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Keep in mind what commoners are. Commoners are unskilled laborers; they are not blacksmiths, merchants or soldiers. They are serf, slaves and peasants. By gaining levels you become more skilled at what you do. The idea of a high level commoner is kind of absurd. I really can’t see a commoner going much above 3rd level and even that would be unusual.

The other NPC classes on the other hand I can see gaining a few levels. Most of the NPC that players are going to interact with are probably experts. These are the blacksmiths, merchants and even many of the farmers. The person who owns and runs the farm is probably an expert not a commoner. The town guard or members of the military are going to be warriors. I can see either of these classes being up to 5th level without much trouble, with the occasional 6th or 7th level character.

Most NPC’s with any kind of authority are probably aristocrats. Even in a society without nobility aristocrats will be what the ruling class ends up. Of all the classes they will probably be the ones with more higher level characters.

One of the reasons that you don’t see many high level commoners is they have a tendency to die a lot younger. Poor nutrition and harsh living conditions take their toll on commoners. Then factor in poor or nonexistent health care and your life span ends up pretty short. By the time a commoner reaches 30 they are probably in about the same shape as another class in their 60’s.

Melkiador wrote:
Mysterious Stranger wrote:
Then there is the fact that even if they existed, griffons and hippogriffs would not be able to fly. Birds have hollow bones and other adaptations that allow them to fly. It takes more that slapping a set of wings on a quadruped creature to allow it to fly.
It never says they don't have hollow bones. There were a few flying pterosaurs in that size range, though they did have larger wingspans than usually depicted for griffons and such.

The bestiary has lions being 5-8 feet long and weighing 330 to 550 pounds. It also list griffons as measuring 8 feet long and weighing in at over 500 pounds. Since the size of the griffon and lion are about the same it seems pretty clear that griffons do not have hollow bones.

In the real world animals cannot cross breed with totally unrelated species. Then there is the fact that even if they existed, griffons and hippogriffs would not be able to fly. Birds have hollow bones and other adaptations that allow them to fly. It takes more that slapping a set of wings on a quadruped creature to allow it to fly.

Animals are creatures that could exist in the real world. They evolved the same way animals in the real word did. Magical Beasts are the result of some sort of magic. Sometimes more than one are created, and they end up breeding true. But in all cases something extra has been added to their nature. If the Magical Beast has animal level intelligence it may act like an animal, but it is not an animal.

Necromancy may not be evil, but creating undead is considered evil. As Saethori mentioned in Golarion undead are almost always evil. Ghost are the only exception to this rule, and even ghost are usually evil even if the original creature was not. Besides undead can’t get drunk so you would be a pretty poor cleric of Cayden Cailean. That alone may be enough to cause you to fall.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The vampire has much better stat bonuses than the lich. A vampire gets +6 STR, +4 DEX, +2 INT, +2 WIS, +4 CHA and a +6 natural AC modifier. The Lich gets +2 INT, +2 WIS, +2 CHA and a +5 natural AC modifier or the creature’s natural AC bonus if it is more. Vampires also gain Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, and Toughness as bonus feats. The vampire also gets more abilities but has a lot more weaknesses than the lich.

The big advantage of the lich is they are a lot harder to permanently kill.

The problem with the Oracle of nature is that it, it slows down the progression of the mount. He can take the revelation that gives him the mount but that means he is spending more resources (either dipping more levels or using a feat) to maintain his mount. Also the oracle levels do not count towards the mount getting the celestial template. It also means his paladin abilities are also being delayed. What he would gain from a dip is not worth what he would have to give up.

Are you remembering to add the bonus from devotion, assuming you are at least 6th level?

Devotion (Ex): An animal companion gains a +4 morale bonus on Will
saves against enchantment spells and effects.

Also take the feat Iron will for an extra +2 on its will save.

Once you get to 11th level it gains the celestial template and spell resistance. It is also considered a Magical Beast and as such is not affected by spells targeting animals anymore.

Another thing you can do is cast protection from evil on your mount. Share spell can allow you to cast other spells on your mount even if they normally do not affect it because of type.

All this is assuming you are using the divine bond for a mount. If you are not high enough to get a paladins mount then you will probably just have to deal with it until then.

Since the mount is not a humanoid it will generally require higher level spells to affect it. Dominate person does not work on a mount, but dominate monster would. Likewise a charm monster is going to be required instead of a charm person.

Even if the Kindle support for PDF is not that good, there are third party programs that can convert a PDF to other formats. From what I understand sometimes the PDF may have some problems rendering, but are useable.

