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Queen Ileosa Arabasti

NPC: Lumi Reasonknot's page

2 posts. Alias of Jacob Trier (RPG Superstar 2012 Top 16).


Right before you leave, Lumi also comes over, and speaks briefly to Meycho in private.

Meycho (or a DC 20 perception, if anyone feels like eavesdropping):

"Elyin said you were heading out to find answers to all of this. I want to ask you..." she pauses briefly, a bit uncertain. "If you run into Tenzekil...I understand that he was behind this attack, and that he should be punished for it...but...In the past, he may have been a sorry and depressed gnome, but never malignant. Something has changed him, and not the Bleachling. Perhaps it is this Fellnight Queen he was shouting about. Maybe something can be done to bring him back from the darkness that grips him..."

She falls silent for a moment, looking a little sad. Then she quickly leans over and gives you a soft kiss on the cheek. "Be careful out there, she says, and hurries off.

Once Taecuss and Jervaise are free, the adventurers gather around Elyin in front of the gazebo. They are joined by Lumi and Kailah, who have come out from their hiding place. Both look frightened, Kailah grasping Elyins arm tightly and Lumi staying close to Meycho.

“Look!” Lumi suddenly exclaims, pointing toward town. From the forest an unnatural mist seeps forth, slowly enveloping Bellis and the grove within an eerie, silent wall, cloaking the stunned crowd and obscuring everything beyond twenty feet.

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