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Mystic Lemur's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 948 posts (975 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 14 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.


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Shadow Lodge ***

BigNorseWolf wrote:

I'm fine with giving the +1 / whatever level, but getting your wisdom bonus and your wisdom bonus is getting it from the same source.

Sans official ruling, I don't think they stack.

If they rule they stack... double dipping on my druids for +12 or higher to ac.

This would put you almost a full spell level behind a straight class druid, and make Boon Companion a feat tax. I guess it could be powerful for the first few levels, but at higher levels I would rather have the spellcasting.

Shadow Lodge ***

My cleric got a wand of bless and uses it at the start of every fight. That little +1 can make all the difference at low levels (it's the difference between a fighter and a cleric with the same strength at level 1).

Shadow Lodge ***

Why can't you just make your new bloodline the same as the old? Problem solved.

Shadow Lodge ***

I don't understand the bit where you left without chronicles. The questions you are asking would be answered on the chronicle. You should get in touch with the GM and determine what state the bad guys left you in. I think 1xp, 0gp, and much (if not all) of your equipment stolen is a reasonable answer if you don't have 5 prestige to pay for a recovery team. The recovery team usually gets your equipment back along with you.

And Pregen equipment can be sold off to pay for a raise dead. That's something else that should have been handled at the table, but I don't see why the pregen players would have a problem footing the bill for the real PCs. Either way, you've learned some valuable lessons about the game, both in-game tactics, and out-of-game being more careful about the tables you join.

Shadow Lodge

If I were to GM for an Undead Lord, I would have the 8 hour ritual call an appropriate HD human skeleton from the aether. If he wanted to upgrade his companion to a different type of skeleton, I would let him perform the ritual again after finding a corpse of the appropriate type, and the new skeleton would be created with his level in HD (1/2 for a variant).

It's not RAW, but it's much cooler.

Shadow Lodge

Wylliam Harrison is banned for being a Grammar Nazi.

Shadow Lodge

Granted, you perform the lobotomy. Everything goes better than expected, except now you are responsible for the care and feeding of a lobotomized stranger.

I wish I could have today off work.

Shadow Lodge

Most monks get the ability to bypass DR/magic for free. A plain +1 AoMF was a terrible item for monks, and not much better for druids. 6000gp for a +1 to attack and damage? No thanks. The change to allow special properties without an enhancement seems to have been targeted to fix that. The change in price made the amulet more competitive, so the monk has access to his magic weapon later than single weapon users, but earlier than TWFers get both of theirs enchanted. Just the way I see it.

Mark, do you plan to do your class guides for 5e? Or, more generally, do you plan to do any more class guides?

Shadow Lodge

Multiclassing is fine, and really no more complicated than with a standard character as long as you avoid taking the same things on both sides of the gestalt. (For example, trying to figure out the Sneak Attack dice of a Rogue|Vivisectionist.) Just remember you always take the best PROGRESSION from each side, so a Ftr1/Wiz19|Sor20 has a +10 BAB, +8 Fort, +6 Reflex, +12 Will and 1d10+19d6 for hit dice.

I've even used Monstrous races with Gestalt with some success, by treating the race as one "side" of the gestalt until the total character level was equal to the Level Adjustment of the creature. Now that Level Adjustment isn't a thing, you kind of have to wing it, though.

Shadow Lodge ***

Didn't mean to start everyone on a tirade against I use it as my primary rules reference, even before my pdfs or my hardcover books. Many of the arguments here against the site also apply to Hero Lab, another invaluable tool that isn't a "PFS legal" rules reference.

I only mention the name change because it's a red flag that a player might not have the primary source. I'm not going to go out of my way to pester all of my players about owning the sources they use, but if one presents red flags that I can't ignore, I dig a little deeper. I want to support Paizo, and I want everyone playing by the same rules (both meta and in-game).

Shadow Lodge

Granted, but when you point at something, there are always three fingers pointing back at you. BOOM goes the Fiend.

