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Naeve's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 15 posts. No reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


I have an Xperia X10 SE and I plan to buy a table, not determined for an ipad or an android tablet.

Yep and that is Ezren. Our DM discourage me to take him and instead I took Valeros. I am not sure it was a good choice. Specially during the last encounter when my fighter become dominated and try to kill the other players and our paladin was suggested to go to find the guard...

A rogue, a sorcerer and a cleric against the succub and the fighter... oh and of course the iconic was the cleric, the paladin and the fighter, so the rogue has no cold iron dagger.

I want one too...

Is it me or it has no way to go on the main deck without going threw the officer's cabin or the captain cabin? Are the sailors supposed to go threw the hatches when they come form their quarter?

I am happy to play it in french, because I translate it with the description of the job and not the translation of the word, because I completly agree with you the quartermaster is not really the one in charge of the supply...

Oups forget to give an email address

Yes sure, thanks for the work...

I am more in the mood to do as Mr. Quick do with Kingmaker. The opportunity will come later. I want to keep the firearms precious and rare, si maybe the captain has one but no one else..

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Personnaly what I was more looking for is some module who follow the first scenario in the BB and introduce some new rules as well. A module or campaign who does the transition to the full rules.

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Oh a puffball! The companion of Ginny Weasley... Can it be pink?

It was the best surprise I can have this morning... opening my mailbox and find the e-mail and the pdf... so nice! I cannot stop to read it.

Personnaly, I think what could be the best it is a campaign who start as a beginner box but at the end you finish to have explore the principal upgrade and go easily to the core rule book. Like with the first adventure BB, they discover new rules, new characteristic, with each encounter.

And when they arrived at the level number 5, the GM and the players do not feel so afraid of the core rule book.

I agree with him, it could be so nice to find a mini-campaign who bring them to the fifth level and introducing at the same time some new rules from the CRB... For the moment I try to adapt the Hangman Noose, but it is not easy...

A general notice from girl. I find them cute, my only girl player find them cute... Girl things..

Aazen wrote:
There is a trait. I want to say its called Pathfinder Recruit: you choose Survival, Perception or Knowledge: Area. You get a plus one and its a class skill.

Hello, can you told me in which book do we find this trait, my MD proposed me this one and I would like to use it for the personnage I want to use for my first character for a pathfinder society.

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