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Forwell Hog

Mystic Marauder's page

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Delivers as promised

***( )( )

There are a lot of predrawn maps of inns already available (in dungeontiles, other map packs, a flip mat) but if you're in need of some ready-made inns for that barfight or a midnight encounter in an inn, these will do just fine. There are 3 full inns (6 times each) which are disctint adn each appear usable.

If you only need one inn,though, I'd recommend getting the flip-mat inn instead.

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Great for Savage Tide


Although not the same layout as the 'Sea Wyvern', I found this map to be useful in multiple ways. First, I used it for enemy pirate ships (of which there are several in the adventure path) and I used the flip side (which is simply a large stretch of water) to place a cutout map of the Sea Wyvern for all nautical encounters. Very useful, as it looks much better than a plain battle map. As with several of the flip-maps, the plain side is actually more useful than the detailed side.

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Another good aid

****( )

I was also dissapointed by the Sewers pack, but was glad to see that this one is back up to the quality of previous packs.

I'll be using the Spider temple for the Throne room in Savage Tide's 'Here be Monsters' (with the spider image covered up), and the Healing temple for Farshores's temple in 'Tides of Dread.' I'll be trying to figure out a use for the sacrifice chamber and warehouse, which are very nice as well.

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