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Mur's page

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Male Human

It was a wild weekend. My kids did great. We didn't have the highest record, but the contest really is about what you learn and how you play.

In the end, we finished in the top 30 out of 277 teams... and we were picked to head to the World Championships next weekend: 400 teams, 60 countries... LOTS of robots :)
It's going to be a riot (and I'll be in and out of communication a bit next week, lol)

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Male Human

Railgun: I love the use of the yuan-ti as the Deadly Viper Assassination Gang! I second the "awesome". It does speak to something strange in so many of us that we know both the Sound of Music and Kill Bill so well. Talk about genre extremes!

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Male Thri-Kreen Barbarian 5 :: HP 53/53 +0 temp; Surges 10/10 [ AC 20, F 20, R 19, W 13 ]
DM wrote:
Th'Kal catches the retreating arcanist a glancing blow across the back. With a deadly sharp claw the 'kreen then plunges into the nearby archer's abdomen, pulls out again and triumphantly waves his enemy's excised spleen in his face. The archer slumps to the tunnel floor, gouting crimson blood.

LOVE the descriptive text :)

mhhh spleen!

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Male Thri-Kreen Barbarian 5 :: HP 53/53 +0 temp; Surges 10/10 [ AC 20, F 20, R 19, W 13 ]

Th'Kal follows Furio about as he pays his bar tab and whatever else it is that he likes to do. Th'Kal is just happy to be moving about again -- he does like sitting around too long...

Th'Kal doesn't worry about time, but I would assume that Furio would keep them on schedule and get us to the gate at noon.

He clicks a greeting to Kamzar and Gart. He likes the new dwarf. Dwarves are easy to get along with and understand, and this one tends to appreciate physical strength -- he should make an excellent addition to the clutch and it's easy to see his value in a hunt.

Th'Kal appears like any other Thri'Kreen, though he does wear pieces of humanoid clothing over his hide armor in an attempt to fit in better: a cloak and cowel, a vest, a new beer stein... little things that serve little to no purpose to a kreen, but he believes helps him fit in with his adopted family. He also carries several well-used axes of various size.

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Male Thri-Kreen Barbarian 5 :: HP 53/53 +0 temp; Surges 10/10 [ AC 20, F 20, R 19, W 13 ]



<Haaaang> It's one of the noises that Th'Kal makes to mimic mammal laughter... it sounds more like a goat dying, but there's merriment to it. It might alarm strangers because it's a feakishly unexpected noise. But Furio must be used to it, they have shared a few laughs since meeting.

Th'Kal continues to shake his head (mammals do that when they laugh - he's not sure why). He turns to Kamzar and tries out his new phrase, "We are ready to ... dance with you. Name the work."

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