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Muli Dyren's page

204 posts. Alias of Meowzebub.

Full Name

Muli Dyren




Alchemist (Beastmorph) 3



About Muli Dyren

Male Human Alchemist (Beastmorph) 3
NG Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +5
AC 15, touch 12, flat-footed 13. . (+3 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 24 (3d8+3)
Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +2
Spd 20 ft.
Melee Dagger +4 (1d4+2/19-20/x2)
Ranged Bomb +5 (2d6+4 Fire) and
. . Sling +4 (1d4+2/20/x2)
Special Attacks Bomb 2d6+4 (7/day) (DC 15)
Alchemist (Beastmorph) Spells Known (CL 3, 4 melee touch, 4 ranged touch):
1 (4/day) Shield (DC 15), Cure Light Wounds (DC 15), Endure Elements (DC 15), Expeditious Retreat (DC 15)
Str 14
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 18
Wis 10
Cha 8
Base Atk +2; CMB +4; CMD 16
Feats Brew Potion, Extra Discovery, Extra Discovery, Point Blank Shot, Throw Anything
Traits Scholar of Ruins: Knowledge (Dungeoneering)
Acrobatics -1
Climb +0
Craft (Alchemy) +10
Disable Device +1
Escape Artist -1
Fly -1
Heal +5
Knowledge (Arcana) +9
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +9
Knowledge (Engineering) +5
Knowledge (Geography) +6
\Knowledge (History) +5
Knowledge (Nature) +9
Perception +5
Ride -1
Spellcraft +10
Stealth -1
Survival +6
Swim -1
Use Magic Device +4
Modifiers Alchemy +3
Languages Auld Iobarian, Common, Cyclops, Giant, Sylvan
SQ Beastform Mutagen, Cold weather outfit, Feral Mutagen (Su), Heart of the Wilderness +1, Infusion, Mutagen (DC 15) (Su), Poison Use, Poisoning (Standard Action) (Ex), Precise Bombs (4 squares) (Su), Snowshoes
Combat Gear Dagger, Sling, Studded Leather; Other Gear Acid (flask) (5), Alchemist's fire (flask) (5), Alchemist's Kit, Backpack (empty), Bedroll, Blanket, Bloodblock (2), Cold weather outfit, Cooking kit, Flint and steel, Healer's kit (10 uses), Smokestick (2), Snowshoes, Sunrod (10), Surgeon's Tools, Tanglefoot bag (2), Thieves' tools, Waterskin
Alchemy +3 (Su) +3 to Craft (Alchemy) to create alchemical items, can Id potions by touch.
Beastform Mutagen Mutagen gives beastial features but grants one alter self ability.
Bomb 2d6+4 (7/day) (DC 15) (Su) Thrown Splash Weapon deals 2d6+4 fire damage.
Cold weather outfit +5 Fort save vs. cold weather.
Feral Mutagen (Su) Whenever the alchemist imbibes a mutagen, he gains two claw attacks and a bite attack. These are primary attacks and are made using the alchemist’s full base attack bonus. The claw attacks deal 1d6 points of damage (1d4 if the alchemist is Small) and
Heart of the Wilderness +1 +5 on CON checks to stabilize, +1/2 level to negative HP level for death, +1/2 level Survival.
Infusion When the alchemist creates an extract, he can infuse it with an extra bit of his own magical power. The extract created now persists even after the alchemist sets it down. As long as the extract exists, it continues to occupy one of the alchemist’s d
Mutagen (DC 15) (Su) Mutagen adds +4 to a Physical attribute, -2 to a mental attribute, and +2 natural armor for 10 minutes/level.
Point Blank Shot +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at up to 30 feet.
Poison Use You don't accidentally poison yourself with blades.
Poisoning (Standard Action) (Ex) Normal: Apply poison to a weapon as a standard action.
Precise Bombs (4 squares) (Su) Whenever the alchemist throws a bomb, he can select a number of squares equal to his Intelligence modifier that are not affected by the splash damage from his bombs.
Snowshoes -50% walking penalty for heavy snow.
Throw Anything Proficient with improvised ranged weapons. +1 to hit with thrown splash weapons.

Wealth: 295gp

Magic Loot Potion of Magic Fang, Spellsight Bracers, Cauldron of Brewing (+5 Alch), MW Dwarven Flask.

Spellsight Bracer The wearer of which may use detect magic once per day (when the . When this power is used, the spherical stone or gem appears to open like a human eye. The bracer also provides a +1 resistance bonus on Will saving throws while worn.

Quern's Books: An untitled, aged notebook that has a battered leather cover and loose binding.

Quern’s Comprehensive Chronicles of Iobarian Flora, Fauna & Fiends (volumes 1-3; these are all small fieldbooks written on odd, mismatched sheets of parchment, paper and skins.

A wooden (blodpine) placard with the curious line “One is never truly alone... There are spirits in the earth and spirits in the bottle.”

A charred copy of what appears to be a prayer book in the Dweorg tongue.

Several letters addressed to Quern from one Narcyz Van Arthog...

And of course the Ánéged & Eallísig: An Ealdwrítere au Berghof which Muli has already started to dissect.