If you can access your email from the kindle simply email the document to yourself.

There are no real rules for that. You could try a professional skill, but any campaign changing technology really falls under GM fiat.

Use craft wondrous items to raise the money. It states in the description the only way to remove it is with a wish/miracle.

You could also try being killed and reincarnated instead of raised or resurrected, but that may not work.

Craft does not mean you can invent things. Craft is designed to allow you to create existing technology.

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Note sure about the kinetic blast. Natural weapons should be able to be attuned, but probably each type is going to be separate. At least that is the way Hero Makes seems to work. I know that hero make is not an actual rules authority, but they are right more than they are wrong.

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I should have specified that I was talking about monks. There is no need for a FAQ because it’s in the Core Rule book.

A monk's unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.

Monks actually come out way ahead with the ABP rules. Vow of poverty went from a complete trap to a valid option. Take a vow of poverty and use your one item of value for a monks robe and you are pretty well set.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You do realize that you can use the ABP bonus with unarmed strike?

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Freeing a slave is not going to make a cleric of Asmodeus fall. Slaves are tools to be used for your benefit. When keeping the person a slave is no longer useful, and freeing them may actually be more useful than that is what a follower of Asmodeus will do. Giving someone their freedom is often a very good way to earn their loyalty, and a loyal follower is worth a lot more than a unwilling slave.

Depending on your class you may be able to persuade the neutral crew to follow your alignment. Pirates are notorious for being superstitious. If your character is a divine class worshiping a good god you could use that to get the crew behind your alignment. A cleric or other divine caster of Cayden Cailean would actually make a decent pirate captain.

The character is supposed to be the mirror image of the ranger in the party so changing class and race does not work for what I am looking at. The party is heavily optimized to kill undead so making it an actual undead is pretty much the worst thing I could do. The ranger it is mirroring has maxed out undead as its favored enemy and all the other players are equally focused on killing undead.

Are you the GM creating a NPC or a player? If you are a player than you had better check with your GM to make sure he is ok with what you are doing. Gandalf was not a PC type character; he was more of a plot device than a real character. He could do anything he needed to be able to do. This is the same reason that Paizo does not stat out gods including demi-gods.

If this is going to be a PC then you need to abide by the normal rules regardless of concept. A game is not a novel so some concepts are not suitable for PC’s. Gandalf is one of those concepts. You can make a character with a lot of similarities to Gandalf, but he is not going to be able to do what Gandalf could do.

NoTongue wrote:
Mysterious Stranger wrote:

The druid spell list is actually one of the most versatile spell lists out there. While it is not the best of any particular field it can do just about anything.

They've got good summons, crowd control, healing and blasting.

But they are bad at teleportation, terrible at buffing non-natural attacks, skill boosts, the better save or suck/lose spells and a lot of utility in general.

Wizard >> Cleric >> Druid. It has the best class features to make up for this.

Actually as far as buff spells they do a lot better than most people think. They have all the physical stat boost spells as well as many protections spells especially vs elemental damage. There spell list also includes a large number of buff spells that people dismiss without realizing how useful they are. The various aspect spells are often overlooked but can be very useful. Aspect of the Wolf for example gives you a +4 Bonus to both STR and DEX, as well as scent, and a bonus to trip. You can also make a trip attack as a swift action without provoking an AoO. The buff spells tend to be nature focused but that does not mean you have to use them in natural surroundings. They are also about the one of the few classes to be able to grant a natural armor bonus without having to change your form.

They don’t have a lot of spells that allow them to teleport, but they can get just about any other form of movement without having to shift form.

As you said though they have better class features than either the cleric or wizards. If I could only have a single spell caster in the party my first choice would be druid..

Why not simply wild shape into a medium elemental? Just because you can take the form of a large elemental does not mean you have to.

I think you are overlooking one thing about the druid. As a prepared divine caster he has access to his entire spell list when he gains the ability to cast the required level of spell. Situational spell tend to be a lot better when used in the situation that favors them. This means the more situational spells you have access to the better of you are. The only downside is that to fully utilize it you have to have a access to all the books and know you spell list very well. If you do that and have enough advanced warning you can usually find the spell you need.

The druid spell list is actually one of the most versatile spell lists out there. While it is not the best of any particular field it can do just about anything.

When you allow them to level up they should get all their class abilities. That includes BAB, saves and class abilities. Things like spells memorized may need to wait until they have rested but most of the other stuff should be available.

