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Female Human

NPC_Female_Child's page

28 posts. Alias of Azure_Zero.



"I recall a well above ground in the courtyard, if you need water."


"I think we should get moving before "it" comes here."


"I'm worried about the others, as there is also that thing that gave chase to us earlier."

"Savram, it's OK there here to save us."

"I'm Kimi Evewalker."

"I'm fine, but what about the others?"

she quickly goes to Stinky's side fearful of the environment around here
"I'm scared"

"I don't know, I was scared, I hid myself after I heard something down the hall."


1d20 ⇒ 15

"I think so, and I believe that's not their names."

still holding onto Luminiere
as she replies to Dennvyn
"It's Jenna."

still holding onto Luminiere
as she replies to Dennvyn
"I believe it is."

still holding onto Luminiere
and innocently replies to Arianna
"I think from that-ta way."

with one hand holding Luminiere's clothes
she innocently replies
"I think my friends are that way."

still holding onto Luminiere
and innocently replies
"I can't remember."

still holding onto Luminiere as a frighten child holds onto a mother.
asks a frightened voice
"Your not going to let anything scary get near me, aren't you?"

The child runs and grabs onto Luminiere as a frighten child holds onto a mother.
in a frightened voice
"It's scary out here."

scared and shivering, she innocently responses
"Are you really?"

Initializing Alias for here

"Mom and dad are still going to know about your little adventure outside."

Breaths a sigh of relief

"I'll take you there."

"Of course you are, you went out without permission."

"Am I in trouble?"

"Sorry Aura, but these to did help me."

a girl who looks identical to Ayla comes running to the group.
Ayla, you went collecting herbs again without permission.

"My father, Dutch, and Rick manage this village."

"I was collecting a few herbs; rat tail, Ginger root and some wild garlic. I also don't fear the goblins."

"My name is Ayla, my father runs the smithy in town.
And what are your names?"

Maybe I'll need child aliases?
"I am alright, and thanks for your help."

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