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Mythril DM's page

1,726 posts. Alias of MythrilDragon (RPG Superstar 2008 Top 16).


Mid Morning Day 2


Total earned XP: 15,000

About Mythril DM

Rise of the Rune Lords:

Wren Chavail
Wren comes from a Varisian family with a long magical lineage. Unfortunately for her, that lineage has consisted entirely of sorcerers before her. Lacking the "cult of personality" of much of her family, Wren threw herself into...everything. Taking her lack of innate skills as a slight, Wren set out to conquer the study of magic, her way, which required much study on her behalf. She found out her strongest field involved more of the destructive arts, rather than subtle magic. She was also marked as different from the rest of her family by the fact that for her magic to truly reach its full potential, she needed to have her lucky wand in hand to truly focus herself.

Having the energy of several 'normal' people, not only did she excel at her magical studies, but she also ended up being quite light on her feet, quickly learning and becoming proficient at several of the strange dances that Varisian people are famous for.

She shared the nomadic wanderlust of her people and has migrated all over Varisia, including Shoanti. Currently, she has cast her lot with a traveling troupe of Varisian dancers, heading to Sandpoint for the festival, knowing that with the semi-famous playhouse there, there would be plenty of opportunities to perform. She plans on staying at least through the festival, and perhaps longer if things stay interesting.

Eponine was well on her way to becoming a contributing member of elven society. Bright and nimble, she seemed good at most things she tried and was an incredibly quick learner. At few decades shy of a century old, Eponine met a gnome scholar that had travelled to Greengold to study. Eponine struck up a friendship with him, and after several years she came to learn of the Bleaching. The concept intrigued her, and she came to study those around her, the elves of the city. She soon developed a theory that elves, too, were prone to their own kind of Bleaching. She noticed scholars and arcanists who’d spent decades cloistered in study gradually taking on the colorations of their surroundings, and a similar phenomenon with elves that spent a great deal of time in the wilderness. It was that day that Eponine swore to herself she would not fall victim to the same thing; she would not waste decades or centuries of her life just because she had them to spare. For nearly a decade, Eponine tried to convince the scholars around her of what she was observing, but they ridiculed her. Many times she was tempted to drop it or leave but she persisted until she was persecuted and expelled. Bitter and dejected, she left.
Since then, Eponine has spent decades on the go, rarely spending more than a couple of seasons in any one location. She worked as she needed to and travelled from one town to another, one city to another, one country to another and finally started to span continents. She drank in the local cultures and moved on before becoming too attached. Each time she moved, she left behind most of her belongs that she accumulated, taking only the odd souvenirs each time: a small collection of silver coins minted in different countries, her old spell book (even though she hasn’t cracked it open in decades), a pet monkey she got on the Mwangi coast, a tricorn hat and some Varisian scarves she got when travelling with a caravan.

As she travelled, her bitterness came out in a rash of crimes. She stole, she conned, she showed little mercy. It was during one such con that her life changed again. She seduced a handsome traveler up to her room, where she would drug him, rob him and disappear. When he was asleep, she reached for his pouch. His hand clamped down on her wrist; he was awake, and fully aware of what she was doing. But he didn’t call out or assault her. Instead they kissed, and the night that followed was full of passion and soul searching talks. It turned out he was a paladin of Sarenrae, and that night he gave her a lesson in acceptance and redemption. At dawn, she swore she would start a new life, and the paladin left her. Within an hour she was down at the docks. She found a ship called the Dawn Rose that was leaving that day. She took it as a sign and boarded.

The Dawn Rose took her to Sandpoint and she has been here for a couple of seasons, working odd jobs to preserve her savings. She finds herself liking this town and is developing a new theory; perhaps if she finds a way to stay engaged, a purpose and not take her longevity for granted, perhaps she won’t have to move as often to stave off the fate she fears. To that end, she has started to observe and appreciate the other races more, watching how they live in hopes of gleaning more clues to living to the fullest.

