weapon focus

could you be a professional rock breaker and get prof via traits?

Dark Archive

4 people marked this as a favorite.

have the familiar take mounted combat and indomitable mount as feats (via beast bonded witch)

it can make ride checks for your ac or saving throws now. have it take trick riding,

get it magical benevolent+jousting barding and have it aid ac with the bodyguard feat and give you several points of ac vs melee attacks

have it make ride checks to increase your speed by 10ft a round

Dark Archive

Ring of protection is a deflection bonus, it stacks with everything else that's not a deflection bonus

Dark Archive

Yes. And you can stack other things to get it even higher. You can get up to level +1/2 level + level -3.

However the companion still caps at 20, you just get it there quicker

Dark Archive *

Cire wrote:
The Fourth Horseman wrote:
downerbeautiful wrote:
nosig wrote:
What about the character with a great ax named "Bob"?

That's right up there with "Barbarian Lockpick." It's tired and degrading. I mean, I'm pretty sure you're just jesting here, but I've come across the situation before.

If you're not going to bother giving the character/weapon/companion a meaningful name, then why bother naming it at all? If you can't come up with a fitting title, then "This is my animal companion; he's a horse. I haven't named him because we haven't found something that sounds good."

Shoo-my characters run around for a level or two before getting named; naming is a delicate process undermined by unimaginative names like the generic "Bob."

Careful there, Downer. You're starting to sound like you're telling people that they're having badwrongfun and your way is the only right way to play.

I hope to one day see a cavalier named Fred riding a mount named Fred... (bonus points if you can name the reference).

I have a cavalier named Johnson, who has a horse named Johnson

Dark Archive

inquisitor archetype could work too

Dark Archive

theres a trait that does that too. i wouldnt waste a feat

Dark Archive *

Bodyguard feat (how its used, when it can be used, where you have to be positioned, my mount using it)

Cover (some dms dont have allys count as cover when youre behind them using a reach weapon)

mud (some dms let creatures with a swim speed ignore difficult terrain if they are still in water, "because they should" they say)

Dark Archive

the grenadier archetype for alchemist is made to do just this

Dark Archive *

Off the top of my head, you're already wrong.

+1 cost 2000, +2 cost 8000

Dark Archive

Otm-Shank wrote:
If you don't threaten the enemy you can't use Bodyguard as per the Aid Another rules.

both the feat designer and james jacobs say you dont have to threaten the enemy with the bodyguard feat

Dark Archive

enlarged greatsword should be 3d6 not 2d6

Dark Archive

I find a ridiculous concept.

I look for good mechanics to pull off the concept.

I then base a character around lyrics to a metal song.

Like a palidan of vengeance based on the song murmaider, or summoner based around Hatredcopter

Dark Archive

confusion only let's you attack people that hit you, otherwise roll on the table.

Dark Archive

have the enemy make similicrums of him

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