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Ekaym Smallcask

NPC_Male_NR's page

396 posts. Alias of Azure_Zero.


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"Oh, she's quite the Looker.
If I were a lot younger, I'd be dating her."

"For Meals we have meat and potatoes, stew, soup, and roasted chicken."


"Yah, she should be out in a few moments. As she likes to perform well, put on a great show, and make the audience happy."

Guard ??:
"It's a bit creepy but, You don't talk to anyone, they talk to you."


"The Baron picked a side and it pissed the other off.
And the other side now wants to fix the problem."

"Seems the lady is a lightweight drinker, getting a buzz on one glass of Elven Mead."


1 Water,
3 Agers
1 Elven Mead
And for tea, we only have Earl Grey, and Green is that acceptable?"

"An order of Dragon Ale for the guards?"

Note when you drink alcohol in my games you have to roll a fort save.

the Barkeep has thinning black hair slicked back
with scented hair wax and wearing worn garb.
"We have a variety of ales, young master.
Ager's 11,
Black Jack,
Bond's Booze,
Dragon's Ale,
Dwarven Beer,
Elven Mead,

Know Local/Nobility for his clothes

Know Local to know about a specific drink's history and or effects if any.
One check covers one drink.

"The Conquer's Blade is an inn and tavern, it's on dawn lane at minecart street."

General Dakovya:

"Here's the paper work, it just needs your signatures. This document is a secret, but is registered."

General Dakovya:

"The pay is on Completion of the job.
As some mercs take the pay and then do a double-cross,
So you can see where I'm coming from."

General Dakovya:

"The Pay for this Job is 250 Platinum Pieces, each."

General Dakovya:

"Him bumping off the council, did not make him anymore friends, I'm willing to bet most of the folk want him bumped but won't stretch their necks out, but I'm betting a few would knowingly help you bump him off.
He still has his captain of the guard, who is loyal to him."

General Dakovya:

"Since your going in as Caravan guards, you should not need a thing to help your cover as you already look the part."

General Dakovya:

"Well technically more than 6, but I get the picture."

General Dakovya:

"I think we could spare some alchemical items, but that is it."

General Dakovya:

"I don't think there is room for negotiation since he bumped off the entire town council who were more anti-Chelaxian about a little less than a week now."

General Dakovya:

"The Baron will be expecting our military force soon, and will likely lock-down the place and we can not afford to make this a siege battle, as Chelixian forces are coming.
We need a group inside before he locks the place down, and using our own men will give use away and give the enemy information."

General Dakovya:

"Here is a rough map, and that some folks support the Baron, and most others don't like his decision."

At top, ignore stuff in keep walls for now, Areas A-E

General Dakovya:

"Could you phrase that a bit better, though I don't think any negotiation will take place.
As for contact I'm sure Mr Dune and Mr Sigeh will figure out you've been contacted."

General Dakovya:

"The operative will help you from the shadows, and I can't reveal them encase of your capture, or they take your corpse and use Speak with Dead on it.
They will join your team should enough of you not survive."

General Dakovya:

"You can infiltrate with a fake merchant caravan we have when the whole group feels ready."

General Dakovya:

"We will not be visibly surrounding the town until we figure we've been spotted, or we see actions the Baron knows."

General Dakovya:

"We will be surrounding the town to keep those devil lovers out, while you take care of any problems inside."

General Dakovya:

"You may have a day or two or even a week to get the job done provided the Baron does not notice Us or You.
The only resources you'll have is each other, though I do have one operative inside right now.
They are under deep cover at the moment though and could help you out if they deem it necessary."

General Dakovya:

"A day ago Baron Vendikon, recanted his neutrality and vowed to hold Piren’s Bluff for his allies in Cheliax.
If those devils get it and fortify it, they could invade Andoran easily. Since Piren’s Bluff is a choke point and a part of our defense we can not let it fall into their hands."

"Basically your job is to go in find out what the Baron is up to and put a stop to it, and if things get real bad to Kick his royal behind over the wall."

General Dakovya:

"Good morning, Gentlemen and ladies. I need a group to go in and keep an eye on the baron and remove him, if need be."

"Yes sir"

STR: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15

"On it"

STR: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (15) + 2 = 17

Oleg says to group
"Thank you for getting here. We need to close the gate. Given this wind pushing the gate open, we need strong bodies to close this gate."

"Got it."

And starts going towards the gate.

"Here's right there, Hey Duke they need a hand at the gate."

Oleg says to Eärwen
"See if my Wife has a task you can help with, she's in the house."

And the winds start picking up some more.

Oleg says to Halloran
"Can you round up Alkaid, Duke, Hank and or Frank.
As the winds are starting to get strong enough that we might not be able to close the gate."

Oleg says to Dante
"We are going to have to shut the doors, since this is going to be a big one and it'll take some time to make sure the doors don't flap in the wind breaking the wall, the door themselves, and anything else."

"You can feel it on the wind, soon the winds will be to strong to close them."

"They are not lost, just seeking shelter.
Looks like this place is going to be really packed."

"Looks like it's going to be a very bad storm, if some of the woodsman are coming here for shelter and we are going to be packed to the brim."

"I'm Oleg, and I run the outpost you'll be taking shelter in at times.
You can trade items you find for others, though some might take some time to get in.
If you cause trouble I'll have Mr Garess and his men, put you under arrest and detain you for a bit."


Kira Lastras wrote:

While her back is still turned to Duke, Kira gives a wink to Lina. She then looks over her shoulder and smiles coyly at Duke.

"Oh, I think we're okay for now. But I will let you know if," she pauses and admires Duke's form, "When we'll need some help. Perhaps we'll see you later in the stable?" Kira winks again, this timeee directly at Duke, and then turns away from the muscular man, turning her full attention to Lina.

"Well then, I'll see you around later."

upon seeing Kira showing no shame in the femininity of her form as she picks up materials.
He approaches and asks
"Do you ladies need a hand?"


Halloran Westover wrote:


Going over to Oleg, Halloran asks, Can I help with anything?

Oleg's response is

"We first need to get stuff out from the out in the open to somewhere inside.
Then secure the main outpost doors, and secure the windows and doors of the buildings.
And then get ready to hunker down, and not everyone will fit in house or bunk house."

hearing Kira kick the boys egos down a peg
"Ouch, that had to burn."


Oleg slowly comes out of the house.
"Was that Thunder?"
He sees the thunderhead
"I guess So....."

Kesten Garess:
"Looks like today's patrol is going to be called off.
As I don't like the look of that storm, as I've seen one similar that pelted you with hail and dang it, it hurt."

"Woah, that does look and sound nasty."

"A change in subject is in order, I believe."
and points to the south west
"Like that nasty looking storm coming in.
I think we should batten down the hatches before it hits."

Kesten Garess:
"They are acting more like squabbling kids."

"What could not sleep last night?"

Kesten Garess:
"And my troops are going to be doing a patrol of the nearby roads today."


Oleg replies
"About 50 Gold pieces should cover it."


Oleg replies
"Yep, I have those, though you'll be taking the last 2 shovels."

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