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Nafriel's page

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Goblin Squad Member

An idea for what to call it:

Genesis Launch

(or Genesis Testing)

To indicate both that it is in its beginning stages and also that it is actively growing into what it will eventually become. Breaks the mold, a little, with regard to the normal use of alpha and beta, but it's also very recognizable and its meaning is easy to guess at.

Zen79 wrote:

I have some questions concerning the bestiary entries.

1. The animated manacles have the "shackle" special attack, but I cannot find it explained anywhere.

2. In the text explaining the Construction Points it says "differently sized objects have CP totals as detailed on the size chart on this page", but the table is nowhere to be found. Maybe a copy/paste problem from the Bestiary...?

3. The Flaming Skull has no attack bonus given for its slam attack.

4. The Ginat Beheaded's melee attack says "slams +4"; is something missing or should it be "slam +4"?

5. The "Belching" Beheaded variant doesn't give a range for the ranged touch attack.

6. The Animated Jack'O'Lantern's bite attack doesn't have an attack bonus.

Otherwise, the Animated Objects and Beheaded are really cool, with a whole lot of variants/options present.

I have the same questions. Anyone know about this?

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