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NPC: Oreius Dawnsprinter's page

5 posts. Alias of Jacob Trier (RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16).


"Splendid - Gather your gear, we ride within the hour!"

Oreius and the other leaders begin issuing orders, and soon messengers are running to and from, and signal horns start to sound, announcing the departure of the main force.

Unless otherwise stated, I'll assume each of you rides a unicorn. Longer post coming up.

"I understand your desire to move at once, Caelin. Every moment you delay gives the queen more time to prepare, once she discovers she can no longer spy on you. But moving quickly means we will not be able to support you. If you decide to wait, you can accompany the army as it moves. You can ride on the unicorns, and once we join battle with the Fellnight fey, they can carry you to the entrance by magic. Doing this will make sure the main forces of the queen have other things on their mind than guarding the entrance."

Aye, ye had better regain your strength for the task ahead. Don't worry about your human friends in Bellis. Our troops will keep the Fellnight fey at bay, and our scouts are already searching for the entreance to the Fellnight Realm.

"Well, it is strength and courage we will need - courage to face the enemy head on, and not hide in the bushes and treetops."

"You are quick to presume, human. Nothing is decided. We are gathered here to find the truth behind the wild tales that have flooded the forest these past days, and how best to deal with these so-called Fellnight Fey," the centaur leader snorts.

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