I wish people would read everything I write in Neil Diamond's voice.

Shadow Lodge ***

Ick. This thread again.

With play by post (or I supposed even Roll20 and the like), there is a level of trust that must be upheld between the GM and the Player because some things just can't be verified. I'm not able to come to your house to see your copy of Adventurer's Armory. I'm not going to take the time to search your character's name on all the PbP websites to make sure you're not in multiple scenarios simultaneously. It just isn't feasible. Don't do something silly like calling a Dawnflower Dervish a "Dervish of Dawn" and I won't have any reason to suspect that you might not have Inner Sea Magic. Know the rules for the abilities you are using, and I won't have to wonder if you've even read the book.

The rules are what they are, and the onus is on you to follow them.

Shadow Lodge

Interesting. So even though the abilities are nigh-identical, the one doesn't reference the other. I'll have to consider that. Thanks for posting that answer.

And frankly, that was a far more convincing argument than "Run as (I say it's) Written, or you're a dirty cheater."

Shadow Lodge

Do you have a citation for that, or do you just have a problem with me adjudicating an unclear situation in favor of my players? I've already said I'll tell her to expect table variation, but at MY table it will work the way I decided.

Unless, of course, you have that rules citation handy.

Shadow Lodge ***

Dorothy Lindman wrote:

My other option is:

Me: Give me a Will save against a supernatural ability of an evil outsider--it's a mind-effecting, death effect.
Player: Hey guys, there's a evil outsider hiding around here somewhere--probably a kalavakas demon...

That really spoils the surprise.

Give that guy a high five, in the face, with a CRB. There, problem solved.

But for real, I'm pretty bad about doing this as a player. I just can't help it. If the GM says the room goes cold and I hear a faint babbling that gets louder and asks me for a will save, I get excited because that sounds like an Allip. Allips are so cool, and you hardly ever get to fight one. I just slip and say it out loud. I don't mean to spoil anything. :blush:

Gently remind the player that out of character knowledge shouldn't influence in character actions, and ask again for that save. If he wants to roll a knowledge check to confirm his suspicions, he can on his turn.

Shadow Lodge

Hmmm... Well, the character belongs to one of my players who only plays in our home group for now, and I'm going to rule in favor of the player. If she decides to play public PFS, I'll let her know she might get some resistance. All in all, that last bit is a fairly minor part of the whole.

Thanks again, both of you, for your answers.

Shadow Lodge ***

There is also the Theologian archetype from Ultimate Magic. Sacrifice one domain to be better at the other, and prepare domain spells in non-domain slots. Seems tailor made to a Fire cleric.

My wife has one in a home game, and the second fireball always catches me by surprise.

Shadow Lodge

What benefits do they get, if any, from this item?

Fast Movement as a 3rd level monk? It seems yes.
Unarmed damage increase, or just the 1d6 that they already have?
Does Brawler's Flurry count as Flurry of Blows, granting the swift action power?

Sorry if these questions have already been answered elsewhere, and thanks in advance.

Shadow Lodge ***

Neocrates2K wrote:
there are too many parties where people do things like take 20 on perception for every single square they walk in.

I know this is off topic, but this isn't a thing anymore. Perception isn't limited to a certain volume of squares. You roll perception (or take 10, or take 20) and the GM tells you what you see/find modified by distance.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Go local sport ball team!

Shadow Lodge ***

Master of the Fallen Fortress (replayable module), followed by the Confirmation or First Steps (replayable scenarios), followed by the other. That will get all the characters to second level without "wasting" any non-replayable options.

For future characters, there are also several replayable modules that grant a full level (3xp).

But my all time favorite "first" scenario is Silent Tide (Season 0, Scenario 1).

Shadow Lodge ***

There is precedence. The Arcanist wasn't given alternatives to item crafting feats because it still had valid choices for its bonus feat slots even with the crafting feats removed.

Shadow Lodge ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Netopalis wrote:
I would totally watch a show about fox lawyers called "Kitsune Legal".