Sophy Cassell
Sophy was left an orphan during the Late Unpleasantness, when her mother was among the first to fall victim to the madman known as 'Chopper.' (Her father had been killed in an accident at the lumber mill many years before, and Sophy barely remembers him.) The whole season is a blur in Sophy's memory, from the raw pain of losing her mother to the night she found herself on Church Street, surrounded by smoke and shouting, taking part in a line of citizens trying to save what could be salvaged from the chapel and surrounding buildings. Someone set a stack of heavy books, charred around the edges and smelling of soot, in her arms, and mechanically she carried them to safety. As she went to set them down, however, the wind ruffled open the pages; reaching to close the cover, instead she began to turn the leaves slowly. Something about the books, so fragile and vulnerable yet having survived the fire, the treasures inscribed within intact, broke through the walls of grief that had closed in on her. When the fire at last was tamed, Sophy was still sitting in Maver Kesk's jewelry shop, turning the pages of the rescued books.

Sandpoint, feeling the duty of taking care of its own in the aftermath of its twin tragedies, sought homes and employment for those left destitute. Sabyl Som, respecting Sophy's new-found devotion to the chapel's books, offered the teenaged girl a place to live and a job taking care of the library beneath the House of Blue Stones. Quiet and introverted, she has spent the last five years perusing every volume she can find; when travelling caravans with dusty used book carts come to the Town Market, she arrives early and has accumulated quite a trove of history books to go along with the books on religion that were saved from the old chapel.

Over the past several weeks, when Sophy has been sitting alone in the library in the evenings, strange and inexplicable events have been happening. Although the room is below-ground and has no windows, sudden breezes ruffle the pages of books she is reading and cause her candle flame to flicker; books she is sure she has put away safely suddenly fall off the shelves with a startling thud; when she turns away for a moment, her quill moves from one side of her desk to another; and she hears sounds like whispering behind the bookshelves, although when she goes to investigate, there is no one there. She has grown increasingly fearful and has started carrying a concealed dagger at all times, as well as a little bundle she bought from a peddlar as a good-luck charm to ward off evil, but she hasn't told anyone about her experiences, afraid they will think she is going insane (an opinion she has overheard from many of the town matrons, sure that spending that much time with books will "addlepate" an impressionable young woman).

Her frightening experiences culminate the night before the celebration of the completion of the new church. Sitting alone in the library, Sophy was jotting down notes out of a book she was reading, half-distracted by thoughts of the festival the next day, when the long-displaced books from the old chapel were to be returned to their new home. One moment, everything was normal; the next thing she knew, her candle was burned down to a nub and in front of her was a page in her own handwriting, predicting blood and death to the inhabitants of Sandpoint at the festivities the next day. Staring at the paper in horror and confusion, Sophy wondered if the old wives of the town were right. Something was happening to her, something she didn't understand and couldn't control.

Victor Montoya
Victor grew up in the town of Sandpoint, spending most of years living a peaceful existence. He loved the town but he feels like there is more out there for him to accomplish. He enjoyed being part of the local militia, but there just wasn't enough happening for him. There was the one event that involved the one known as "Chopper" but Victor doesn't like to talk about it. Well, eventually he finally decided to pack up and move to the big city of Magnimar, where he was taken on as a city guard. During his time there he served as a lookout and ranged defense.

After a time, it turns out the city life wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Turns out, it wasn't much more eventful than Sandpoint. Thinking about returning home(and eventually deciding to) he packed up his bags and traveled back. It may not be all that exciting, but he knew he did have the Swallowtail festival to look forward to. That event was happening in just a short time and Victor wanted to be there for that.

Ah, Sandpoint. The quiet life. Slightly boring, but it is home.

Belril Leokas

Kern Bevaniky
Kern had a simple childhood. He was born and raised in Sandpoint, where he began to develop a bit of a reputation as a bully amongst the other kids. It wasn't that he was cruel or sadistic; he just liked being in charge and he had the strength to enforce it if somebody else tried to tell him what to do. The one exception was his younger sister, Savah. The two were always very close and she was the only other kid in the town who could tell him what to do and not fear reprisal. Indeed, it was often her interference that kept his bullying of others under control.