This is why some GM’s don’t allow leveling up during an adventure. Many GM’s make their player wait to level up until they have some downtime.

QuidEst wrote:
Hat of Disguise is risky because of the DC 11 will save it offers to anyone interacting with the illusion. Glamered plus Sleeves of Many Garments will actually get you through door checks and past suspicious people, so long as they don't recognize your face.

Yes you do get a will save if they interact with the illusion. But it could be argued that if you only change the appearance of your clothes they need to interact with the clothes, not just you. So just talking to you may not grant them the save. Touching you where the clothes cover would give you a save. Illusions are always a bit of a GM call.

I appreciate all the good ideas. So far I am leaning towards Divine Tracker with the evil and death blessing with the VMC Oracle of bones. For the curse shattered Psyche seems to work best.

The PC party has a Slayer so I had already planned on using Stygian Slayer for that character.

I want to avoid posting the build to avoid the chance of the players learning about what I plan.

The corpse Slayer does not work for this character. I am not looking to make an undead slaying character, but rather a ranger with undead themed abilities.

I do have the Undead Slayers hand book.

The infiltrator only gives undead powers if you take it as a favored enemy. This does not seem like a good choice since the character is not going to be fighting undead. This would be giving up too much and not really getting a lot in return.

Bearserk wrote:

Not for PFS?

How about VMC Oracle of Bones?

That has some real possibility. And no this is not for PFS.

Making the character undead does not really fit. This NPC group is a kind mirror group for of my players. The campaign is heavily focused on fighting undead so an actual undead would be much more vulnerable than in a normal campaign.

The character is going to be the opposite of the ranger in the party.

I am building a group of NPC’s for a campaign I am ruining and need help with the last character. The NPC group is an undead themed group, basically necromancers. The last character needs to be a ranger but I can’t seem to find any good undead themed ranger archetypes or other ways to build a undead focused Ranger. There are plenty of ways to make a ranger focused on fighting undead, but nothing that allows an undead themed ranger. I would be ok with using a prestige class as long as it does not works well with the ranger. At this point the best I have come up with a ranger/shadow dancer, but I am hoping for something better.

Also the ranger needs to use archery combat style.

Axoren wrote:
Mysterious Stranger wrote:
The spell states that if you are stunned it is only for a 1 round and the spell ends. Just because something is constant does not mean you can’t turn it off. Sight is constant, but I can close my eyes.
But then wouldn't their detect evil reactivate? If it doesn't, how long does it stay down?

How long can you keep your eyes closed? Constant does not mean it cannot be turned off, it means it can be turned on whenever the creature wants. Obviously the creature is not going to turn it back on if it causes them to become stunned.

Java Man has the correct rule.

The spell states that if you are stunned it is only for a 1 round and the spell ends. Just because something is constant does not mean you can’t turn it off. Sight is constant, but I can close my eyes.

Angleskin is a special material for armor. Making it into a underwear is not going to work. The way I look at it is that in order for it to mask your aura it needs to be a certain thickness and cover a decent amount of your body. Making it thin enough that it does not count as armor does not give you enough to mask the aura.

Also it only reduces the aura by 10 HD. Once you have 11 levels of antipaladin it no longer prevents you from being detected.

Jae Wolftail wrote:
Mysterious Stranger wrote:
You can’t get CHA to AC twice. Also the Monk bonus to AC does not work with armor so your AC may not be all that much better from the monk.
They never said they would wear any armor, and with the CHA to AC, yes it would because of the fact that it's from 2 different sources; the replacement for DEX, and the Monk's AC Bonus (EX) which has no type; and they'd stack even if the Monk wasn't a scaled fist which would use WIS.

I believe there was a FAQ that stated you could not get the same stat bonus applied twice even if they were from different sources. It was about an inquisitor and WIS but the situation was identical. One was the replacement for the normal stat and the other was an untyped bonus. I don’t remember the exact thread it was in.

Saethori wrote:
CupcakeNautilus wrote:
The rest in Hospitaler/Tempered Champion Paladin. At some point grabbing Desna's Shooting Star for CHA to hit/damage with starknives (which improve in damage thanks to Tempered Champion, and can be taken as a bonus feat from that archetype).
Worth noting is that this is impossible. Desna is Chaotic Good, and therefore not a valid candidate for worship by a Lawful Good Paladin. Without being able to worship her, you can't take her divine fighting style.