Dibs on a kitsune Inquisitor named Denny Crane. :P

Shadow Lodge ***

If you've already played through an adventure path that gets sanctioned, you don't get retroactive chronicle sheets. This is the same.

Your rewards for helping your GM are having a good time with friends, helping out a fellow gamer, and being better prepared for the "real deal" now that you've had a dress rehearsal.

Shadow Lodge ***

Humphry B ManWitch wrote:
it is going to happen.

And you base these paranoid delusions on what, exactly?

Shadow Lodge ***


Shadow Lodge ***

He did? Then what's legal? "We don't know yet." doesn't tell anyone what's legal.

And did you consider that he might have English as a second language, and genuinely be using the word incorrectly? Despite popular opinion, I'm not always posting just to insult people.

Shadow Lodge ***

Well then it's evil to eat all animals with 4 or more hit dice, because they might have put their ability bump into intelligence. You have no way of knowing, outside casting speak with animals. And if you're the type to regularly prepare speak with animals you would also realize that even creatures of 1 or 2 intelligence can perceive their surroundings, come to conclusions, make decisions, and relay information to others of their kind. Sounds like sentience to me. Therefore, under our PFS house rule, any non-vegetarian would have to get an atonement every so often. :P

Everyone seems to think that animals are Neutral because they are too stupid to be good or evil. Did anyone consider the possibility that killing to eat, and killing to protect your young and/or lair are inherently neutral acts? Your alignment drifts to match your actions.

Shadow Lodge ***

That would probably fall under the "no reskinning" rule. There are rules for non-magical prosthetic limbs, and claiming to have one with none of the listed downsides is a mechanical benefit.

Shadow Lodge ***

Verzen wrote:

From what I know of the ACG, I don't think that word means what you think it means. Between existing and new options, I will never in my life be able to play all of the race/class/build combinations that are now possible.

Shadow Lodge ***

SCPRedMage wrote:
There's a difference between picking out which enemies are naturally resistant to fire, and picking out which ones likely have an item in their pockets that provide it.

And that difference is in learning what that item is, and who is likely to have access to it. Pathfinders carry wayfinders. If I know I'm fighting Pathfinders, it might be relevant to my interests to see if they have exposed wayfinders I might need to target.

All in all, the possible wayfinder with the possible clear spindle is much less likely to ruin my day than the archer, cleric, or wizard just simply existing.

Shadow Lodge ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Jeff Merola wrote:
Seran Ash wrote:

I am, however, still waiting for the link to where Canaialism is evil per the campaign admins.


Here you go.

What intelligence score denotes Sentience? 2, 3, or higher? 5 is the lowest a PC could possibly have, so somewhere between 1-4 is okay to eat, but 5+ is right out. Torturing sentient creatures is certainly evil, and I could see ruling that hunting sapient creatures is evil, but eating dead flesh is no more evil than eating dead plant matter. If we weren't meant to be part of the food chain, we wouldn't be made of food.

As for the desecration of dead bodies, desecration is a crime of intent, and the intent determines the alignment. Carving a cow into different cuts of meat is not desecration of the dead cow, unless you are doing it to purposely offend someone, or to express your hatred of cows in general or that cow specifically.

I declare knee-jerk reactions in alignment threads to be evil. I'm making a notation on all of your chronicle sheets. :P

Shadow Lodge ***

Items purchased with prestige have no value and cannot be sold. You spend money for the enchantments, but the rules specifically say "no value" and "cannot be sold." No way around that, that I know of.

Shadow Lodge ***

Jiggy wrote:
I think what people are questioning is whether you'd be using the same rationale if you didn't know out-of-character that the most likely such effect is "immunity to the main powers of the monster doing the dispelling".

If I'm a fire mage, my first priority is learning which enemies don't burn so good. If I'm an enchanter, I'm going to make sure to learn which types of enemies are immune to mind-affecting effects. Why should a succubus be any different? They've had an eternity to develop their tactics, why wouldn't they spend any time learning common counters to them?