There is also numerous pots, scroll cases and bottles containing dried herbs, seeds and powders... These will require much more time to identify... but could be somewhat useful ;)

Known Formulas: Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Endure Elements, Enlarge Person, Expeditious Retreat, Identify, Shield.

Animal Extracts:
Comprehend Languages-Owl, Cure Light Wounds-Salmon, Endure Elements-Polar Bear, Enlarge Person-Moose, Expeditious Retreat-Arctic Hare, Identify-Racoon, Shield-Turtle.

Campaign Trait: Kodlak-blōd: Someone in your distant family tree was a lycanthrope or an animalistic shape-shifter and you still carry their legacy in your veins.

Benefit: Animals have a strange reticence when they attack you, and as a result suffer a -2 penalty on all attack rolls made against you. If you have the wild empathy ability you receive a +1 trait bonus to any wild empathy checks.
Drawback: Due to your legacy you suffer a -1 penalty to saving throws resisting lycanthropy, and take +1 point of damage from attacks with silvered weapons.

Gífr-banamaðr Achievement Trait

As a seasoned Gífr-banamaðr or trow slayer, you know how best to send these brutes to the next life...

Benefit: When in combat with trolls (or any other creature of the Giant subtype) you gain a +1 trait bonus to flanking attacks and a +1 bonus to confirm critical hits.

Young Muli was found alone by Geir the Hermit outside an Iobarian village. Quite the wild child, cold, and malnourished, Geir was not sure whether Muli had been abandoned, lost, or as crazy as it sounded, raised by animals.

When he found no one willing to claim the boy, he took him in. It is then that he noticed to boy was not quite right. He did not speak, which was odd for a child his age, but he seemed to learn quickly anything Old Geir could teach him. And although he still spoke little, Geir learned that Muli was retaining it all. Muli also seemed to lack manners and customs, and what Gier tried to teach him here, Muli tended to ignore.

Muli was not the name Gier gave him, but more what the local villagers called him as Geir and Muli visited their villages. As Geir traveled the Iobarian roads, village to village, tending the sick, Muli followed along, silent and carrying an enormous pack of alchemical supplies and herbs. This was a great boon to Geir in his later years. The Dyren name also came from the villagers, due to his attire and manners. At first Muli Dyren was meant in jest, but Muli didn't mind, and his good-nature and friendship with Geir won over those who originally only saw a savage.

Geir taught Muli more than just healing. Languages and history were equally important to Geir. The true reason he had come to Iobaria, had been to study the ruins of the Cyclopses. Geir was convinced that there was a connection between the lost Cyclopses and the deadly plagues the cycle through Iobaria. Muli hopped along the ruined walls as the Hermit translated ancient carved symbols. As Geir got older it was him reading the engravings for his old master with his failing sight.

Then came the day that he died. Geir knew it was coming, something even his impressive healing could not delay. He prepared a document for Muli to take to Brevoy upon his death. Muli followed his instructions, delivering the document to an official who it turned out was the overseer of Geir's estate. Geir had named Muli his heir and this caused a firestorm of accusations from his relatives who had waited for years for any news that their 'crazed' relative had died.

Uncomfortable in the "big" city that was Brevoy, Muli claimed he wanted no inheritance and just wanted to go back home. The official had supported him in the face of the relatives' accusations, but seeing how unhappy Muli was, he arranged a payment settlement. Basically, the relatives paid Muli to go away and he was all too eager to comply.

With more money than he knew what to do with, Muli stuffed his pack with herbs and chemical reagents that him and Geir always had in such short supply. It was on this spree that he came across a strange man selling some books on a street corner. He claimed that explorers to the "Stolen Lands", to the south he was told, had come across these in a ruin. The bookseller couldn't read Cyclopean, but from some of the recognizable drawings, that is was some treatise on animal biology. With the money to spend, and an interesting topic, bought the nearly worthless books.

Only later in a room above a tavern did he learn that these books were an amazing discovery. The cyclopean lore not only discussed animal biology, but how to harness, transform, and enhance animal...and human biology, as it seemed they wanted to breed better human slaves. The first transformation caught him unprepared. It was a simple experiment to boost one's strength. But as later experiments have shown, this process has awoken something in his blood. Something that had always been there, even as a child. The chemicals enhance this animalistic nature to the point that he grows claws and fangs.

He is now eager to leave Brevoy. He experiments have raised attention due to strange noises and smells. Once back in Iobaria he will be free to follow out other experiments and follow some leads to Cyclpean history.

Muli is clearly a barbarian to those in civilized lands. But in wilder lands, even those native to these area find him unsettling. He is short and stocky, and covered in a surprisingly large amount of body hair. His black hair is long and shaggy, as are his eyebrows and beard. Only 25, he seems much older and wiser yet childlike in his simplicity.

He wears old, stained leathers and carries an enormous pack. In the pack and upon his body are an arrangment of alchemical tools, dried herbs, old holy symbols,and twig figures. His many pockets are filled with nuts, hollowed out and filled with reagents, and pine cones slathered with pitch and broken glass shards. He has become skilled at devising this natural explosive to ward off the bandits that frequent the Iobarian roads.

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