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Ekaym Smallcask

NPC_Male_NR's page

482 posts. Alias of Azure_Zero.

Current Campaigns

AZ's Tower of the Last Baron

AZ's Broadened Horizons G1 (inactive)

A PBP game where the characters are Randomly generated

AZ's Broadened Horizons G2 (inactive)

A PBP game where the characters are Randomly generated


AZ's Broadened Horizons R2 G1 (inactive)

AZ's Broadened Horizons R2 G2 (inactive)

AZ's Broadened Horizons R2 G3 (inactive)

AZ's Carrion Crown AP (inactive)

Going to run all six modules for the Carrion Crown AP.

AZ's Frosty Hill RP Town (inactive)

This is a area for character development and RP while other characters are made.

AZ's HB East River (inactive)

AZ's HB Nor-Ham (inactive)

A homebrew game world

AZ's Kingmaker (inactive)

Current Map
Current Game Date: Pharast 28th

Updated: 04/29/2014


AzureZero's GiantSlayer (inactive)

Azure_Zero's Dark Moon Vale Campaign (inactive)

A pathfinder Game

Caravan to Minkai - Jade Regent AP (inactive)

Another game brought to you by Azure Zero

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