Shadow Lodge ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Disk Elemental wrote:

Be honest, when was the last time a successful knowledge/linguistics/int-based check made or broke a scenario?

The Confirmation. And if that's any indication of things to come we're all going to have to start treating our characters as actual Pathfinders. About damn time, too.

Shadow Lodge ***

So make a Kitsune, Nagaji or Wayang instead. It was past time to introduce more options, and also past time to let the planetouched fade back into the background where they belong.

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

So a fireball can hit everyone in the kidneys, but magic missile, which never misses, can only hit one person in a vital spot? Good one, Jason.

Shadow Lodge ***

G-Zeus wrote:
Carla the Profane wrote:
Sometimes i'm amazed at how much emotion this game provokes from people :-)
We had to postpone our home-group's Rise of the Runelords campaign for three months because of an incident involving a player death and an immediately following PvP cohort death.

I would imagine a player death would put a serious damper on any campaign. ;)

N+1) If you need to be somewhere at a certain time, let me know and I'll do my best. I understand you have work in the morning, (heck, I probably do too) but you agreed to play this game at this time slot. Quit checking your watch like you're the White Rabbit. You're making me nervous.

Shadow Lodge ***

Not for players, but I use them when making NPCs. Not going to let someone pull an Ezren and become a Wizard 1 at the ripe old age of 70 for the extra mental stats.

Shadow Lodge ***

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Speaking as a GM, I would rather someone point out the correct rule every time. That way I learn to do better, the player learns to do better, and I learn to be on the lookout for other people using that rule incorrectly. New players are the perfect ones to correct, because you need to get them playing the right way before their mistakes become bad habits, which then become "I know it works this way. I can't find it, but that's how we've always done it."

Everything else, I'm pretty much right with you. In combat may not be the best time to tell your epic tale of victory (unless you're a bard). Contributing nothing to the scenario from fear of spoiling it can be just as bad as spoiling it if the players are truly stuck and your character could come up with a solution.

Shadow Lodge ***

I'm okay with this. I guess I need to get around to making a Tiefling character though...

Shadow Lodge ***

I've seen several nature-based characters that felt like they were shoehorned into Grand Lodge because none of the others were a "good fit". I think a Green Faith faction, or at least some options within existing factions, would be a nice touch.

Shadow Lodge ***

The best information on the factions as they currently stand would be in the Guide to Organized Play (a free download). There are going to be some major changes to factions coming mid-August, so you may not want to focus too much on them to start. As for what to run, I agree with about running through First Steps. It has the advantage of being free, so if it doesn't fit your group's style the only thing it will cost you is time.

Another free option is the module Master of the Fallen Fortress. It is a straight up dungeon crawl similar to First Steps part 2, but it is still playable for credit.

Shadow Lodge

Bump for great justice!

Can't wait to see officially licensed content in mah RealmWorks.

Shadow Lodge ***

I like the old style, but I think there was too much effort put in to making a mission for every faction. I think the handouts remind players better what to look out for than a faction letter at the beginning of the season.

Shadow Lodge ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Alex McGuire wrote:
Cool story! Why did you need an atonement though?

Clearly by dying at the hands of such an unworthy opponent, I lost my Barbarian membership card and had to atone to get it back. I mean, and Ex-Barbarian is nothing more than an ill-tempered Warrior. :D

Shadow Lodge ***

4 people marked this as a favorite.

7th level Kyra killed Rodrik, my 8th level Invulnerable Rager, in one hit! (And it was awesome!)

Two weekends ago at Play On Con, I had the privilege of playing my dwarf barbarian at a table of 5-13: Weapon in the Rift. It was the most entertaining round of PFS I've had in quite some time, which is saying something since I had said the same thing about my first ever session of The Confirmation that I had played the night before. All in all, it was a great weekend.