As the original poster stated there is actually no rule that a paladin has to worship a Lawful Good deity, or any deity for that matter. Nor is there any rule prohibiting any character from worshiping any deity. The one step rule is for clerics and inquisitors only. Some campaign may apply that to other classes, but this is not for PFS. The original poster also said the GM has already approved it so it is in fact legal for this campaign.

You can’t get CHA to AC twice. Also the Monk bonus to AC does not work with armor so your AC may not be all that much better from the monk.

As far as race goes Half Orcs can take the feat Ferocious Resolve which gives them full ferocity. Being able to heal yourself when you are at negative HP is probably better than healing an extra HP per level. To stop a half orc paladin with ferocious resolve you literally have to kill them. Choose staggered as your first mercy and you keep going and going.

Lady-J wrote:
ill need to stick with the ring of mind protection archetype trades away spells

A ring of spell storing could hold undetectable alignment. You would just need to have someone cast it into the ring.

Without knowing more about your build it is going to be very difficult to make any constructive suggestions.

Hero’s Defiance states that you heal yourself as if you used Lay on Hands, plus an additional 1d6 of damage. This seems to imply that you do get your mercies as well as healing the damage.

I think Claxon is right about the touch of corruption, but only at higher level. Before 12th level there is not much the antipaladin can do prevent the paladin from using lay on hands. Even after 12th level the chance of the paladin failing his save is pretty slim, but there is a chance. Overall I think the advantage is to the paladin.

In a straight up fight the paladin is a lot stronger, but if the antipaladin is engaging in a straight up fight he is not much of a antipaladin. I think this is also kind of built into the classes. The anipaladin is going to use every dirty trick and underhanded method he can. The paladin on the other hand has to fight fair.

If the only reason you are getting the ring of mind shielding is to avoid detecting as evil you don’t need to worry. Antipaladins get undetectable alignment as a second level spell. Since its duration is 24 hours you can effectively keep it up all the time. Using one of your spells seems a lot cheaper than spending 8,00 gold for a ring.

For combat a Ring of Foe Focus might be useful. While the bonus to AC and saves is only +2 it is an untyped bonus so it stacks with everything.

While the paladin does lose his immunity to fear he still gets the +4 to save vs fear because of his aura of courage. Essentially the two auras cancel each other.

Lay on hands beats touch of corruption for several reasons. First is the paladin can use his lay on hands as swift action to heal himself. Second is all of the paladins mercies are applied when he uses lay on hands, where only a single cruelty is used when the antipaladin uses touch of corruption. Assuming they have matching cruelties and mercies the paladin can completely counter the antipaladins touch of corruption with a swift action. This means the paladin still gets his attack where the antipaladin’s attack is wasted.

The paladin also has a better spell list for boosting his combat ability. The antipaladin does not have a lot of buff spells that the paladin gets. The antipaladin does not get divine favor, bless weapon, or litany of righteousness to name a few.

No fear conditions do not stack there are specific rules for this. Essentially they are more advanced forms of the same condition. In most cases they actually increase to the next level. So a shaken character who gains another shaken condition becomes frightened. If you are frightened and gain another fear condition you become panicked. The demoralize by the intimidate skill an exception to this and is stated in the description of the skill.

Other than a few cases most conditions stack. The only one I know that does not stack is dead. Unconscious may not stack with some conditions, but will often overlap. Sickened and shaken do stack.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Considering gnomes are supposed to have highly mutable facial characteristics I would say that some gnomes may have pointed ears. If someone wanted their gnome to have pointed ears it should not be a problem. Gnomes of all races should not really have any standards as far as features go. Sure they have height and weight standards, but other than that they could look like almost anything.

Keep in mind that this is only the 5 rank skill unlock. The latter skill unlock allows for not only longer duration but more intense fear conditions. It also imposes the shaken condition on a character with the stalwart ability even if they make the saving throw. Below is the full skill unlocks for intimidate.

With sufficient ranks in Intimidate, you earn the following. An asterisk (*) indicates the total duration cannot exceed 1 round plus 1 round for every 5 by which you exceed the DC.

5 Ranks: If you exceed the DC to demoralize a target by at least 10, it is frightened for 1 round and shaken thereafter.* A Will save (DC = 10 + your number of ranks in Intimidate) negates the frightened condition, but the target is still shaken, even if it has the stalwart ability.

10 Ranks: If you exceed the DC to demoralize a target by at least 10, it is panicked for 1 round or frightened for 1d4 rounds (your choice) and shaken thereafter.* A Will save (DC = 10 + your number of ranks in Intimidate) negates the frightened or panicked condition, but the target is still shaken, even if it has the stalwart ability.