Concerned that their son could become a problem (particularly with his and Savah's growing fascination with weapons), Kern's parents decided that his aggressive tendencies needed an outlet. The agreed to allow both their children to train in the weapons that so fascinated them. They hoped that the physical exercise would burn out Kern's desire to bully and Savah's growing tendency to be bossy. And they were mostly right. Both children devoted themselves to their crafts, particularly Kern. He developed a love for flails, particularly the extremely heavy kind that suited his growing strength.

Over a couple of years, with his bullying ways firmly in the past, Kern managed to acquire a better reputation in Sandpoint. Eventually Sheriff Avertin agreed to introduce Kern to an acquaintance of his in Magnimar, Emar Okvin, a soldier known for his mastery of flails. Kern then spent a year studying with this Emar in Magnimar, learning techniques beyond what anyone in Sandpoint could teach him.

During that year, Kern's father passed away from illness. Father Tobyn did his best to save him, but it was not to be. Kern returned briefly for the funeral before re-applying himself to his studies in Magnimar.

When he returned to Sandpoint, he and Savah decided to strike up lives as adventurers. They decided to travel the countryside, kill goblins, save innocents, and basically seek fame and fortune. They vowed to send half of all their riches back to their mother in Sandpoint. Alas, it didn't go quite as well as they had hoped. They didn't become rich. They didn't become famous. They did manage to stay alive, but even with Kern's newly developed skills with the heavy flail, the two of them alone were no match for the beasts they encountered. Their adventuring career ended with them fleeing for their lives after an encounter with the Sandpoint Devil.

Returning to Sandpoint, Savah decided to open up a business selling weapons and armour. Their short adventuring career had given them a few contacts, and Savah felt she could use those to acquire a chain of supply. Kern didn't really want to settle down, but agreed to go into business with her. She would run the shop while he would handle supply runs to Magnimar, Riddleport, and other places. Having to arrange protection from bandits and goblins would help sate Kern's continuing desire for adventure.

Since then, the supply runs have meant that Kern is frequently away from Sandpoint for long stretches at a time. He missed most of the Late Unpleasantness five years ago (something he feels quite guilty about), although he was in town at the time of the fire. He has just now returned from a trip to Riddleport. If things had gone according to plan, he would have been back in time for the Swallow Tail Festival. He has always tried his best to be in town for the festival each year. However, first there were delays in Riddleport itself. The weapons he was picking up weren't quite ready and he had to wait an extra two days. That in itself shouldn't have been a problem, as if he had planned for a week's window (since travel time on the road could be unpredictable), but then an attack by bandits halfway back to Sandpoint resulted in some bad damage to the wagon that had to be repaired before he could continue. That caused another couple days delay. Then he came under attack from goblins. Although he fought them off, he was hurt badly. Not wanting to risk travelling in his condition, he stopped at the very next village and stayed there for a few days while he healed.

He has now finally reached Sandpoint, four days late for the festival.

Retired PC's

Brock A.K.A Bones
The half-orc known as Brock has not had a nice life. His mother, the victim of a rape, died at childbirth. Strike One! Then, on top of his hated heritage, he was born an albino and raised in the local orphanage in Sandpoint. Strike Two! Though he was given the name of Brock by the head of the orphanage, the kids in town teased him mercilessly, calling him "Bones". Only one person treated Brock well: Father Tobyn, who had a knack for caring even for the outcasts of society. In him, Brock found his only friend and life was good for a little while, where he learned moral principles. Then, five years ago, fate intervened and a fire struck the church, killing Father Tobyn. Strike Three! Disillusioned with life, Brock left Sandpoint and went to Riddleport, wherein his size and might became a useful tool and he fell into a life of crime. He happily accepted the moniker of "Bones" where it fit his life as an enforcer. However, after years of this type of work, Bones did not feel satisfied. He felt he was dishonoring Father Tobyn's principles and he quit his previous life. The fact that some of the gang tried to overthrow Boss Croat coincided with his decision to leave made his disappearance easy in the confusion. He heard about the dedication of the new temple in Sandpoint and he has returned to town for the first time in 5 years to honor the memory of his only friend.

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