The party was hopelessly outclassed by everything we encountered. From the very first hallway, to the very first puzzle, through the very first encounter took nearly about 3 hours of slapstick fit for a Three Stooges film. I was brought below 0hp 3 times that fight, while everyone else tried to keep the other [redacted] away from our only healer, the traitorous Kyra, curse her very name.

Skipping ahead a bit, my barbarian has had some... bad experiences with haunts in the past. So when he walked into a room and felt the temperature drop, he advanced to the rear as quickly as he could manage. It turned out not to be a haunt, but instead a dastardly [other redacted]! As his companions stood there, transfixed by it's arcane mumbo jumbo, he took it upon himself to unlimber his bow and fire upon the creature with specially prepared arrows. Clearly no marksman, the arrow went wide and he drew another hoping for a clear shot. The next round, I threw caution to the wind, and had him charge in wielding one of the specially prepared arrows. After a direct hit for what seemed like fairly low damage, I realized that I had not remembered to RAGE! (I'm telling you, the whole thing was a comedy of errors.) The next round (remembering that I had Ghost Rager, and no need for those silly arrows- hey, I don't get to play very often. Cut me some slack), I punched the [other redacted] in it's face with my cestus, dropped my bow and drew my "real" weapon, a dorn-dergar. We traded blows for about three rounds total, while most of the party either babbled incoherently or smacked themselves in the face. It was just me and the monk, toe to trailing ectoplasmic vapor against this seemingly unkillable thing! Each time Rodrik took a hit, I could feel his sanity cracking. After the third hit, my Barbarian was on the ground, unable to form a coherent thought (some would say that was no great change). It was then that Kyra revealed her true colors...

She claims that she confused my prone form with the enemy that had been trying to kill all of us. Seeing "it" helpless on the floor, she did the only thing she could: A coup-de-grace*! Seeing the mistake, the monk easily disarmed the cleric. That didn't stop her, though. She reached down and snapped poor Rodrik's neck! (Well, in actuality she only managed to deal 1 point of damage past my damage reduction, but it was enough to force a Fortitude save.) As I rolled the dice, I said the magic words "I can only fail on a 1." And sure enough, I look down to see a 1 staring back up at me. It was glorious.

And that is how an 8th level "Invulnerable" Rager was killed by an unarmed, level 7 pregen Kyra. And yes, I paid for an atonement to clear my "Ex-Barbarian" status after that scenario. The cleric and monk eventually brought down the [other redacted] at which point they decided it was better to cut their losses than to go on without my help (such as it was). Even after being brought back with a breath of life, Rodrik was unconscious with 12 Wisdom damage and Kyra didn't have a Restoration prepared. It was a failed mission, but for me it was worth every second.

*To be clear, the coup de grace was actually my idea. The GM said he was fine with it, and the player of the cleric thought the idea was hilarious enough to give it a shot. I don't want anyone to think this was some jerk GM or player who "did this to me".

Shadow Lodge ***

Alchemist 3
Bard 7
Barbarian 8
Cleric 6
Fighter 4
Paladin 3
Rogue 4
Sorcerer 2
Wizard 8
Unplayed GM Credit 5 (a level 3 and a level 2)

Dragon Disciple 1

For my Wife:
Bard 5
Cavalier 5
Druid 9
Gunslinger 1
Ranger 6
Rogue 1

Shadow Lodge ***


Human x5 (Ulfen, Keleshite, Tian-Dtang, Taldan, and Chelish)
Half-elf x1
Half-orc x1
Dwarf x1
Elf x1
Tengu x1 (GM Credit baby. Never played)
Sylph x1 (I have the boon, but I haven't made a character yet. May just give it to my wife since she plays more.)
Aasimar x0.5 (I played it once, but may 1st level retrain it into something else.)

For my wife, since she doesn't post on the boards:
Kitsune x1
Half-orc x1
Half-elf x1
Dwarf x1
Aasimar x1

Shadow Lodge ***

Seige Gunner gunslingers are not legal in PFS to the best of my knowledge. You do know this is a two year old thread in the PFS section, right?

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