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Mystic Lemur's page

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Shadow Lodge ***

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I know, I know. Big whoop. But for anyone who cares, here is my reason.

User "The Fox" just made a thread asking if/why anyone would bring a firearm to a PFS game. I thought the thread was in poor taste and was not intending to reply until I noticed Liz had locked the thread (as I'm sure this one will be). Right after that, Mike Brock posted that he didn't want anyone to bring a firearm to any PFS event at all, ever. And cited his experience as a law enforcement officer as to why he didn't trust us to act as responsible adults around firearms. I can only assume that a rule so far reaching will make it into the next version of the Guide, and that is why I will no longer associate with official PFS events.

I don't know that I have ever carried my personal firearm to a Pathfinder Society event. I carry my firearm so often, to so many places, that I really couldn't tell you for sure "Yes, I had it on that date." I follow the laws of my state regarding open and concealed carry at all times and the wishes of property owners who make their policies known to me. I have never once been disruptive nor been asked to leave a location, and I certainly have never whipped it out and started playing with it or showing it to anyone. Quite frankly, Mr. Brock, you don't have the authority to tell me where I can and cannot carry my legally owned firearm. But, in the interests of cooperation, I will follow your wishes by no longer hosting or participating in a public PFS event. If you want to come to my home or my privately hosted events and tell me that I can't carry there, I will ask you to call first so that I'm expecting company.

With sincere regret,
Kyle McDonald
Birmingham, AL

Shadow Lodge

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For all situations, the receiving creature has no ranks in Spellcraft or Knowledge (Arcana):

1) Fact: If I cast inflict light wounds on a hostile target, they get a will save for half damage.

2) Fact: If I cast cure light wounds on a target (hostile or not) they are allowed a will save for half healing.

3) Question: If I cast cure light wounds on a non-hostile target, are they considered to be voluntarily failing their save, or do they not get a save at all?

4) Question: If I tell a non-hostile target that I am casting cure light wounds, but I instead cast inflict light wounds (and succeed on a Bluff vs. Sense Motive check), does the answer to number 3 still apply?

5) Question: The FAQ states that the drinker of a falsely labeled cure potion would still get a save against any harmful effects. Presumably they are not forced to save against non-harmful effects, so how is it they know the difference? How does this affect the answer to number 4?

Shadow Lodge

What does an oracle with clouded vision see when someone casts, for example, silent image?

Do they see:

1) Nothing. It doesn't really exist, so their extra-sensory darkvision wouldn't pick it up.

2) Exactly what the caster wants them to see, ignoring the curse and making it an obvious illusion. (The spell says "This spell creates the visual illusion of an object, creature, or force, as visualized by [the caster].")

3) A 'cloudy' version of the illusion, requiring them to interact with it to get a save, as normal.

I'm reasonably sure the intent is option 3, but the other two options would be very interesting from a GM and player perspective.

Shadow Lodge ***

I don't know the proper forum for this question, or the proper person to contact off-forum, so here's hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I would like to use a minor NPC in a published Pathfinder Society scenario as a character in PFSOP. The Community Use policy seems to support use of Pathfinder NPC's in the Community Use "Approved List" for our own creative purposes. The problem I see, is that I'd like to change certain things (the class, alignment, ability scores, etc. in order to make legal for play) of said NPC, which seems to be verboten.

I'd like clarification on this and, if possible, clear permission to use the NPC in this manner. If it matters, the NPC in question is Gilga Baltwin from First Steps, Part 1.

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