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Chuffy Lickwound

Mugwort the Goblin's page

176 posts. Alias of James Martin (RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32).

About Mugwort the Goblin

CN Male Goblin Gunslinger 2
Init +4; Senses Perception +5, darkvision 60'
AC 19, touch 16, flat-footed 14 (+3 armor, +4 dex, +1 dodge, +1 size)
hp 20 (2d10+2+2FC)
Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +0
Spd 30'
Melee +8 mwk handaxe (1d4+1)
Ranged +7 blunderbuss (1d6)
Space 5'; Reach 5'
Str 12, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 8
BAB +2; CMB +2; CMD 16
Feats (1) weapon finesse, gunsmithing*
Skills (5 skills) Acrobatics +8, Climb +6, Perception +5, Profession: sailor +4, Ride* +8, Sleight of Hand +9, Stealth* +12, Survival +4, Swim +6
Special Abilities: grit (1 point), deeds, gunsmith, +4 ride and stealth, +4 size to stealth
Traits: goblin foolhardiness (+1 to attacks vs a larger opponent when no allies are adjacent), peg leg (+1 to fort saves, +1 damage vs sharks and aquatic subtype)
Language Goblin, Common, Gnome
Possessions masterwork handaxe, studded leather armor, blunderbuss,
Loot gained 250 gp

Stat Math:
Str 12 (5 points -2 racial)
Dex 18 (5 points +4 racial)
Con 14 (5 points)
Int 14 (5 points)
Wis 10 (0 points)
Cha 8 (0 points -2 racial)


1.What set of circumstances found you in Port Peril at a tavern having a lively drink anyway?
Mugwort not in bar. Mugwort wait outside bar, make great plans to burn
bar down and kill many longshanks! Mugwort find half bottle rum, fall asleep. Bad men trip over great Mugwort, throw Mugwort on ship to eat rats. Mugwort like eat rats, not like ship. Too big! No place to run!

2.Are you the type who struggles against his chains as they are being put on or waits for an opportune moment to murder the jailer?
Mugwort make murder! Great longshank killer Mugwort! Mugwort kill (pauses to count fingers... 1...3..1..) lots of longshanks! At least 1. Maybe half longshanks? Mugwort definitely trip longshanks! Maybe they get splinter? Mighty Mugwort!

3.How do you see your character developing mechanically? Storywise?
Mugwort be good bos'un, hit people with stick, make longshanks row harder! (I see Mugsy becoming a true pirate once he realizes how much money is in it, probably sticking with Gunslinger and perhaps learning to use siege weapons...)

4.Be ye a dirty scoundrel who would sell his mothers soul fer a farthing and a pint o' rum or be ye some heroic type who be thinking himself better 'n 'is fellow black hearted bastard?
Mugwort no have mother. If Mugwort did have mother, how much is farthing? Is farthing lots? Mugwort can find mother for farthing!


History and Tales of Mugwort:

Mugwort was not a typical goblin. He was smart, too smart for Big Chief Toeripper to allow to live. But he was also popular with the younger goblins, so killing him outright wasn't ideal, either. So Big Chief Toeripper made Mugwort Magic Quest Goblin and sent him off to find a three legged longshank. Mugwort, being easily impressionable and eager to prove his mightiness, went off on his quest. Following the river, he found a wrecked longboat, obviously brought there by the dead longshanks in the boat. The dead longshanks was a wealth of treasure: jaunty tricorn hat, oversized boots, yummy dead flesh and best of all, a battered, small musket.

Mugwort was entranced. The gun was loaded when Mugwort found it, and the siren call of its blast, the sudden destruction it wreaked upon the poor unfortunate heron that it hit was music to the gob's ears. He set about the most intense three weeks of his short life: learning the secrets of the gun and its magic powder. Aided by a terrible gift, the illustrated handwritten manual he found on the dead woman's body, he learned to mix and recognize the proper formula for gunpowder. After he had successfully mastered it, he burned the terrible book lest his horrible sin be revealed.

Now armed with a cannon, too large boots and a battered hat, Mugwort headed to the nearest town: Port Peril. Here he found a magic metropolis unlike any he had seen before! Treasures were piled in heaps by silly longshanks and then simply tossed into pits or burned! Perfectly good rotten food was thrown out! Barrels of ale-soaked wood were rolled into the streets, perfect for an enterprising young gob to eat and get smashed on! But the greatest treasure of all? A half empty bottle of rotgut rum, carelessly lost. It was during the intensive sleep after this drunken revel that Mugwort was tripped over by the press gang. Already dragging a few unfortunate souls to their new lives aboard ship, they recognized a good mouser when they saw it and threw the gob on top of the pile. The fact that his pockets were lined with black powder, a broken gun and a rather dashing hat was simply icing. Mugwort awoke on a ship, chained and imprisoned, his quest disrupted, his precious treasures lost. How much worse could things possibly get?!?

Mugwort is curious, too curious to ever be truly safe. He's smart, not in any book smart way, but clever in the way of wild things. Given time he can figure out most firearms, which appeal to his intelligence and his love of explosions and destruction. He tends to act before thought, prone to leaping, then looking. Still, he's impressionable enough and eager to please, which makes him a natural follower. If shown kindness, he's loyal and true, and fights like a cornered rat if threatened. He'd never be a captain aboard any sensible ship, but he would make an excellent first mate or artillerist. Above all, like many of his race, he's a survivor and he plans to live through anything.

Possible Advancement
This is all conjecture, because no plan survives contact with the plot..
Mugwort will take Gunslinger levels for the foreseeable future, since those deeds will make him formidable even without a gun. He'll maybe multiclass into alchemist or wizard if given the chance. Still, everything depends on the story and what happens to the poor little bugger....

The Saga of the Wooden Leg
When Mugwort was just a strapping young adult goblin, the Feast of Eating Much Birds and Falling Asleep After was held. As part of the Feast, young gobs took the Test of Not Getting Eaten to Show Your Gobliness. The test consisted of cutting your foot, then sticking it into a hole that lead down to the ocean. The gob who could keep their leg in longest was declared Big Gob Bighead! Well, Mugwort was determined to be the winner, so he kept his foot in longest. The Chief, seeing the developing goblin as a potential threat, declared that any goblin who was a real goblin would keep their feet in until the Chief said to stop. Mugwort, seeing an opportunity to gain the favor of the chief (he wasn't very perceptive then, either), put his bloody foot into the water, holding it there defiantly.

At least until the bunyip bit it off.

With a spray of blood, Mugwort fell backwards to see his leg gone below the knee and all the gobs fleeing into the swamp. It was a terrible loss for Mugwort, at least until he realized how much respect it garnered him among the younger gobs! After adding a peg leg scavenged from a broken ottoman, Mugwort became known as Big Pirate Mugwort! Little did he know how prophetic that name would become...


Item Price Weight
Studded Leather 25 10
Dogslicer 8 0.5
small blunderbuss 0 4
Gunsmith's Kit 15 2
10 bullets 10 0
10 handsfuls pellet 10 0
Powder horn 3 1
10 doses blackpowder 100 0
backpack 2 1
waterskin 1 4
flint and steel 1
lucky weasel teeth 0 1
175 23.5

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