15 Ranks: If you exceed the DC to demoralize a target by at least 20, it is cowering for 1 round or panicked for 1d4 rounds (your choice) and frightened thereafter.* A Will save (DC = 10 + your number of ranks in Intimidate) negates the cowering, panicked, and frightened conditions, but the target is still shaken, even if it has the stalwart ability.

20 Ranks: If you exceed the DC to demoralize a target by at least 20, it is cowering for 1d4 rounds and panicked thereafter.* A Will save (DC = 10 + your number of ranks in Intimidate) negates the cowering and panicked conditions, but the target is still shaken, even if it has the stalwart ability.

If you have the enforcer feat and score a critical on a target and succeed in your demoralize the target gains the frightened condition even if he is already shaken. If you exceed the roll to demoralize by 10 or more the target gains whatever condition your skill ranks grant you. These conditions do not stack they overlap. So if you have only 5 ranks in intimidate and roll a critical hit, and exceed your demoralize roll by 10 the target is frightened for only one round. If the target is already shaken and you score a critical hit it gains the frightened condition and the duration of the shaken condition is extended.

Yizzik Uhari wrote:
It never mentioned illusions either though, but I guess this answered my questions

Not all illusions are mind affecting. Figments Glamers and Shadow spells are not mind affecting. Patterns and Phantasams are mind affecting.

Demoralize does not allow you to further increase the level of fear. Since the skill unlock does not mention it can override this limitation it does not. Also since further demoralizing a creature only extends the duration it does not become frightened again. So all that happens with the second use of demoralize is the shaken condition is extended.

The frightened takes the first round and does not extend the duration. Keep in mind you have to beat the target by at least 10 for the skill unlock to take affect so you will get a minimum of 3 rounds. You get one round for beating the target plus an extra two for beating it by 10.

I think that this is a case where the specific (Enlarge Person) overrides the general (Sacred Damage). The spell specifically states that fired projectiles do their normal damage.

I would say that a dwarven warpreist with the champion of the faith archetype would probably be a good fit for you. You mentioned playing a paladin in the original post, but said the group has a policy about new players playing paladins. The champion of the faith archetype has most of the paladin’s abilities but better spell casting. While it does have alignment restrictions it does not have the paladins code which is usually what causes problems in a group.

The champion of the faith works perfectly for a dwarf since almost all of its abilities are WIS based. With a penalty to CHA you don’t get the deflection bonus to AC when smiting but that is the only thing you use CHA for. Take the healing blessing in addition to good and you are good to go.

Have you considered using a quarter staff instead of a dagger? It can be either a double weapon that can be used with two weapon fighting, or a two handed weapon. This would also allow you to go for a STR based build instead of DEX based build. This would free up a lot of feats that could be used for other things. You could also still use dagger or any other weapon when you need to. The quarter staff is pretty much a peasant weapon so no one is going to think it strange that you are carry one. You can also pretend to be an old man and use it as a walking stick.

The big advantage the slayer has is being able to take on level appropriate challenges a lot better. Sure the rouge is better at killing helpless weak targets, but has some serious challenges dealing with tougher opponents. If you want to murder the merchant who is a 6th level expert rouge can easily do that.

Studied target gives you a scaling bonus to hit and damage. Add this to the higher BAB and the slayer is going to hit a lot more often than the rouge. The higher BAB also allows you to qualify for, and better use feats like power attack. The better weapon selection also allows you to use two handed weapons to take advantage of power attack and a higher STR. A slayer with a good STR wielding a falchion is going to take down a target a lot faster than a rogue with a dagger.

If you go high enough level a slayer also gets Quarry. The extra +2 to hit is nice but what really makes this deadly is the automatic conformation of critical hits. A 14th level slayer using a falchion and power attack gets 4d6 damage from sneak attack compared to the 7d8 of the knife master. That works out to be about 12 more points of damage. When you factor in power attack the damage works out to be the same and the slayer is still has a +5 better chance to hit even after power attack. That also does not include the slayer getting 1.5 STR to damage or having a better chance to critical hit, or the fact that if he does critical it is automatically confirmed and has a lot of static damage that is multiplied.

Another option would be to go for a Dhampir (Ancient Born) Kinslayer Inquisitor and take the Chivalry Inquisition. The only thing this lacks is the heavy armor, but you could always spend a feat on it. The Ancient Born are often a result of arcane experiments rather that breeding. This may make it easier to accept.

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